⟞ Sneak peek ⟝

Chapter 228 - (Title Witheld)

QingQiong Mountain was located on a gigantic island but there weren’t many green hills or clear water here, there weren’t many types of trees also. It was very difficult to believe that this place surprisingly held a heavenly grade cave.

Yang Chen landed his Flying Shuttle and everyone stepped on the island looking at each other in dismay. Although watching the majestic ocean with surging with great waves every day had broadened their horizons, but stepping on the land again after one whole month was much more delightful. However, their excitement soon turned to confusion.

“Here? There are demon beasts here?”

She Kui didn’t believe that there could be demon beasts here, he even flew around the whole island once and asked Yang Chen with surprise.

Although there were a few high peaks on the island but there were only few coconut trees growing near the ocean, he even couldn’t find any source of water present here. As far as he could see, the entire place was filled with mountain rocks.

Let alone demon beasts, any living organism would only be seen after great difficulty, that is if you consider the coconut trees growing near the ocean as living organism.