Chapter 9 - Numbers

At this moment, inside the monitoring hall, Su Hailun was lazily leaning against the sofa while flipping through the assessment report. Actually she was already fully aware of the previously mentioned numbers, but she still cross checked everything. This was in order to both confirm the work of the ten masters as well as to monitor them.

“Everything is extremely average. There are no weak points or strong points. Spiritual power…en passable. Changing his body proportion is still possible, should take a look at when he grows…..quite a bit of extra fat…very flexible. Endurance pretty good…..That’s all?” Su Hailun raised her head from the report and eyed the magicians.

Beneath her gaze, this eighteenth level Archmage was shuddering regardless of any cause. He respectfully spoke “ This is the most comprehensive assessment according to our current capabilities. Expenditure cost is one million sixteen thousand imperial gold coins. All the results of the entire assessment are here. For now no other innate skills have been discovered.” As far as Su Hailun’s recent self mumbling is concerned, he automatically chose to ignore and forget them.

Su Hailun’s eyebrows began to knit “According to his talent, he can cultivate at most upto eighteenth level, that’s all! It is absolutely nothing significant!

After hearing eighteenth level is ‘nothing significant’, the smile on the face of magic teacher didn’t changed a bit. Being sincerely humble from beginning till end.

“ Wrong, his body is considered as of exceptionally pure blood lineage, it should be ahead by a lot even when compared with Xiao Ge Dun. Eh..This is actually a little strange, maybe it’s the result of Silver Moon Elf lineage. But why is there no other special innate skill?” Su Hailun closely knitted her two small eyebrows.

Magic teacher seriously said while still being humble “ Archimonde is classified as a top grade blood vessels. If u want to assess blood innate skill, It is out of our capabilities for the time being.”

“ Nonsense!” Su Hailun angrily rebuked, “ I definitely remember at least six kinds of method to detect innate skills of top grade blood vessels! Obviously, top grade blood vessels can also be detected. What’s so special about top grade blood vessels. Do you want me to remind again? What kind of work did you all do. Did all of my gold coins were thrown upon a body of dog! He very possibly can have innate skills of top grade blood vessels, it alone should be enough to not consider anything about the price for the assessment, there is basically no need to ask me! Understand my words? Don’t think about the price!”

“For the most convenient method, experiment cost would also exceed sixty thousand imperial gold coins.” Magic teacher quietly reminded.

“Oh, Then forget about it!”


Li Cha was totally unaware of these small incidents behind the scenes. As he was brought to his district, after enduring a whole day of bitter torment, he immediately drifted off to dreamland.

Within his dreams, he once again returned to Nuo Lan De. While carrying jackfruit, he was just about to return home. That small cozy house already seemed so distant. Mother was awaiting him at the door. The sweet smell of roasted meat was coming from far away, indicating that he might finally get rid of rough and tasteless jackfruit. Xiao Li Cha happily ran up, he saw mother smiling towards him. She turned around and entered the small house. Then within a moment, flames spurted out from every window.

Li Cha suddenly sat up and cried out in fear, wishing to throw himself forward. With great difficulty he was able to clearly see his surroundings. In the next moment, sweat violently surged out of him and drenched his nightwear. He took big mouthfuls of gasping air. His chest was feeling heavy as if being pressed down by a chunk of iron, almost causing him to suffocate. Li Cha raised his head up and found himself on a huge beautiful bed. The bed was inconceivably big. At least five-six individuals can probably sleep on it at the same time. Bedroom’s area was also exceptionally huge. Just by a glance, Li Cha could tell about it’s accurate figure. It was a huge space of 20*15 metres. In addition to it, ceiling was at the height of six metres from the floor. Lying in this space, Li Cha felt himself like a lonely boat floating on a ocean. Just the area of the bedroom was probably bigger than the home of village chief. Li Cha was unable to imagine why such a big space is used to provide bedding of one person.

He pondered for a moment, then got off the bed and began to survey everything in the bedroom. One month has already passed by after that incident of large fire. Xiao Li Cha always pushed himself to forget about all the incidents that happened that day. His way of thinking was somewhat naive, he was under the impression that as long as he forgets, there will be a day when mother will return. Actually this thought was probably only a fluke, but he straightway forced himself to be convinced of it. Now, it is even more of a kind of firm belief on his part.

Bedroom furnishings were equally luxurious. Decorations used had the style of both magicians and noblemen. And Li Cha discovered that as long as he carefully look at something, it is possible to acquire most of that thing’s figures. Moreover, these figures are accurate upto two digits after decimal. This is the innate skill “Reality” obtained through the Enlightenment Ceremony. Surprisingly, something unexpected happened during the assessment which promoted it to level two : “Precision.” And after Precision appeared, Li Cha could also faintly sense it’s number three and number four ability. Individually enabling to analyze the internal structure of an object as well as to analyze the character of the material. To further develop into higher levels, he doesn’t know how much time it would take.

At present, even after all this, Li Cha is still not clear about what is the use of “Reality.” However, his first realization was of himself being drowned into numbers. Whatever he sees, countless numbers would emerge with it. Hundred of thousands of numbers would emerge at the same time, giving rise to a kind of misconception in him. Example, for a chair, hundreds of numbers would individually describe its length-breadth-height, degree of outside surface curve etc. Of course, if Li Cha wants, these hundred of thousands of numbers could be increased by many folds. For example, Satin surface of the chair’s back is made up of countless fibres while the arms of chair is made up of soft leather. There are even a lot of minute scales on the the exterior surface invisible to naked eye. They were tight, fine and tenacious. Seemed like skin of some kind of dragon descendant.

However, a life enclosed within the world of numbers would never let a person to be happy. For a brief moment, Xiao Li Cha felt like his head would explode open from the countless numbers. Luckily, it seemed that promoted wisdom simultaneously displayed it’s effect and allowed Xiao Li Cha to to sort out the countless numbers and thus filtering out most part of the useless numbers, leaving out only the most significant and required numbers.

For one evening, Xiao Li Cha battled with the numbers and reduced their amount with great difficulty while ensuring that truly important numbers are not being neglected. Unawaringly, the day shined upon.

This is the first day of Xiao Li Cha as the official disciple of Su Hailun. Primary thing to learn on the first day was getting familiar with entire Shen Lan. Where was his residence, where could the public facilities be used, Which area is restricted, how to apply for different kind of items, which personnel to look for if required and a few general things which are required to be known. Most surprising thing for Li Cha was his own district.

That’s right, ‘district’, this word is extremely precise, completely in accordance with his Precision innate skill.

Apart from his huge bedroom, he furthermore had a group of independent magic workshops constituted of a primary general workshop and six specialized workshops. In addition to this, living area was constituted of eleven distinct rooms. For example, some rooms were specifically used for putting clothes and hats, making it very hard to understand for Li Cha. All of his present clothes could be easily packed into a small suitcase. Majority of the clothes were specially prepared for him on the order of Ge Dun. Things which could be truly classified as his, apart from the necklace left behind by his mother for him, his everything, including those magic books which accompanied him from his childhood were completely turned into ashes by those flames. Using the life force of the high level priest, destructive power of the flames produced might even be greater than the breath of a gigantic dragon.

Next is a specialized storehouse region of the same magnitude, similarly divided into several rooms. Standing inside the framework capable of supporting both heavens and earth, Li Cha was somewhat at a loss. He was incapable to imagine what could be possibly crammed inside such a huge storehouse. Such a huge space, it is enough to store entire winter clothings and food of all the villagers.

Guiding Li Cha through the tour was a girl magic apprentice. Voice and appearance both equally pleasing. During the course of guiding and explaining, she did mentioned her name more than one once. Moreover, intentionally or unintentionally, suggested that in future if he has whatsoever requests, he can totally look for her. She strongly emphasised the word ‘whatsoever’. As she was speaking, her two beautiful pupils constricted in the manner of crescent moon. It was an adorable sight. At present, Li Cha certainly didn’t understand, he will only realize after a certain time period.

During the tour, he would frequently run into passing by masters. For the most part, they would make way for him, some of them would even pay their respects towards him. Li Cha’s innate skill reality once again displayed it’s effect, he could involuntarily make out that the focal point of the line of sight of these masters is the mark on his newly acquired robe’s collar, obviously representing him as personal disciple of Su Hailun. From this, Li Cha realized that his status in the Shen Lan is definitely not low.

Day two, the beginning of official magic studies.

When Li Cha got hold of the very long list of courses, Li Cha once again felt dizzy. Shen Lan breaks the convention of the magic world. Just the course ‘magic foundation’ is divided into the following subdivisions; magic philosophy, world system, planar biology, planar geography, mathematics, world principle, composition studies, material studies, planar geometry, spatial geometry, racial history, hetero biological analytic etc. Not only would it deepen his knowledge, but along with it, also clear the misconceptions. Moreover, the process of learning will run through one’s entire life.

In the system of Shen Lan, Magic philosophy is placed at a very significant position, and also is Li Cha’s true beginning at studies.