Chapter 7 - Woman That Can Turn Everything Upside Down

After returning back to the Asian mountains, large group of knights disbanded on the spot to have some rest. Mo Lee however leading Xiao Li Cha, entered the black rose castle. He settled down in the guest room situated outside the fort. Soon after that, two young maids brought new clothes and accessories, and filled the wooden cask inside the bathroom with hot water. Ge Dun Marquis arranged the meeting with Li Cha at the time of dinner. Before that, he would have to take a bath, change clothes and rest properly

After quickly taking bath and changing clothes, Li Cha lied down on the bed and rested for an hour. Although the fatigue from climbing up the long road still exists, but he is unable to calm down the rumpus in his head. As he was bathing, two maids were present from the beginning till the end. Entire process went without Xiao Li Cha even lifting a finger. Actually, he already tried refusing and struggling, but he was easily suppressed by the maids. Their body was beautiful and delicate, however their strength was even greater than that of the village chief. Xiao Li Cha was completely subdued, left without any capability to resist and then tidied up completely by the maids from head to toe. Even the roots of hair and cracks of ear were completely washed by them.

Surface area of Li Cha’s room was not that big, however it was five meters high. At the height of three meters, there was a tall and narrow window receiving the daylight from outside. The wall was made up of quartz. It hasn’t gone through special polish, preserving the original style of the time when it was mined. Wall was decorated by a tapestry of sword and shield. Tapestry was deep darkish red in colour. For some reason Li Cha felt that it’s red colour is just like dried up blood. Room was completely dark. If illumination from the torch is not used, vision would be fuzzy even in the noon. Lying on the bed, Xiao Li Cha only felt a kind of thick damp atmosphere emitted out by floor, wall and every corner of the room. However in Xiao Li Cha’s veins, fire was surging. Of course, fire of being played around by the two maids. At that time they were even secretly laughing, quick witted Li Cha obviously knew what they were interested in.

Interweaving of damp and fire was causing Li Cha’s head to be even more distressed. From the moment he departed from Lu Se Lan village. No, even before that, from the beginning of enlightenment ceremony, everything existing just feels like a dream and the world is looking extremely unreal. Amidst this confusion, a sound of knocking of the door came through. Dinner’s time has finally arrived.

Destination is the dining hall within the fort which requires to cover a long distance from the guest room. Following closely behind the guiding maid, Xiao Li Cha’s only impression of it was big and dark. Everything was exceedingly tall, up to the extent that just illuminating the long and complicated passages was not enough to cover every corner, thus leaving behind large stretches of shadows, swaying reflections and areas where vision is completely incapable to penetrate through the darkness. As for the already crossed outdoor section, light and shadow shot down by the branches and leaves of the thick vegetation was distorting the line of sight even more, causing people to shudder involuntarily.

It felt like there is a kind of faint breeze diffused everywhere in the castle, lingering all around his body and nagging him at his every step. Causing him to feel rejection and uncomfortable feeling from the bottom of his soul, a kind of feeling which couldn’t be described by words.

Dining hall really isn’t the biggest dining room inside the fort of Black Rose castle, however on scale, it still attains the Duke level.15 meters high hall was extremely gloomy. Even though it was filled with torches, illuminating the painting placed on the wall of the domed roof was still hard. Dining table’s length was 20 meters. Li Cha’s whole body was covered with the attire of a noble boy as he was sitting upright at one head of the dining table. Separated by a table that can allow to serve meal for thirty people at the same time, he and his father looked at each other distantly.

His father was a man possessing an exotic charisma. An ever smiling face, hair combed in a way that not even a single thread was out of place and a must have short thick mustache. Time had left behind a tiny unobservable mark on his face in form of a little wrinkle raised from the corner of the eye. A pair of clear blue eyes, causing the people who look into them to lose perception. He was sitting comfortably as he was slicing the roasted meat in a practised manner. Eating very quickly while occasionally taking a sip of red wine. There was a kind of exotic rhythm in his movements. In fact, even if someone mastering in etiquettes is present on the scene, he would be unable to find any error in his movements whatsoever. He was eating very quickly as well as in very large quantity. It was difficult to predict, just how many kilograms of meat had been already disappeared in an interval of few breaths by the means of his graceful eating.

He is an exceptionally graceful and charismatic man, Li Cha has no choice but to admit this point, even though he wants to throw the dish in the silver plate on his face.

Later, he will understand more deeply that the people who wish to throw something on the face of Ge Dun Marquis are not few.

And at present, Xiao Li Cha is enduring, not for his own, but for his mother. Even now, he doesn’t understand the meaning behind his mother’s desire. However determination, patience and wisdom will allow him to understand the deepest meaning of this desire not too far in the future.

Li Cha was trying hard to sit straight and deal with the food using some clumsy movements. There was a sumptuous feast present before him. Delicacies of the big kitchen of the Black Rose castle are famous all over, prepared by the best chefs and bakers of the entire peninsula. However, Li Cha couldn’t tell the taste of the stuff inside his mouth. He never learned etiquette, one look at the way he is holding fork and knife and you can tell that he is from country side. He has no idea about various customs of dining with the nobles. However, he was looking extremely beautiful in changed clothes. His unenthusiastic and stagnant temperament was somewhat similar to Ge Dun. Maids were entering and leaving like running water, and a lot of them were aiming at Xiao Li Cha. Xiao Li Cha is already is already considered to be a teen, and again in span of two years probably, he will have the charisma of a man.

After gracefully and miraculously putting end to over twenty kilograms of meat, Ge Dun cleaned his mouth with a snow white napkin and then smiled. His mouth was very big, he exposed a row of snow white teeth which were so bright that it was somewhat dazzling, as he smiled.

“ You are Li Cha ”

Li Cha only nodded, didn’t utter a voice. By the tone of voice used by Ge Dun, it was obvious to him that Ge Dun’s question doesn’t need any reply.

Ge Dun smilingly said “ You are very lucky, because your surname is Archimonde. You are also very unlucky, similarly because your surname is Archimonde”

This time Li Cha raised his head. While confronting Ge Dun’s gaze, he firmly said “ I am Li Cha. “

Ge Dun’s vision was clear as water, but not many people could confront him face to face. However Li Cha’s head was raised, not retreating in the slightest amount.

Ge Dun was smiling before, but afterwards he said with a sigh ‘’ Your personality resembles very closely with your mother. However she didn’t said that your name is Li Cha Yue Ge. Did she?”

It seemed like a question, however as before it was said in a manner of telling.

Li Cha hesitated a little bit, then finally said “ Didn’t.” At this moment he realized a little bit about his mother’s desire.

“ Therefore your surname is Archimonde, regardless of you admitting it or not. “ Ge Dun said. At this moment he was already finished with the main course. At the wave of his hand, ten maids came rushing over like running water. They tidied up the used dishes and replaced them with new ones, and moreover served seven different type of deserts.

Ge Dun on one hand was finishing up the deserts, quickly and gracefully just like before, and on the other hand was speaking “ Talking is useless. Even the most experienced nobles cannot pick out any faults in my manners. However, those old nobles still think that i am an upstart. However, there is an another noble, we all call him “ Bloodthirsty Philip “. His most favourite food is raw meat of the magical beasts. He wants the meat to be cut directly from the living body, not exceeding an hour. If it is a rare breed, then the time limit can be relaxed upto one day. Moreover, this person’s most favourite way to eat is by tearing the flesh with his own hands. However, those nobles still recognize him to have the air of true noble. You know why?”

Li Cha shaked his head, he had no idea about the world of nobles. All his little bit of knowledge came from Mo Lee. And this knight is definitely not a qualified teacher.

“Because, this “Bloodthirsty Philip” is precisely our Divine Alliance empire’s greatest king, his majesty. His controlled power is too big, and he is also too moody. Therefore those true old nobles absolutely don’t want to infuriate him. Moreover, having such a great person as an acquaintance would definitely have many benefits. These benefits are so good that people are incapable of neglecting them.”

Li Cha nodded his head this time, understanding a little bit.

“ Therefore, since your surname is Archimonde, you are very unfortunate. You must become formidable. More importantly, you must have strength! If you have strength, world would be like heaven to you but if you don’t have strength, everywhere would be hell. At that time, you don’t have to bother with your identity as someone grown up in mountains or born within the most prestigious family. You also don’t have to put up with this act like me. These are obviously just illusions, you at this moment don’t have any significance. You just need to become strong! Because, your surname is Archimonde, the blood flowing in your veins is the blood of Archimonde! As long as you have this surname, people will be full of expectations towards you, moreover incomparably high expectations. If you do somewhat better than an average person, you would just be making everyone disappointed.” Ge Dun’s voice was becoming more and more high, in the end it was just like a deep exploding sound of thunder near the ear, it’s vibrations were causing Xiao Li Cha to be dizzy and blurry visioned.

Xiao Li Cha tightly gripped the knife and fork in his hands. He was already unable to pay any attention to the tip of the fork as it unetiquettely entered the dish in the plate. He was a little blanked as he looked up at the individual in front of him who was still as graceful as ever, completely different from the person who was just roaring like thunder.

Ge Dun suddenly restrained his thunder like voice, again exposing that fascinating smile “As long as you have enough power, you can do whatever you want, regardless if it makes any sense or it is a completely absurd thing like this… “ Saying this, Ge Dun called over a maid and reached out his hands to grab the cloth covering her chest and ruthlessly teared it, the cloth was completely teared into two halves, causing her to be completely naked in a flash. The maid instinctively cried out in fear. However, she immediately suppressed her subsequent shriek, forcing it down the throat. Both of her hands were obediently placed on either side of the body, not showing the slightest amount of intention to cover her exposed breasts.and lower stomach.

In the dining room, apart from butler and a few male servants, several bodyguards and ten knights were present. They were calmly standing against the wall just like an honourable statue. The knight who brought Li Cha from the Lu Se Lan village, Mo Lee was also present among these. At this moment, life came over in all these statues. Of course, they were still maintaining their standard stance, however one by one, their line of sight fell down upon the naked body of the maid. Her features cannot be regarded as absolutely beautiful, however youth was causing her body to be brimming with vigor and enticement.

Li Cha was stupefied, shock given to him by this scene was truly too severe. He is still just a child who is barely over ten years. Displaying the result of his training from small age, he tightly grasped the knife and fork, not letting them slip from his hand by mistake.

Ge Dun waved his hand, only then did the maid dared to pick up her clothes. But she still didn’t dared to cover her body. While maintaining the standard posture, she bent her knees and saluted. Afterwards, while facing the back of master, she retreated out from the dining hall. Only after reaching upto the corridor did she dared to turn her back. She was afraid that if she run discourteously, it would put her in an even more of a tragic situation. As expected, Ge Dun’s voice could be heard behind her

“ Li Cha, originally I even wanted to kill a person for you to take a look at. It’s just that, my temperament was not good in the previous times. If I could kill someone, I would definitely kill. Originally, there were a lot of spies placed by other nobles here, but at that time I couldn’t keep my temper under control. At present there is no one left to kill.”

Li Cha’s small face paled, how could murder be discussed as if talking about ‘drawing under the light shade’? However, within the dining hall, everyone from servants to knights, complexion of each and every one was still same as ever. It seemed like the master just now talked about ‘hunting some prey for food’ kind of thing. Until now, Li Cha sensed a kind of faint breeze diffused everywhere inside the castle. This is apparently the smell of reeking of blood accumulated through months and years.

Just like the dinner, Li Cha had no idea about the dessert. He was trying hard to resist the rumbling inside his stomach, not permitting himself to throw up. This was very hard to accomplish. After he perceived the fishy smell of blood for the first time, it was getting more and more clear. It kept on lingering about his nose, not dispersing away.

Li Cha didn’t ate less by any means. He is right in the growth period, and a mountain kid’s diet also always have been comparably more. Ge Dun was unexpectedly looking quite pleased as he said

“ Eat a lot, you will grow quicker. Li Cha, your mother should have a request for you?”

Li Cha’s complexion changed entirely. He didn’t say anything, just agreed silently. However, he had no wish to disclose the details of her mother’s wish to Ge Dun. Only on the day when he is able to accomplish this wish will he speak.

Ge Dun also didn’t force Li Cha, he simply said “ It doesn’t matter what is your mother’s wish, it would be definitely not easy. It is not possible for me to directly help you, even more unlikely to give you strength. However, I will provide you sufficient opportunities to become strong. As for how far you go, it will depend entirely on you. I wish to have a day when you can talk loudly in front of me.”

Li Cha just nodded, didn’t said anything.

Ge Dun spoke in a low voice “ I will try to find a teacher for you, for the next few years you will study at her place. I wish that when you are in front of me next time, you can bring me a pleasant surprise. This is not just for me, but even more so for you and for your mother. Ok, you first go and meet with your siblings. This……..would be a very interesting confrontation.”

Li Cha didn’t understand the words of Ge Dun, only half an hour later did he realize that the meeting with his siblings is truly very interesting. And a few years later, when he would be a bit more mature, he would realize it’s meaning even more deeply.

At the time of meeting, Li Cha was seated hidden inside a huge sofa. Body as stiff as a stature, both eyes slightly raised towards the sky and the line of sight focussing on the painting on the door of the room, completely motionless.

It was a small guest room within the fort located inside an additional building complex opposite to the dining hall, exclusively for clan members. It was decorated beautifully and was quite luxurious, completely different from the entire cold dark castle. It was warm and bright inside the guest room, illumination magic placed inside was providing brightness like that of daytime. Countless candles supported by a beautiful mid air candle holder apart from providing better vision, were also increasing the temperature just by the right amount. On Li Cha’s left and right, his siblings were seated on that huge sofa. Specifically saying, two younger brothers and six sisters. Li Cha never thought to have this many siblings himself. Moreover, these are just the siblings sharing the same father. If all of his cousins possessing Archimonde blood are gathered, it would surely amount to a gigantic number.

Brothers were seated on the left, sisters on right and the Li Cha himself was in the middle as he bore the provocative gazes of his siblings. It was as if they were looking at a rare magical beast just waiting to be dissected. Li Cha was not much different than a statue, however his siblings were very aggressive.

His two brothers were younger than him by a few years, still their incoming gaze held naked curiosity, contempt, hostility and everything except affection for family. Furthermore, their gaze was causing the hair on Li Cha’s back to stand up, he had only felt this way when he would sense killing intent. Six sisters were different in size. Biggest of them was already declaring herself as a woman relying on the swell of her chest, while the smallest one was perhaps not even five years old. Their incoming gaze was much more complicated. It had curiosity, but even more hesitation and it was much more of an inspecting look. Two of the biggest sisters even shifted close to each other, whispering something to each other while stealing glances at Li Cha, sometimes giving off a somewhat impudent and full of ambiguous meaning smile. Their vision possessed naked desire. At present Li Cha wasn’t aware of it, but the only thing he was certain of, was that he has nothing to do with his siblings. Only after some some time would he realize that this kind of gaze implies that the woman desires to have s*x with him.

Li Cha didn’t say a word, he just didn’t know what to say. They also didn’t tried to talk anything with him, just kept looking at him provocatively. Their gaze carried a penetrating cold itching to poke out a hole through his body, at the same time, it also carried a surging heat which was itching to swallow him in one bite.

Duration of the meeting was not that long, only ten minutes. However, Li Cha felt like a whole day has been passed, moreover an exceptionally long day. By the time housekeeper was leading him out, he realized that his undershirt is already completely drenched.

Later, he realized that this kind of a ten minute meeting with the siblings is a kind of ceremony, representing him to possess the blood vessels of this branch of Archimonde clan. From now on, he is a member of Archimonde clan. This kind of ceremony also provides an opportunity for the members of Archimonde clan to get to know each other as well as to select among each other.

Next day at noon, Li Cha left the Black Rose castle with a small group of escorting knights, advancing towards the west. After that day’s dinner upto this time, Li Cha didn’t see Ge Dun at all. His meeting with his father was much more simpler than his imagination, and even more emotionless. Li Cha was originally pretty indifferent towards the meeting, however by the time he was leaving the Asian Mountains, he had a feeling of loss for some reason. His meeting with his siblings made him realize that he is nothing more than an ordinary child of his father.

However, Li Cha quietly clenched his fists, fingernails digging into the palm. Two images overlapped in front of his eyes, one image was of his numerous siblings and the other one was of the igniting flames.

He suddenly felt that his mother dying like this doesn’t make sense.

Troops travelled all the way upto the west, the one escorting Li Cha was still Mo Lee. On this time’s journey, the knight didn’t say much, just saying a few sentences not even worth mentioning throughout the entire day.

The silent journey continued for twenty days. On the way, passing through dark forest, crossing over the second largest river of the continent Luo Man, walking again along the Cang Bai mountain range for ten days, again passing through the territories of many noblemen and crossing an Archduchy. Then they finally arrived at this journey’s destination in the territory of legendary magic teacher Su Hailun, the magical tower Shen Lan.

The power existed in the gigantic space itself, giving off overwhelming pressure to the people.

Only after standing at the front of Shen Lan tower did Li Cha truly realize how magnificent is a five hundred meter high magical tower. It was not a single body construction, tower’s deep blue colour relied mainly on the fact that it is situated alongside the Heng Dong mountain range extending upto one of the tributary of Floating ice gulf. Tower was constructed according to the Gothic style. There were fine meticulous engravings on flying struts, eye catching steeples, pointed shaped wooden arch gates erected in huge numbers and brilliant elemental clouds together with mysterious energies lingering on the pinnacle of tower, giving off a feeling that the entire magical tower is being lifted towards the sky.

Very soon, Li Cha was able to see Su Hailun. She is a legendary master, the protector of the Divine Alliance, dragon slaughterer in the body of a woman and also the teacher selected by Ge Dun for him.

Only, when Li Cha was standing exactly in front of Su Hailun did he realize that the concerned one haven’t promised beforehand to teach him, this journey is completely Ge Dun’s own wishful thinking.

Li Cha at this moment was standing inside the Su Hailun magic hall. It was a dream like space, four walls and floors made up of some unknown material with deep blue-green as it’s primary colour, giving off a glossy shine. It was possible to see upto very far but still not possible to discern what shape it is assuming. Different colours of light rays were flickering and circling on four walls and floor, they were completely random just like a group of roaming fishes, moving very fast as if they have life.

At one end of the hall, upon a very high stage, a throne carved out from heavenly crystals was placed and Su Hailun was seated on it. Her foot’s position was on level with Mo Lee’s chin, exceeding past Li Cha’s head. This is what truly means to be ‘set up on high’. However, considering her legendary status, no one would think that this is disrespectful. Her long hair was curled up, palace court style low cut long skirt was exposing her entire shoulders and a large area of her snow white bosom. Her skin was so fair that it was inconceivable, giving rise to an urge in onlookers to take a bite wherever they look. Of course, after the most desirable mouth zone, first choice was plump bosom, then the next one was cheeks. Her appearance seemed only to be seventeen to eighteen years at most. Her young face was calm and solemn, brimming with classical beauty. Sitting on tall and straight crystal throne, it was just like facing before a real goddess.

People meeting her for the first time were totally incapable of connecting such a young beautiful female together with the legendary master. However even the youngest magician knows, establishment of Shen Lan tower had exceeded over hundred years.

She released her intertwined hands in front of her kness, each finger covered with a very long finger cot. Finger cots were magically forged in gold, it’s surface was fully embedded with all kinds of precious stones and decorative designs. In fact, each and every one of these decorations were minutely engraved magic spells, embedded entirely with gems; rare magical gems of all categories only existing in legends. In the eyes of people who knows their stuff, each of these finger cot was a very large magic conducting artifact, perhaps already reaching upto godly artifact. But Su Hailun was wearing ten entire finger cots! And her earrings and necklaces were used as hair bands, and just like finger cots they were also magic conducting equipments!

Crystal throne was incomparably dazzling, even if it’s Li Cha, a boy who doesn’t know anything, can easily make out how precious it is. Moreover, this magic hall’s worth is actually a hundred times that of the crystal throne. Abyss crystal, used by magicians to set magic wands is actually used here as floor coverings!

Standing in the magical hall, Li Cha suddenly sensed that his perception area has increased substantially, and traces of energy in accordance with some bizarre passages are beginning to enter his body. A thin thread of energy entered his body and was being gradually absorbed. Just at this moment, within Li Cha’s consciousness a glass breaking sound emerged, as if some protective screen has been shattered, allowing him to completely disperse his restrained consciousness.

Next moment, Li Cha was touching upon a magical ocean.

It was a huge dark ocean, lightless, generating sea currents from it’s core. It was entirely possible to be swallowed up by a huge whale without any warning. If Li Cha was to fall into this huge sea, he would be swallowed up instantly, without producing even a little bit of disturbance. However, at this moment Li Cha was standing right on top of the surface of ocean!

Li Cha’s complexion suddenly became pale because of the disorder in his perception. His body was beginning to shudder involuntarily. Yet this feeling was so genuine, rendering him incapable to discern it.

And at this moment Mo Lee was earnestly trying to discuss the tuition fees of Li Cha with Su Hailun.

“Senior say, can you teach young master considering our past friendship.”

“Past friendship? huh. I remember, that Marquis of your family still owes me a lot of things.”

“Isn’t principle already paid?”

“and interest?”

Discussing figures with legendary master is extremely unwise. Mo Lee immediately shifted the conversation and tossed out his second card.

“Young master Li Cha possess exceedingly outstanding talent in magic.”

“ Humph, every year several dozens of exceedingly talented geniuses come to me wishing to study magic. I even rejected three-four genuises favoured by deties.”

Mo Lee earnestly threw out his last card “ Young master’s body inside flowing Archimonde blood, it’s degree of pureness is hardly any different than the Senior himself. At least within this generation of Archimonde clan members, no one is even close.”

Both the eyes of the legendary master which were originally solemn, suddenly shined, making the entire magic hall flicker for a moment. She was looking just like a large jeweled dragon. Her manner of speech was still calm as before, but anyone could tell that it was nothing more than a pretence.

“ So, what can I do?”

“You can trample it as you wish!” These words are not something which could be said by serious, old fashioned and blood thirsty Mo Lee. In reality, these were the original words of the Marquis. Only, these words coming out from Mo Lee still carried that tone of respect as a secondary person. Perhaps, his thoughts were different than his outward expression.

At this moment, Su Hailun and Mo Lee sensed the odd behaviour of Li Cha.

Su Hailun seemed to think before saying slowly “This small brat can surprisingly interact with the magic power reservoir of this magic hall of mine. This is not easy. En, just barely enough to qualify to study magic under me.”

“Of course!” Mo Lee said with a smile on his face. However his thoughts were actually ‘ But, entire body of this magic hall is established by using Abyss Crystals! Even myself a straightforward military knight can sense it’s magic intensity. What is not easy? This kind of excuse is just too far fetched.”

“But, this is still not enough.” Su Hailun said “ Those two planes in the hands of that small fellow Ge Dun are not bad. I want ten year’s profits, whatever they are.”

“ Plane’s time?”

“No, Nuo Lan De’s time.”

(Tl: Nuo Lan De is the continent where they are right now)

Mo Lee’s corner of mouth slightly twitched, but he eventually nodded. This already slightly exceeded the baseline amount handed over by Ge Dun, however it was just barely acceptable. In entire world’s system, Nuo Lan De is not the only prime plane, however it is still considered as one of the fairly high level primary planes. According to the rules of world space, the flow of time in Nuo Lan De is slower than the secondary planes. Ten years of Nuo Lan De, perhaps might extend hundred years of other planes. Marquis was originally incomparably generous with his handed over baseline, giving off half of his earnings. It would inevitably affect his expansion plan from hereon. It is important to note that Ge Dun’s next objective is to establish his presence in the Imperial city, the legendary city Faust. No matter how sufficiently prepared you are, it would still be not enough to establish yourself at that kind of place.

At this moment, Mo Lee remembered a name preceding the title of Su Hailun mournfully handed down among the other seniors of alliance. “Blood sucking….”

And her other sentence known widespread “ I may not be the strongest, but certainly will be the richest.”

Anyway, Su Hailun continued “ At the time of next prayer ceremony of Eternal Dragon Palace, I will provide some assistance for Xiao Ge Dun.”

Mo Lee completely relaxed. This is in accordance with the baseline handed over by Marquis. However, subsequently a kind of bizarre feeling roused within him. Such an important affair haven’t gone through consecutive strings of arguments between the two sides at all. Both sides just quickly agreed upon a baseline.

This truly is correspondence!

As his assignment concluded without a hitch, Mo Lee immediately departed. As he was departing, he couldn’t help but give a complicated glance to Li Cha.

While looking at the profits of hundred years of some plane stacked all together, doesn’t matter whoever it is, his gaze would be complicated.

Su Hailun waved her hand, eighteen masters of twelve level or higher immediately withdrew silently, leaving behind just Su Hailun and Li Cha who was still as before painfully resisting the currents of magic hall’s reservoir. Although, Li Cha’s clothes were drenched in sweat a long time ago, but he was still standing strong without collapsing. His toughness which was tempered from a small age was finally bearing fruit at this moment.

Su Hailun softly snapped her fingers, two finger cots collided with each other producing a ‘clink’ sound, and the tides of magic power in the underground magic reservoir slowly settled down. With this, emerging fantasies in the mind of Li Cha also vanished. When magical tides were concentrating on his body, he might have been an ‘idiot’ or could have shown ‘exceedingly outstanding’ talent. This was a small trick, Mo Lee had certainly figured it out. Also, Su Hailun didn’t wished to conceal it. There are more superior and obscure methods, but she was just too lazy to use them.

This is such a poor reason, but it’s a reason nevertheless. Even if Mo Lee could see through her scheme, he would not dare to say it out loud. This is the key point.

Li Cha calmed his breathing and slowly raised his head to face Su Hailun’s gaze. He was slightly startled. Even though Su Hailun seemed very high and aloof, her cold imposing manner vastly outstripped the fierceness of the most dangerous magical beast Li Cha has ever encountered.. However, this seventeen something delicate woman, so tender that it makes people want to take a bite of her, is actually his teacher from now on?

“Your father, he has already sold you out to me for the next several years.” The “sold” word was said very vaguely by the legendary master. Li Cha was unable to discern it, since he didn’t possess hearing skill of seventh level or higher. Even if he was able to hear it clearly, he wouldn’t understand it’s meaning for the time being. Just now, during the discussion of prices between the great magic teacher and the killing maniac, the youngster was bitterly enduring the magical tides. He was totally unaware of what is going on at the surface.

“ From today, you are my student. My every command, you will carry it word by word regardless of whatever it is.” Said Su Hailun in a cold imposing voice.

“Yes.” replied Li Cha. On the road, he had already learned the duties and responsibilities of a magic apprentice.

Su Hailun once again snapped her fingers, a high level master entered and quickly withdrew taking along Li Cha with him.

After Su Hailun approved him as her apprentice, Li Cha showed ample respect and bearing of a magic apprentice. He didn’t raised his head again to directly look at the legendary master, as it is considered very rude. Therefore, he also didn’t look that she is still carrying a trace of young beauty behind her ice cold bearing, and emitting a kind of peculiar gaze.

This kind of gaze is the very similar to the gaze of an Alaskan bear looking at his most favourite dish, while drooling upto three metres.

With great difficulty, Su Hailun was finally able to clear up the magical hall. If there was one more moment, she was not sure she could have controlled herself from laughing out. Happiness appearing on the face of the legendary master was not a disguised one anymore. She opened a magical scroll with a rustling sound. Above scroll, an image of three dimensional magical map was being projected out. Densely packed symbols were marking the position of coordinates of hundreds of planes.

Su Hailun, in high spirits swept her gaze over a dozen of large dragon symbols appearing on the planar map and thereby decided to rob several dragon nests in order to celebrate today’s beautiful mood.

“ What should I do tonight? Rob this dragon? or this? or these?”

Beautiful legendary master was getting distressed in her own way.