Chapter 5 - Departure

Xiao Li Cha slept for whole seven days. On the seventh day, when the sunshine entered the room, he finally opened his eyes. The first thing he did after waking up was to run out of the room and search the entire house for his mother. As soon as he saw his mother in the study, he shouted while jumping onto her “Mother, guess guess what did i got from the Moon Goddess shrine?”

Yi Lan Ni turned over, softly stroked Li Cha’s head and said “Let mother guess, Li Cha always wanted to become a magician, so Li Cha definitely received “elemental affinity”, isn’t it?”

Xiao Li Cha was suddenly dumbfounded, because the individual which turned around was a woman whom he had never seen before. However, he has his own discerning methods. By using a bit of force, he inhaled the nearby air which contained that unique familiar odor. So he hesitatingly asked ” you are……mother?”

“My Li Cha, this is mother’s original appearance, is it good?” Yi Lan Ni smilingly asked.

Li Cha nodded heavily and said “Mother is the most good looking!” In his eyes mother was originally the best looking woman, let alone now when she regained her former appearance. Silver moon fairies are exceptionally beautiful, however along with their beauty, their spiritual techniques are also equally famous.

Boy’s patience is always limited, teenager’s patience also doesn’t increase by much. Therefore Xiao Li Cha didn’t waited for Yi Lan Ni’s second guess, just hurriedly said ” Mother, i received Wisdom and Reality ”

“Reality?” Yi Lan Ni was astonished. Wisdom she knows, however she never heard about ‘Reality’ or this kind of ability being present during the enlightenment ceremony.

Xiao Li Cha wrinkled his upper eyebrow. With the help of new upgraded wisdom, he tried hard to explain ” Reality, it is…….it will help in understanding the world even more clearly. It is like a bonus, not too useful for now, but it will allow me to see more far and hear more clearly, ….that’s about it.”

Yi Lan Ni groaned. Holding Li Cha’s shoulder, she urged him to cherish the abilities received from enlightenment and also to remember what she taught to him. She was beginning to sound somewhat whinny, she went on for several hours before stopping. Moreover, repeating same things again and again, even causing Li Cha to secretly grimace in protest. Xiao Li Cha was originally a very bright kid, moreover now that his wisdom has improved, there is basically no need to repeat anything for a second time.

Yi Lan Ni also eventually found herself to be too whinny. So she smilingly said “My Li Cha, you want to meet your father?”

Li Cha’s eyebrows creased substantially. He tried hard to think, but couldn’t come up with any answer. As he was thinking, Yi Lan Ni just plainly said “You will be able to see your father very soon, his dispatched people should be arriving shortly. They will take you along to meet him. On the road, you should be obedient. Got it?”

“eh?” This news was a bit too unexpected , Li Cha didn’t knew how to respond. He only nodded while being confused, then he suddenly remembered something and asked ” Then mother also… are we going together?”

“No, mother is not going.”

“Then I will also not go!” Li Cha firmly said.

Yi Lan Ni smiled and said ” My Li Cha, you should go, because mother still has a desire which needs your help to fulfill it.

Li Cha straightened his chest and said “Mother relax, I am already grown up, I will definitely accomplish it, eh! what is your desire?”

Yi Lan Ni while deeply looking at Li Cha, slowly said ” If there comes a day in the future when My Li Cha becomes a truly great man, then bury mother at the highest floor in the graveyard of father’s clan. ”

Li Cha vigorously nodded. At this moment, he is not aware of the true meaning or the implied difficulties behind these words. Even if he was aware, he most probably won’t hesitate. Mountain kids don’t ever lack courage.

Early morning of Lu Se Lan village has always been very quiet. However, tranquility of this early morning was smashed. At first, entire surface of the village started to vibrate indescribably, soon after that, vibrations completely turned into the shaking. From this, even the most sluggish villagers can feel that something is wrong. As a result, villagers came out of their doors and began to look at the end of the road outside the village.

Mountain wind still contained a little chillness. As it blew, even the most courageous and formidable village hunters couldn’t help but shiver, not because they felt that temperature is too low, rather they felt the chillness from the bottom of their hearts, as if an inescapable calamity is about to strike. Earth is still vibrating, all families present in the village came out from their respective houses and silently stood at the empty land outside the the entrance of village. From here, rising dust and smoke can already be seen at a distance. From time to time old trees in forest would fall off, so the flock of birds don’t fly too high, they are even reluctant to leave their nests, but at this moment they immediately flew towards the deep mountains.

A demon like heavy armored knight was rushing out of the forest.

From black colored heavy armor, no less than ten steel spikes were protruding out, a fierce and frightening demon skull was carved out on his chest and an extremely strong horse was beneath him. Compared to the best field horse in village, this horse was at least half a meter high. Body of the horse was covered by thick horse armor. From it’s surface, an intensely sharp pike was protruding out, demonstrating that the horse is not just for the defense. From rear left side of war horse, a double handed large sword was hanging, it’s was commonly seen Zhanma sword(horse beheading sword) type. What’s different from normally seen Zhanma sword is that it was an entire meter longer and furthermore a lot times thicker. This deadly weapon’s weight should be exceeding at least hundred kilograms, almost impossible to withstand the might required to wave it.`

On the mountain surface, wherever iron hoofs of the war horse stepped upon, broken stones would swirl in the air splattering in all directions, leaving behind deep holes, directly exposing the surface under the muddy ground. Also, following behind the man was a group constituting twenty high armored cavalry and behind that was a group of light cavalry consisting approximately hundred knights. Even though they were light cavalry, all of their shoulders were covered by an excellently made armor. More than half of them were even carrying magic longbows made up of excellent quality. This kind of army was sufficient to conquer the Tucker Baron castle, but at this moment, it was actually marching straight towards the tiny Lu Se Lan village.

Including the village chief, everyone’s face grew pale. Hunters are brave, but these hunters also knew that they can’t deal with these kind of knights which were armed up to teeth. Moreover, village chief can make out a somewhat special appearance from that first rider on top of that unusually large horse. Being a former part of the military, he can tell that only someone with that special appearance can ride such a large horse.

Heavy armored rider rushed straight into the village. He reined the horse using a bit of force, bent forward then raised himself up (stopping horse motion). Front trotter’s of the horse fell down one after the other stamping out two shallow holes on the surface of ground. By the time horse stopped, heated breath coming out from it’s nose was already clashing onto village chief’s chest. Knight lifted up the helmet which was protecting his face, revealing a determined and imposing face. He coldly swept through the villagers on plaza and said ” Who could have imagined, Yi Lan Ni is living here?”

Villagers looked at each other in doubt. In Lu Se Lan village there is definitely no female called Yi Lan Ni. Blacksmith and village chief seemed to recall something, but they didn’t spoke. Knight’s face became even more gloomy. As he was just going to speak, suddenly the door of medical shop not much far from the knight, opened. Yi Lan Ni walked out from inside and indifferently said “Did Ge Dun send you people?”

Knight shifted his attention to Yi Lan Ni. As he looked, his complexion suddenly changed, he jumped down from the back of horse and landed like a huge mountain in front of Yi Lan Ni. He knelt down and lowered his helmet, revealing his entire facial features and said in a deep voice “I am Senior Ge Dun’s no. 1 knight Mo Lee. By the command of the senior, have come here to escort the madam back.”

Mo Lee’s entire head was covered with steel needle like small dark-red hair. Although his head was bowed while kneeling in front of Yi Lian, imposing manner still couldn’t be prevented from leaking out. Entire medical shop was slightly shuddering beneath his awe inspiring air. Inside of his huge body was as if containing an any time erupting volcano.

Yi Lan Ni’s skirt also drifted up, however she didn’t move back. With a calm expression while standing in that stream of air, she said “With your presence, I am relieved.”

Mo Lee smiled and said “Thank you for the praise madam.”

Yi Lan Ni pulled out Li Cha from behind her body, placed his tiny hand in the palm of Mo Lee and said “He is the most desirable person of Ge Dun, he is called Li Cha. “After a pause added “……Li Cha Archimonde.”

Mo Lee carefully looked at Li Cha, then closed his palm and smilingly said” Mo Lee is ready to be at your service!”

The knight raised his head again, and while looking at Yi Lan Ni, he said “Madam, if you have already arranged your things, we will immediately set off. Senior Ge Dun would be surely eagerly waiting to see you.”

“I still need to take care of an very important matter, wait a moment for me” Yi Lan Ni after saying this entered the medical shop and closed the door.

During this time, Li Cha was looking straight at Mo Li, similarly Mo Li was also looking at Li Cha like a blood thirsty lion. Both looked at each other, small eyes staring the big eyes. Mo Li finally laughed, not sure what to do.

However his smiling appearance suddenly stiffened.

Without any warning flames blasted out from every window of the shop. Furthermore, the flames spurted out through the roof were at least ten meters high. Flames raised so suddenly that even Mo Lee was absolutely unable to detect them in time.

The knight snarled and rushed inside the medical shop in a single step. Stone wall made of green stones didn’t seem to any than butter in front of him. Moreover, those intense flames were unable to cause him any injury whatsoever. As he entered the shop, Yi Lan Ni was gracefully sitting directly in front of him. Flames were spurting out directly from every part of her body and furthermore these flames were burning everything within the room. Mo Lee was stunned, he was originally planing to rescue her out, he didn’t expect that all the fire was actually erupting from her body. She has basically burned herself already!

Looking at Mo Li who had rushed in through raging flames, Yi Lan Ni smiled and completely turned into flames, vaporized not leaving behind any trace whatsoever in this world.

Mo Lee was standing speechless, allowing the blaze to lick his body. Yi lan Ni’s last smile had already left a deep impression on his mind. That smile was so beautiful, so graceful and also, so complex.

Xiao Li Cha was crazily shouting and kicking the heavy armored knight who was holding him, wishing to rush into the fire. However all of his hard efforts were in vain. Under the intense flames, entire medical shop crashed down.

Mo Lee slowly walked out from the ruins, he looked at crying and getting hysterical Li cha, then after a moment of silence , he said”You have a good mother, come I will take you to meet with your father.”

Sudden accident stunned the villagers of Lu Se Lan village. They were foolishly looking at the going down blaze and the ruins emitting dust and smoke. They couldn’t believe that this is the same medical store which was in front of them for ten years.

Heavy cavalry got in formation and left the Lu Se Lan village along with Li Cha. Mo Lee and the light cavalry stayed behind due to the fact that Mo Lee still haven’t got over what Yi Lan Ni did. She completely turned herself into flames. Only genuinely a truly talented person can himself completely into flames. Therefore towards this woman whom he had met for the first time, he was full of respect.

Looking at the ruins, his lips raised up by an unnoticeable margin and in a voice which only he can hear said “This woman and Senior are truly well suited to each other.”

At this moment a knight came up to Mo Lee and asked “What should we do about these villagers?”

Mo Lee while looking at gathering crowd on the plaza, stroked his ‘hard as a nail’ beard above the lips and indifferently said ” There seems to be quite a large number of people, it is unlikely for senior to be interested in their affairs, so kill them!”