Chapter 3 - Enlightenment

Li Cha nodded and ran back towards his own room. However, looking at that excited face, it would be difficult for him to sleep. Yi Lian laughingly shook her head and then carrying the magic lamp, walked up the attic.

Attic in normal times is used to store junk items, but it is also kept clean. Yi Lian moved aside a chest, revealing a small altar behind it. Altar is stony, at its base outline of complicated magic spells is highlighted in meticulous and precise calligraphy. Only, where should have been an image of god is now blank.

Yi Lian cleaned up the altar very carefully, cleaning up to the tinniest speck of dust on its surface. Afterwards, she stood up and her vision fell upon a thick book beside the chest. Book was carefully placed. The book is quite thick and unusual, it has approximately a thousand pages and moreover it is four times bigger than an average magic book, weighing several ten kilograms. It’s bronze cover is shining, not having even a little bit of dust upon it. Clearly it has been frequently flipped through. Yi Lian was entirely shocked, she haven’t touched this book for a long time, so it was clearly read by Li Cha. She didn’t expect that tiny punk would read it this frequently and this enthusiastically.

Yi Lian walked over and reached out her hand to open it. Her slender beautiful fingers were longer several times in contrast with her figure. Her hands were a frequent topic of discussion for male villagers.

Book’s cover is forged in genuine bronze. It was rough and ice cold, issuing a feeling of heavy times. Yi Lian knew, within the bronze, there were hundreds of crystal granules scattered like stars. (Tl: crystal granules as small pearls) When they are aroused at the same time, they will create a small altar. If the user is sufficiently strong and sincere, it is even possible to cross over and hear the voice of moon goddess Illusia’s voice.

On the title page, poem ‘blessing of moon goddess Illusia’ was written in beautiful ancient fairy language. Up to today, Yi Lian still remembers every single syllable of this beautiful poem. Yi Lian easily flipped through the pages of the book like flowing water. On top, either a big paragraph in fairy language or a vivid and life like illustration was present. It was completely different from the human teachings. Moon god’s teachings occupied a very small portion of it’s contents, but it had a lot of achievements of moon goddess Illusia before ascension. Thus, it has details of many continents other than Nuo Lan De continent and even information about other planes. Xiao Li Cha had a rough idea that this book is a collection of scenery and interesting places, that’s why he read this book with such a keen interest and pleasure.

It would be difficult to tell that this book apart from being heavy is also hiding something extraordinary. In the past, it was elf kingdom’s royal court’s most precious treasure that is the moon goddess Illuisa’s sacred writing.

Furthermore, within sacred writing are seven spiritual techniques possessed solely by moon goddess, however only the individual approved by moon goddess can see and use it. That year Yi Lian could use five of these techniques. Aside from royal court’s great elf Lu Yi, she also comprehended mood goddess’s technique “maximum sacrifice”, this name itself represents strength and also represents the moon goddess’s approval. At present, even by paying a huge price she can perform this spiritual technique only to one person and even that would require using the power of the sacred writing itself.

These seven spiritual techniques are flowing like water at the bottom of her heart.

“Illusia’s fate” spiritual technique : “enlightenment”

“Illuisa’s blessing” spiritual technique: “complete recovery”

“Illusia’a wrath” spiritual technique: “retribution”

“Illusia’s sword” spiritual technique: “silver moon artifact”

“Illusia’s will” spiritual technique: “judgement”

There are two more spiritual techniques, among these one which she failed to comprehend is “Illusia’s heart” spiritual technique: “Intution”

Seventh spiritual technique is just written within sacred writing, however no individual has ever been capable to comprehend it, it’s name is”Illusia’s madness” spiritual technique :”Moon’s Dark Side”.

Yi Lian’s hands fell upon the sacred writing, she quietly stood there and percieved the remaining trace of divine essence. Fifth moon was shining in the sky this time.(Tl: In prologue a lot of stuff like this is told) Clear and cold moonlight coming through roof hatchway shined straight upon Yi Lian’s body. Moonlight contained a trace of spiritual force which was being quietly absorbed by her body, being accumulating for the ceremony in the next few days.

Spiritual technique: “Enlightenment” is precisely Li Cha’s tenth birthday’s gift.

Today is Li Cha’s birthday, precisely, it is midnight’s time. He was just called to get up. He quickly climbed up the attic and then knelt down in front of the altar. Sacred writing in front of Li Cha was already turned up to the special page. There was a prayer on it which was never seen by Li Cha before. Obviously it was in the elven language, this abstruse and unfathomable language had been already mastered by Li Cha and moreover, he is already proficient in it like any other general language. Words of prayer are about moon goddess’s praises and requests. As he was silently reading the words of prayer in his mind, suddenly he had a bizzare feeling as if his body has became transparent. Within the unseen world there was originally something which was just lingering back and forth aimlessly but it suddenly discovered something causing it to change it’s trajectory and fly straight towards him thereby entering his body. Suddenly, Li Cha felt that a lot of ice blocks are circulating in between his chest and stomach. Moreover, they started to spread towards his four limbs and lower abdomen. Although this kind of feeling is pretty distinct, but during the time of offering sacrifices to god or magical ceremony, this kind of extraordinary feeling is quite common, some ceremonies even require to endure very harsh sufferings. Therefore, Xiao Li Cha didn’t say anything, just followed his mothers instructions to gradually purify his spirit.

“My Li Cha in a moment you will enter goddess Illusia’s palace to gain enlightenment concerning your destiny. Probably, you will have two or three choices, if that’s the case then you should pick….” saying upto here, Yi Lian shook her head and corrected herself.”My Li Cha, you can pick whatever you want, carefully listen to the voice of the goddess, then follow your heart’s choice.”

Li Cha confusedly nodded. Along with the soft sound of prayer coming from behind, his consciousness gradually grew indistinct as if this entire world has been removed before his eyes.

When he regained his consciousness, he found himself at the front of an extremely wide and tall shrine. He was standing on a plaza having a circumference of several kilometers. In this kind of surroundings he felt himself like an insignificant ant. Due to ash-grey colored stone like material, plaza was emitting a faint mysterious radiance. He looked all around, surprisingly there was just endless space. Stars were so close that it seemed like they can be plucked down just by raising your hands. The shrine and the plaza were suspended like some solitary figures in the space.

The endless space gave an unbearable pressure to Li Cha. His heartbeat was getting more and more quick, not daring to give an another look to surroundings, he pulled up his feet and started running towards the shrine. He ran for quite a while, after crossing entire plaza and climbing up a thousand stone steps, he finally stopped in front of the shrine’s entrance. If not for being a child living inside mountains from childhood, possessing stronger body and greater stamina, he would have tiredly fallen out long ago. During his entire run, he didn’t dare to rest even for a single moment. Entire plaza was brimming with radiance up to horizon, it seemed like entire space is not stationary, as if it was moving according to some kind of rules. Li Cha had a kind of misconception that if he stopped even a little then entire plaza will incline to one side and since the surface is as smooth as a mirror without anything to grab, he would fall miserably from top of the plaza into a bottomless abyss.

At the time he stopped at the entrance of plaza, his heart almost jumped out from his chest. Slowly he adjusted his breathing. While remembering mother’s repeated warnings, he raised his head towards the shrine and went in. Shrine was roofless, it was completely circled around by gigantic jade like white stone pillars. Inside there was a altar, Three goddess’s images were revolving around standing altar, each assuming a different posture and having different mutual distance. Originally there should have been six images of goddess placed around altar, each representing six different individual abilities. More images he can see means more he chances for better enlightenment.

Xiao Li Cha’s memory is outstanding, he quickly remembered all abilities represented by individual goddess’s image. These are great strength “extraordinary spirit force”; great viltality and ability to cure any illness “living water”; and great speed and agility “wind speed”.

Li Cha was actually a little bit disappointed, his tiny brain had already picked an alternative long ago which is substantially increasing a person’s intelligence “wisdom”. Because, a true man must possess wisdom.

However having three alternatives to pick from is pretty good, his mother only expected just more than one alternative. Actually, Yi Lian didn’t told him that while gaining enlightenment, most people would just see a completely empty shrine.

Xiao Li Cha moved towards the shrine while opening his eyes as wide as possible trying to look for wisdom. But this shrine and this space is not real, so why is he trying so hard. On the other side due to his hesitation and wavering, three image of goddesses started to get indistinct.

” You want even more abilities? ” A sound suddenly rang inside Li Cha’s ear

Xiao Li Cha was completely startled, he looked in all directions but couldn’t see anything. That sound rised quite abruptly and moreover, it was completely emotionless and monotonous, frightening him completely.

” You….who are you? ” Li Cha gathering courage asked in a shivering voice. His voice echoed from wall, dashing back towards him several times, causing him to jump with fright.

“Who am I is not important and it will also be improbable for me to appear again after this. Strictly saying, I am your heart’s hidden other half” That voice said

“impossible” Xiao Li Cha confidently said, his mother said that his spirit is exceptionally clean, it is impossible for him to have this kind of messed up thing. With this discussion, his timid nature gradually dissipated. Mountain children are exceptionally courageous. He was originally sacred because he didn’t knew what is going to happen, just got caught off guard, that’s all.

However that voice was originally not influenced by Li Cha, it continued in a similar voice ” For now, go and pick up your choice.” In front of Li Cha’s vision altar started to emit radiance once again, three images of goddess were visible once again and moreover, aside from “wisdom”, two more abilities appeared in front of him. First is “elemental affinity” which is a very important ability on the path of magic. This ability can allow magicians to sense outside elements even more easily and thus enabling to release magic with much less effort. Magicians possessing this innate gift can use magic up to three times as compared to other magicians of the same level. More a magician advances, more frightening it becomes. The other ability is “natural emissary”. It allows people to posses penetrative natural instinct. Not only does it increases stealth abilities, but also adds extra might in all kinds of magic, at the same time increasing resistance to poisons.

Up to now, all six capabilities were laid out in front of Li Cha.

“This…….This….” Li Cha’s mouth was opened up for a long time, he was basically speechless. His tiny brain couldn’t understand what is going on. Only reasonable explanation is that everything he is looking at is just a hallucination, otherwise how is this possible? This is entirely different according to scared writing and his mother’s words.

Li Cha finally remembered the goal of this journey. He shakingly raised his hand towards the “wisdom” goddess’s image. In front of the ten meters long image of goddess, tiny Li Cha was only able to touch it’s feet. This is also an important part of ceremony, leaning over to touch goddess’s feet represents humble manner. As soon as Li Cha’s hand touched it’s feet, a sharp and clear snapping sound echoed in his consciousness and just after that, it seemed like the entire world has become more real and more clear.

” Wisdom allows a person to have an even more clear understanding of the world” This is what was written in the sacred writing. Li Cha at last, finally understood it’s meaning. When Li Cha touched wisdom goddess’s image’s feet, all the remaining images started to fade, this probably marked the end of ceremony. However the shrine still didn’t disappeared.

Li Cha confusedly looked around the shrine, his vision suddenly fell upon a newly appeared image of goddess. This goddess’s appearance, both hands protecting her chest and the head inclined to one side, expression melancholic and piercing, was entirely different as compared to previous goddess’s appearances. This goddess’s image was devoid of any emotion, furthermore it was basically formed from shadow. “Don’t tell me that it is an ability?” Xiao Li Cha tried hard to remember which ability did it represent, but he couldn’t remember. Even though there is no description of such an image, but still it is definitely one of Illusia’s image.

” Don’t you want more than one ability?” sound echoed once more.

“what is that ability?” Li Cha stopped and clearly said ” But i will not give up wisdom.”

” You can call it “reality”. It will allow you to observe this world with a different prospective and at the end of this path you might witness something different”

“Something different? what is that?” Li Cha curiously asked

Voice silently went down and didn’t reply.

Li Cha wanted to leave, he now knew that as long as he wants, he can completely separate himself from here and return to original world. This shrine is a world that is actually created by using the power of ceremony. It’s purpose is to clearly see one’s own innate skill’s ability and moreover select a future path. On the other hand this world is not entirely an illusion, six images and abilities are inevitably linked to Illusia showing her concern.

However that voice in Li Cha’s consciousness and that seventh image which was never accounted in sacred writing, has completely toppled Li Cha’s recognition. Li Cha suddenly had a kind of feeling that this shape very possibly is devil’s enticement, but then again how can devil appear within sacred grounds of moon goddess.

Looking at seventh image, Li Cha was truly hesitating, two kind of voices were arguing inside his consciousness, whether to pick or not pick, both equally matched.

However as he was struggling, his self was already moving towards the image, “world is balanced, every prize will have its cost.” Li Cha remembered sacred writing to have this kind of sentence, but he still didn’t want to give up this opportunity. Moreover huge price had already been paid for this opportunity. Xiao Li Cha is courageous, he is willing to struggle for this unexpected prize. He is clever, he understand’s that mother deep within wants him to become a great man, a truly important person.

At least he must surpass the higher officials of Tucker Baron.