Chapter 12 - Fireballs and Fireballs

Precisely saying, what Li Cha learned was Fireball technique, moreover learned it in the minimal time.

Fireball technique is a kind of legend in the third level magic. And in the past, within the third level, there were many legends and titles concerning to Fireball technique. Most commonly heard line is, just wielding fireballs doesn’t make a good magician. However no matter how you look at this line, it is still admitting the fact that Fireball technique is indeed extraordinary and one of its kind.

However, the effects of the appearance of this line on the grand stage was too significant for low level magicians. Because, Fireball technique allowed the low level magicians of six level or below to have a place for themselves in the war, and not be completely overlooked. And every magician after just promoting to fifth level, the time when it is possible to study third level magic, will basically select Fireball technique as the spell for which he would give most of his time. Fireball technique takes a short three seconds cast time, with thirty meters as basic shooting range and a diameter of ten meters as a kill or injure zone. Fortunate fighters within this zone would be able to get off with light injuries, whereas ordinary fighters would sustain serious injuries and out of luck fighters would sustain deadly injuries, thus completely permitting Fireball technique to disdain all magics on the same level. Fighters mentioned here are fighters equivalent to magicians at fifth level or below it. This enables all the magicians possessing Fireball technique to have a sharp weapon when faced against low level fighters. Soldiers at this stage have no other choice but to individually stab the magician with a sword. Wastage of time on battlefield is obviously dangerous, and is often not met with a good ending.

Precisely because Fireball technique possess such might, there was a time when each and every single magician will painstakingly learn Fireball technique. Such extreme events turned this line into a saying. But the pinnacle of Fireball technique’s research was a report issued by an eighth level magician. “Report : 5 Fireball’s explosion might kill off an Archmage.”

This was an altered form of the report. The factors required in order to make a report widely known include; A sensational headline, report should be in bounds of logic and an frightening conclusion. In reality, the original title of the report was “ Fireball technique’s superposition effect in a confined space, First look.” Conclusion was with twelve fireballs released at the same time, even an eighteenth level Archmage would find it hard to resist harm from it’s superposition effect. And under most extreme conditions, for example; If this eighteenth level Archmage runs out of luck and every single one of fireballs produce explosion on striking. And if by a lucky coincidence, in an extraordinary configuration within a confined space, standing position of the Archmage is the focal point of the reflecting energies, then just five fireballs would suffice.

This report was originally obscure and unknown, however after some smartass changed it’s title to <5 Fireball’s explosion might kill off an Archmage!> it immediately spreaded out like fire.

And the thing that made Archmages furious was, apart from having a misleading title, the prerequisite of this report was very clear, it followed a strict and precise logic. In other words, conclusion was this report was accurate, although it didn’t had any real life significance. Anyway, what kind of Archmage will allow himself to be bombarded with five fireballs inside a strictly calculated confined space? Moreover, Archmage possess strong spiritual power as well as magic power, it doesn’t seem very likely that a low level spell such as Fireball technique will hit and produce the best of results. Under the most extreme conditions and adding in a string of fortunate events on top of it, only then this effect could be seen. However low level masters and people with half baked knowledge of magic, who would pay attention to these small details. In their eyes, only words which registered were; five fireball explosions can kill off an Archmagus.

This made people furious. Then again, they had no other alternative. If an Archmage go over to low level masters to debate over the logic of fireballs, that in itself seems very foolish.

The effect of the magic study on the prosperity of magic itself was certainly damaging. Thus, at that time, with a certain senior Archmage as head, leading more than ten masters and several hundred apprentices, a huge investigation and research was conducted in a period of three years, and ultimately produced a report. Conclusion was, after too much study of Fireball technique, some percentage of magicians will encounter additional difficulties in advancement. It will even affect the final accomplishments of the masters who are too severe about it.

As soon as this report came out, practitioners of Fireball technique went into uproar. Countless doubts were raised at the statistical figures of the report.

Problem lied in the fact, these figures although produced hundred of errors and even logic was not confirmed, but low level magicians couldn’t find any reference to confirm these figures. Furthermore, they themselves didn’t have sufficient resources to go and obtain the original figures. Therefore, whether it were supporters or opposers, they had no other choice to refer the figures of the report for self reference. As the people referring these figures were many, this statistical data also turned into real thing. If the reality differs from these figures, then that just means that reality is wrong, definitely.

Masters practising Fireballs technique, regardless of what way they felt to be wrong, they had no other choice than to accept the reality. Moreover, while they were furious, they were also truly afraid to affect their own advancement. That senior Archmage himself didn’t carry much weight, but he was representing himself by common understanding of many high level Masters. And in reality, it was the hierarchy which decided the future road for Fireball technique practitioners. As a result of this, waves of Fireball practitioners slowly subsided. In regards to magic civilization itself, this infact was a good thing.

However, this incident was a clear proof of one thing, quantity of Masters doesn’t matter, level determines everything.

The reason why Fireball technique is Fireball technique lies in the fact that no matter how people treat it or for what purpose learn it, it has always been an extraordinary technique. It doesn’t matter even if it is an twenty level Magician, while confronting hundreds of thousands of ordinary soldiers, his first reaction would be precisely to throw out fireballs. And after going through countless years of research, all magic boosting skills including multiplying effect, extreme effect, casting speed, instant cast, spell advancement, precise control, delay time……. everything was aimed towards the Fireball technique, it is an extraordinary research. This is not just number one in third level magic, even among the best magic of fifth grade, no one can be compared with it.

After the disturbance centred around Fireball technique gradually subsided, the low level Master who gave rise to this debate was named as ‘ Master Five Fireballs’. This name however was forgotten by people against the expectations.

Reaping the benefits from huge collections of books within Shen Lan, Li Cha also found out about the complicated history behind this spell while learning it.

Within an entire month of studying all kinds of subjects, only thing which was directly related to magic was Magic Classification, little bit of introduction of low level magic and meditation, a total of only three days. Introducing low level magic was also an Archmage. The content of lecture were mainly theoretical , something like equilibrium between elements. Regarding incantation, hand signs and discharging of low level magic, these things were completely skipped over. Simply making students to learn it by themselves through books. After nearly a month’s study, Li Cha was able to discover a common characteristics among all the lecture giving Magicians, they will just keep on going about theory. More it is theoretical, more they will keep on going, and regarding practical magic implementation, they would totally disregard it. Absolutely don’t want to explain it. For the most part, asking the students to practise by themselves to understand.

If it was some other place, people would certainly believe that such Magicians are definitely fooling them. These are just mentally deficient magicians who just knows idle chit-chats. However, at Shen Lan theory is placed at an extremely high position. Researching a good theory is a direct pathway of pleasing Su Hailun. Moreover, all the instructors apart from the Old Master are at least senior magician of sixteenth grade. Such high grade masters, just this fact leaves no room for any doubt.

Li Cha mastered also mastered the Fireball technique through the issued handbook. Actually, releasing and controlling the fireballs are not too difficult. The reason it is considered as principal third grade spell is because of it’s high magic power requirements.

After everyday’s course time, apart from necessary meditation, Li Cha constantly practised magic. In a period of fifteen days, he mastered six 0 level common magic. As he was mastering 0 level magic, Li Cha also flipped through all the details upto third grade magic. In order to systematically learn low level magic, learning a first level magic as the very first magic is a good choice. Innate skill ‘Wisdom’ was in the play all the time, Li Cha realized that his understanding towards low level magic is very quick and thorough. Mainly, people would have just the most basic understanding. Within this process, Li Cha accidently discovered that accomplishing third level Fireball technique is very simple, should be even simpler than first level magic.

Actually it also has a reason, going through hammering and research of approximately thousand years, Fireball technique is already approaching perfection. Implementation is very simple, precisely because of it.

Li Cha is still a youngster, he is very curious. When he put his recently learned knowledge to use to know that he already possess magic power to sustain Fireball technique to it’s lowest time, he couldn’t calm his heart down.