Chapter 11 - First Magic

Second day’s course was still same as before, Philosophy. Difference is the lecturer is Lai Li. This seventeenth level senior magician is also the “some guy in this tower.”

Lai Li’s build was tall and thin. He was wearing extremely fine magic glasses. Whole body from top to bottom dressed up meticulously. A pair of deep and far-sighted eyes, seemingly capable of understanding everything in the world. By the time he was standing upon the stage, class was still completely silent as before. Seventeen level senior magician is not too distant from magic emperor by itself. Perhaps, advancing this step would be impossible, or it might be a matter of one night. And comparing seventeen level with sixteen level, one extra spell of eighth level is sufficient to render the outcome of the battle between two sides irreversible. Having three eighth level spells, or, having two eighth level spells, outcome is obvious. This still haven’t included the disparities of seventh level and the spells below it. Seventh level or below it magic’s doesn’t have much advantage, but it is still advantage after all.

Therefore, after being promoted to seventeen level a step ahead of others, Lai Li’s demeanor became completely flawless. The grassland mouse didn’t need to be concerned about survival, furthermore all ridiculing concerning him also ceased.

While standing at the center of the stage, he was feeling quite good. At least at this moment, within this confined space, he is unsurpassed and in control of everything. If it is possible to not think of a certain woman called Su Hailun, it would be even more perfect.

Lai Li’s voice was soft yet not light, it was echoing exactly with the same magnitude at the ear of everyone. “Everything has a foundation, just like the world is constructed on top of origin point, or the planes and rules are interrelated. Doesn’t matter whether it’s humans, or it’s any other race, everything exists on the plane. We are weak, but in no way petty. World doesn’t have two identical souls. Similarly, it also doesn’t have two identical persons. What is the significance of our existence, it is to go and understand the world, gradually become strong and thus, obtain a lot of assets. Our world, is a world dominated by the strong. Our laws, are the rules formulated by the strong. These are unimaginably far apart from the rules derived from planes. However, these rules decides the fate of majority of people among us. If you manage to remain weak, you don’t necessarily need to violate derived rules, as long as you manage to violate a law, it would be enough to cause you to perish.

Majority of the students attending the lecture nodded. Even some of the older masters were touched. Comparing it with situation of yesterday’s lecture, where all the students were almost forced to concentrate by the use of spiritual power, today’s lecture finally has some kind of interactive response. Looking at the favourable reactions, Lai Li faintly smiled, but still calmly continued “ Only someone at Archmage can sense derived rules. And without attaining legendary realm, it is basically impossible to sense fundamental rules. As far as you and I are concerned, how many of us are capable to attain Archmage realm? Even geniuses, how many of them fall down halfway? Constitution of world, planar rules, I can also explain for you people to hear, however these things doesn’t have the least of significance for you. However! In the world of magic, anything is possible, only prerequisite is to possess strength. And where does the strength comes from? It comes from self realization. In reality, everyone is complex. If you want to understand yourself, it might even take you an entire lifetime. So, to increase strength, you just need have your feet firmly planted on the ground, and start by understanding yourself. Bottom to top, then you can grasp your destiny.”

Through a wave of his hands, Lai Li produced a magical image of a man in front of him. By pointing on different parts of the image, he began to explain about important details. “ Strength is not complex at all, however it is also not as simple as a few spells. Although, three magic spells are better than two, but the other factors also can’t be neglected. To sum it up, strength of an individual can be divided into attribute, equipments, skills and blood vessels as four major portions. Actually, there is a fifth part, Wisdom! This is where people differs the most. It is also the part, which depends solely on your capability. There is not a whole lot to explain about it. So, we will start with the attributes. We will first talk about what is spirit power….”

Li Cha’s gains from this course were immense. For the very first time, he realized spirit power originates from the strength of soul, while magic power is the reservoir to unleash magic. Warriors mainly rely on the power of physical body to cultivate, while Clericals rely on borrowing the power of conviction. However, every profession after entering legendary realm, will more or less begin to draw support from fundamental rules. The magnitude of the rules that assist will determine relative superiority of next levels.

At the end of lecture, Lai Li elegantly concluded “ Don’t greedly aim for unrealistic things, keep your feet firmly planted on the ground. On the path to strength, climb one step at a time. This is what you are required to do. As you advance in strength, your lifespan will increase, and thus allow you to have even more opportunities to pursue more strength. So, understanding the self, knowing the surroundings and using the assets wisely will maximize the strength of an individual. The true gap between a seventeenth level magician and a sixteenth level magician is not as small as people imagine it to be.

Li Cha mechanically memorized both kinds of completely opposite perspective, as there wasn’t enough time to think deep. Day number 3, on the topic, Master Ferry suggested several completely different theories. For example, he drew a circle in the air and slashed it through the middle with a line. Consequently, painting the left side as red and the right side as blue.

“Mysteries of the world are boundless. Can we solve all the mysteries or not? This is the basic dividing point. Some people believe it is possible, many magicians can be assigned in this category, while the other people believe it is impossible. They often think that only deities can accomplish this. Therefore, believers and clericals belongs to the part of this group.”

The line drawn by him was dividing the circle from its centre. This was obviously done to not represent which kind of people are more. His meaning was clear, he won’t judge which kind of way is true, he was just introducing the two kinds with a neutral point of view, that’s all.

After explaining the contradictory views about whether limits of the world could be broke or not, Ferry again talked about more than ten other point of views. Just like Li Cha, majority of people didn’t understand much about what they heard. Moreover, their most important dout lied in the fact that, what is the use of these things? It doesn’t help in increasing strength.

However, there wasn’t a single one to say it out loud. Ferry is an eighteenth level Archmage, it seemed like the difference between eighteenth level and seventeen level is not too big. Strictly speaking, Archmage and seventeen level master only has a difference of one ninth level magic spell, nothing else.

Just a ninth level spell, only this…………nothing else.

As a result, not only there was no one daring to doubt him, every single one of them was seriously listening him while sticking out their ears. To be able to hear the lecture of an Archmage, there might not be single one even among the ten masters present to have this kind of luck, even though the contents of the lecture seemed somewhat….impractical.

Day no. four, the very first thing that wooden faced Xi Ao Duo did after standing on the platform was the same as Ferry, he slashed a circle. The only difference was in the positioning of slash. Red colour representing agnosticism was occupying the majority of its portion, while the blue colour was reduced to a mere strip.

“ The world is as subtle as this. It is impossible for us to know everything about it. Only the gods are omniscient…..”

After these words, Li Cha realized that Xi is not a cultivator at all, rather is an extremely formidable God’s Technique User. More or less of the same level as that of a sixteenth level master. Shen Lan is a world of magicians, appearance of a God’s Technique User is already pretty unusual, and even more unusual is that he does not have believe in just a single faith. He believes in three deities at the same time. Moreover, these three faiths don’t even interfere with each other. This enables him to use to be able to use three distinct techniques, far surpassing the fighting strength at same level . However, when Li cha carefully pondered about it by taking into account his previously acquired knowledge, he realized that in order to possess three distinct faiths, it seems like deceiving is the only way.

Capable to cheat the gods, and moreover three gods while at it. From this, Li Cha realized, there is no way that this person is simple.

Day five, Teslia, drew a circle in a similar manner, and slashed it with a vertical stroke, and as the most of the circle was painted blue, Li Cha instantly realized that this person is a Master, moreover is an atheist.

Such a quick and precise deduction………didn’t seemed to be of much use though.

Day six, Fu Jia while pointing at a bunch of completely orderless numbers said “ When you can make out the beauty from within these numbers, you would have already succeeded halfway on the path of mathematics.”

While on day seven, Ke Mu asked the students to look for numbers from within a complicated and beautiful three dimensional design. In simple words, abstracting the beauty from numbers is the sign that one has entered the door of planar spatial geometry.

Later Li Cha immersed himself in a fruitless cycle of looking for beauty in the numbers, and then trying to find numbers in a beautiful design.

One month of time quietly passed by as Xiao Li Cha was studying all kinds of subjects having faintly discernable knowledge. Majority of it had nothing to with magic, at least not with the direct release of magic. Moreover, majority of it was self-contradictory. In great numbers, extraordinary, message within chaos and confusion, Su Hailun, boss, dominate everything, these were the few keywords which appeared with a very high frequency, and left a deep impression within Li Cha’s heart. And the lecturers, from Bob Witz to Teslia, all loved to use “ World is just this simple” at the end of lecture. These words, almost turned into the symbol of Shen Lan’s every line of thought.

World was just this simple, but Li Cha on the other hand was completely confused.

However, it wasn’t like he didn’t had any gains. Due to an extremely fortunate incident, his magic took a big step forward.

He learned to wield fireballs.