Chapter 10 - Top To Bottom

Just a short duration after Li Cha sat down, door of classroom opened and a short-fat magician entered. Bob Witz, sixteen level senior magician, his power within the Shen Lan definitely can’t be considered as outstanding, and can barely be considered to enter the ranks of strong among the continent. However Bob Witz is not known for his strength, rather is world famous for his contribution towards the world through theories.

There was nothing special about Bob Witz, that huge nosed circular face was looking somewhat funny. However the classroom only had people who had the ambition to be one step ahead in the world. Getting a chance to study in Shen Lan is also hard to come by, therefore the classroom immediately turned silent, waiting for the teacher to begin.

“ Magic world lies with reality. When you observe the world, what you look, what you hear is not real. Rather, is the projection of the image of world in your consciousness perceived through your awareness. This process is unavoidable, it seems pretty insignificant, however, it is precisely due to the existence of this process, there is an unavoidable difference between the world perceived by us and the real world. So, how can this difference be reduced? You can only rely on your perspective! You can even say that the perspective of a magician decides what kind of world he would look at.”

After waiting for a short while, perhaps collecting his thoughts or perhaps waiting for apprentices and magicians to note down his said things, he spoke again “ For the following time, what I am capable to teach you is not formidable eighth level magic, ninth level magic is even more impossible, because I also don’t know!”

Classroom was completely quiet, there was not even a little bit of laughing, as was expected by Bob Witz. Facing this bunch with upright attitude towards studying, expression serious and full of respect towards the teacher students, he has no choice other than scratching his bald head. He muttered “ A bunch of dull fellows. Very well, we will move straight onto the subject. I will teach you ways of thinking. Don’t underestimate it, in fact it is the building blocks of everything, determining what can you eventually accomplish in the magic world. Correct perspective will allow you to get closer to the real world. Thus, make the correct decision at the time of Selection or you will regret it for your entire life. What is this Selection, it comprises both magical assessment and as well as selection of magic at the time of fighting.

“Using one word to summarize my edifice, that is ‘top-to-bottom’. Keep that in mind, first know the world, then only you can recognize yourself. If you start off like some guy within this tower who say ‘‘begin from yourself’, you will only limit yourself to see a small portion of your surroundings. This will lead to limiting your lifelong accomplishment. A small sparrow, how can it be compared to a fierce eagle? Therefore, i am saying this ten million times, don’t be like that fellow. That kind of perspective, is simply like a meadow mouse!”

After very fiercely cursing ‘ some guy in this tower’ for more than ten minutes, Bob Witz can be considered to begin with the formal content.

“Origin’s power, it is the foundation of everything. Our world is constructed above the foundation of Origin’s power, moreover gradually expanding along with the Origin’s power. Origin’s power is incomparably great, so far we still have no means to exploit it. We can take the Origin’s power as an starting point. And our world is possibly among countless worlds suspended from this point. “

“Rules and regulations constitute the framework of our world, while the countless planes are flesh of the world. Rules are higher than planes, and they also play a part in the foundation of planes. Every plane is a concrete reflection of one or possibly many rules. More rules a plane can sustain, more big it would be and higher it would stand among world planes. And planes having complex rules perfectly overlapping, for example the plane below our feet, where we live Nuo Lan De continent is a such a high level plane. We also call it primary planes.

“So up to here, you all should have realised, rules and planes on whole is a single entity. If you want to be strong, follow the rules. Violating rules, punishment would be inevitable. Don’t believe that you can disregard the rules if you are strong. Only if you feel that you can face the entire plane, you can alter or possibly remove the basic rules. And in the wake of basic rules, secondary rules come into being. It is precisely the object of your fantasy. Pay attention, fantasy! It is precisely the dream which you want to achieve at the end of your life. Eternal miraculous existence, however don’t count on it to appear on your body! Now, you should have realized the importance of understanding the world. Someone strong can even challenge the derived rules, only a fool will think of fighting with basic rules.”

“Rules decides the plane’s basic characteristics and power distribution. There might come a day, although it is very improbable, when you are also able to subdue a plane. At that time, analyzing the plane’s derived rules and power distribution is your first priority. Only after completing this step, you will be able to adjust your fighting style. Redistribute the assets, so that you can exploit the plane’s environment to fullest and minimize it’s restrictions. And Within this process, the most important thing, you know what it is?”

As Bob Witz was speaking, saliva was splattering out. Very quickly his throat went dry. After gulping down a complete jar of water, he fiercely shouted “Eternal Time Dragon!”

Eternal Time Dragon almost possess unrivaled status at Nuo Lan De continent, being placed above most of deities. It’s power is inconceivable, unimaginable and unfathomable. Eternal Time Dragon has it’s own palace, Eternal Dragon Palace. Eternal Dragon Palace is one of the most significant locations on the continent, because, only through here, is possible to communicate with Eternal Time Dragon. The positions and count at Eternal Time Dragon is completely fixed. It can’t be altered and is also unaffected by the disturbance of space and time. Eternal Dragon Palace exists on the continent even before the written accounts of the most ancient civilization. Nuo Lan De continent’s magic civilization is irrespective of races and locations, and is deeply influenced by Eternal Dragon Palace. Relying on its guidance, humankind from a small puny race which relied on numbers, developed into a race which is not inferior to elfs and dwarfs civilization, and moreover established three huge Great Empires. Other races are also equally deeply influenced by it. On the surface of continent, six great empires combinedly of all the races have their capitals established on the already discovered ruins of the Eternal Dragon Palace.

“This old dragon is almost rules surpassing existence. It had left behind it’s paw print upon countless planes. When you enter a new plane, your ultimate objective is to find it’s left behind trace on that plane. It could be anything, a female dragon, an egg or something other than it. Even if it is a heap of dragon dung, as long as you can find it, it will allow you to immediately understand the rules of the plane clearly. Thus, in a single leap, allowing you to become truly strong at that plane! Comparing with this old dragon, those so called deities are nothing more than parasites leeching the rules. Being in control of fewer rules implies weak deities, while more rules implies formidable power. You see, world is just this much simple!”

“Top-to-Bottom, This is Top-to-Bottom!” Due to being emotionally roused, Bob Witz’s whole face turned red. Chaos of magic elements was making people anxious that he might just blow up and die due to explosion. However, his voice was nevertheless reverberating more and more. “ Origin, world, rules, planes, power, and then is the individual. Just this simple. When you learn the correct perspective, you will found yourself already standing on top of the horn of Eternal Time Dragon, proudly looking down at countless planes. Those so called sword saints and saint riders, so called legends, are nothing more than dust in the world order. Of course, Her Majesty, Su Hailun is not included. She is the boss, a truly extraordinary individual.

Finally, Bob Witz while waving his short fat and crude hands, in the manner of rhythm in which war drums are pounded, word by word shouted “ Perspective determines everything.”

Each word was like a hammer, heavily pounding against the consciousness of Li Cha, causing him to be dizzy. This deafening discussion wasn’t exhausting Bob Witz, rather he was using a technique analogous to impacting the spirit. The power of a sixteen level senior magician was being used to suppress the consciousness of students, so as to strengthen the teaching results. By the time majority of people in classroom recovered somewhat, magic clock began to rang. Today’s lecture was already over.

“ That’s enough for today, Let us altogether curse that guy in this tower! Class dismiss!” Bob Witz clasping the thick magic book under his arms, directly departed using a displacement technique of eighth level. It was sufficient to show the might of a Sixteenth level magician.”