⟞ Sneak peek ⟝

Book 2 - Fame Spreads

Chapter 59

The night’s odor was gloomy and unusual; the silence had its own unique sound

The mountain range seemed to be forming shadows of enormous beasts, stirring and lying in ambush all around us.

The easy-to-defend Xu castle, after going through five days of defense, had eventually reached the limit.

Although Xu family elders spared no efforts while building the Xu castle, they never expected their predecessors to encounter such a situation.

Under the cooperation of the four leaders of horse bandits, there were actually more than five thousand bandits, which further had five tenth layer experts and more than ten ninth layer experts.

None of the influential families in Tai Cang county could resist such an enormous power.

Five days. For a full five days, under the lead of He Wude and Xu Yinjie, all the core members of the three families had taken turns to fight. Almost every one of them was injured and at the point of exhaustion.

They had already lost count how many times they had repelled the horse bandits’ assault. As of now, the corpses of horse bandits amassed under the Xu castle had almost reached the frightening number of a thousand. Among these thousand bandits, there was no lack of seventh and eighth layer cultivators, and even two ninth layer experts. Such heavy casualties made the leaders of the horse bandits extremely furious, but at the same time, also firmed their determination to wipe out of Xu castle.

At this moment, everybody inside the Xu castle knew that if Xu castle was breached, not a single one of had any chance of surviving.