Book 2 - Fame Spreads

Chapter 55 - Ample Gifts

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The next day, Yuan Zeyu and Yuan Earnest sat smiling in the main hall when He Quanxin entered with He Yiming and He Yitian.

The two sides exchanged greetings and sat on their seats.

During these few days, He Quanxin and Yuan Earnest had been dealing with the aftermath of this ordeal. Even currently, they had only finished making preliminary arrangements.

With a wave of Yuan Earnest’s hand, all the servants left the room.

He chuckled and said, “Nephew Yiming, nephew Yitian, this time, we had plentiful gains in the city.”

From his wide smile, one could easily tell that his words were not exaggerated at all.

Seven days ago, when He Yiming returned back to the manor, be it Yuan Zeyu or Yuan Earnest, both began to address him as Master He, not daring to use his name again.

At that time He Yiming didn’t say anything, but He Quanxin felt this arrangement was somewhat suitable. Therefore, going along with his eldest uncle’s idea, He Yiming kept the nephew-uncle manner of addressing between him and Yuan Earnest. Although order of seniority had not been changed, their tone had undergone a subtle change.

Even at this moment, although Yuan Earnest kept on saying nephew Yiming, from his expression and attitude, he didn’t seem to be addressing a junior in any way and instead seemed somewhat even more respectful than he looked before Yuan Zeyu.

He Yiming faintly smiled and said, “Congratulations to you then, uncle Yuan.”

Yuan Earnest chuckled and recalled the course of the journey.

After the news of Fan Shui’s death and the disappearance of Lu Xinwen and Fan Vastsun, through the means of servants and spongers, the entire Fan family was plunged into chaos.

And precisely at such a time, Yuan Earnest and He Quanxin entered the county town with Yuan family’s numerous experts and straightaway found the only member remaining of Fan family’s direct bloodline, Fan Vastmoon.

He was nowhere comparable to his father and elder brother. As soon as he received the information, it seemed as if the sky collapsed on him. He didn’t try to gather the remaining power of Fan family at all, and instead entered the family’s inner cellar, gathered all the valuables, wishing to escape.

However, after the two pillars that supported the Fan family died, the remaining servants and spongers had nothing to keep them in check. A few with courage and malice even had their eyes on him. He was intercepted halfway during his escape by them.

Although he had a good father and good elder brother, his own strength was quite low and only had a cultivation base of sixth layer. Under the encirclement of a few second grade spongers, his legs began to tremble, and he couldn’t even talk his way out.

At this moment, Yuan Earnest arrived at Fan family with others. When he saw this scene, he immediately rescued Fan Vastmoon and assumed total control of Fan family under the name of Fan Vastmoon.

Fan family’s condition in the absence of a leader allowed Yuan Earnest to gain control over the entire property of Fan family. Yesterday, Fan Vastmoon had already signed an agreement with Yuan Earnest, handing over the entire property of Fan family to Yuan family for a price of a thousand taels of silver.

For an ordinary person, a thousand silver taels was an enormous amount of wealth, but to buy all the properties of Fan family with it was akin to buying cabbage in a sale.

Fan Vastmoon of course knew this fact. However, even his life was in the hands of others.

He was completely at another’s mercy, even preserving his life was to be rejoiced.

After the agreement was completed, Fan Vastmoon left the Zheng Tong county town in terrible shape with a thousand taels of silver in his pocket; his whereabouts unknown.

In this manner, not only did Yuan family preserve all of their property, they even seized the opportunity and got their hands on all of Fan family’s property. It was a benefit they could never have imagined coming their way.

Of course, upon witnessing Yuan family’s gains, a few high level, big clans went red with envy.

However, even though they were envious, at the same time, they also sent people to congratulate Yuan family. Each and every influential family sent a lot of gifts and clearly stated that Fan family was indeed deserving of their outcome and their property should rightfully belong to Yuan family.

When He Yiming had heard up to this point, he meaningfully glanced in the direction of his eldest uncle. He Quanxin faintly nodded at him, making him bitterly laugh.

Such a response from these clans was of course because they had heard about the conclusion of Lu Xinwen.

This Blood Slaughterer, relying on his own strength, completely exterminated a millennium clan in Gold Forest country. After witnessing such bloody means, all the influential clans were extremely apprehensive of him.

This time, Yuan family defeated the Blood Slaughterer, and reportedly even killed him. Under such circumstances, they of course wouldn’t look for trouble with Yuan family.

After recounting all the details, Yuan Earnest’s face gravened as he said, “Nephew Yiming, brother He, nephew Yitian, in these days, we’ve approximately calculated Yuan family’s property,” He paused for a bit, “Although Fan family is merely a newly emerged clan, during its course, it has been vicious and merciless, and eliminated several small clans and forcefully snacthed a lot of property. Roughly calculating, the combined worth of these properties is about seventy thousand taels of gold.”

He Yiming’s face slightly flickered. Seventy thousand taels of gold was an enormous amount. Even the current He family was nowhere around such a gigantic sum.

Yuan Earnest continued in a grave manner, “Me and father have already discussed. All the gains this time were possible only due to the merits of only three people. Without brother He and two nephews, not to mention taking Fan family’s property, I’m afraid even our skin and bone would have been swallowed up by them.”

He Quanxin’s brows faintly creased, “Brother Yuan, you are talking as if we’re outsiders. Our fathers shared a friendship of several decades. We Tai Cang’s He family and you Gold Forest’s Fan family have further been business partners for several decades. If Yuan family is in trouble, we couldn’t just sit back and watch.”

Yuan Earnest deeply nodded and said with an extreme gratification, “Brother He, everything you’ve said, I perfectly understand. However, friendship is friendship, and business is business. These are two entirely different things, and can never be discussed together.” He stood up and handed over something that looked like a document into He Quanxin’s hands.

As He Quanxin lightly flipped it over, his face somewhat changed, “This is too precious, we can’t accept it.”

He Yiming and He Yitian exchanged a glance, both feeling quite astonished inwardly, wondering what had Yuan Earnest given to He Quanxin which had caused the latter to react in such a manner.

Yuan Earnest faintly smiled and said, “Brother He, this is the conclusion of the discussion between me and father. If you don’t accept it, I really won’t be able to show my face to anybody.”

He Quanxin still waved his hand, not being able to bring himself to sound his agreement.

Yuan Zeyu lightly coughed and said, “Nephew Quanxin, I’ve already sent a letter to elder brother He, and these things is also a present for brother He. I will trouble you to deliver them.”

He Quanxin faintly started before involuntarily revealing a bitter smile. With such words from the Lord Master, he couldn’t find any retort at all. In any case, he was not He Wude, and thus, couldn’t overstep the bound of his authority.

Curious, He Yiming stretched his hand. The list of gifts that lay on the table suddenly flew up in the air and softly dropped into his hands.

Although this move seemed quite simple, to manipulate True Qi outside one’s body was a feat that could only be accomplished by Xiantian cultivators.

Although even the former Lin Taoli could use Xiantian hand imprint and discharge Internal Energy, it could only bring about a little destructive power. It completely lacked the ingenious uses of True Qi that could be accomplished through air.

All of a sudden, Yuan Zeyu and others immediately stopped speaking and only looked at He Yiming with envious gazes.

In fact, He Quanxin also understood quite clearly that the reason for such generous gifts was certainly not his contributions. If not for his nephew, even being able to return with the rewards Yuan family had promised before would have been a praiseworthy event.

He Yiming opened the document. Even with his willpower, he couldn’t help but feel moved.

On top was written fifty thousand taels of gold along with all sorts of precious things. Twenty percent share in all of the former Fan family’s shops, twenty percent return in the yearly transactions between the two families, and even the former Fan family’s main courtyard had been transferred under He Yiming’s name and would serve as He family’s lodging in Gold Forest country.

He stared for a while before looking at Yuan Earnest with a strange expression. So unbeknownst to him, he’d begun to have his own residence in Zheng Tong county town. Moreover, this courtyard was the residence of former Fan family, assumably, it wouldn’t be too small.

Previously, Yuan family’s promise was a ten thousand taels of gold and a ten percent return in yearly transactions.

Although He Yiming was no merchant and didn’t know how big of a price this truly was, like He Quanxin, he knew that gift was indeed too heavy.

Not to mention other things, merely the twenty percent share in Fan family’s business was like a hot sweet potato that would burn one’s hand.

Although these things looked delicious and they would certainly be able to rake in a lot of profits, how good of a catch was it really?

In case they agreed, if Yuan family had some trouble in the future, they could brazenly knock on their door.

Therefore, whether to accept this twenty percent or not was not that easy for them to decide.

However, since the counterpart had already taken out fifty thousand taels of gold, regardless of how thick one’s skin may be, he wouldn’t be able to decline this twenty percent share.

Moreover, the profits of this twenty percent share is not small by any means. If they were to truly accept it, He family’s reliance on smuggling would almost become non-existent. It would also bring huge benefits regarding He family’s standing in Tai Cang county.

Suddenly, He Yiming felt somewhat strange in his body. He lifted his head and saw He Quanxin’s vision on him with a questioning gaze.

He Yiming immediately understood the old man’s meaning. It seemed like he couldn’t come to a decision either. He must have smelled something fishy, but considering the time when He family was developing at a high speed, and thus, required huge sums of money, he was unable to make the decision and wished him to do so.

He Yiming felt a big headache, complaining inwardly,

‘Eldest uncle, you’re the elder here. Instead, you’re giving me this look, asking me to make the decision. Isn’t it just making things difficult for me?’

He thought for a few moments before suddenly looking at He Yitian.

Although He Yitian sat calmly on his chair without making any movements, He Yiming could make out his distress from his accelerated heartbeat.

Suddenly recalling the agreement he’d made before, He Yiming made his decision.

Once he made his decision, his entire being also relaxed.

Of course he understood that the intent behind Yuan family handing over twenty percent of Fan family’s business to He family was simply to use their strength to defend these shops.

Had it been the previous He family, they certainly didn’t have this ability. However, since now they had a Xiantian cultivator like him, the situation had obviously changed.

Since his strength had already been thoroughly revealed, he no longer needed to act secretive. This being the case, they might as well gobble up this twenty percent.

As soon as his thoughts arrived at this point, his grandeur reached to the clouds, and the aura of his body also somewhat changed.

“Eldest uncle, since grandfather Yuan and uncle Yuan both have decided, we should take their offer.” He Yiming calmly said with a faint smile on his face.

He Quanxin faintly started. He hadn’t expected He Yiming to agree so easily.

If it had happened before, he would have tried to refuse or try to persuade He Yiming a bit. However, ever since He Yiming had defeated Lu Xinwen, his mentality had undergone a subtle transformation.

Once He Yiming made the decision, he’d no thoughts to resist at all.

Bitterly laughing, He Quanxin said, “Alright, since it’s uncle Yuan and brother Yuan’s goodwill, I will accept it in the stead of my father.”

Yuan Zeyu and Yuan Earnest exchanged a glance and smiled, taking a breath of relief at the same time. Even offering a gift was so difficult, they could only sigh inwardly. However, since it had finally been accepted, they were also satisfied. Moreover, they also knew that there were many influential families in Zheng Tong county city that were suffering due to lack of connections. They wished to improve their connections with He family. As long as they could establish good connections with He Yiming, the young Xiantian cultivator, even if they had to pay a heavier price than this, they would be more than willing to do so.

With a light cough, Yuan Zeyu swept his vision through three members of He family and said, “Nephew Quanxin, since our two family has a business partnership and you also have property and business estate in Zheng Tong county city, this old man has a proposal for you to consider.”

He Quanxin immediately sat straight and said, “Please advise, uncle.”

Yuan Zeyu faintly smiled and softly stroke his beard, “This old man has two granddaughters. One is Yuan Liwen, smart and outstanding since childhood, educated and sharp. If nephew doesn’t dislike her, let her go to Tai Cang with Yitian.”

He Quanxin’s eyes wide opened and jaw dropped. Not knowing wether to laugh or to cry, he said, “Uncle, you can’t not know that Yitian, this child is already married. His wife from one of the influential families of Tai Cang, Cheng family’s Cheng Yanli.”

When Yuan Zeyu raised this request, Yuan Earnest’s face immediately changed. He first started, then as he understood his old man’s intentions, his brows immediately creased, feeling quite displeased.

This was not merely because Yuan Liwen being a granddaughter of Yuan Zewei, but because he’d considered many matters.

If this matter were to be leaked and Yuan Liwen could gain He Yiming’s grace, one day, Yuan Zewei’s house would once again begin to stir.

Fortunately, He Quanxin declined immediately, which allowed him to calm down.

Yuan Zeyu’s face didn’t have a trace of embarrassment as he said in a low voice, “That’s not a problem. Since Yitian already has a principal wife, let Liwen be a concubine.”

He Quanxin’s eyes constricted as he said, “This matter absolutely can’t be done without Liwen’s say.”

Yuan Earnest also urged, “That’s right. Father, since brother He is not willing, we should not make it difficult for him.”

Yuan Zeyu continued as if he hadn’t heard him at all, “I have one more proposal. Old man has another granddaughter named Yuan Lixun whom I wish to offer as Yiming’s concubine. I wonder what is Yiming’s thoughts.”

This time, he bypassed He Quanxin and directly asked He Yiming.

He Quanxin and Yuan Earnest simultaneously opened their mouths, but as their vision fell on He Yiming’s body, they immediately closed their mouths again. Opting not to say anything regardless of what He Yiming’s decision might be.

He Yiming sighed inwardly. Such a response from Yuan Earnest could be understood in a way, but even his eldest uncle had reacted in such a manner. Hereby, it could be seen that after he’d attained the Xiantian realm, even eldest uncle who was kin, didn’t dare interfere in his decisions. He could only wonder whether his mother and father would also have such change in their attitudes after learning his advancement.

Raising his head, he looked at everybody one by one. The one who affected him the most was surprisingly still his eldest brother’s somewhat of a pleading gaze.

Compared to others, his eldest brother’s change reaction was undoubtedly the smallest one.

He sucked in a deep breath, and his face revealed a trace of rarely seen blush, “Eldest uncle, nephew has seen lady Lixun, everything will be according to your decision.”

He Quanxin’s face turned extremely strange. Although he was called He family’s martial luncatic, martial lunatic didn’t imply he was a fool. One look at He Yiming’s actions and behaviour, he immediately knew his intentions.

He faintly shook his head, wishing to rebuke him a little. However, as he thought that this nephew had already entered the Xiantian realm, what qualifications did he have to rebuke him? How could he still criticize him for being fond of women?

He lightly sighed and turned his head only to see the surprise and delight in Yuan Earnest’s eyes. He couldn’t help but feel somewhat startled, ‘Could it be he doesn’t know about this?’ As he again looked at Yuan Zeyu who seemed as if nothing had happened, he understood somewhat.

These few days, Yuan Earnest had not rested his feet, where could he have found the time for such thoughts. It seemed like all the strings had been pulled by this old man.

Although He Quanxin was somewhat discontent, he still said, “In that case, many thanks for uncle’s goodwill.”

He Yiming faintly smiled and said, “Many thanks eldest uncle. In that case, we’ll take along lady Lixun and Liwen upon returning.”

He Quanxin faintly started. His lips twitched a few times, but as he saw that although He Yiming was splendidly smiling, his perfectly straight back seemed to be giving off a feeling as if nothing could shake his determination. His heart involuntarily trembled, and the words he was about to speak went back down his throat.

At this moment, the only thought in his mind was that He Yiming’s aura had actually become so powerful that even he had a feeling to not dare go against his wishes.

“Really a wonder how second brother gave birth to such a gem, but in any case, it’s still a gem of my He family…”