Book 2 - Fame Spreads

Chapter 51.2

In the vast expanse of mountain forest, a figure swept through the ground like a bird.

This person was actually carrying another person in his hand, seeming as if the latter didn’t weigh anything at all.

Eventually, while passing through a mountainous depression, the figure’s feet tumbled once before he stopped in place.

He then immediately sat down on the ground, as if all the strength in his body had been drained away.

“Senior granduncle.”

A cry of surprise sounded at his side. Fan Vastsun immediately stood up and supported the old man.

This old man was precisely Lu Xinwen who had recently suffered defeat in the Xiantian battle. At this moment, that strong vitality could no longer be felt on his body.

In the brief span, his hair had turned completely white, appearing to be the same as any common old man. Even wrinkles had appeared all over his forehead. It seemed as if his body had aged several decades.

Although Fan Vastsun was not a Xiantian cultivator, upon witnessing the changes in the old man’s external appearance, he also seemed to have understood, and his face had also turned exceedingly dark.

Lu Xinwen’s softly coughed; his voice extremely coarse, “I’ve checked, nobody is following from behind.”

Fan Vastsun started, then immediately said, “Yes, senior granduncle.”

“Do you know why I carried you away from there?” Lu Xinwen said in a lowered voice. Even under such dire circumstances, his voice didn’t show a trace of urgency.

Fan Vastsun’s lips faintly trembled before eventually saying, “Senior granduncle, you wish me to avenge you and your disciples.”

Lu Xinwen’s face revealed a trace of bitter smile. He fairly shook his head and said, “Actually, the first time I saw you in the Fan manor, I’ve already discerned that you are coincidentally suited to cultivate my technique.” He raised his head and let out a sigh, “I originally wished to wait for the three of them to come back, then take you in as my last disciple. However, unfortunately, they will never be able to come back.”

Fan Vastsun suddenly lifted his head and cried out with a voice filled with shock, “Senior granduncle, you…”

“I’ve been hit by He Yiming’s blade light. Didn’t expect that despite being so young, he’d not only entered the Xiantian realm, he could even use the blade light so well. Hehe…..” He self mockingly laughed and said, “I’ve really looked down on him.”

Fan Vastsun opened his mouth, wishing to speak.

Lu Xinwen waved his hand and said, “Listen to what I am telling you. Don’t interrupt me for no reason. My time is limited.”

Fan Vastsun’s heart turned even more heavy, and he immediately closed his mouth.

“He Yiming- this individual is extremely talented. His future prospects are boundless. Even if you bitterly cultivate your entire lifetime, you wouldn’t be a match for him. I saved you, not for the sake of taking revenge, because that would be nothing different as throwing away your life.” Lu Xinwen gasped before continuing, “I saved you, only wishing for you to inherit my technique. As long as you can allow the bloodline of my technique to be passed down, that would suffice.”

Fan Vastsun’s face fluctuated indefinitely. Today’s defeat, his father’s death, and Fan family’s inevitable decline.

Under such circumstances, even if Lu Xinwen could give up the enmity of the death of his three disciples, it wouldn’t be so easy for him.

Lu Xinwen’s gasped a few times before saying, “There is a rumour in the country that I found some elder expert’s cave he left behind and obtained some treasure, that’s the reason I was able to attain Xiantian.”

Upon hearing these words, even Fan Vastsun had to moderate his thoughts and bring his focus back.

“Hehe, truly didn’t expect that these people’s guess would actually hit the nail.” Lu Xinwen helplessly said.

Fan Vastsun inwardly said, ‘It’s not that these people’s guess hit the nail. Anybody after discovering someone’s strength suddenly receiving such a huge increment would also make similar guesses. You old man simply ascended the heavens in one leap, directly entering the Xiantian realm. It would have been weird if such rumours weren’t there.’

Lu Xinwen let out a long sigh, “In truth, thirty years ago, being ambushed by Zhu family, although I was able to luckily escape, my body was heavily injured in the process, almost dying. Later, by a stroke of luck, I indeed found a cave left behind by an elder expert. In that cave, not only there were several mystical Internal Energy techniques and battle skills, there were also two Xiantian gold cores.”

Fan Vastsun’s eyes immediately turned sharp. Perhaps people from a small place like He manor wouldn’t know about Xiantian gold core, but he, who had lived in the county town, was only too clear. Xiantian gold cores were precisely the gold cores refined out of the inner cores of spirit beasts with lifespans above five hundred years.

Once being consumed by a Houtian expert at the peak of tenth layer, it would provide him an opportunity to enter the Xiantian realm.

Although Limit gold cores and Essence gold cores were quite expensive, compared to Xiantian gold cores, they were simply worthless.

Even saying that Xiantian gold cores that could provide opportunity to enter the Xiantian realm was worth more than entire cities was not excessive.

“Among the two gold cores, one I’ve already eaten, which allowed me to enter the Xiantian. The other one I had left behind for the consumption of either of the two Xiao brothers. However, currently, the three of them are already dead. Therefore, it will be given to you.”

Fan Vastsun severely knelt down and said, “Yes, many thanks to senior granduncle.”

Faintly waving his hand, Lu Xinwen said, “You don’t need to be too courteous. Keep in mind that a Xiantian gold core is not something that anybody has the qualifications to consume. The gold cores I’ve obtained are made of a water-attributed spirit beast’s inner core. Therefore, only if a water-type cultivator consumes it, there will be a chance for him to enter the Xiantian realm. Otherwise, not only the medicinal power would not be of any assistance, the contradiction it would cause would be like a fatal poison.”

Fan Vastsun’s complexion slightly changed, immediately saying, “Yes, disciple understands.” However, inwardly he said, ‘Such a good thing, of course it has to be left behind for me.’

Lu Xinwen, as if reading his thoughts, once again gasped for breath and said, “I know you are extremely tempted. However, bear in mind, if you can’t attain the tenth layer’s peak before the age of eighty, don’t think about even touching this gold core.”

Fan Vastsun promptly asked, “Why?”

“A human’s body has limits. If you can’t reach the required standard before the age of eighty, your body will slowly deteriorate away and will no longer be able to sustain the impact of the gold core’s medicinal power. Even if you attain the standard sometime later, your body would still not be able to sustain the impact of medicinal power.” Lu Xinwen solemnly said, “Keep all of this firmly in your mind, don’t forget.”

Fan Vastsun bowed and respectfully said, “Yes.”

Faint disappointment flickered in his mind. Eighty years- for a Xiantian cultivator, this age was not considered too big at all. However, as far as a common man and an ordinary person was considered, this age was the same as one of the legs entering the coffin.

In fact, in this world, the absolute majority of cultivator didn’t live past the age of eighty.

Even with his talent, he might not be able to cultivate to the tenth layer’s peak before the age of eighty.

Lu Xinwen took out a sheepskin scroll from his bosom and handed it over, “In this scroll, the specific directions to that cave are written. Take it, and go. As long as you proceed with a bit of caution, you will certainly find it.”

Fan Vastsun gently and cautiously accepted the scroll. Giving it a thorough glance, he put it inside his bosom.

Lu Xinwen deeply sighed and said, “Back in the day, the cave I unintentionally entered was established by some unknown senior and was filled with mechanisms that were far beyond my grasp of comprehension. Fortunately, one of the rooms there seemed to be the dwelling of that senior’s daily life, and was thus, devoid of any mechanisms. The techniques and gold cores I obtained were all from that room.”

Fan Vastsun started, then involuntarily asked, “Why would that senior place these things in that room?”

Lu Xinwen faintly shook his head and spoke in an agonized voice, “I also don’t know about this. However, from that room’s situation, it seemed as if something big had happened at that time, causing that senior to leave in a hurry, only never to come back again. Ha…., perhaps that senior was just like me, falling to such a conclusion.”

Fan Vastsun’s eyes strictened as he promptly asked, “Senior granduncle, your body?”

Lu Xinwen coarsely laughed and said, “That blade light from He Yiming’s blade had already snapped off my lifeline. I’ve forcefully suppressed down my injuries and carried you here. I’ve already used up all of my ability. As for this old man’s life, it is already hopeless.”

Fan Vastsun’s complexion turned dark; tears flickering in his eyes. In some ways, the two of them were acquaintances of the same suffering. As one saw the other passing away before his eyes, he couldn’t help but empathize.

Lu Xinwen’s voice was becoming increasingly lower, “The gold core and cultivation techniques are in that cave. Go and find them, and pass down my legacy; don’t let it end.”

Fan Vastsun severely kneeled down, tapped his head on the ground three times, and gravely said, “Yes.”

Lu Xinwen nodded his head in satisfaction. He slowly closed his eyes, mumbling, “How could his True Qi be so strong? Could it be he’d emerged a Xiantian cultivator from the womb of his mother? Could he be one of the innate Xiantians of the legends?”

His voice turned lower and lower until it couldn’t be heard anymore.

Fan Vastsun kept kneeling, motionless. After quite a while, he reached out with his hand and tried to feel the former’s breath. His face gradually twisted.

He once again kowtowed heavily for a few times, and spoke as if speaking to u Xinwen, or to himself, “Senior granduncle, rest assured, I will certainly avenge this deep hatred for you and Fan family.” His teeth produced a clattering sound, “Perhaps this disciple will never be able to catch up to He Yiming, but Yuan and He families only have He Yiming- a single person. If this disciple manages to gain some accomplishments, I will first kill every person in Yuan and He family, then kill their dogs and chickens. I will make him live his whole life in regret.”

His voice came out with a rumbling sound; extremely resolute as if a nail had firmly entered a wall and could no longer be erased….