Book 2 - Fame Spreads

Chapter 51.1 - Xiantian Gold Core

We'll follow the normal schedule of seven chapters again.

He Yiming’s complexion slightly changed. While cultivating these few days, he’d produced Reclining Moon Blade’s blade light several times. He was extremely well aware of this blade light’s potential.

Furthermore, he considered this blade light as his ace. Like Lu Xinwen’s technique of superimposition, this was his ultimate life saving method.

However, after receiving this blade light, Lu Xinwen had shrugged it off like nothing and escaped away full of energy. To He Yiming, this matter was simply incomprehensible regardless of how he tried to think.

He pondered and said, “Eldest uncle, nephew will be back soon.”

After saying these words, his figure instantly disappeared. Although he held the Reclining Moon Blade in his hand, it didn’t seem to amount to anything, not constituting any burden for him at all.

After the two Xiantian cultivators left, the field first turned completely silent, then both sides underwent huge transformations.

The Fan family’s spongers and servants behind Yuan Zewei cried out and immediately scattered out like birds, leaving behind a few individuals who were looking at the latter with a pale face. They had all come following Yuan Zewei and were not Fan family’s people. Although the current situation had gone completely out of their hands and they wouldn’t be able to take the Yuan family’s lead ever, they were still not willing to abandon Yuan Zewei and escape at this moment.

However, as of now, Yuan Zewei himself had no will to struggle left in him. His body slowly tumbled down on the ground; his eyes completely devoid of life.

For the sake of Yuan family’s lead position, he’d struggled throughout his life, sparing no tricks be it fair or foul. The moment all of his efforts were about to be rewarded, he witnessed his dream completely crumbling before his eyes.

The old man couldn’t sustain such a blow and died on his own.

Similarly, Yuan Zeyu’s eyes were also blank. He took a few steps forward and arrived beside Yuan Zewei’s corpse. Gently crouching, he slowly closed the eyes that were still open.

Yuan Earnest stepped forward, seeming as if he wished to say something but was hesitating. Ultimately, he chose to preserve silence. However, his hatred for Yuan Zewei was evident in his eyes. He absolutely wouldn’t sympathize with his dead elder uncle.

Yuan Zeyu stood up and unhurriedly said, “Earnest, go to the county town and bring back all elder brother’s descendants.”

Yuan Earnest started, then hurriedly said, “Father….”

Yuan Zeyu waved his hand and said, “No need to speak anything. I’ve already decided; the shops in the county town can be handed over to you, but the land and courtyards under the name of elder brother’s house shall be preserved for them.”

The old man’s words were firm and decisive, leaving no room for negotiation.

Although Yuan Earnest was quite unwilling inwardly, before Lord Master’s stubbornness, he eventually didn’t dare disobey and could only sound his agreement with a deep sigh.

Yuan Zeyu turned around, cupped his fist towards He Quanxin and said, “Nephew Quanxin, today, Yuan family’s bloodline being able to be preserved is entirely due to He family’s power. This old man conveys our gratitude….”

His two knees slightly bent as he was about to kowtow.

He Quanxin’s face completely changed. He immediately stepped forward and quickly stopped the former before he could kowtow.

Yuan Zeyu tried to struggle out a bit, but He Quanxin’s held him firmly, not allowing him any room to move at all.

He Quanxin sternly said, “Uncle Yuan, you’ve been friends with my father for several decades. If I were to receive your kowtow, what will I tell my father upon returning?”

Yuan Zeyu let out a deep sigh, straightened his body and suddenly said, “Nephew He Quanxin, I’ve something that I wish you to bear witness to.”

He Quanxin promptly said, “If uncle Yuan wishes, nephew is glad to be of service.”

Yuan Zeyu pointed at Yuan Zewei’s corpse and said, “As it is said, an individual dying is just like a lamp being extinguished. Regardless of whatever his body did before, it could be written off in a single stroke.”

He Quanxin hesitated for a bit before saying, “It is precisely as uncle has stated.”

“Alright, since nephew Quanxin approves, I ask you to witness as I re-include elder brother’s descendants into Yuan clan, and return their farmlands and houses,” Yuan Zeyu resolutely said, “I wish you to bear witness to this ordeal, and if in the future, somebody tries to covet their farmlands and wealth, I hope you can uphold justice for them.”

As He Quanxin’s vision fell on Yuan Earnest’s face, his face turned awkward.

Yuan Earnest’s complexion was ashen as he said, “Father, what is your meaning behind this?”

“My meaning, you should’ve already realized, “ Yuan Zeyu lightly sighed and said, “I merely don’t wish elder brother’s bloodline to be severed after my hundred years is over.”

Yuan Earnest lightly snorted and said, “Father, Yuan…..eldest uncle has done you so wrong and you are still doing this? Do you think they will actually be grateful?”

Yuan Zeyu gently said, “Whether they will be grateful or not….is not important. I merely wish to preserve their bloodline, that’s all.”

“If they tried to do something again in the future?”

Yuan Zeyu calmly said, “I only wish to peacefully go down as a dutiful person.”

Yuan Earnest’s face calmed down as he said, “Yes, son understands.”

Yuan Zeyu turned and said, “Nephew Quanxin, what do you think?”

He Quanxin eventually nodded and said, “Since uncle Yuan wishes so, nephew doesn’t dare disobey.”

Although he’d sounded his agreement, inwardly, he was well aware that this was merely good will on the old man’s part.

Even if Yuan Zewei’s descendants could return back to the Yuan family, ultimately, they would only be provided with food and shelter. Unlike before, if they wished to become a member of Yuan family’s core staff that indulged in making family’s vital decisions, it would be simply impossible.

With such a marginalization, if this bloodline could still be preserved, nobody could say for sure.

As long as Yuan Zeyu existed, perhaps nobody would dare humiliate them, but after his death, that might no longer be the case.

He Quanxin’s task was also to give this bloodline a bit of hope and dissuade other Yuan family members to brazenly get over their heads.

After issuing his verdict, the old man went to rest. As for Yuan Zewei’s corpse, it was personally dealt with by him.

Upon seeing the Lord Master leave, the tense atmosphere on the scene gradually dispersed.

Yuan Earnest let out a long, relaxed sigh before smoothly issuing commands to the servants to sort everything. He then arrived beside He Quanxin in a few steps and said, “Brother He, Yiming….no….Master He Yiming is truly your nephew?”

Upon hearing these words, He Quanxin’s brows creased, “Yiming obviously is my nephew,” He paused for a bit, as if feeling that his tone wasn’t convincing enough, he supplemented, “one hundred percent genuine.”

Yuan Earnest’s face immediately turned delighted as he said, “Alright. Brother He, you’ve really kept me in the dark.”

Although his tone was complaining, his words brimmed with excitement. This was but them coming back from the death’s door.

If not for Master He that had come out of nowhere, the one dead at this moment certainly wouldn’t have been Yuan Zewei.

He Quanxin stroked his chin, inwardly thinking, ‘I myself didn’t know, how could I have deliberately hidden it from you?’ As he looked in the direction He Yiming had left, his heart was filled with a myriad of emotions.

Second brother, oh second brother, your son has actually entered the Xiantian realm. Father’s dream can also be fulfilled….