Book 2 - Fame Spreads

Chapter 50.2

A powerful True Qi gushed out of the Prostrate Imprint, and the air strictly locked Lu Xinwen in place as if been firmly tied by countless ropes without any room to move at all.

Lu Xinwen’s eyes flickered with alarm, and incredulity filled his heart.

With his recent palm, he’d already ascertained that He Yiming was an earth-type cultivator. However, at this moment, the agility technique the latter was displaying was undoubtedly belonged to the water-type.

Earth-type Prostrate Imprint, and water-type [Soaring Rain Cloud] technique.

The weight of earth, and softness of water were actually being displayed by his body at the same time, moreover being accomplished with such beauty. At this moment, Lu Xinwen even felt a kind of sincere admiration.

However, Lu Xinwen was after all a hundred year old Xiantian cultivator who had fought countless big and small battles throughout his life. At this crucial moment, he sucked in a deep breath and made his decision.

Since he knew he couldn’t dodge, he completely gave up on doing so. Pushing the Xiantian True Qi inside his body to the peak, he issued three palm strikes in succession.

His three palms closely followed each other and each carried a huge amount of raw power.

As the first palm struck the Prostrate Imprint, his body retreated a bit, as the second palm struck, a little distance was opened up between him and He Yiming, and as the third palm struck the imprint, his figure immediately scuttled backwards like a bow shot from an arrow.

He Yiming’s feet stopped. Not because he didn’t wish to pursue, but the three consecutive palm strikes constituted an enormous power. Even though He Yiming had the upper hand, he could only firmly plant his legs on the ground and neutralize this power.

As he raised his head and looked at quickly retreating Lu Xinwen, emotions welled up inside him.

In the beginning, rather than going offensive, he’d been defensive like a turtle going in its shell. When Lu Xinwen’s offense proved to be insufficient and his aura waned, he’d suddenly attacked by the means of [Soaring Rain Cloud] technique. However, this sure kill situation was easily reversed by the former using three consecutive palm strikes.

Xiantian cultivators were indeed not simple. The feat of killing this person simply couldn’t be accomplished by his bare hands.

However, he had no idea, his astonishment was nowhere near than that of the current Lu Xinwen.

Those three palm strikes were no ordinary strikes. It was the merit of his True Qi being compressed to the extreme. Ever since he’d attained the Xiantian realm, he never had to resort to do so while battling someone.

Three successive palm strikes were actually a kind of mystical trick of superimposing True Qi; not something the current Lu Xinwen could have mastered.

However, he once had a fortuitous encounter and received the relevant specifics from somewhere. After fumbling about this trick, he could barely manage a threefold True Qi assault. However, once he’d used it, his body would suffer some harm and he wouldn’t be able to use it again.

However, even with all its flaws, this was the limit of his accomplishment which he’d obtained through countless tries and failures. He used to believe that relying on this skill, he could easily run rampant under the heavens. However, he never expected that during today’s battle with He Yiming, he would actually have to use it in order to save his life. How could his current astonishment be described in words?

Although He Yiming’s counterattack didn’t bear him any fruit, his spiritual sense was no joke.

In his perception, Lu Xinwen’s aura was continuously dropping. This case was precisely the so-called one man’s loss is another’s gain. If he allowed such an opportunity to go past, only heavens could tell whether there would even be second chance.

His shoulder shuddered, and his back muscles twitched. The vine that was tightly fastened around his back was ripped into peices, and a meter long cloth sack suddenly flew up.

With ingenious use of True Qi, the three section of Reclining Moon Blade flew over He Yiming’s head.

He Yiming’s feet moved unceasingly as he raised his two hands high up and made a series of strange movements in the mid air, thereby assembling the tyrannical Reclining Moon Blade in mid air.

Stepping out, he fiercely pounced at Lu Xinwen’s retreating back, and at the same time, Reclining Moon Blade, following a strange hiss that resounded amidst the heavens and lands, bluntly struck towards Lu Xinwen.

This seemingly ordinary blade strike actually contained a miraculous and unimaginably profound power.

[Splitting Mountain Thirty-Six Forms], form one was being beautifully displayed through the means of the Reclining Moon Blade.

Lu Xinwen’s eyes constricted, and a terrifying thought eventually emerged in his mind.

From this almost four meter long weapon, he could smell a scent that felt like death to him. He’d never experienced such a feeling since he’d entered Xiantian realm.

He immediately understood that this weapon used by He Yiming had the capability to kill him.

At this moment, his heart no longer had the desire to completely annihilate He Yiming and the others. To him, He Yiming was like a nightmare, giving him an extremely terrifying feeling.

His feet stamped the ground as his figure shook before he suddenly changed direction and threw himself in the direction of He Quanxin and the others.

This unexpected turn in events, not to mention He Yiming, nobody present on the scene could have expected.

With Lu Xinwen’s identity, he actually tried to escape from a battle with another Xiantian cultivator and was even rushing towards the opponent’s family, clearly wishing to take hostage.

Even a Xiantian cultivator could commit such an act, moreover doing so under broad daylight and countless gazes. This was way beyond everybody’s expectations. Even He Quanxin couldn’t manage any form of reaction in time.

He Yiming felt extremely anxious, and with a sudden explosion, like a thunderclap in a clear sky, slashed out. His whole figure turned into a shadow as he covered the shortest possible distance in a matter of seconds and arrived beside He Quanxin.

However, as soon as he arrived beside He Quanxin, he felt something amiss.

Because after nimbly dodging his blade strike in mid air, Lu Xinwen immediately escaped out of the range of his blade and escaped like a civet.

He Yiming immediately understood that Lu Xinwen had no intentions to take hostage. He only wished to use this method to escape from the entanglement of his [Splitting Mountains Thirty-Six Forms].

Suddenly, he understood that Lu Xinwen had already decided to escape. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have lowered his face and chose such an alternative.

As soon as he thought until here, he was suddenly filled with an intense, almost capable of engulfing sun and moon, confidence.

A Xiantian cultivator had chosen to escape from him, moreover this Xiantian cultivator had the enmity pertaining to the avengement of his disciples, but he still didn’t dare fight with him.

This fact, as if an inciting medicine, stimulated his consciousness to the extreme.

His two hands faintly shuddered as an enormous amount of True Qi gushed into Reclining Moon Blade. At this moment, he no longer had any reservations.

Amidst intense confidence, five-phases techniques started to operate, engendering each other and igniting that strong power.

A section of Reclining Moon Blade suddenly glowed with a blade light. That dim, golden glow indefinitely extended, shortened, expanded, and contracted like a viper’s tongue, dissuading one from looking at it up close.

He Yiming roared and swung Reclining Moon Blade in his hand. That blade light swiftly shot out like a meteor across the sky.

The time seemed to have stopped this instant.

It was not that time had stopped, but the speed of the blade light was indeed too quick, quick to an extent that it could rip through space and disregard distances.

After escaping the range of Reclining Moon Blade’s swing, Lu Xinwen’s figure quickly moved, arrived beside Fan Vastsun, pulled him, and quickly rushed to the outside.

With Fan Shui already dead, leaving him here would be same as entrusting his life on Yuan family members’ good faith.

With his speed, there was naturally nobody to obstruct him. However, right after he arrived beside Fan Vastsun, he felt something strange behind his body.

An unprecedented level of intense crisis shrouded his entire being.

Almost without thinking, he suddenly waved his arm backwards.

He seemed to have felt a bizarre power. This power was so sharp that it felt as if there was nothing it couldn’t penetrate through, nothing it couldn’t cleave.

Feeling a lightness at his wrist, he turned around. His right hand had been severed from there and was lying on the ground.

The golden light still didn’t stop and instantly chopped at his body.

A strange shade of blue color flickered on Lu Xinwen’s face. After slashing through his body, the golden light disappeared without a trace.

As everybody tongue-tied watched him, he, seeming as if nothing had occurred, leapt up and crossed over the wall while holding Fan Vastsun in his left hand; instantly disappearing.

On his path of escape was a severed palm. However, the strange part about it was that apart from the blood of the palm, there were no other traces of blood, as if Lu Xinwen’s body didn’t have a trace of blood inside, and thus, it couldn’t come out.