Book 2 - Fame Spreads

Chapter 49.1 - Xiantian Battle

Fan Vastsun suddenly raised his head and looked at He Quanxin with an completely undisguised hostility in his eyes.

Everybody who saw such a deeply hateful expression, felt a bit strange and could tell at a glance that the remaining half of this person’s life would pass in the shadow of revenge.

He Quanxin shuddered. Even with his present tenth layer cultivation base, he couldn’t help but feel a chill hitting him in the face.

“This is my Xiao uncles’ armguards. Where did you get them from?” Fan Vastsun gnashed his teeth and asked.

He Quanxin’s brows faintly creased. Inwardly, he was full of questions as well.

These two armguards had been nimbly slipped onto his arms by He Yiming before entering the field.

However, He Yiming’s movements were just too quick. Not to mention others, even he himself only realized after the event. However, at that time, it was no longer possible to question the origins of these armguards.

However, he hadn’t thought that today’s battle would actually be so dangerous. If he didn’t have these armguards…

He Quanxin glanced at Fan Shui who lay on the ground without a breath. If he hadn’t had these two armguards today, the one lying on the ground….would have been him.

Yuan Earnest’s eyes shined. Upon witnessing the death of Fan Shui, his heart felt light as if a huge boulder had been lifted. He’d no more worries.

Fan family was not a big, reputed family. It only relied on Fan Shui, a tenth layer expert, for support.

Perhaps after a few centuries, they could have become a new influential family. However, since Fan Shui had already died, this small clan’s days were limited.

Not to mention Yuan family would certainly settle accounts with Fan family, even the other clans that had been swallowed by the Fan family would not let such a big opportunity pass by.

Seeing He Quanxin frowning and not uttering a word, he believed that the latter disdained to reply. Therefore, he immediately stepped forward and said, “Nonsense, you are young, what do you understand? If you say it’s yours, then it’s yours? I will even say that everything of your Fan family is mine.”

His voice brimmed with unconcealed delight, and these words laid out his ambition of swallowing the Fan family in open.

A cold smile hung on Yuan Earnest as he said, “Young master Fan, what your father did just now, you also saw. His moves were ruthless, and he was aiming for the kill. However, unfortunately, his skill was not sufficient and was killed on the spot by brother He. Since he was so vicious and merciless, he was only asking for it.” He raised his head high and swept his gaze all around, “Gentlemen, are this old man’s words not reasonable? Don’t tell me you think that only Fan Shui is allowed to kill, and others are not allowed to kill him?”

Fan Vastsun’s face was exceedingly ugly. He suddenly turned around. The servants and spongers behind his body were all cowering and retreating. There was not a single individual daring to step forward and stand alongside him.

Many among them were even half bowing and repeatedly nodding, as if showing agreement to Yuan Earnest’s words.

At this moment, Fan Vastsun had understood. Fan family was already finished….

Suddenly, a clear voice echoed….

“If I say, these two armguards are mine, then?”

Although this voice was not loud and seemed more like a mumbling, it fell into everybody’s ears with extreme clarity.

Fan Vastsun’s face revealed a trace of hope, like a drowning person receiving support of the final straw.

He knew that this person’s assistance was Fan family’s final opportunity to rise.

Yuan Earnest’s gaze strictened. Regarding this huge palanquin, he didn’t dare have a trace of negligence.

After all, the influence of that enormous, mysterious pressure from a few days ago was indeed too big.

He hesitated a bit, then said, “Sir, you are…”

The flags of the palanquin blew without wind, and a tall man unhurriedly walked out of the palanquin.

As soon as he emerged, everybody’s attention shifted onto him.

Although the hair on his temples was faintly white, the strong vitality on his body could be felt by anybody.

Because of this reason, nobody was able to predict his age.

The faces of Yuan Earnest and others instantly transformed. Although they didn’t recognize this person, this person’s appearance didn’t have a trace of difference than what they had heard from the servants stationed at the entrance.

At this moment, the joy in their hearts completely disappeared.

Xiantian cultivator; Fan family truly have a Xiantian cultivator.

However, they couldn’t understand that if Fan family had such a strong assistance, why would they even bother to waste time, making the father and son act, which ultimately even resulted in Fan Shui’s death.

That man slowly opened his mouth, slowly sweeping his vision through everybody and said, “Old man, Lu Xinwen. Have you people heard my name before?”

As soon as these words sounded, the field turned completely silent. Nobody uttered a sound.

After a few moments, only a thump sound was heard.

Startled by this sound, everybody turned their head only to see a middle-aged man, among Yuan family’s group, dropping his weapon on the ground; his face completely devoid of blood.

Even further, each and every individual in that direction had similar faces, completely devoid of blood, seemingly surrounded by dark clouds and drowned in ghastly air.

While on the other side, Yuan Zewei and others immediately revealed overjoyed expressions. The ghastly faces of Fan family’s spongers and servants were completely gone. However, those who had been recently nodding seemed as if they had swallowed a houseful; completely silent.

Lu Xinwen’s gaze immediately fell on the armguards on He Quanxin’s body.

He lightly said, “The Essence gold core consumed by your son, the treasured armguards you are using……my three disciples must have been killed by you people.”

He Quanxin forcefully suppressed his urge to turn around. This moment, he’d already understood that this matter must be He Yiming’s doing. However, what’s with the Essence gold core?

However, this moment, he’d no time to think. He sucked in a deep breath and said, “Correct, this junior is responsible and is willing to take the responsibility.”

“You’re responsible?” Lu Xinwen revealed a sneer and said, “With your tiny bit of strength, can you kill my three disciples?”

He Quanxin immediately turned dumbstruck. This moment, even a person with a smidgen of brain would know that the Xiao brothers and the tenth layer expert who had come that night to test He Quanxin were Lu Xinwen’s disciples. However, from Lu Xiwen’s words, it seemed as if they were all already dead.

Who could possibly have such strength?

He Quanxin’s lips faintly twitched. As he was just about to speak, a patch of darkness appeared before his eyes. He faintly startled and carefully looked. A rectangular cloth strip was covering his front.

His heart turned cold as he promptly said, “Yiming…”

“Eldest uncle, leave it to me.”