Book 2 - Fame Spreads

Chapter 47.1 Boundless Essence

In the deepest section of the winter, ice covered the lands, and the entire world had turned into a freezer. Mountains trembled with cold, rivers had frozen stiff, and the air seemed as if it was about to condense.

However, outside the Yuan manor, there was a burning atmosphere.

Under the lead of Yuan Zewei, Fan family members had arrived outside the Yuan manor, carrying a huge, eight-bearer palanquin.

Gold Forest country also had customs, and a common person couldn’t sit inside such a palanquin. However, as far as these powerful influential families were concerned, they didn’t put such customs in their eyes at all. Even the royal family of Gold Forest country could only turn a blind eye and go along with it.

Yuan manor’s entrance had been opened since a long time. When they arrived, Yuan Earnest personally went outside and guided them to the manor’s training ground.

Yuan Zeyu had made some preparations in advance. Everything inside the Yuan manor was as familiar to him as the back of hand, and in his opinion, the training ground in the backyard were the most optimal place to conduct today’s battle.

Yuan Earnest’s vision occasionally swept through them; his eyes containing somewhat strange and also somewhat gratified expression. However, whenever his vision fell on the mysterious palanquin, his felt somewhat alarmed and anxious.

On the training ground, under the lead of Yuan Zeyu, He Quanxin and others had obviously been waiting for them since a long time.

However, just like Yuan Earnest, when they saw a eight-bearer palanquin being carried into the backyard, each of them involuntarily revealed somewhat strange expressions.

Even the wise and experienced He Quanxin couldn’t refrain from guessing what could this palanquin be hiding inside it.

If it had only person inside, then this person was being a bit too arrogant.

The few of them who were aware of the strange event that occurred a few days ago indistinctly and unwillingly associated the palanquin with that strange man. However, before receiving a confirmation, they would rather feign ignorance, deceiving others and themselves.

Yuan Weiyu retracted his gaze from the palanquin and said, “Fan family master, although our Yuan family is not some really big clan, we’ll not lock out doors and refuse to see a friend. I wonder who is the gentleman inside this palanquin, and why have they still don’t want to show themselves?”

Fan Shui bitterly smiled inwardly. In reality, he himself didn’t know what Lu Xinwen was thinking, for him to raise such a demand. Not only sitting inside the palanquin, but refusing to come down even now.

However, even if he had two times of his courage, he wouldn’t dare ask the reason.

He revealed a mysterious smile and said, “Lord Master Yuan, inside the palanquin is my senior. His old self is really fond of sitting inside the palanquin. I don’t know if your side have someone worthy enough to make him out, though.”

Yuan Zeyu’s heart sank, ‘Don’t tell me… it’s truly that day’s mysterious man inside the palanquin?’

However, even in the Fan family, the information regarding Lu Xinwen arriving in their family was only known to the father and son duo. Other members and servants had absolutely no clue that they had such a mighty expert in addition. As for Yuan family, it was even more impossible for them to receive any word or rumour. Therefore, although they had their suspicions inwardly, under such circumstances, they wouldn’t show any weakness.

Yuan Zewei took one step forward and loudly said, “Second brother, we’ve come today. For the sake of that mother who gave birth to both of us, I will still urge you to pack up and leave. If the two sides truly fought a bloody battle, I’m afraid you wouldn’t be able to do so even if you wish.”

Yuan Zeyu faintly smiled and said, “Elder brother, don’t you think you are saying these words a bit too early?”

Yuan Earnest said, “That’s right. The victory and defeat…is not decided yet.”

This moment, Fan Vastsun, who stood closely beside the palanquin, faintly inclined his ear and hard a clear voice coming from the palanquin, “Who is that male carrying long cloth on his back?”

Although this voice was not loud, it was undoubtedly Lu Xinwen’s voice.

Not daring to be neglectful in the least, Fan Vastsun quickly glanced in that direction, then lowered his head and said in a low voice, “Great granduncle, that is He Yiming- junior of He family who have been invited by Yuan family for assistance.”

“He family’s junior?” The voice coming from the palanquin suddenly turned somewhat strange. Waiting for a few moments, he again said, “Who are other people related to him?”

“Other people related to him are that tenth layer expert He Quanin and his son, He Yitian. Reportedly, all of them including He Yiming have direct bloodlines.” Fan Vastsun respectfully said.

“Alright,” The voice from the palanquin suddenly become indifferent, “You father and son, kill those two.”

Fan Vastsun astoundedly turned his towards the voice with an appalled look in his eyes.

“If you father and son can accomplish this, I will accept you as disciple, and you will recive my legacy. Perhaps sometime in future, I will also let you advance into the Xiantian realm.” Lu XInwen said; his tone neither too quick nor too slow.

Fan Vastsun’s eyes shined, and he immediately made his decision. This opportunity was worth fighting with his life on line.

Fan Vastsun suddenly turned, walked to his father’s side, and quietly said two lines.

Fan Shui immediately revealed a similar expression, and his two eyes strictened.

He Quanxin was a tenth layer expert, moreover from the information brought by the two Xiao brothers, he was an expert of earth techniques, which happened to restrain his water type techniques.

However, as he glanced at the tightly sealed palanquin, his heart was set ablaze.

Lu Xinwen actually agreed that as long as they could kill He family’s father and son duo, he would help Fan Vastsun advance into the Xiantian realm. This promise in itself was worthy to involve the entire family.

For a clan, a tenth layer expert was extremely important. However, compared to a XIntian cultivator, it was as far apart as heavens and lands.

If Fan family could produce a Xiantian cultivator, perhaps one day, they could truly become a millennial clan.

He sucked in a deep breath and was about to step out, but was pulled back by Fan Vastsun.

“Vastsin, what do you want to do?” Fan Shui discontentedly asked.

“Father, let me go first.”


“Yes. Uncle Xiao said before that He Quanxin’s son He Yitian carries his father’s bloodline and is also has earth type Internal Energy,” A peculiar killing intent flickered in Fan Vastsun’s eyes, “Child will go first and behead him right there. He Quanxin’s state of mind will certainly be disrupted, then taking the advantage of the situation, father can certainly behead him.”

Fan Shuo’s eyes shined but he then shook his head and said, “It won’t do. You also cultivate water type techniques and are also at the seventh layer. I’m afraid you’re not a match for him.”

Fan Vastsun said with complete confidence, “Father, uncle Xiao said that his Internal Energy is although at the seventh layer, it’s far from attaining the peak, and is in the middle of the seventh later at most. My Internal Energy is already at the seventh layer’s peak- a lot higher than his. As long as I fight safe and steady, I will certainly win.”

Fan Shui hesitated for a few moments, the eventually gave a slow nod. Although the Xiao brothers were a notch below him in terms of Internal Energy, their discerning power was no small matter. If this had not been the case, he wouldn’t have requested the so earnestly to pretend as Fan family’s spongers and scout out opponent’s depths.

Fan Vastsun rushed out in large strides, standing in the middle of the ground the next moment.

The sudden disturbance caused by him made Yuan Zewei, who was engaged in a verbal war with Yuan Zeyu and others, immediately close his mouth shut.