Book 2 - Fame Spreads

Chapter 46.2

Lu Xinwen suddenly asked, “Fan Vastsun, do you think that I’m too cold and cowardly, knowing that my three disciples have been killed and the killer is in the Yuan manor, I still didn’t dare to immediately take revenge for them?”

Fan Vastsun immediately kneeled down and respectfully said, “Great granduncle, I’ve no such thoughts.”

“Oh, then what are your thoughts?”

Fan Vastsun hesitated a bit. He didn’t stand up and continued to speak while kneeling, “In my opinion, Yuan family unexpectedly came up with a Xiantian cultivator. This is no small matter. Moreover, I know now that with a enemy in the dark, if we were to issue the challenge, there might have been traps prepared by the opponent in advance. Therefore, there is no harm in taking a step back and waiting until the enemy’s depths are revealed. Then, the decision to advance or give up can be easily made.”

Lu Xinwen calmly looked at him, eventually revealing a trace of appreciation, “Get up.”

Fan Vastsun then slowly stood up, still feeling as nervous as if walking on thin ice, not daring to even let the sound of his breath escape.

“Although your words are not completely true, they are not far from the truth,” He lightly sighed and said, “I and that person from Yuan family have already probed out each other with True Qi.”

Fan Vastsun recalled that enormous pressure and immediately understood, at the same time, his revere for Xiantian cultivation increased even more. He’d no clue how the two Xiantian cultivators had probed each other out.

Lu Xinwen’s voice was gentle and graceful. Fan Vastsun raised his head and suddenly felt as if the old man’s figure before him was somewhat swaying. The words he’d said were not an explanation for him- a nobody, but an explanation for the old man himself.

“That Yuan family’s person already had his condition pushed to the peak. Be it aura, strength, or True Qi, everything was pushed to the limit. On the other hand, this old man had just discovered the inexplicable deaths of his three disciples, thus was inevitably somewhat unstable. If we’d battled at such a time, even if this old man’s cultivation happens to be a notch above, victory wouldn’t have been assured. Do you understand?”

Fan Vastsun respectfully said, “Yes, grandnephew understands.”

Lu Xinwen faintly nodded and waved his hand, “Since you understand, you can go rest. Five days later, I will meet with you people myself.”

Fan Vastsun again tapped his head on the ground, then slowly left.

The courtyard’s gate slowly closed, and no activity could be felt from inside, not even the slightest bit of sound. It seemed as if inside the gate and outside the gate constituted two different worlds, completely isolated from each other.

Fan Vastsun watched the closed entrance in mystery, and the anxiety he’d been feeling recently completely disappeared. For some reason, he had a feeling that five days later, when this old man would come out, it would be the moment of this old man’s peak.

“Eldest uncle, you were looking for me.”

He Yiming entered his eldest uncle’s room with a faint smile. Inwardly, he was fully aware of what had happened. With his eldest uncle cultivation, he must have been subjected to that intense pressure. That was the reason he’d called him out.

In the room, apart from He Quanxin, there were also Yuan Zeyu and Yuan Earnest.

Yuan Zeyu seemed to have already decided to pass down the authority of Yuan family. During this time, he’d always been in seclusion. However, at this moment, he couldn’t help himself.

“Yiming, did you feel it?” He Quanxin asked with a grave expression.

He Yiming faintly nodded and said, “Yes, I felt it.”

He Quanxin said in a lowered voice, “Brother Yuan, you should continue.”

Yuan Earnest gravely nodded and said, “Nephew Yitian, nephew Yiming, the servants watching over the entrance just brought some news. A strange man just came outside the manor, hovered a few moments outside the manor, and immediately left. However, during this period, we all felt an enormous pressure A few among those servants still can’t stand up as a result,” He paused for a moment, then said, “If I am not wrong, all of this must be the work of that man.”

In reality, Lu Xinwen also had Fan Vastsun accompanying him. However, this Xiantian cultivator’s aura was too grand, attracting everybody’s attention. Fan Vastsun was just like a firefly under sunlight, ignored by everybody.

If He Yitian had been present there, perhaps he would have paid attention to Fan Vastsun. However, expecting such insight from a bunch of servants was indeed being too harsh on them.

He Quanxin asked in a lowered voice, “Brother Yuan, who was that person in the end. Do you have any idea?”

Yuan Earnest bitterly chuckled and said, “If I’d known, I would have already told you, brother He. Why would I keep everyone in suspense?”

He Yitian glanced at his father and said, “Father, did this person come from the same way as that of the last night’s person? He could be a helper of the Fan family.”

He Quanxin expressionlessly shook his head and said, “I don’t know. However, since this person has come here. I’m afraid his connection with the Fan family can’t be denied.”

Yuan Zeyu suddenly let out a sigh and said, “Nephew Quanxin, this old man has something to ask you.”

“Please ask,” He Quanxin said with a slight bow.

“If this person truly has some connection with Fan family, do you have any confidence of contending against this person.” Yuan Zeyu unblinkingly watched He Quanxin, as if looking to obtain a confirmation from him.

He Quanxin’s brows slightly creased. After quite a while, he eventually said, “Uncle Yuan, although I haven’t seen that person, under his pressure, I couldn’t even summon any thoughts of resisting.”

The complexions of the father and son immediately paled. He Quanxin himself was their ace. However, Fan family’s experts were turning out to be as numerous as flies. First the two Xiao brothers, who had learned an agility Xiantian technique and had treasured armguards, then there was someone who entered the manor in the night to probe He Quanxin’s strength. However, today, it was even more exaggerated. A mysterious old man came and without even showing his face, caused He Quanxin to give up.

These people were like rising tides, coming one after another and each higher than the one before. The members of Yuan family felt overwhelmed with the sheer numbers.

Slowly, Yuan Zeyu’s face transformed several times in succesion before he asked, “Nephew Quanxin, what do you think of this person’s strength? If elder brother He were to personally act, you think there would be any chance of victory?”

He Quanxin was a tenth layer expert. However, compared to He Wude, who had long since attained the tenth layer, he was quite lacking. Therefore, Yuan Zeyu asked this question with a slither of hope.

He Quanxin shook his head without thinking at all, “Uncle Yuan, if I am not guessing wrong, this person has already broke through the Houtian realm.”

Although his words sounded somewhat hesitant, his tone was unwavering.

The complexions of Yuan father and son duo along with He Yitian immediately turned extremely unsightly. Only He Yiming stood without a change in expression.

As He Quanxin saw all this, he couldn’t help but sigh inwardly.

Yuan Zeyu pondered for a few moments, then suddenly said, “Since this is the case, then there is no need for us to make any preparations,” His age was big, but he was old yet firm, “Earnest, convey this message. All of our family will immediately leave the manor. Henceforth, this manor will belong to the eldest brother’s side.”

Yuan Earnest’s complexion changed as he cried out, “Father…”

Actually, Yuan Zeyu’s side had already prepared for the backup plan in advance. Furthermore, some precious possessions had already been shifted. As long as they wished, they could leave at any time. However, before the final moment, how could they give up everything so easily?

Yuan Zeyu waved his hand, “No need to say anything. Since our opponents can invite a Xiantian cultivator, we’ve no chance at victory, and instead, will be killed by their hands. It would be better for us to retreat in advance,” He sighed and helplessly said, “Better a wretched life than death. To be able to preserve all the lives is also quite fortunate in the face of disaster.”

Yuan Earnest and He Quanxin exchanged a glance. Their faces were quite unsightly. However, as soon as they thought about that pressure, they felt as if a huge rock was pressing down on their hearts.

Yuan Zeyu bitterly laughed and instead consoled, “We’re actually quite fortunate. If that man unarguably rushed in the manor, I’m afraid even escaping would have been difficult for us.”

They immediately felt alarmed, even Yuan Earnest seemed to be somewhat unstable.

Looking at everybody’s expressions, He Yiming suddenly smiled brightly and said, “Granduncle Yuan, I also have something I wish to seek your advice.”

Yuan Zeyu stared blankly before saying, “Speak.”

“I wish to ask, you all keep repeating that this person has some connection to Fan family. But do they truly have a connection?”

Everybody faintly started, following which, a gleam of hope appeared in their eyes.

Yuan Earnest heavily patted his thigh and said, “That’s right, who knows who is this person. Perhaps he was merely passing by,” Saying up to here, he shook his head. Evidently, even he himself was not convinced of this explanation. However, he then said, “Regardless of anything, we should make inquiries. If we need, we should leave after confirming the truth. Otherwise, if we’re to suddenly retreat for no reason, we’ll certainly become laughingstock of everybody. In that case, even if we wish to stage a comeback later, it would be an impossible feat.”

Yuan Zeyu hesitated for a while, eventually silently approved his son’s words.

However, in the following few days, they were not able to gain any information about that strange man.

And amidst worrying about gains and losses, the ten day agreement……eventually arrived.