Book 2 - Fame Spreads

Chapter 46.1 First Confrontation

After integrating the two Xiantian battle skills on the mountain peak, He Yiming returned back to the Yuan manor and calmly waited.

Inexplicably, he’d a feeling that Lu Xinwen would certainly come looking for him.

Today, in the morning, he was silently conducting a breathing exercise in his room. Occasionally, his body glowed with a peculiar luster. This was a method by which he was tempering the body’s acupoints by the means of heavily absorbing in Xiantian True Qi. Although the efficiency of such a method was not high, it constantly stimulated the acupoints and allowed those acupoints which didn’t receive the tempering of five-phases techniques to slowly strengthen.

He Yiming, who was immersed in training, obviously didn’t know that one wouldn’t be able to interact with all acupoints immediately after stepping into Xiantian realm. Moreover, to think of a method of tempering them, although he wasn’t the first to do so, he still belonged to exceptionally rare existences.

In reality though, this matter had an extraordinary connection with his special body.

Suddenly, from outside the manor, a powerful gale blew inside.

This gale contained a massive and unimaginable oppressive force, and power.

This kind of power far exceeded that of Houtian realm and couldn’t be perceived by ordinary Houtian realm experts either.

At this moment, a clear realization occurred in He Yiming’s mind. That man had come and was issuing the strongest provocation he could towards the manor.

If, a few days ago- when He Yiming had not comprehended the dao on the mountain peak, gained a massive increase in his True Qi, and haven’t combined the two Xiantian battle skills- he’d been subjected to this provocation, he would have certainly felt quite apprehensive.

However, at this moment, his two eyes twitched upwards, and an oppressive pressure which didn’t pale to that of his opponent, similarly rose from his body.

However, the difference was that his aura wasn’t unrestrained. Instead his True Qi soared up, concentrated in the form of a sphere, then sprayed towards the source of that massive pressure.

Although this method allowed him to exempt the residents of the manor, it was inevitably quite troublesome with respect to its discharge.

Outside the manor, Lu Xinwen would naturally not back down. The auras unleashed by the two Xiantian cultivators fiercely collided.

Facing an expert of the same rank and unknown depth, both held back somewhat. However, even so, when the immensely powerful, formless True Qi bluntly collided outside the manor, it brought huge and terrifying consequences.

With the point of collision as the centre, within a circle of several hundred meters, all the living creatures felt a burst of palpitation of the same kind as you would feel if someone sneaked up behind you and shouted in your ear.

Although this was not a method to directly kill people, it could quicken their heartbeat by several times. Furthermore, the people with a weak heart faced the danger of heart attack, and thus, death.

During this time period, this region was completely silent. Not only had all the conversations had disappeared, even the humming of insects and cries of birds were instantly severed. All the fierce looking dogs in the manor sat curled around their tails with four limbs powerlessly prostrating on the ground and without a trace of strength in them as if they had met their natural predator.

Strangely enough, the vitality in the air here had not been suppressed at all.

Subsequently, Lu Xinwen quickly turned around and left.

This caused He Yiming to feel somewhat baffled. From his True Qi, He Yiming had felt his strength. He could even say with certainty that even after receiving a huge advancement in True Qi, he was not necessarily above this man in terms of the intensity of True Qi.

However, for some reason, as soon as the latter made contact with his True Qi, he immediately turned and left. This didn’t fit the character of Blood Slaughterer that He Yiming had pooled together.

Feeling the Reclining Moon Blade on the bed, He Yiming’s brows slightly creased. These few days, he’d been conserving his strength for the big event, and he’d been focused to the extreme. This was the reason he’d immediately counterattacked as soon he made contact with the counterpart’s aura, and moreover responded with an even stronger aura.

However, the opponent’s reaction was completely out of his expectations. Not only did he not continue to engage him, he simply left.

This made He Yiming extremely unwell. As if he’d struck a fist out containing all his might but was gently and easily unloaded by the opponent, as if it had entered a lump of cotton, completely powerless.

Even for him, this kind of feeling was exceptionally difficult to bear.

Indistinctly, he suddenly realized why Lu Xinwen would so easily leave.

Letting go of the Reclining Moon Blade, He Yiming’s corners of his mouth curled into a bitter smile.

Ah! Xiantian cultivators are indeed a troublesome bunch.

Right at this moment, an extremely familiar sound of footsteps came from outside. He Yitian had already rushed out of his closed-door room at some time and had come looking for him while shouting, “Sixth brother, quickly come out. Father is looking for you.”

County town, Fan family.

The faces of father and son were extremely grave. If one were to closely observe, their current faces were even more anxious by a bit as compared to yesterday.

These few days, the disappearance of the Fan brothers had made them feel that the situation was not looking too good for them. However, they never thought that the people in the Yuan family would have the strength of killing them.

However, after Lu Xinwen made the round trip to Yuan family, their heartbeats had completely aroused, because Fan Vastsun received an information that had already been verified.

In the Yuan family, there was actually a Xiantian cultivator. Moreover, from Lu Xinwen’s behaviour, it seemed that this Xiantian cultivator’s strength was no joke. Not only had Lu Xinwen’s three disciples already met terrible fates, even he himself inexplicably returned immediately after circling in front of the Yuan manor once.

This kind of behaviour made both father and son extremely anxious. They even regretted their actions. If they had known earlier that Yuan family had the ability to invite a Xiantian cultivator, they absolutely wouldn’t have gone to provoke them.

Fan Shui let out a sigh and said, “Vastsun, you can rest first. Regardless of whatever happens, these few days, you must remain by the Senior’s side. Our Fan family no longer has a path to retreat. Whether we’ll be able to survive this calamity or not, will depend on senior Lu.”

Fan Vastsun sounded his agreement. He obviously understood the crux of the matter. After reporting the details of the trip to his father, he immediately left.

The residence arranged for Lu Xinwen was obviously the best independent courtyard in the Fan family. Everything inside it was arranged with extreme attention, even better than that of Fan Shui himself.

Arriving before this courtyard, Fan Vastsun began to wait in person. At this crucial moment, he wouldn’t dare lightly disturb Lu Xinwen’s cultivation.

However, a lukewarm voice came from inside, “Come in.”

Fan Vastsun blankly stared, then immediately entered in respectful steps. When he saw Lu Xinwen, his face involuntarily transformed somewhat.

The current Lu Xinwen actually had somewhat of a grieving face.

Even outside the Yuan manor, when he’d announced the death of his three disciples with his own mouth, he’d been as steady as Mount Tai and hadn’t faltered in the slightest. However, upon returning, he’d revealed such an expression without trying to conceal it at all.

Fan Vastsun’s lips quivered a few times, having no idea what he could say in this situation.