Book 2 - Fame Spreads

Chapter 44.1 - Xiantian Blade Light

After leaving his eldest uncle’s residence, He Yiming went to his own room, grabbed the Reclining Moon Blade, and once again headed towards the mountains.

After learning that Lu Xinwen was a Xiantian cultivator, although he was not afraid in the slightest, he didn’t dare be carefree or neglectful either.

If he were to be neglectful and withholding even while confronting a Xiantian cultivator, it wouldn’t be any different than courting death.

He Yiming’s current most powerful martial skill was undoubtedly [Splitting Mountain Thirty-Six Forms]. Furthermore, the use of this technique was not limited to his palm techniques and could even be used with blade techniques.

Of course, it was only Reclining Moon Blade that could bring out the powerful might of this technique most vividly.

For some reason, He Yiming felt that using this technique with Reclining Moon Blade would allow him to feel the most satisfaction.

In that case, being on the verge of confronting a powerful enemy, He Yiming would naturally not give up his most powerful weapon and move.

With Reclining Moon Blade on his back, He Yiming ran towards the mountains at a much quicker speed than before.

His figure resembled a wisp of smoke which had been blown by a gentle wind, floating hundreds of meters away. In a blink of an eye, unbeknownst to anybody, he’d already left the Yuan manor.

This kind of speed indeed exhibited the [Soaring Rain Cloud] skill vividly. It gave him a feeling that the more he used this skill, the more proficient he would become.

Not too long after, he’d already arrived at the location where he’d refined the Reclining Moon Blade. The place was still in a terrible condition. The destruction he’d caused at this place wasn’t something that could be pacified in a small duration.

Taking off the sack from his back, he gently jerked it upwards, and the three sections of Reclining Moon Blade immediately flew up in the sky.

The heavy Reclining Moon Blade soared in the sky as if it was weightless.

The next moment, He Yiming’s figure swayed once, and merely with this one gentle sway, his body suddenly seemed as if it was about to evaporate. As if standing there was not an individual, but an illusory image, a wisp of smoke.

Subsequently, his feet moved. This movement was no longer that of a human. He took countless steps instantly, as if he’d taken tens, hundreds, or even thousands of steps in the surroundings.

These footsteps were not illusory, instead they truly touched the ground, like the boundless mountain rain, enshrouding the entire mountain.

Indistinctly, He Yiming’s figure had already converted into cloud and mist, into swift gale and torrential rain.

Suddenly, his figure paused. His two feet stepped out one after another, virtually stepping into the air several times. At the same time, his arms stretched out, catching the falling down three sections.

His hands moved at an incomparably fast speed, seeming like a blur in mid-air. The next instant, the Reclining Moon Blade had been completely assembled.

In the air, the blade stance opened and [Splitting Mountain Thirty-Six Forms] was unleashed, pressing down with a pressure of Mount Tai.

After a rumble, He Yiming dropped to the ground with a thump. Although he didn’t fall flat on his back, the fall was still quite terrible. Fortunately, he was able to thrust Reclining Moon Blade’s handle into the ground. Otherwise, he would truly be lying on his back.

He faintly gasped, and his face looked slightly flushed. The recent awe-inspiring aura had completely disappeared within an instant.

Looking at the Reclining Moon Blade in his hand, he inwardly thanked his luck.

A moment ago, he’d been trying to assimilate [Splitting Mountain Thirty-Six Forms] into his body technique. If he could integrate these two Xiantian techniques, he felt certain that it would definitely produce an incomparably gigantic might.

Two Xiantian techniques- if two techniques could truly be superimposed, their effects wouldn’t be added and could even go as far as to be multiplied.

If he could truly accomplish this feat, his chances against the Xiantian cultivator who would soon be coming to look for him would increase by as much as ten percent.

However, [Splitting Mountain Thirty-Six Forms] belonged to metal type techniques, whereas the agility technique, [Soaring Rain Cloud], he’d created belonged to light, misty, and a roaming dragon kind of techniques. It was vastly different than the unstoppable force kind of technique, [Splitting Mountain Thirty-Six Forms]. To combine these techniques was not going to be that easy.

He Yiming let out a sigh, and his brows again creased.

Actually, he’d already thought about this problem, and he also knew that overcoming this challenge shouldn’t be too hard. After all, this was an issue of integrating two battle skills. It was far less difficult than coordinating primary True Qi cultivation techniques.

As long as there was enough time, such as training for ten or twenty years, this issue could easily be resolved.

At that time, unleashing [Splitting Mountain Thirty-Six Forms] while using [Soaring Rain Cloud] would be quite easy.

However, what current He Yiming lacked was precisely time. He was quite sure that Lu Xinwen wouldn’t wait ten or twenty years to fight the decisive battle.

As long as he’d the opportunity, he would immediately exterminate the He family from the roots and kill everybody in the He family, and his name would be undoubtedly the first one among the casualties.

After thinking for a bit, he raised his head and gazed into the sky, as if there was something that could attract his vision.

Suddenly, his figure once again moved. This time, he unceasingly ascended the mountain and finally arrived at the place where he’d comprehended dao in the morning.

He looked far into the distance. Tall mountains stood as far as the eye can see. At this place, he, a human, looked as miniscule as a speck of dust.

He casually extended the Reclining Moon Blade. This tyrannical weapon, which attracted countless people’s appalled gazes, wasn’t even a gazillionth fraction of this huge mountain range.

He Yiming slowly closed his eyes. His thoughts seemed to have returned to that instant once again.

He seemed to have once again returned to that mystical state where he’d gained enlightenment at this place.

In his mind, that human image constituted of cloud, mist, and rain water appeared once again.

This image started to use [Soaring Rain Cloud] skill. This figure exuded even more unrestrained and natural feeling compared to He Yiming. Slowly, mist unceasingly fluttered about this image and ultimately took shape of a Reclining Moon Blade.

With this Reclining Moon Blade, the image’s transformations seemed to have become somewhat hindered.

However, this situation didn’t continue for long. The Reclining Moon Blade in the hands of the image seemed to be slowly becoming weightless.

The image unleashed a series of swift blade strikes. However, it was not [Splitting Mountain Thirty-Six Forms], rather simple blade movements that conformed well to the body technique.

There was no particular sequence amongst these blade movements. Instead, they were unceasingly changing with the body movements.

When He Yiming concentrated with all his might, what appeared in his mind was not some ghost or phantom. Instead, it was an ability that he’d realized after gaining enlightenment.

After observing the mountain rain and morning mist, the True Qi inside his body diffused, and as it interacted with the Worldly Qi, it brought about a mystical feeling in his mind, as if after exploring the wonders of the source of clouds and mist, the source of clouds and mist had integrated with his consciousness, allowing him to thoroughly master the ability of the transformations of rain and clouds.

Subconsciously, his mind reflected this in the form of a human image that was proficient in all the transformations of rain and clouds.

It was precisely this subconscious human image produced by absorbing the power of the source of rain and clouds which combined all rain-cloud techniques and finally created the [Soaring Rain Cloud] technique.