Book 2 - Fame Spreads

Chapter 43.2


He Yitian’s face slowly gravened. Although he hadn’t seen the appearance of a gold core before, after smelling this fragrance which could jolt one’s spirit and mind, he immediately knew that this thing must be worth quite a bit.

“What is this?”

“Gold core.”

“Gold core?” He Yitian suddenly jumped to his feet, and his vision became astonished and unconvinced. Thinking for a bit, he said, “Sixth brother, this is that gold core which can allow people to cross over bottlenecks?”

He Yiming faintly shook his head and said, “No, eldest brother. Those are called Limit gold cores, and the one in my hand is actually Essence gold core.”

A trace of disappointment flickered on He Yitian’s face as he casually asked, “What is this thing used for?”

“An Essence gold core is a kind of medicinal pill that could increase essence in the body. After consumption, it would immediately provide a huge increase in essence. Cultivating during this time period would allow one to quickly increase the Internal Energy, and even attain the peak of the current layer.” He Yiming grimly replied.

His words were perfectly true. This kind of gold core had huge benefits for a ninth layer Internal Energy cultivator. In that case, if He Yitian, who had seventh layer Internal Energy, were to consume it, he could certainly promote his Internal Energy to the seventh layer’s peak in a brief time period.

He Yitian’s face revealed a trace of excited expression. Although the use of this kind of gold core was not too exaggerated, for a cultivator, it was a rare and valuable resource nevertheless. If he were to say that he was not tempted, he would certainly be lying.

He Yiming offered the gold core in his hands and said, “This thing’s efficiency is extremely high. Even a ninth layer expert can only consume one pill within ten days. In my estimation, one pill per year would be more or less same for you.”

He Yitian gently and cautiously accepted the pill. Hesitating a bit, he asked, “Where did you get it? Don’t tell me it was from the masked man…”

Before yesterday, He Yiming didn’t have this thing, and after today, he’d immediately taken it out. This naturally made He Yitian feel skeptical.

He Yiming faintly shook his head and said, “Eldest brother, don’t bother too much. Our ten day agreement with the Fan family is near. Hurry up and eat it, and promote your Internal Energy to the peak as soon as possible.”

He Yitian glanced at the gold core in his hand. Eventually incapable of suppressing the lure which, for a cultivator, could be termed as fatal, he sat down once again and ate the gold core. His face immediately transformed before he began to circulate his Internal Energy.

Retreating a few steps, He Yiming exited the room and softly closed the door. An extremely minute thread of True Qi spread out, and the latch inside the door immediately locked the door as if being controlled by two invisible hands.

Subsequently, He Yiming found Yuan family’s manager of this courtyard and notified him that his eldest brother would be bitterly cultivating and should not be easily disturbed by anybody.

That manager naturally agreed, not daring to show the slightest bit of negligence.

Quite pleased with his attitude, He Yiming turned around and arrived at his eldest uncle’s place. Before he could approach, he heard two voices coming from inside along with a kind of strange sound as if a small stone striking something.

An image immediately appeared in his mind.

He Quanxin and Yuan Earnest were sipping tea while playing chess.

He faintly smiled, satisfied with his increasing understanding and manipulation of True Qi. Furthermore, it also seemed as if his True Qi was incessantly increasing. He could only wonder when would it attain the peak, though.

The entrance was not closed. He Yiming gave a soft cry at the door, and He Quanxin’s voice could immediately be heard, “Oh Yiming, come in.”

Ever since he discovered the disappearance of He Yiming, although on the surface he’d shown to be not caring at all, in his mind, he was somewhat anxious. Only after He Yiming returned back at his moment did his mind relax.

He Yiming arrived before the two and and momentarily glanced at the chessboard.

He’d no time to delve into Zither, chess, painting, and calligraphy- the daos of a well-educated person. He recognized the pieces on the board, but as far as he was concerned, the most useful trait of these pieces was that they could be used as hidden weapons to strike someone with.

“Eldest uncle, eldest brother asked me to let you know that he intends to go into seclusion for a few days.”

He Quanxin immediately put down the chess piece in his hand and astoundedly asked, “Why would Yitian suddenly have such a thought? Is this a time to go into seclusion?”

He Yiming didn’t wish to mention the gold cores in front of Yuan Earnest, and thus could only bitterly laugh, “Maybe eldest brother is prompted by a sudden impulse?”

He Quanxin glared at him. He was thoroughly disapproving of this explanation. However, similarly due to Yuan Earnest’s presence, he didn’t wish to go into the details at this moment.

He Yiming promptly changed the topic and said, “Uncle Yuan, I wish to seek your guidance.”

Yuan Earnest chuckled and said, “Nephew Yiming mustn’t be so courteous. If you have something on your mind, do tell.”

“I wish to ask if you know an individual named Lu Xinwen?” He Yiming solemnly asked.

“Lu Xinwen?” Yuan Earnest sucked in a breath of cold air and involuntarily revealed a trace of appalled expression on his face, “Where did nephew He hear this name?”

Seeing his expression, He Yiming’s heart tightened. However, his face didn’t reveal any gap and instead revealed a faint smile as he said, “The last time when we went to the county town. He seems like a really powerful figure.”

Yuan Earnest then calmed down and said with a sigh, “Nephew He is indeed correct. He is indeed an extraordinary figure.”

He Quanxin also turned somewhat curious, “Brother Yuan, who is this noble person? Could he be some great influential family’s leader?”

Yuan Earnest bitterly laughed, “If he’d been some big influential family’s leader, I wouldn’t have revered him so much,” He paused for a bit and continued as a trace of admiration emerged on his face, “It is said that Lin Xinwen was an orphan and has roamed around the country from his childhood. However, he was exceedingly talented and hardworking. Gradually his reputation began to soar, and he built his name as an expert of his region. Countless influential families wished to rope him in, but he always disdained it. Afterwards, his attitude provoked a big, millennium clan and was attacked by three experts of the same rank. However, in the end, he carved out a bloody path and disappeared without a trace.”

He Quanxin’s face slightly transformed. He obviously understood that these same rank experts meant three tenth layer experts for sure. Otherwise, Yuan Earnest wouldn’t have spoken in such grave tone.

“Then?” He Yiming asked, “He couldn’t have remained unseen, right?”

Yuan Earnest faintly nodded and said, “That’s right. Lin Xinwen, after full ten years of disappearing, suddenly reappeared twenty-five years ago. The first task he did after emerging was precisely that he went to that millennial clan and massacred everybody inside. Thereby, he was named Blood Slaughterer,” His face revealed a trace of horrified and grave expression as he said, “Throughout the entire family, not even chickens and dogs survived.”

He Quanxin’s face completely transformed as an appalled expression emerged in his eyes, “Xiantian expert?”

“Correct,” Yuan Earnest faintly nodded and said, “That was, after all, a millennial clan. They had four tenth layer experts. Only a powerful Xiantian cultivator could kill them all without allowing a single one to escape.”

He Quanxin thought for a bit then asked, “How did he become a Xiantian realm cultivator?”

Yuan Earnest bitterly smiled and said, “There are many legends about it. The most believable one is that he found some previous generation Xiantian cultivator’s cave and obtained a Xiantian gold core.”

He Quanxin stroked his chin, revealing an envious expression. This kind of fortune was indeed too good.

He Yiming suddenly raised his head and coldly asked, “Uncle Yuan, how many people that big family had?”

“Over all, including servants, there were at least a thousand.”

“A thousand?” He Yiming faintly started, then thought for bit before asking, “Uncle Yuan, if all thousand escaped in different directions, how could they possibly be killed in entirety?”

Yuan Earnest shook his head and said as if it was only to be expected, “I don’t know. But it should be possible for a Xiantian cultivator.”

He Yiming rolled his eyes. Yuan Earnest had way too much faith in Xiantian cultivators.

Xiantian cultivators were quite formidable, possessing the boundless True Qi, but if a single person were to chase after a thousand people fleeing in different directions, he couldn’t kill them all. If he could accomplish this feat, he was not a powerful Xiantian cultivator, but Xiantian God.

He was sure that there must be a reason for this, and he was merely unable to figure it out at the moment.

Yuan Earnest suddenly laughed and said, “If there is enmity, it must be repaid. To cut the grass, roots must be eliminated. This is the only method that should define a man.”

He Yiming blankly stared, and his gaze on Yuan Earnest inevitably turned a little strange.

To kill a thousand people including unaccountable old, weak, children, and women- in Yuan Earnest’s words, it had become a man’s defining trait. Such an attitude…

Although he understood, the current him couldn’t accept it.

However, after hearing this information, his face also somewhat changed. He didn’t expect that this person would have such a vengeful heart. He could easily see that as long as the latter found out that his three disciples were killed by him, he would absolutely not be willing to take it without doing anything and would certainly involve his family as well.

However, he then thought that the Xiao brothers had already decided to ask their master’s assistance and completely exterminate He family. Even if he hadn’t killed those three, they still wouldn’t have let off He family. In that way, whether he acted or not, didn’t make any difference at all.

As soon as he thought up to here, his heart immediately turned resolute.

Although he’d heard that this man had stepped into the Xiantian realm more than twenty years earlier than him, He Yiming wasn’t flustered or nervous at all. Insead, he’d become even calmer.

Before stepping into this realm, he’d extreme yearning and all kinds of conjectures regarding this realm.

However, after entering this realm, he knew that although Xiantian realm’s cultivation was related to time, the most important factor was enlightenment.

A momentary enlightenment could allow a huge increment in strength.

His two fists slightly tightened. If Lu Xinwen came, he would let him have a taste of Reclining Moon Blade’s [Splitting Mountain Thirty-Six Forms].