Book 2 - Fame Spreads

Chapter 43.1 Blood Slaughterer


The red sun lay embedded inside the red clouds that were knitted by the red leaves. The branches slashed the azure sky into various ribbons that coiled around these red clouds and the sun.

In this charismatic landscape, He Yiming’s figure rushed through the plains like lightning and entered the Yuan manor.

Although the day was already resonant, He Yiming’s speed had reached an inconceivable degree. Even if some people saw him, they only felt a blur before their eyes and had absolutely no clue that a person had gone past them.

This was the result of the dao He Yiming had comprehended on the mountain peak, the Rain Cloud dao- the new agility technique he’d created by combining the agility technique of Xiao brothers with the nature’s fine rain and clouds.

He Yiming immediately proceeded onto naming this technique [Soaring Rain Cloud]. Although this was officially the first technique he’d created, in regards to might, this technique was far above that of the Xiantian technique of the Xiao brothers.

After all, the two of them were merely Houtian experts and were simply incapable of harnessing this Xiantian technique’s source. If a Xiantian cultivator were to grasp their technique and cultivate it to the peak, then which of the two techniques was more superior, that would depend on their respective cultivation.

However, in the absence of a Xiantian cultivator, as soon as He Yiming employed this technique, he immediately became ghost-like. Nobody could detect him as he rushed through.

When He Yiming returned back to his room, his heart was surging. If he’d been on the mountain peak, he would have certainly laughed out again and let out the excitement he felt at this moment.

The cultivation in Xiantian realm had a completely different feel compared to the Houtian realm.

In Houtian realm, one had to take one step at a time. Even He Yiming, who had such a miraculous talent and body, needed half a year to attain a certain rank’s peak.

However, Xiantian realm was vastly different.

At dawn, the enlightenment at the mountain peak was not merely him comprehending an agility technique. In addition, the Xiantian True Qi inside his body had also attained an inconceivably vigorous state.

Apparently, during the course of that enlightenment, his body had also been elevated to a new height and was now capable of containing several folds more True Qi within.

As of now, his Xiantian True Qi was at least more than two folds of before. This change naturally made him go wild with delight.

As soon as his eyes glanced around the room, he knew that someone had come here in his absence. However, that person had not taken any action and had left immediately after entering. Even the Reclining Moon Blade placed inside his quilt had not been touched.

His brows faintly creased, but relaxed immediately afterwards. To enter without his permission, there were only two people who could have done it- his eldest uncle and eldest brother. As for the servants of Yuan family, he reckoned they didn’t have such courage.

He pondered for a bit before a trace of smile appeared on his face. Although his clothes were completely dry thanks to True Qi, they had some wrinkles on them. As a result, he changed all his clothes from head to toe and put them inside a basket, then moved the basket to the window.

This was also one of the customs of Yuan family. If one needed to have his clothes washed, all they needed to do was to place them by the window. The servants would come by themselves. The guests were not required to take the slightest bit of trouble.

Yuan Earnest and others had evidently gone through a lot of trouble to allow them to live here in comfort.

He Yiming left his room, took a turn inside the courtyard, and arrived outside his eldest brother’s residence.

His two ears faintly moved, and he immediately heard the continuous, long breathing sounds coming from inside.

As these sounds entered He Yiming’s ear, they gradually gave him a feeling as if he was standing in boundless plains.

He inwardly praised, knowing that his eldest brother was in the midst of bitter cultivation. Moreover, from his own experience in the Xiantian realm, he could also tell that his eldest brother had gradually entered a blissful state while training in earth-type techniques, completely indulging himself within.

This was related to his innate nature being conformed to earth-type techniques. In a few years, even without the help of Essence gold cores, he could have easily attained the seventh layer’s peak. However, when would he be able to break through the seventh layer’s peak and attain the eighth layer, nobody could say with certainty.

After hearing from outside for while, until the breathing suddenly turned soft then hurried, He Yiming gently patted the door.

From the sound of the breathing, he knew that his eldest brother had stopped training.

After all, this was not He manor. He couldn’t cultivate here for too long.

Hearing a knock from outside as soon as he stopped, He Yitian felt quite strange. As he stood up and opened the door, his face revealed a trace of delight before he complained, “Sixth brother, where did you go in the night? Pursuing that masked man?”

He Yiming thickened his face and touched his hair. He then chuckled and entered inside.

He Yitian faintly shook his head. Looking at somewhat shameless smile on He Yiming’s face, he felt rather helpless. However, the next moment, he stared blankly before sizing up He Yiming with an astonished gaze.

He Yiming faintly started, “Eldest brother, what are you doing?”

He Yitian’s brows creased as he said, “Truly strange, something seems to have happened to your body. It seems a bit different than last night.”

He Yiming was inwardly alarmed. Last night his mood had underwent huge up and downs, then he’d comprehended the dao by watching the clouds and rain. Although his appearance had not changed in any way, his attitude and bearing was indeed somewhat different and Xiantian True Qi inside his body was almost double.

‘Eldest brother’s eyes are too good. He’s even seen through such things.’

He chuckled and said, “Eldest brother, you’re being too suspicious. I am still me, you think I am not me?”

He Yitian blankly stared, somewhat confused by these words. Although immediately sobered up, the feeling from a moment ago had already disappeared. Smiling and crying at the same time, he said, “You slyboots, talking nonsense again.” His voice gravened as he continued, “That person from yesterday was a tenth layer expert, and a fire-type cultivator on top of it. You actually dared to secretly follow him, your guts have indeed become too big. After returning, I am definitely going to tell grandfather and the others.”

He Yiming bitterly smiled and immediately cupped his hands, “Eldest brother, please save these words for some other time. I am here, completely safe and sound. There was no danger at all.”

He Yitian lightly snorted, as if still somewhat discontent.

He Yiming waved his hand, and when he stretched it out, it was magically holding a jade bottle. He Yiming chuckled and proudly looked at his eldest brother.

He Yitian cried out in surprise. He couldn’t see how his sixth brother had done this at all. He’d only felt a blur before his eyes, and there was already something in He Yiming’s hand. Such skill and speed was too far out of his reach.

In reality, this was related to He Yiming’s actions becoming exceedingly nimble after learning the mysteries behind the Rain Cloud Imprint. If he’d not learned this mystical Xiantian Imprint technique, his movements wouldn’t have been this exaggerated.

“Eldest brother, you know what’s in here?”

He Yitian glanced at it, then revealed a disdainful expression, “So, you want to bribe me? I don’t care.”

Chuckling, He Yiming opened the bottle and poured out a gold core.

This gold core was light yellow in color. As soon as it came out, it began to spin in He Yiming’s hand, and a peculiar aroma spread into the room.