Book 2 - Fame Spreads

Chapter 40.2

As if having felt He Quanxin’s battle intent, that masked man suddenly took a step forward, and this step was already enough for him to arrive right before He Quanxin.

His charge unexpectedly brought a burst of scorching heat. Furthermore, the two palms that he’d unleashed looked horrifying as if branding irons.

He Yiming immediately thought to himself that this was certainly a fire-type technique that had attained the tenth layer.

In the five-phases, fire-type techniques might not be the number one in terms of offense, but as far as aggression was concerned, they were the best.

As the fire-type technique was unleashed to the extreme, an aura like that of burning the sky and boiling the ocean erupted like a volcano.


The air in the surrounding was immediately influenced and became dry and scorched. The small flowers and grass, over which he’d stepped across, immediately withered down.

He Quanxin’s eyes shined. He didn’t issue any battle cry and counterattacked in silence.

His hands evenly stretched out. It seemed as if there was a huge, insurmountable mountain before him. However, as his hands stretched out, it seemed even this mountain would be toppled.

Earth-type technique’s profoundness, steadiness, and severity was being vividly displayed by him.

Precisely under such a battle where he could fight without worries and both sides fight severely without holding back, could he unleash his body’s full potential. At this moment, He Quanxin only felt rejuvenated and brimming with vigour.


A gigantic sound wave spread out as the palms of the two struck against each other.

The masked man jerked forward before suddenly retreating. His hands that were surrounded in red somewhat paled.

He Quanxin’s legs were evenly stretched out, entering several inches into the ground. A red colored light suddenly flashed on his body and a trace of dark, burnt color appeared on his outer robe. However, it was only a slight damage to his clothes. He hadn’t suffered any true injury at all.

Although this strike gave an impression that both were evenly matched, as a spectator, He Yiming could tell that his eldest uncle turned out to be a notch above in the end. The boulder weighing down on his heart was immediately lifted.

During a battle of experts of the same rank, disparity of a thread was akin to a difference of a thousand li.

With this much difference of a thread, if the masked man didn’t have some special trick, he’d basically no chance at winning.

If any of the Xiao brothers somehow managed to break through into the tenth layer, He Yiming would be concerned for his eldest uncle. After all, they had grasped an agility type Xiantian technique. Houtian cultivators with Xiantian battle skills were absolutely unrivalled among the same ranks.

However, this person was clearly different. He’d evidently not cultivated some Xiantian battle skill, but merely some ambiguous agility technique. How could he prevail over He Quanxin?

After all, He Quanxin was not a novice as well. He’d cultivated his martial skill for several decades. Even He Wude praised him as the martial lunatic of the He clan.

Especially the techniques he cultivated were that of the earth-type which were the firmest among the five-phases. The most distinguished feature of such techniques was precisely stability. Unless in the presence of a restrictive technique, during the battle, if an earth-type cultivator’s strength was somewhat weaker than the opponent, he’d basically no chance of winning, but vice versa, he wouldn’t be able to lose even if he wished.

Latrine’s rock, repulsive yet hard- this was the true portrayal of earth-type techniques.


“An assassin….”

“Catch the intruder….”

Almost the next moment, countless cries began to echo from various corners of the manor.

The intensity of the exchange between two tenth layer experts was so severe, not to mention the people in this courtyard had no chance of sleeping again, even the people in the neighbouring courtyards were also jolted awake by the loud sound.

The masked man profoundly gazed at He Quanxin, then suddenly laughed out loud and said, “A fine skill, earth-type tenth layer….. much appreciated.”

After saying these words, his body flickered and left looking as if a cloud of unceasingly dancing black flames.

He Quanxin’s feet slightly advanced before suddenly stopping, he began to involuntarily look at that retreating figure in contemplation.

With his discerning eyes, he could naturally tell that the counterpart’s agility technique was above his. Even if he chased with all his might, he would only fail in the end. This being the case, instead of disgracing himself, it would be better for him to save his energy!

Yuan manor obviously had some people on night watch. Upon hearing this noise, they immediately rushed over. However, upon arriving, they discovered that there was only He Quanxin while the so-called intruder had long escaped.

A figure flickered, and Yuan Earnest appeared. His face carried a trace of bewilderment and fury.

Someone actually created trouble inside the Yuan manor . This was blatant provocation, which naturally made him somewhat flustered.

“Brother He, who was it?”

He Quanxin faintly shook his head, “That person had his face covered. He exchanged one palm strike with me, then immediately left.”

Yuan Earnest faintly started, immediately feeling a chill in his back.

To exchange palms with He Quanxin and retreat, even he himself couldn’t imagine accomplishing such a feat.

“Brother He, was that person injured?” He hopefully asked.

He Quanxin still shook his head and said, “No. That person’s Internal Energy is not any less powerful than mine.”

This time, Yuan Earnest’s complexion completely transformed. Tonight’s intruder was actually a tenth layer expert? Fortunately this person encountered He Quanxin, if it had been him…

Yuan Earnest shook his head, no longer daring to think any further.

“Brother He, fortunately you found out. If that person was truly allowed to run amok in the manor, nobody would have been able to keep him in check except you.”

Hearing the flattering words, He Quanxin couldn’t help but bitterly laugh, “Brother Yuan, you overpraise me. I just had a sudden impulse to have a walk outside, then I ran into that person as soon as I opened the door” He briefly paused before continuing, “It seems to me that person had come specifically for me.”

Yuan Earnest hesitated quite a bit before asking, “Brother He, you know who this person was?”

He Quanxin lightly shrugged, then suddenly asked, “Brother Yuan, you previously said that Fan Shui is a water-type cultivator, right?”

Yuan Earnest immediately said, “Correct. The techniques he cultivates are precisely that of water-type,” His face suddenly tensed as he asked in an strict voice, “Could this person be Fan Shui?”

He Quanxin lightly sighed and said, “This person is absolutely not Fan Shui, because his technique was a tenth layer, fire-type technique.”

Yuan Earnest immediately started. He’d absolutely no clue which expert would choose night time to scout Yuan manor and even look for He Quanxin.

However, if someone were to say that this person had no connection with Fan family, he wouldn’t believe it in the slightest.

He Quanxin thought for a few moments and said, “Brother Yuan, although this person is not Fan Shui, his agility technique was somewhat similar to the Xiao brothers from yesterday.”

Yuan Earnest’s complexion immediately paled. He’d first hand witnessed the might of Xiao brothers. When the two of them joined hands, they could actually become equivalent to a tenth layer expert. If they had a tenth layer expert like them, the Ten Day agreement would be nothing more than a joke.

Seeing the counterpart’s face, He Quanxin inwardly trembled and immediately said, “Brother Yuan, I could also have made a mistake in night. You don’t need to worry too much.”

Yuan Earnest forced out a laugh, but was not relaxed inwardly at all.

With He Quanxin’s strength and eyes, how could he have casually spoken had he not been sure? Tonight’s intruder must have a connection with the Xiao brothers.

Although Yuan Earnest’s mind was a mess, fortunately or unfortunately, he’d seen the ways of the world. He knew that at this moment, he couldn’t allow himself to panic. After loudly instructing everybody to go back to sleep, he also took his leave and left, heading towards the Lord Master Yuan’s residence to discuss this matter.

He Quanxin returned to his residence and immediately saw He Yitian. However, the current Yitian’s face had lost his former calm appearance. He gently said, “Father, Yiming has disappeared.”

He Quanxin blankly stared before asking, “What?”

“Just now, I saw that He Yiming has not come out. Feeling concerned, I went to check out his residence. However, I didn’t expect to find his residence completely empty with Reclining Moon Blade placed inside the quilt as a pretense.” He Yitian bitterly laughed and spoke.

He Quanxin’s heart trembled. He immediately knew that He Yiming must have gone to chase after that masked man.

He Yitian anxiously asked, “Father, It seems that sixth brother must have went after that person. What should we do?”

He Quanxin faintly shook his head and said, “No need to worry about him. We’ll go back to sleep.”

He Yitian was completely startled, “Father, you haven’t gone insane, have you? That person is a tenth layer expert!”

He Quanxin patted his son’s shoulder and said, “Be at ease. Yiming’s cultivation is no longer below your father’s. Even if he can’t win, there would be no issue when it comes to protecting himself,” The corner of his mouth curled into a faint smile, “And the little guy should also have the qualifications to take the charge.”

Looking at his father leaving with a face full of joy, He Yitian felt quite emotional, wondering when he would ever hear such an evaluation from his father’s mouth….