Book 2 - Fame Spreads

Chapter 39.2

However, in such a level of fight, he’d no way of interfering at all. Therefore, although his face had already lost all its color and was pale beyond comparison, he could only helplessly watch with his hands tied.

Right at this moment, the Xiao brothers simultaneously withdrew their four arms and ingeniously defended their front. He Quanxin’s two palms slapped at their arms. The two brothers flew up in the air and did a somersault in the air before dropping on the ground.

Having received the impact of the tenth layer powerful Internal Energy, they stumbled back a few steps. Their faces suddenly turned white before they were able to stand firmly.

He Yiming inwardly shouted ‘How unfortunate!’. He didn’t felt that their escaping away unscathed was unfortunate, but that they hadn’t been able to continue.

With the footwork of these two, He Yiming had a feeling that even the Rain Cloud imprint used by Lin Taoli was on the verge of being unveiled, and he was about to receive enlightenment.

However, right at this critical juncture, the outcome of their fight was decided which caused He Yiming’s enlightenment to be forcefully interrupted.

If possible, he still sincerely hoped that their fight could have gone for a few moments more. Perhaps after a few moments, he could have gained some enlightenment. However, as of now, all of his efforts had undoubtedly been wasted.

Actually, even he himself didn’t know how could he suddenly enter such sort of enlightenment realm, and he couldn’t tell even more if he would have an opportunity to do so ever again.

Previously, while copying the Bone Transformation Method in He family’s Book Pavilion, he’d gone through a similar sort of mystical circumstances as well. However, after that incident, regardless of how he tried, he never experienced this feeling.

Involuntary enlightenment, and Voluntary attempts. The efficiencies of these two kinds were completely different.

That was the reason he felt it was too unfortunate….

He Quanxin’s face revealed a trace of regret. Even such a fierce strike that contained his accumulated power hadn’t been able to inflict a critical injury. Such a good opportunity would be extremely hard to find again.

However, he immediately moderated his thoughts and looked at the Xiao brothers’ arms.

This moment, the sleeves over their arms had been completely torn apart, and its fragments were fluttering about in the air.

From within the torn sleeves, two robust arms had been exposed out. The most eye-catching part of the two arms were the four resplendent, golden armguards on them. These four armguards begun from the wrist and covered all the way up to the elbow. The armguards that offered such a big protective cover had to be extremely rare.

He Yiming’s eyes shined. He distinctly felt that the reason the Xiao brothers could arouse their Internal Energy to such a frightening extent ought to be the merit of these four armguards.

Sucking in a deep breath, He Quanxin said in a loud and clear voice, “This old man has heard before that some great influential families with millenniums of legacies often have a few special artifacts. All these artifacts have some miraculous effects. If this old man is not mistaken, the armguards on the hands of brother Xiao is precisely one of these.”

Xiao Yifan sneered and said, “Brother He’s eye is quite keen. That’s right, we two brothers have Grand Extension defense equipment on our arms.”

He Quaunxin faintly nodded with a grave face.

When Vastmoon had seen these objects for the first time, his first thought was precisely to take them for himself. However, as He Quanxin saw these two golden armguards, his first thought was concerning the background of these Xiao brothers.

How could an ordinary person use such miraculous armguard?. Heavens knew what could possibly be the power that sat behind them. If they truly had a clan with millenniums of legacy backing them up, even if his old man was asked to come from Tai Cang county, it might not be enough.

Van Vastsun’s fiercely palpitating heart finally calmed down. It was extremely fortunate that these two brothers only seemed to have suffered light injuries. However, this was already the limits of his endurance.

He promptly stepped forward, arrived before the two Xiao brothers, turned around, and said, “Uncle Yuan, my father has asked me to convey his message. He’s asked you and second lord Zeyu to move out. If not, my father will personally come with elder lord Weiyu, and claim his old self’s possession.”

After saying these words, he faintly cupped his hands, turned around, and left, pulling the Xiao brothers with him.

When these two brothers had first entered, they were extremely haughty and even looked down on He Quanxin. Even Fan Vastmoon lagged far behind in front of such a haughty attitude. However, after the recent battle, their arrogant manner had become a lot restrained. Especially when they looked at He Quanxin, their eyes even contained a trace of profound trepidation.

Yuan Earnest didn’t attempt to stop them and merely looked at their backs with a concerned gaze.

He’d originally thought that Fan family only had one tenth layer expert. He hadn’t expected that they actually had two ninth layer experts who were far more powerful than the experts of similar ranks. By joining hands, these two were actually able to keep a tenth layer expert occupied for so long.

Although they were defeated ultimately, even when He Quanxin struck with full power, he wasn’t able to kill them. If during the official fight ten days later, Fan Shui was able to keep He Quanxin occupied, who would be able to resist these two brothers?

His vision unwittingly fell on He Yiming, and his eyes automatically brightened. Perhaps, only someone like He Yiming who had a tyrannous innate divine strength could resist these two individuals.

He Yiming thought for a bit and said, “Eldest uncle, in the end, what were their armguards?”

He Quanxin bitterly laughed and said, “I’ve also never seen this object before, and have only heard your grandfather mentioning it several times.” He paused, as if trying to remember something, before continuing, “It is said that in the eastern part of the mainland, there is a great nation called Grand Extension. That place have countless skilled craftsman that can use strange materials of this world and forge them into powerful weapons or defense equipment. If, we cultivators can get our hands on these artifacts, we’ll be able to increase our power by many folds.”

He Yiming’s eyes shined momentarily. He’d been thinking all along that the reason every attack of the Xiao brothers could exhibit a might that far surpassed the limits of ninth layer cultivator was a mysterious Xiantian technique. However, currently, he’d already ascertained that it ought to be the miraculous effect of those two Grand Extension defense equipment.

Yuan Earnest took two steps forward. His face was extremely gloomy. Anyone who were to suddenly discover that the enemy’s group had two more experts also wouldn’t be looking in good shape either.

“Nephew Yiming, actually such weapons and defense equipment are not merely made in Grand Extension. Even our northwestern countries also produce such things.”

He Yiming faintly started, “Why have I never seen them, then?”

Yuan coarsely laughed and said, “These things are not something an ordinary blacksmith can forge. It is said that the only people who can forge such weapons or defense equipment are Xiantian realm experts.

He Yitian sucked in a breath of cold air. He was also hearing about these artifacts for the first time. Although he understood that these things must be quite expensive, to be actually made from the hands of Xiantian cultivators, this was no longer something he could hope for.

He Yiming remained expression as he calmly asked, “Uncle Yuan, do you know who can make these, then?”

Yuan Earnest’s expression was solemn as he said, “There are many hidden sects within the northwestern countries. These sects ought to have Xiantian cultivators, and some experts among them should be able to make such powerful weapons and defense equipment. Furthermore, the three great countries of the Northwestern countries also have experts in this respect. However, if you wish to invite them, that is simply an impossible task.”

He Yiming faintly nodded but was quite attentive inwardly.

Yuan Earnest let out a long sigh, “These two armguards must have some special ability. That’s why they were able to tangle with brother He for so long relying on these four armguards.”

He Quanxin faintly shook his head, “These two doesn’t just have a pair of armguards. Their strength is also exceptional.”

He Yiming thought to himself, ‘Eldest uncle’s vision is indeed a notch above. Although the armguards of these two are quite troublesome, relying on four dead objects, how could they have tangled with him for so long? Their true strength lies in their Xiantian footwork. The reason they are able to battle above their rank is because they have cultivated a Xiantian battle skill in Houtian realm.’’

As soon as he recalled that mystical Xiantian technique, his heart was again set ablaze, and the same time, he also couldn’t stop but feel regret.

Yuan Earnest’s face turned even more concerned as he said, “Brother He, ten days later, if you are not allowed to act, what will we do?”

He Yiming coarsely laughed and said, “Uncle Yuan, be at ease. Although those two armguards are quite good, the Reclining Moon blade in my hand is also not just plain metal. It is more than enough to deal with them.”

He said these words with absolute confidence. Because he supplemented inwardly, “Even if my blade can’t cut down their armguards, getting rid of their four arms wouldn’t be a problem at all.’

If [Splitting Mountain Thirty Six Forms], even an ultimate Xiantian technique, in the hands of Xiantian cultivator can’t deal with two Houtian realm cultivators, he might as well hang himself and be done with it.

Yuan Earnest’s face immediately turned much better. He was just waiting to hear these words from He Yiming. After seeing the strength of Xiao brothers, although he was quite apprehensive inwardly, in the broad sense of the circumstances, apart from He Quanxin, only He Yiming who had unparalleled innate divine strength, could allow him to feel at ease.