Book 2 - Fame Spreads

Chapter 39.1 - Arms


Sharp and crisp sounds rang out in succession.

He Quanxin’s figure remained unmoved. Although his actions didn’t seem quick, the palm he’d stretched out perfectly issued a light slap on each of the four arms of the Xiao brothers separately.

However, the following result was out of everybody’s expectations.

This seemingly light slap actually issued brittle sounds in succession as if iron had been struck with stone. Moreover, Xiao brothers didn’t seem to be at a disadvantage at all.

He Quanxin’s face involuntarily gravened. He was inwardly astonished. Their four arms actually carried extremely strong Internal Energy. It was so strong that it didn’t pale even when compared to his own Internal Energy.

Although he hadn’t exerted himself completely, he’d not looked down on his opponents either. In front of his palm strikes that he’d issued just now, even a ninth layer could only have retreated. However, seeing the current energetic appearances of the two brothers, he couldn’t help but think to himself, ‘Could these two actually be tenth layer experts?’

Once the two brothers begun, they showed no mercy. Four arms lashed out one after another, sometimes harsh, and other times soft. At the same time, their footsteps followed a strange pattern as they sharply moved about within a small area. Even He Quanxin felt a headache confronting it. He’d absolutely no way of using his full strength to issue a fatal strike.

He Yiming’s and others had stood up long ago. Everybody had their vision on their bodies. Even Fan Vastsun, who had been quite provocative before, was no exception.

The movements of the Fan brothers became increasingly quicker. Not only their hands danced and waved in the air at a lightning fast speed, even the quickness of their footwork became too quick for the eyes.

Even Yuan Earnest, an eight layer expert, soon found his vision blurring out. He was absolutely incapable of following their movements.

There was only one individual who could truly see through the mysterious within, and that individual was none other than He Yiming.

His eyes were half closed. In his perception, although the technique with which the Xiao brothers were waving their arms was quite rare and strange, it was not something alarming. As long as one could see He Quanxin’s steady appearance as he attacked and defended, it was evident that they wouldn’t be able to prevail over him.

However, what He Yiming couldn’t understand was that the Internal Energy their arms brought was far more powerful than the limits of a ninth layer cultivator. Even if a ninth layer cultivator were to store power for a long time, he wouldn’t be able to strike with such power. Otherwise, with his tenth layer Internal Energy, He Quaxnin could have easily repelled and injured them in one strike, why would he tolerate their chain attacks?

Of course, their footwork was profound and mysterious.

He Yiming was inwardly alarmed. Even he, a Xiantian realm cultivator, was unable to see through their mysterious footwork. Therefore, his eldest uncle not being able to not issue an attack with his full power was naturally not strange.

Slowly, He Yiming’s consciousness began to concentrate. A mystical scene appeared in his mind.

There was an empty space where two clouds were twirling and fluttering about in small circles. After every small circle, they underwent a peculiar transformation. Sometimes nimble, sometimes heavy, condensing, dispersing, joining together, separating apart- every transformation different in its own way, the so-called boundless and unceasing ten million transformations.

He Yiming’s temples and the centre of the forehead were faintly twitching. It seemed as if his insides were filled with power and could burst at any moment.

His heart was palpitating due to his aroused state. In his mind, at the time when two clouds appeared, two hands had also appeared. These two hands were nimble as if they didn’t have bones.

These two hands were constantly transforming. However, their transformations were indistinct as if covered behind a layer of thin cloth, rendering him incapable of seeing clearly.

Slowly, the two clouds disappeared, and so did the two hands. The rumbling in his mind transformed into….clouds and rain.

The indistinct, floating about clouds, and the rain that was present everywhere…

Indistinctly, He Yiming understood…

The reason these two had dared to challenge He Quanxin with ninth layer Internal Energy was not that they were preposterous, but because they already had a plan.

Every time they waved their arms, they could bring about a power that was far beyond limits of a ninth layer cultivator and was sufficient to make even his eldest uncle feel apprehensive. What they truly relied for this power was, in fact, this mysterious footwork.

If he hadn’t concluded wrong, this ought to be a Xiantian technique.

An agility Xiantian technique. This kind of technique ought to be created by some Xiantian senior by taking inspiration from rain clouds. That was the reason it felt so illusory to him.

Moreover, this footwork made He Yiming recall the Rain Cloud Imprint used by Lin Taoli.

Rain Clouds, and Rain Cloud- the footwork and hand imprint of these two techniques unceasingly flickered in He Yiming’s mind, moreover mutually conformed and mutually fused- as if going through an inexplicably mysterious alteration.

If the creator of these two techniques were to know that their techniques were studied and altered in this manner, they would certainly turn pale with fright and wouldn’t be able to convince themselves.

They could create such techniques because they had indulged themselves in clouds and rain for decades, or even centuries, before understanding the transformations of Clouds and Rain, which was a part of the daos of heaven and earth, by a stroke of fortune.

Even a super genius, in Houtian realm, could only imitate a Xiantian technique without understanding the concept behind it. Bringing out the third layer or fourth layer’s might of such a technique was already such a person’s limit.

However, merely through the technique that only had a might of its third or fourth layer, He Yiming had begun to probe these two techniques’ fundamental power. This was indeed an unimaginably horrifying feat.

Gradually, the Rain Clouds were becoming more and more clearer in He Yiming’s mind. Lost in his own world, he’d already forgotten everything else.

Fortunately, everybody’s attention was focused on the battle between He Quanxin and the two Xiao brothers. Otherwise, his peculiar appearance would have certainly been discovered.

However, at this moment, a giant roar came out of He Quanxin’s mouth.

This roar, as if a hammer, heavily pounded against the chests of Xiao brothers, causing a momentary pause in their footwork.

He Quanxin immediately followed up, eventually taking the initiative.

Although earth type techniques were indeed the strongest defensive techniques among the five-phases techniques, but when earth type techniques unleashed counterattack, it was equivalently powerful and fierce.

He Quanxin’s two palms struck, aiming at the chests of Xiao brothers as if two large axes. These two palms carried peak, tenth layer Internal Energy as they whizzed through the air. Evidently, He Quanxin had already decided to go for the kill.

Fan Vastsun’s complexion immediately paled. He was the only one who realized the origins of these two brothers. If these two brothers were to die here, not only the Yuan family would suffer a clan-extermination, even their Fan family would also be implicated in the process.