Book 2 - Fame Spreads

Chapter 35.2

When He Yiming slowly walked out from the street’s opening, his face had gained its true appearance and even the body had completely reverted back to normal. As for the long gown on his body, he’d dumped it in some corner sometime along the way.

His figure faintly moved. The next moment, he was already inside one of the Yuan family’s shops. The shop’s assistant, who obviously recognized He Yiming, immediately struck a greeting.

He Yiming asked him to prepared a room where he could rest and further made him send someone to that antique shop along with the message for his eldest brother that he would be waiting here.

The servants in this shop naturally didn’t dare be neglectful and immediately made all the arrangements.

After entering the room prepared for him, the first task He Yiming did was precisely to open that package.

Inside was a box made from gold and iron. There was an exquisite chain on the box.

He Yiming coldy snorted and gave a gentle pull to the chain. The chain immediately broke apart. For a powerful Xiantian cultivator such as him, such shackles wouldn’t cause any complications even in the absence of a suitable key.

The box opened, revealing a round object wrapped in a cotton cloth.

With his brows faintly creased, He Yiming tore the cotton cloth, revealing a dark and seemingly devoid of luster, black stone.

Upon seeing this black stone, his expression turned into one of disbelief.

This time’s encounter with Fan Vastmoon was a complete accident. Originally, He Yiming had no greed for such a treasure. He’d merely thought of Fan Vastmoon’s repulsive behaviour previously when he’d decided to leave a lesson of reaping what you sow for the latter.

However, he could never have possibly imagined that this box contained such a treasure.

His movements immediately slowed down, becoming soft and gentle.

Before knowing what this box contained, he didn’t have much expectations in his mind. For a Xiantian cultivator, ordinary objects held no value.

However, upon seeing the object inside, he immediately turned cautious, and at the same time, also understood why this object was deemed as the most precious treasure on the corpse.

This dark stone, which seemed completely ordinary, was actually the same Magnetic Steel Source He Yiming had obtained from Ting Liferay.

For an ordinary person, this object didn’t hold much use. At the same time, due to this object’s rarity, ordinary people also couldn’t identify it.

However, for a Xiantian expert, especially those who had yet to form their weapons, this object was simply priceless and couldn’t be bought with mere money.

As he estimated the weight of this stone, a wide smile emerged on his face. The size of this stone was so big that it defied his expectations- almost double the size of the stone given to him by Ting Liferay.

Sucking in a deep breath, He Yiming put the stone back in the box.

This time’s fortunate encounter actually allowed him to obtain such a big chunk of Magnetic Steel Source.

It was hard to imagine what kind of character that deceased must have been to have such a treasure act as his funerary item. In any case, since he understood the worth of this treasure, it could be assumed that he, at least, wouldn’t be a nameless person.

Such a big chunk of Magnetic Steel Source could certainly make the refining of the remaining two sections of his chopper possible.

However, the biggest problem before him now was that he didn’t have a suitable Jadestone furnace.

He didn’t know how much time he’d spent alone in the room before a sound of hurriedly approaching footsteps came from outside. He Yitian’s image immediately appeared in He Yiming’s mind.

After a few moments, the room’s door was opened. As expected, it was He Yitian along with Yuan Lixuan.

The two were talking and smiling. Hearing for a few moments, He Yiming’s face turned rather awkward. From their conversation, it seemed that the trick he’d pulled on Fan Vastmoon had already been heard by them and was also spreading around. What He Yiming found even more ridiculous was that this Fan Vastmoon precisely belonged to the Fan family that stood against the Yuan family. It was not surprising in the least that while mentioning this subject, Yuan Linxuan’s entire face exuded schadenfreude.

He Yiming walked out. They then immediately left for the Yuan manor outside the town.

As for the extra, small package on He Yiming’s body, nobody paid any attention to it since nobody could associate that forty year old man with He Yiming.

“Idiot! What have you done? Who told you to go to the antique shop?”

A furious voice echoed in the Fan family. This voice was extremely substantive and carried an oppressive aura- evidently a voice coming from the mouth of an individual habitual of ordering people around.

In the Gold Forest country, Fan family was merely a newly-emerged small clan, but since they had a tenth layer overseer, they had attracted countless eyes’ close attention.

Currently, in the Fan family’s main hall, Fan Vastmoon was kneeling on the ground with a dejected face. Beside him, the two attendants’ face were even more miserable. Before the family leader, they didn’t dare utter a word.

Fan Vastmoon lifted his head and stole a glance before immediately lowering it again, “Father, at that time, elder brother was not at home. I merely wished to lend a hand to elder brother.”

“Lend a hand?” Fan Shui coldly laughed and said, “I’m afraid you were thinking of stealing the limelight for yourself.”

Fan Vastmoon further lowered his head. However, his hands on his knees involuntarily strictened.

None of his movements escaped Fan Shui’s eyes. His original intentions of scolding him a bit more dissolved away but lamented in his mind that his second son was truly lacking compared to his elder son.

“Father, don’t be angry.”

A gentle voice could be heard, following which, Fan Vastsun entered in quick steps and said, “I’ve already heard about this incident. Second seemingly had good intentions and only came out on the losing end because that person was too cunning.”

Fan Vastmoon lifted his head again, looking back and forth between his father and elder brother. When he lowered his head again, his eyes didn’t have a trace of gratefulness and were instead filled with resentment. But he also knew that he currently couldn’t reveal this expression no matter what. Otherwise, even he didn’t know what kind of punishment awaited him.

“Huff…” Fan Shui shook his head. Regarding these two sons of his, he no longer had any strength to discipline them, “Stop it, just say what was the thing that you lost?”

Before Fan Vastmoon could open his mouth, he heard his elder brother’s voice, “I’d dispatched someone to make inquiries. It was stolen from the tomb of a senior from a previous dynasty. Reportedly, it was a treasure to keep pressure on the coffin. But in terms of shape, it was merely a chunk of black stone.”

Fan Shui’s brows creased. This kind of object, not to mention without personally witnessing it, even if he’d seen it, he might not have been able to recognize it.

“Let it be. Since nobody knows what it was, there is no need to talk about it.” Fan Shui’s voice suddenly strictened, “But that guy who actually dared to fight over Fan family’s stuff….he must be found. I will scatter his ashes.”

Fan Vastsun bitterly laughed and said, “Father, son heard that this person is exceptionally agile. Moreover, his face is completely ordinary. To find such a person….I’m afraid….”

Fan Shui again snorted angrily. He knew his elder son’s meaning. Such a clueless case…they could only clench their teeth and endure. After all, people were boundless like an ocean. With their Fan family’s strength, they wouldn’t be able to look for such a figure in the entire county town.

After lecturing Fan Vastmoon some more, Fan Shui eventually stood and left.

The attendants beside Fan Vastmoon both rejoiced. Escaping punishment this time could only be attributed to gates of fortune opening for them.

With a wave from Fan Vastsun, they immediately turned around and left as if having received amnesty.

They had no desire to mix in the internal affairs of these two brothers.

Fan Vastsun gently sighed and said, “Second, I sent someone to make inquiries. This time, the Yuan family has managed to invite a tenth layer expert. After receiving the backing of this individual, Yuan Zeyu’s conduct has taken a complete turn, and he insists on having an attitude of life and death struggle with our family.”

Fan Vastmoon’s coldy snorted and said, “Elder brother, you should discuss these things with father. Why are speaking with me- an ignorant and incompetent chap?”

Fan Vastsun’s brows creased as he said, “Second, do you remember last time’s incident when you failed to take that guy’s horse and were instead taught a lesson by him?”

Fan Vastmoon suddenly raised his head and furiously said, “Why are mentioning this? Do you wish to humiliate me?”

Fan Vastsun helplessly waved and said, “Second, Fan Seventh said that among the people that Yuan family has invited this time, there is that red horse and also that youngster who he was unable to see through.”

Fan Vastmoon’s face suddenly revealed a trace of killing intent.

“Second,” Fan Vastsun’s face eventually sank, “When Yuan family asked for help, nobody replied to them. However, people from Heaven Sieve country anxiously rushed here. Don’t tell me…you don’t find it strange?”

Fan Vastmoon’s eye suddenly shone with a vicious glint, “Elder brother, could it be that you think….these people are here because of me?”

“It might not be connected with you. However, this is also a lesson. In the future, don’t be rash when you act.” Fan Vastsun earnestly and sincerely said.

Fan Vastmoon let out a long laugh. But this smile didn’t have a trace of respect, “Elder brother, I will keep your instructions in mind. As for that red horse’s rider, if he creates trouble for you, I will certainly help you deal with him.”

After saying these words, he flicked his sleeves and left in huge strides, leaving behind Fan Vastsun silently watching his back with a frown.