Book 2 - Fame Spreads

Chapter 35.1 - Unexpected Delight


When He Yiming walked out into the street, his face was already completely transformed.

The current him, regardless from which angle one looked, looked like a man above forty. Furthermore, even his height had been increased.

Before leaving the shop, he opportunistically grabbed a long gown, and adjusted his stature to fit it.

Although he’d cultivated [Bone Transformation Technique], a large part of the reason he’d been able to accomplish this feat so easily was that he’d attained the Xiantian realm.

Fan Vastmoon and his two attendants were walking on the road without a care. Not to mention they weren’t aware of the jinx behind them, even if they were, how would they have escaped from the pursuit of a Xiantian cultivator?

He Yiming quickened his footsteps and soon overtook them.

He turned around and bought a shoddy wine from a shop at another street’s opening. Sprinkling some of it on his clothes, he headed in the opposite direction.

At a street’s entrance, he burped and stopped. His eyes also seemed to have become distant.

Inwardly, he slowly counted the sounds concerning their footsteps.

After reaching such a realm of strength, merely by relying on the sounds entering ears, one could make a lot of deductions.

Although He Yiming couldn’t tell the destination Fan Vastmoon and his two attendant were headed, from the sound of their footsteps, he could tell the direction they would take the very next moment.

Slowing footsteps and taking a turn is different from walking straight in an extremely subtle way. An ordinary person naturally wouldn’t be able to perceive this difference. However, if a Xiantian cultivator were to pay a little attention, he could easily discern it.

Perhaps an individual who had gone through an appropriate training for some time could also accomplish this feat. However, a Xiantian cultivator could easily do so relying on his own power. Such a feat was far beyond the imagination of an ordinary individual.

Right at this moment, He Yiming ascertained that Fan Vastmoon would walk straight.

Eventually, the corners of his mouth curled into a mischievous smile before he rushed out of the street with staggering footsteps.


The moment Fan Vastmoon walked past a street’s entrance, an evidently drunk man walked out in staggering steps from there within.

His brows creased, wishing to dodge involuntarily. However, he suddenly discovered that regardless of which direction he tried to dodge, he would not be able to succeed.

This thought merely flickered in his mind momentarily, not provoking his conscious attention.

He lifted his leg, wishing to kick. The next moment, the leg supporting his body indescribably slipped. Thereupon, his other leg obviously kicked air. On top of that, his body resolutely collided with the drunkard.

A patch of darkness emerged before Fan Vastmoon’s eyes. He only felt himself to be colliding against an iron wall; everything seeming brightly lit.

Fortunately, the attendants with him reacted quickly. Before he could touch the ground, they quickly stepped forward and supported him.

“Young master, young master….”

The two attendants anxiously shouted. This collision didn’t seem light.

However, that drunkard was also holding his hand and gasping and groaning in pain. His condition was evidently worse.

Fan Vastmoon shook his head, as if sobering up. However, he immediately regretted doing so. This collision was too terrible. It actually made his entire body ache.

Furious inside, he fiercely shifted his vision over. That man was already staggeringly standing up; his face covered in a mask of innocence.

“You, you all….why….you ran into… me?”

Fan Vastmoon felt a fury burning inside him. It was always him who had wronged others, since when did the others have the courage to do so?

“Hit, hit him for me….hit him ruthlessly….”A voice filled with resentment escaped out from the space of his teeth.

The two attendants exchanged a glance. One of them continued to support Fan Vastmoon, and the other forced out a bitter laugh before advancing forward.

As if sensing something was not right, the drunkard immediately shook his hands, “You… don’t create trouble, you people. I am actually very ferocious!”

This moment, the conflict had already gained the curiosity of a few people on the street. Such actions of the drunkard immediately aroused a burst of laughter.

That attendant coldly laughed. Not responding with words, he waved his fist.

This person had offended the second young master. Although it was not intentional, at the very least, it had angered the second young master. Once he was angered, for the two of them, who were responsible for his safety, it was anything but good.

Therefore, his fist was not lenient at all. As long as it wasn’t fatal, a beating was a must.

The fist flew straight at the drunkard’s stomach. This was because the attendant didn’t want to kill him. Otherwise, he would have directly aimed at the vital sections.

The drunkard immediately flew out upside-down while spurting a mouthful of blood, which dyed the ground red.

The attendant was inwardly alarmed as well as pleasantly surprised. This drunkard had just collided with the second young master. He is obviously a guy with a strong physique. ‘My casual strike actually made him fly off, spurting blood? When did I become so powerful?’

However, subsequently, another event occurred that was even beyond his expectations.

That drunkard, after hitting the ground, immediately crawled up, and furthermore, ferociously shouted, “You dared to hit me? I will fight you with my life!”

Following which, with his head down, he charged forward like a savage bull. At this moment, the drunkard’s body erupted with an aura that caused everybody’s heart to palpitate.

The appalled attendant was already groped by the drunkard, pushing him backwards.

Unceasing shrieks echoed. By the time the attendant sobered up, he discovered that somewhere along the line, he’d fell down, and beneath his body were precisely his young master and the other attendant.

By the time they stood up amidst roaring laughters of spectators on the street, that drunkard had already left.

Although Fan Vastmoon was quite haughty, he was no fool. A random drunkard running into him was already a queer event. Then easily pushing his attendant, moveover, implicating him and his other attendant in the process- this was definitely not normal.

The moment they stood up from the ground and saw that the drunkard had already gone missing, they immediately understood that this drunkard was certainly not simple.

One of the attendants suddenly said, “Not good! My package….”

Fan Vastmoon and the other attendant immediately shifted their vision onto him. The parcel that contained the black stone had mysteriously disappeared from his body.

The three exchanged a glance before Fan Vastmoon sternly shouted, “Chase!”

However, they all knew that the chance of catching that drunkard was almost zero.