Book 2 - Fame Spreads

Chapter 32.2

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As if the time started at this instant, all the bandits simultaneously felt an intense trepidation.

They were not fools, and upon witnessing this scene, even a fool could tell that the group they had encountered was anything but ordinary.

Actually, Boss Liao was an eighth layer expert. Although comparing him with He Yiming and the rest would be unjust, at the very least, he shouldn’t have been crushed to death by a three hundred and sixty jin heavy chopper.

However, he’d underestimated the sack too much. Upon seeing He Yiming effortlessly tossing it several meters high and twenty meters far, it was simply impossible for him to think that this thing’s weight was so frighteningly high.

Moreover, while throwing, He Yiming had ingeniously used Jin Dao to aim at his head specifically. (Tl: Jin-> Energy here)

Only under the combination of all these conditions had Boss Liao, an eighth layer expert, died in such a mysterious way, not understanding his death till the last moment.

He Quanxin sighed and said, “Yitian, Yiming, since you’ve acted, there is no need to hold back. The way they wished to deal with us, we should return the favor alike.”

The two brothers simultaneously sounded their agreement. Their bodies suddenly jumped from the horses, charging in the middle of the bandits like two huge birds.

Yuan Earnest’s body also moved to join the battle but was pulled back by He Quanxin, “Brother Yuan, leave it to them.”

Faintly smiling, Yuan Earnest immediately loosened up. He would have done the same for Yuan Liling. The battle power of these horse bandits was not high. They were undoubtedly the optimal target for the young generation’s training.

However, as he watched He Yiming, he suddenly asked, “Brother He, how many layers has nephew Yiming’s Internal Energy reached?”

He Quanxin gave a candid smile and said, “His talent is not bad. So it’s a bit high.”

Somewhat realizing, Yuan Earnest nodded. However, for some reason, he was certain that this ‘a bit high’ was definitely a bit too high.

He Yitian was, after all, twenty-four years old. Under the meticulous training under the family elders, he’d already experienced a few true combats. Especially when he was twenty, he joined the Feudal Organization’s operation for surrounding and killing horse bandits and fought a true battle involving real swords and real spears.

As such, his execution was quite fierce. It didn’t resemble that of an ordinary youngster at all.

The sword in his hand was dancing, issuing whistling sounds. Although the strongest aspect of earth type techniques was defense, when the difference between the strength of the opposing sides was too high, the killing speed of earth type techniques was not lacking either.

The sword in his hand fluttered and danced as if it had gained life. Each and every individual that exchanged blows with him would either have his weapon effortlessly knocked away in two or three moves, or found a hole had opened in his body. Furthermore, He Yitian’s moves showed no mercy. In a flash, he’d already killed seven or eight people.

He Yiming’s movements were absolutely not exaggerated as He Yitian’s. He was moving through the crowd of bandits as if strolling in a garden, casually tossing everybody in his way as he moved.

This toss was not to be underestimated. It made the bandits’ entire body go numb, rendering them incapable to exert any strength. Furthermore, the bodies made a beautiful arc in the air, falling twenty meters away in the end.

At this point, the horse bandits somewhat understood the reason why a cloth bag which seemed weightless yet had crushed a person to death.

Horse bandits sought advantage in numbers, but regardless of whether they tried to swing their swords or turn around and flee, they simply couldn’t escape from He Yiming.

He Yiming was casually tossing bandits around. Apart from this, it seemed he wasn’t using any other method. However, this method which seemed extremely simple displayed his frightening might.

After a few moments, the twenty bandits that had been blocking their front had all tasted the air-trip and were groaning in one of the road’s corner.

By merely imparting a bit of True Qi, He Yiming had plunged their Internal Energy into chaos. Currently, they couldn’t employ Internal Energy at all, nor could they even perform any heavy movement.

This was the disparity between True Qi and Internal Energy.

After another few moments, the few remaining bandits behind them also no longer dared to tangle with He Yitian. They turned around and fled, only hoping that nobody would chase them.

He Yitian hissed, and his figure chased after them on the road at a lightning fast speed. For the most part, all of the escaping bandits died under his sword. Only one bandit, who was extremely agile, went to the stream and immediately jumped inside, disregarding everything.

Although the stream’s water was quite cold, before one’s life, bathing a bit in cold water didn’t amount to anything.

He Quanxin coldly snorted. He was quite displeased regarding one of the bandits escaping but he didn’t act. Him acting to deal with these third to fifth layer bandits would indeed be the same as losing face.

“What to do with these people?” He Yiming pointed at the pile of twenty people.

He Quanxin faintly shook his head and said, “He Yiming, how had these people wished to deal with us before?”

“They wanted to take our horses and possessions.”

“After that?” He Quanxin continued to ask patiently.

He Yiming opened his mouth but didn’t speak.

He Quanxin sighed, “Yiming, you understand why Yitian inquired their intentions before, right?” He paused, then coldly said, “These people, after robbing, would have killed us immediately.”

He Yiming’s vision fell on the corpse of Boss Liao. These words were said by this man himself. That was the reason He Yiming had targeted him and killed him.

However, as he shifted his vision to the other bandits who were howling in grief, he hesitated.

At the side, Yuan Earnest preserved silence. This was He Quanxin instructing his family’s young generation. This was definitely not a good time to interrupt him.

Looking at He Yiming’s hesitating expression, He Quanxin shook his head and said, “Yiming, these people have been captured by you. As such, how to deal with them will also be decided by you.”

After saying these words, he softly patted his horse while saying, “We’ll await you in the small town ahead. Your horse is quick, you can easily catch up.”

Yuan Earnest urged his horse and left following after He Quanxin. He Yitian cleaned his sword, then patted He Yiming on shoulder, “Yiming, regardless of what you decide, I will have your back.”

After saying these words, he also mounted his horse and left, following the road.

Suddenly, He Yiming was left alone. Of course, there were also dead bodies scattered around, horse bandits who were issuing mournful cries, and also more than thirty horses that had lost their masters.

Horses in such a huge number were indeed a good fortune. However, this moment, everybody was too tense to notice. How could anybody pay attention to such a trivial matter? As such, the horses could only be left ignored.

After thinking for a few moments, he arrived beside Boss Liao and retrieved the sack.

The red and white colored brain on the sack seemed quite disgusting. He Yiming untied the outermost layer and threw it away. Fortunately, the leather inside had not been infected. With a few light pats, it was already clean.

Red Silk affectionately arrived beside He Yiiming, stuck its big head out, and rubbed it against his body.

When this horse had begun to be together with him, it was somewhat wild and untamable. However, when He Yiming would clamp down on it with a bit of force, it would turn completely well-behaved.

However, currently, even in He manor, nobody except He Yiming could hope to ride it.

His vision shifted to the bandits howling in grief. This moment, they were already scared witless. Each and every one them opened their mouths and pled mercy.

They were fully aware that this was the sole opportunity of saving their lives. As such, nobody spared any effort in their pleas.

The expression on He Yiming’s face fluctuated indefinitely. Although the road was quite desolate, there were still some people passing through occasionally. However, as soon as these people would see the situation on this section of road, they would immediately steer their horses and leave as quickly as possible. Nobody dared to pause here.

Ultimately, He Yiming let out a sigh.

Turning around, he mounted Red Silk and patted two times. The horse immediately turned into a red streak and disappeared into the distance.

Not long after, he caught up to his eldest uncle and the rest.

Evidently, He Quanxin and the rest had deliberately slowed down, allowing him to catch up in such a short time.

They didn’t ask how He Yiming had dealt with the bandits at all. Perhaps, He Quanxin was not concerned with the result at all and merely wished to provide a course of contemplation for him.

After the group merged, their speed immediately increased. As if the brief encounter with the horse bandits didn’t take place, they steered their horses towards the Gold Forest country.