Book 2 - Fame Spreads

Chapter 32.1 - The Choice

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That big man gloomily looked at Yuan Earnest. Since he’d been the first to speak among their group, he naturally attracted everybody’s attention.

However, his reaction was contrary to what they had expected. While confronting thirty plus Red Cloth horse bandits, he’d not shown the slightest bit of panic. On the contrary, the corner of his eyes contained a trace of disdain.

That Red Cloth bandit had also seen the ways of the world. He naturally didn’t make any error in discerning it. His brows twisted as the group of people before him turned even more unfathomable.

“Boss Liao, why exchange meaningless words with them. These horses are quite good. Let’s keep them all. Leader will certainly have a reward for us.”

One of the bandits walked out with glowing eyes. His vision had also been on Red Silk since the beginning. However, his intentions were even more sinister. He actually wanted to take all the horses. As for how to deal with the people after taking the horses, he didn’t care to even mention it.

Boss Liao’s eyes eventually glowed with a cruel glint. Inwardly, he was telling himself how could one so easily run into experts in this world? With his eighth layer cultivation along with his thirty plus brothers who had fourth and fifth layer cultivations, they could easily rampage on this road.

Indeed, why would true experts travel by switching their horses. Moreover, how rare are experts? They are not cabbages sold in the markets.

Once he made his decision, his pitch immediately increased, “You people, leave the horses and your possessions behind. Then, you may leave.”

Yuan Earnest inwardly sighed and calmly spoke as before, “You wish to rob us, right?”

Boss Liao chuckled and said, “We’re not robbing, rather taking from the rich to help the poor. You have so many horses and so much stuff on the horses. You are obviously those selfish, rich sharks. Leave all your stuff behind, and Lord Liao will leave your life.”

He Yiming couldn’t help but let out a chuckle. This was his first time exchanging words with horse bandits. He hadn’t expected that they would actually refer this as taking from the rich to help the poor instead of robbery. Only after taking from the rich, the wealth would probably not arrive in the hands of the poor.

Yuan Earnest was about to speak when He Yitian suddenly said in a bright voice, “Uncle Yuan, if we hand over the horses and our stuff, do you think these people will truly let us live?”

Upon hearing these words, Boss Liao immediately determined he’d been truly over imagining. These people actually only seemed profound on the outside. His face had already started to darken, deciding that he would kill all four of them.

Yuan Earnest hesitated a bit before saying, “Horse bandits love to slaughter for fun. Furthermore, Red Cloth Bandits’ reputation is so widespread that you can even hear about them occasionally in our Gold Forest country. Their conduct is vicious and merciless. Even if we hand over all our possessions, they will not leave us alive.”

He Yitian displayed a flash of understanding on his face before he turned his head and said, “Boss Liao, are my uncle’s words correct?”

Boss Liao heartily laughed and said, “So the young fellow has seen the world and is somewhat experienced. Correct…” His face strictened, “Today, you will leave behind your possessions and horses, and also your lives.”

While He Yitian and the Boss Liao were conversing, the thirty plus bandits had already scattered, blocking all the escape routes on the road.

To them, these four were already like a turtle in a jar who had no chance to escape.

He Yitian faintly shook his head. Seeming as if he was thinking to himself, he said, “Since handing over our stuff to you is the same as not handing it over, why should we listen to you? Isn’t that so, sixth?”

He Yiming faintly started, then smiled, “It’s precisely as eldest brother said.”

Looking at the gradually converging bandits, He Yitian suddenly said, “But they have a huge advantage in numbers, sixth. We better give a bit of our stuff,” He pointed towards the sack on He Yiming’s horse and said, “This thing’s worth is quite substantial, perhaps it can buy our life.”

Although his voice was not loud, following it, the vision of the few horse bandits ahead immediately followed his hand and arrived on the sack on the He Yiming’s horse.

The sack contained He Yiming’s chopper. It was more than a meter long thanks to the three sections inside. Therefore, from the outside, it was hard to determine what was contained inside.

Boss Liao’s heart faintly trembled. The horse He Yiming was riding was a treasured colt. If the latter staked his life and made a run forward, he might not be able to chase him down. At the very least, he’d no certainty accomplishing this feat without taking the risk of inflicting harm to the horse.

“Hey, you there. What is in your sack? Hurry up and take it out. If it is truly some precious treasure, it might buy your life.” Boss Liao glared and fiercely said, “If you make Lord Liao happy, you might be able to preserve everybody’s life.”

At this moment, He Yiming had already understood his eldest brother’s intentions. He tacitly smiled and said, “All right, since you want to look, you can look. However, if this thing is to truly buy our lives, it is more than enough to do so.”

After saying these words, he untied the sack from the horseback and casually tossed it.

In his hands, the broadsword seemed completely weightless, seeming as light as a feather.

The huge, one meter long package streaked about twenty meters across the sky and dropped down from six or seven meters of height.

Under He Yiming’s ingenious skill, it didn’t give rise to any strong wind sound. Whoever saw this scene would only believe that this package weighed five kilograms at most.

The horse bandits didn’t feel anything. All of them had a trace of a sinister smile on their faces.

However, He Quanxin and Yuan Earnest’s complexions immediately changed. After going through the journey of these few days, even Yuan Earnest also knew what this package contained.

The reputed weapon of Lord Master He, He Wude, from his younger days.

However, he’d always felt strange .Why had this weapon not been given to the Lord Master’s eldest son He Quanxin, or the eldest son’s eldest grandson He Yitian, but had instead been passed on to the sixth grandson, He Yiming?

However, now he had an answer.

‘This He Yiming….is absolutely not simple. Not only has his physical strength attained an inconceivable degree, his Internal Energy is also far above mine. Furthermore, his ingenuity of employing Internal Energy is even more beyond my imagination.’

However, he didn’t know that even the tenth layer expert, He Quanxin, upon witnessing this scene, was exceedingly astonished.

Using tenth layer Internal Energy, throwing such a heavy weapon to such an height and distance was naturally possible. However, accomplishing this feat in such a nonchalant manner, seeming completely effortless was not.

Boss Liao lifted his head. With his vision on the cloth bag, he casually stretched his hand out and opened his huge palm, positioning it to catch the bag coming down towards his head.

Suddenly, his expression transformed. Half a second after his palm made contact with the bag, the arrogant and sinister look in his eyes was completely replaced by an inconceivable fear emerging from deep within him.

He lifted his other hand, as if wishing to raise it above his head. However, the moment the bag had made contact with his palm, it suddenly accelerated.


A brittle noise sounded as the sack resolutely smashed his head.

Boss Liao collapsed without a sound. His body incessantly twitched on the ground as if he’d been suddenly attacked by a seizure.

The bandits tongue-tied watched this scene without a clue what had happened.

However, when their vision focused on Boss Liao’s body, all of them without exception sucked in a breath of cold air.

The front section of Boss Liao’s skull had been flattened downwards as if it had been struck by a huge hammer.

The miscellaneous red and white brain was vaguely visible. After a few moments of twitching, his body completely stopped moving.