Book 2 - Fame Spreads

Chapter 31.1 The Treasured Colt


A snow-white kitty, which had its whole body covered in long fur, was looking at the few individuals in the main hall with its glass ball-like big eyes, appearing somewhat timid.

The few individuals in the main hall had long since noticed this small kitten hidden in the corner but hadn’t paid any attention to it. Although their faces seemed quite tranquil, the anxiety in their eyes couldn’t be masked.

Suddenly, a sound of footsteps came from outside. Following which, six individuals entered together.

Seeing one of the entered individuals, that kitty immediately rushed forth and directly leapt into He Yitian’s bossom.

He Yiming looked at his eldest brother with his eyes wide opened, wondering when he’d begun to foster pets.

He Yitian rather embarrassedly smiled and softly said, “This is your sister-in-law’s precious.”

He Yiming immediately understood that it had actually come from the Cheng family.

The eldest sister-in-law’s status in the family was indeed extraordinary. This was not merely because He Yitian was the eldest grandson of the eldest son. More importantly, the dowry sent by her parent’s home, which would be the Cheng family, was so ample that even the few old men in the family couldn’t help but see her in a favourable light.

As such, not to mention, fostering a kitten for amusement, even if she were to foster a tiger, the clan members would turn a blind eye to it.

There were three individuals in the hall. Apart from the manor’s old servant that was in-charge of handling the affairs in the manor, there were two individuals that appeared to be carrying the wind and dust of the road with them. One was a forty or fifty year old man while the other was rather young, about twenty-five years old, similar to He Yitian.

As soon as He Wude entered the main hall, that middle-aged man immediately stood up, hurriedly walked up to He Wude, knelt, and suddenly kowtowed heavily, “Nephew pays his sincere respects to elder uncle He.”

He Wude first stared blankly- evidently not expecting such a response from the counterpart- before quickly reacting. He reached out with his hand and supported the latter, pulling him up, and said, “Nephew Yuan is a guest from afar, no need to be this courteous.”

Yuan Earnest intended to heavily tap his head on the ground a few times. However, being supported by He Wude’s arm, he could no longer do so.

However, inwardly, he was quite pleased. This old man was indeed as his father had said- a tenth layer expert. However, he wasn’t too hopeful that his heavy kowtow would be enough to accomplish his wish this time around.

Standing up, he made a gesture with his hand and said, “Liling, hurry up and meet your grandfather and brothers.”

That youngster quickly stepped forward. Followed by a slight hesitation, he heavily kowtowed like his father.

This time, He Wude didn’t stop him, and instead stiffly accepted this ceremonial gesture. However, after accepting the gesture, he again reached out with his hand while saying, “Yitian, Yiming, you two also come and meet your Yuan uncle.”

He Yiming inwardly cursed at his bad luck, but didn’t dare defy and could only step forward with his eldest brother and kowtow.

Yuan Earnest’s complexion slightly changed. Without even daring to speak, he immediately wished to reach out but was held in place by He Wude’s arm. Without any better options, he could only stiffly accept the greeting. However, the smile on his face seemed to have become rather forced.

After both the sides paid their respects, He Wude talked straight to the point, “Earnest, I’ve already read your esteemed father’s letter. Our two families had cooperated with each other for many years. Today, since you’re being bullied by outsiders, this old man will not watch with folded arms either.”

Yuan Earnest’s gloomy appearance immediately disappeared without a trace, and his eyes brightened in astonishment. He’d evidently had not expected for the Lord Master He to agree this easily.

Actually, He Wude was rather lamenting inwardly. If it had happened before three years, when He Yiming had yet to emerge and He Quanxin had still not consumed the gold core and had advanced to the tenth layer, even if Yuan family’s reward had been several times higher, he wouldn’t have easily taken action.

After all, the opponent was a tenth layer expert. While confronting such an opponent, the slightest of slip-up might cost him his life.

However, merely within three years, there had been an enormous transformation.

Not only the tenth layer expert count in the family had attained three, there were further seven gold core pills available for use. As such, since Yuan family had promised ten thousand gold coins and ten percent profits, He Wude also had to agree.

Yuan Earnest sucked in a deep breath. He suddenly recalled the words his father had said to him before leaving- precisely because He family is so far away from Yuan family, they are the ones most likely to lend a hand. Currently, it seemed like his old man’s vision was quite profound.

Slight moisture flickered in his eyes as he said in a lowered voice, “Elder uncle He, our Yuan family will never dare to forget your kindness.”

Their Yuan family had already issued countless letters pleading help. Although Yuan family didn’t have a tenth layer expert, with their connections, they had friendly relationships with several clans, all of which had at least one tenth layer expert in command. However, not a single one among these had given them a formal reply them back.

Therefore, when He Wude bluntly agreed, his state of mind could be well imagined.

He Wude faintly smiled and said, “Nephew Yuan, no need to be formal. I see that you’ve covered a long road and appear to be quite tired. It would be better to rest here for the night. Tomorrow, I will have Quanxin, Yitian, and Yiming accompany you to Gold Forest country.”

Yuan Earnest promptly said, “Uncle He, if it’s convenient, we can immediately….” He suddenly paused before saying, “Uncle He, what did you say? Have brother Quanxin and the two nephews come accompany me?”

He Wude unhurriedly nodded and said, “Correct, they should be enough.”

Yuan Earnest’s face immediately turned dark in a completely unconcealed manner. His lips twitched several times before he eventually let out a sigh and said, “Uncle He, this nephew has one request. I hope you’ll agree.”

“Speak.” He Wude calmly said.

Yuan Earnest pulled Yuan Liling beside him and said, “This is my humble son who is the eldest among the direct third generation grand-descendants. I wish to leave him in your care. If misfortune befalls our Yuan family, I hope you will provide him shelter for the sake of old friendship and preserve our Yuan family’s bloodline. Our Yuan family would be eternally grateful to you.”

He Quanxin and the rest looked at each other’s faces. His words were so pessimistic that it seemed as if Yuan family was already at death’s door.

He Wude lightly snorted and said, “Nephew Earnest, if you leave Liling in our care, we will naturally take care of him properly. However, how can your Yuan family so easily run into misfortune.”

Yuan Earnest let out a long, helpless sigh and said, “Uncle He, Gold Forest’s Fan family’s current clan leader is but a peak, tenth layer expert. If you don’t personally act, I’m afraid nobody would be able to contend against him.”

Yuan Liling, who had been long since pursing his lips and had yet to speak, suddenly stepped forward at this moment and said, “Father, this child will return back with you and will not stay here.”

The sound of his words was not heavy nor it had any intense implications, yet it carried an absolute determination that made everybody understand that these words were his decision, which would not be reversed.

Yuan Earnest’s face turned red. He suppressed the fury that had erupted like a volcano inside him and merely said in a cold manner, “Liling, you’re Yuan family’s eldest grandson of the direct bloodline. You have your responsibilities. If you can’t shoulder them, our Yuan family has no need for such an unfilial descendant.”

Yuan Liling’s face twitched but eventually, he didn’t retort at all, rather suddenly kneeled before He Wude and heavily kowtowed, knocking his head on the ground.

Merely after two times, a patch of red covered his forehead, making the lack of Internal Energy involved in his gesture evident, and thereby, his sincerity as well.

He Wude promptly reached out with his hand and helped him up, “Good child, since you’ve come to He family, how can we let you despair.”

The eyes of father and son immediately brightened with hope, ‘Could it be…the old man is really going to act in person?’

He Wude pointed towards He Quanxin and said, “This is my eldest son Quanxin. You probably haven’t seen him before. Since he is going, you might not be unable to contend against the Fan family leader.”

Father and son blankly stared before their eyes increasingly brightened. Yuan Earnest tremblingly said, “Brother He, you….you’ve already attained the tenth layer?”