Book 2 - Fame Spreads

Chapter 30.2


“Smuggling?” He Yiming astoundedly asked, “Our family still needs to rely on smuggling to survive?”

“Of course,” He Quanming said in a lowered voice, “Actually, every big clan is secretly involved in one illegal activity or another. We’re only involved in smuggling, which is the cleanest one of all.”

He Yiming bitterly laughed, not expecting to hear smuggling being just and expected from his father’s mouth.

He Wude lightly coughed and said, “Yiming, if in the future, our He manor can be as built as the Xu castle, the debt every year can be overlooked.”

He Yiming made a sound of agreement. He inwardly said, ‘Xu castle’s background of hundreds of years was indeed too far above the current He manor.’

He Quanyi lightly patted the table and said, “Yiming, actually Xu and Cheng family are also the same as our family. They are also secretly involved in shady businesses. It’s just that their current reach is too far and wide. However, a few hundred years ago, when they had barely started to develop, they were much crazier than us. If this was not the case, where do you think they managed to get such big family properties?”

He Yiming thought for a bit, then slightly nodded. His ittle bit of hesitation had completely dissipated.

“All right,” He Wude waved his huge hand and said, “Enough of this. What about Yiling?” As soon as these words sounded, everybody’s brows creased.

Although Yiling was a cultivator in speaking, her cultivation talent was not too good. She’d taken two years to make the breakthrough pertaining to the sixth layer.

Hereby, one could say that her future accomplishments would be quite limited. Moreover, cultivation was more challenging for females in comparison to males. As such, the possibility of another breakthrough was quite low for her.

Under such circumstances, female cultivators usually gave up on cultivation and thought about marrying into influential families.

The elders of the He manor had been the most worried about this issue recently.

Both Xu family and Cheng family had raised marriage proposals for He Yiling.

If it had been happening before, He Yiming certainly would have sneered at this issue. However, his trip outside had made him understand many things.

To establish one’s clan firmly in a certain region, moreover to pass it on for a thousand years, was in no way easy.

Even though He family was exceedingly strong currently, they couldn’t possibly stand against the whole county. Otherwise, when He family’s power would wane in the future, the counterattack they would suffer could easily destroy the He family in its entirety.

Xu family and Cheng family could be considered as the two oldest influential families in the Tai Cang county. Previously, there had been several families standing alongside them. Several among them had their share of glory in the history of Tai Cang county. However, after a hundred years, these families had already waned, and some among them had even completely lost their roots.

Only Cheng and Xu, these two families had silently developed on, spreading their roots deep into the Tai Cang county.

This affair was similar to that of the four big, influential families of Fire Crow country. Regardless of the place, regardless of the clan, if one wished to pass on one’s family milleniums without fail, he wouldn’t be able to accomplish this feat on the power of his own family alone.

More swift the rise, the more swift the fall.

Only by stretching branches and scattering leaves, continuously enriching one’s connections, developing good relationships with nearby powers…and so on..could one plant one’s roots deep into the ground.

When the clan flourishes, seize all the power and gather all the powers under one banner.

Likewise when clan declines, retreat to one’s roots and adhere to the powerful. In other words, as long as one’s blood vessels are innumerable, one would have a chance of nirvana and be reborn from ashes.

Before the third generation had matured, although He family was still reputed to be one of the three influential families, their foundation and connection lacked too far behind that of the other two. If their strength hadn’t been too high, they wouldn’t have even this qualification.

However, as He family’s third generation slowly made their appearance and exhibited outstanding development, the family eventually gained the approval of the other two.

After the marriage with the Cheng family, the two families had again dropped the olive branch.(Tl: symbol of peace)

Seeing everybody preserving silence, He Wude involuntarily let out a sigh and said, “Quanyi, you’re her father. You tell, Xu or Cheng, which one do you choose?”

Old man’s words immediately set a tone. He Yiling’s future husband could only be chosen from these two families.

He Quanyi bitterly laughed and said, “Father, it would be better if you decide this matter.”

He Wude was about to speak when he suddenly closed his mouth and his vision shifted to outside. After a few moments, everybody heard a sound of hurriedly approaching footsteps.

They exchanged a few skeptical glances. To be disturbed at such a time, could it be that something big has happened?

He Quanyi immediately stood and walked outside in large strides.

After a few moments, he entered back with a grave complexion, “Father, it’s from Gold Forest’s Yuan family.”

He Wude stared blankly, “Why would Yuan family come at this time? They wouldn’t be sending us some present this year, would they?”

He Quanyi bitterly smiled and said, “I am also not too clear. You should see for yourself.”

He flipped his wrist and presented a black, leather letter. After seeing this letter, everybody’s heart slightly sank.

Using such an envelope on the eve of new year wasn’t an auspicious sign. Hereby, it was evident that Yuan family had certainly encountered some big trouble.

He Wude’s face also turned grave. Yuan family was their partner in smuggling. If Yuan family took a hit, He family would also suffer significant losses. After all, looking for a clan with low strength yet vast connections was not easy.

Moreover, after going through a partnership of many years, they had also formed mutual understanding. At the very least, He Quanming wouldn’t be willing to easily change partners.

He Wude picked up the envelope and opened the letter.

“Father, what happened?” He Quanming took the initiative to ask.

He Wude thought for a bit, “Gold Forest country’s Yuan family has encountered a big trouble,” He lightly sighed, “In Gold Forest’s Zheng Tong county, a new influential family has suddenly emerged. This family’s conduct is vicious and merciless. Regarding those who are hostile, they always kill until the end, leaving no means of survival. They seem to have taken a fancy to the connections in the hands of Yuan family and intend to substitute in their stead. Hehe… the Yuan family has requested our help and promised that if we could help them cross this obstacle, they will give ten thousand taels of gold and in the future transactions, they will give another ten percent of the profits.”

Although he’d spoken these words quite flatly, He Quanxin and the others were already palpitating.

Not to mention the ten thousand gold taels, merely ten percent more profits by itself made a gigantic figure. Moreover, it was also permanent. For the He family, who aspired to continue their development in the Tai Cang county, this money was indeed too significant.

“A suddenly-emerged new influential family? What’s their martial strength?” He Quanxin asked in a lowered voice.

He Yitian and He Yiming exchanged a glance. They already knew He Quanxin’s intentions.

Although the eldest uncle’s cultivation was second only to the Lord Master in the family, he’d spent all his life focused on his martial skill. He’d not been involved in the affairs related to business in any way.

Currently, even he’d attached such an importance to this matter; his intentions were only too evident.

He Wude lightly laughed and said, “A peak, tenth layer family head is indeed not bad. If they truly shed all pretense of cordiality, Yuan family might not be the one to come out on top.”

Everybody nodded in succession. For the current He family, a peak, tenth layer expert didn’t amount to anything. However, for an abruptly-risen clan, a tenth layer expert was an extremely precious and irreplaceable source of martial strength.

As long as one had seen He Wude single-handedly establishing the He manor or even the Fire Crow country’s Xie family merely having two tenth layer experts, this fact was evident.

Accomplishing this feat when one still had some vigor left was extremely rare. One wouldn’t find a single such case in ten thousands.

He Quanxin stood up and said, “This matter….. let me go handle it.”

He Quanming and He Quanyi both faintly nodded. Since the counterpart was a tenth layer expert, only an expert of the same rank would be able to assist the Yuan family.

After all, He Wude had already crossed his eighties. In comparison, sending out He Quanxin naturally felt much more appropriate.

He Wude pondered for a bit, then said, “Quanxin, go and take Yiming and Yitian along this time. Let them participate and gain some experience.”

He Quanxin faintly nodded and said, “Good, with He Yiming coming as well, it would be absolutely safe.”

Everybody nodded. In their minds, He Yiming and He Quanxin were both tenth layer experts while the counterpart had only one. Therefore, everybody was quite confident. If the latter had also two, or perhaps more, they definitely wouldn’t have thought as such.

With a light sigh and bitter face, He Yiming said, “I’ve just come back, why do I have to go again?”

Everybody smiled, and He Quanxin’s face sank as he said, “Yiming, don’t play. This time’s affair is too important. If you can’t defend the Yuan family, don’t think you would get a penny from my place next year.”

He Yiming immediately restrained his gloomy expression and said, “Father, don’t worry. Eldest uncle and I will definitely settle this affair smoothly. There won’t be any slip-ups at all.”

He Quanxin thought for a bit, then suddenly said, “Father, if Yuan family is unable to hold out and collapse before we arrive there, what should we do?”

He Wude faintly started, then eventually said, “If Yuan family exists, don’t spare any effort to assist them. If they have already collapsed, think of continuing our cooperation with other clans. In short, our road to Gold Forest country must not be cut. However, there is one thing you must keep in mind. Do your utmost to preserve the direct descendants of the Yuan family. Don’t let their clan exterminate completely no matter what.”

He Quanxin respectfully sounded his agreement.

He Yiming’s thoughts suddenly stirred before he asked, “Grandfather, which one is that newly-emerged family?”

He Wude shifted his vision to the letter in his hand before saying, “Gold Forest’s Fan family.”

“Fan family?” He Yiming immediately recalled that the group he’d encountered also seemed to include people surnamed Fan. He suddenly felt queer inwardly, ‘It couldn’t be this coincident, could it?”