Book 2 - Fame Spreads

Chapter 28.2


After a few hours, the sun had already inclined towards the west. However, He Yiming could hear a commotion from ahead.

He Yiming faintly bent his ear to listen. This was not a fight breaking out but sounds of a group of people gathered together.

He again exerted his feet, and this time, the horse rushed forth like lightning. After a few moments, he could see a group of people setting up a camp.

The Northwest was vast and unbounded. Although there were many countries of varying magnitudes, on the whole, the whole region was quite sparsely populated.

Not coming across a single village or inn for a whole day was quite common while travelling. Caravans outside for touring or business purposes could often be seen setting up camps out in the open.

Within a mere few days, He Yiming had come across such sights two times. The current scene was already the third time. The previous two times, there were only a few tents. This time, however, the camp seemed to be set for more than a hundred people.

Before He Yiming’s horse had even approached them, five riders from the group rushed out of the group. They skillfully manipulated their warhorses and charged towards him.

As the two sides drew closer, the expressions of these men somewhat changed. He Yiming, however, had already discovered that these were the same riders he’d encountered before.

Among them, a forty or fifty year old rider cupped his hands and said, “Friend, you’ve followed us all the way until here. I wonder what is the reason.”

Although their expressions brimmed with malice, not a single one among them acted. Of course, He Yiming’s appearance being too young was also one of the reasons.

He Yiming astoundedly said, “Uncle, you must be joking. I I am taking my path, not following you.”

That rider gravely observed He Yiming. After a few moments, his face eased somewhat.

“Good horse.”

A bright voice sounded from the far back of the group. Subsequently, more than ten riders could be seen rushing over at a lightning fast speed.

Ten robust men were escorting a handsome, young master.

This young noble’s gaze never left Red Silk. His eyes were shining with a peculiar luster.

He Yiming’s brows slightly creased, feeling a premonition of the impending trouble.

Although he was not afraid of trouble, he would rather not have it. If possible, he wouldn’t want a conflict with the counterpart.

“Fan Seventh , what’s happening? Who is this?” The young master raised the whip in his hand and asked while pointing it towards He Yiming.

That middle-aged man faintly bowed on the horseback and said, “Second young master, we were setting the camp when this Mr. came from the rear side. Therefore, we approached him for an interrogation.”

“What did you find out?” The young master’s eyes faintly shined as he asked.

Fan Seventh faintly shook his head and said, “Second young master, this Mr. is merely a traveller passing through here.” After saying these words, he turned towards He Yiming, “Friend, this is the second master of Fan Vastmoon of the Golden Forest’s Fan family. You still haven’t paid your respects.”

He Yiming was quite amazed inwardly. He astoundedly glanced at the seventh uncle. This middle-aged man seemed to be covering up for him and had even pointed out their identity. Although he didn’t know the strength of this Fan family, this was nevertheless a good will. He’d no connection with this person whatsoever. As such, what was the reason for this action?

One of the individuals beside Fang Vastmoon suddenly threw a few measuring glances at He Yiming, then muttered a few words in the former’s ear.

After hearing attendant’s words, Fang Vastmoon’s eyes shined, “Fan Seventh, this person has actually come from that road. Why didn’t you say so?”

He Yiming then remembered that the attendant beside Fan Vastmoon was actually one of those riders.

Fan Seventh revealed a trace of a helpless smile, “Second young master, although this Mr. is coming from that road, he is certainly not a survivor from the Hu family.”

Fan Vastmoon coldly snorted and said, “Fan Seventh, I don’t need your guidance to know whether he is a survivor of Hu family or not,” He turned his head towards He Yiming and said, “You, get down from your horse and answer my questions.”

He Yiming pointed towards himself with a smile that didn’t quite look like a smile, “You will question me?”

Fan Vastmoon’s face instantly turned cold as he signaled with his head. Two riders immediately rushed out from behind him.

Although He Yiming had attained the Xiantian realm, his appearance was too young. These people couldn’t have a clue about his strength. Hungry for scoring some merit, these two riders were further only possessed cultivations of about the sixth layer. For dealing with an ordinary youngster, it would have been more than enough. However, unfortunately they had bumped into a iron wall today.

Throwing a quick glance at Fang Vastmoon’s face, He Yiming suddenly heartily laughed before kicking his feet and steering Red Silk forward.

The clash between the riders was over within an instant. Those two riders cried out in surprise before being thrown high in the air. They had not jumped by themselves, but were blown away as soon as He Yiming’s hands touched them.

Fan Seventh and the rest with him had been silently looking without budging from their position. However, He Yiming immediately surprised them. Among them, Fan Seventh jumped forward without the slightest hesitation. As soon as his feet touched the ground, he shot towards He Yiming like a shell.

He Yiming completely ignored the scene playing behind his body as Red Silk, as if a red streak, rushed towards Fan Vastmoon.

All the riders behind his body issued loud shouts, and steered their horses forward almost instinctively.

However, these riders only had the cultivation of about the seventh layer at most. In He Yiming’s eyes, there was no difference between ants and them. He casually tossed them aside like rubber balls without even looking back.

Fortunately, He Yiming didn’t decide to kill. Otherwise, there would have been no path of retreat left for them. However, even though he didn’t kill, these individuals sustained severe falls on the ground. Without at least a month of repercussion, they wouldn’t be able to recover.

At this point, Fan Vastmoon’s face paled. He eventually understood that the person before him was far beyond what he could afford to provoke.

He pulled the reins, wishing to escape. However, Red Silk was like lightning. It instantly arrived beside him. He Yiming incessantly laughed as he secured the former’s arm in his iron grip.

Fang Seventh suddenly shouted, “Mr. please show leniency. We had no intentions to offend you.”

He Yiming waved his hand. Fan Vastmoon rose up in the air like soaring clouds and rising mist. Subsequently, Red Silk turned into a streak, circumventing the vast area around the camp, and disappearing into the distance.

Fan Seventh hurried over. By the time Fan Vastmoon fell, he was already kneeling below. His two raised hands, steadily caught the latter.

This chain of events occurred quicker than anybody’s imagination. The riders behind Fan Vastmoon only reacted at this moment. They one by one turned around, looking at the distantly speeding He Yiming with appalled expressions.

Their Internal Energy cultivation was hardly any different than the attendants of their young master. Since that youngster could easily take care of the latter, there was no suspense what would have been their outcome.

Several more riders rushed over. Their leader had an appearance that was seventy percent same as that of Fan Vastmoon, only slightly bigger in age. His eyes brimmed with mystery. Each and every individual that fell under his vision trembled inwardly.

Upon arriving, he looked around and said in a lowered voice, “Fan Seventh, what’s the matter?”

Fan Seventh respectfully stooped down and said, “Big young master, a conflict broke out between second young master and a passerby. So….”

Big young master’s brows slightly creased and said, “What conflict? Tell me in detail. Don’t leave anything out.”

Fan Seventh bitterly smiled and recounted everything from the beginning without adding any flavour from his side. Ultimately, he said, “Big young master, although that youngster’s age was not big, he was riding a treasured horse. Moreover, this subordinate simply couldn’t see through his strength at all. This subordinate tried to prevent second young master as well, but….” He paused for a bit before continuing, “Fortunately, young master hasn’t suffered any major injuries. It seems that person was somewhat lenient.”

Big young master’s complexion turned ashamed as he furiously said, “This useless thing, creating trouble for me all day. If you truly ruin my important affairs, see if I let you off.”

This moment, Fan Vastmoon had already recovered. His appearance wasn’t unbridled in any way before his eldest brother. He was evidently quite afraid of his elder brother.

Big young master glared at him and said, “Vastmoon, how did that person actually offend you? Why are you so rude and impetuous? You ought to be learning from Fan Seventh, roaming the country with him. If you still haven’t gained a bit of eye, you would be better off staying nicely and well-behaved inside the home.”

Fan Vastmoon obediently sounded his agreement, but his expression said a completely different story.

The big young master turned his horse around and advanced forward. Fan Seventh and the rest followed closely behind him. Only now did Fan Vastmoon lift his head and look in the direction He Yiming had left; his eyes brimming with resentment.