Book 2 - Fame Spreads

Chapter 26.1


A powerful aura that was simply irresistible for Ting Brightriver and the rest assaulted their faces.

It only took an instant to dispel all the doubts they had as their legs became unsteady and they retreated three steps back.

A cultivator above the sixth layer could arouse his body’s aura through the circulation of Internal Energy.

However, in the end, this aura only pertained to Internal Energy. Even an expert with a cultivation of tenth layer’s peak couldn’t break this limit.

However, Xiantian realm cultivators were different. They didn’t use Internal Energy, but True Qi, which could interact and transform Worldly Qi pervading the world.

The aura produced by the True Qi simply couldn’t be contended by that of Houtian realm’s Internal Energy.

Like a fire produced by coal could never compare to the fire produced by wood regardless of how big of a pile one may set to fire.

Therefore, as soon as the three individuals perceived this aura, they immediately felt boundless regret.

They had experienced this perception once from an old man’s body. Henceforth, they never dared to question that old man’s authority, and currently, this was their second time perceiving such a tyrannical power.

He Yiming immediately withdrew his aura. He wished to meet the Xiantian cultivator of Fire Crow country, not to create new enemies for Xie family.

When the Ting Brightriver and the others had once again steadied themselves, their reverence of He Yiming could clearly be seen in their eyes, perfectly demonstrating their attitudes towards him.

He Yiming sat down in satisfaction. He looked at the pale-faced Ting Brightriver and said, “You’ve come on the orders of Master Liferay?”

Ting Brightriver immediately took half a step forward and faintly bowed, “Yes, my ancestor, Master Liferay, cultivates in the Fire Crow Tower. The old man has not stepped a foot outside the tower for a full thirty years. That’s why he has asked me to invite Master He. I humbly request you to take the trouble of visiting him.”

He Yiming’s face eventually revealed a smile before he stood and said, “All right. I also wish to meet other Xiantian cultivators. It’s rare to receive Master Liferay’s invitation. We’ll immediately leave,” He turned his head towards Xie Mingjin and said, “Brother Xie, I take my leave.”

Xie Mingjin naturally didn’t dare stop him and immediately nodded with a smile.

The rest looked at each other’s faces. They didn’t expect He Yiming to be leaving this quickly. Furthermore, he’d not exchanged a single word with Mu and Lu family heads.

Ting Brightriver could only laugh bitterly before sounding his agreement and leading the way.

The rest followed them to the entrance then followed the two with their eyes.

Mu Yuan heaved a sigh and said, “In a Xiantian cultivator’s eyes, only cultivators of the same rank exist.”

Luo Xin eyes were strictly fixed at the street’s entrance, as if she was still following He Yiming and Ting Brighriver’s figures that had already disappeared. She only spoke after a few moments, “Xiantian realm…. I wonder whether we will be able to breakthrough into this realm in our lifetimes.”

The illustrious figures standing at the entrance of Xie Residence suddenly lost their voices. Their eyes peculiarly glowed, as if pondering over this question. However, in the end, nobody offered any answer.

“Master He, this is precisely the Royal Palace.” Ting Brightriver respectfully said.

However, inwardly, he was bitterly smiling.

He Yiming immediately set off after speaking, not allowing him any time to gather his attendants and making him walk on feet.

As one of the Fire Crow country’s princes and the only prince that was a tenth layer expert, he had not gone through such an experience for more than ten years.

However, he didn’t dare complain in the slightest.

Among all the three tenth layer experts that were present in the Xie Residence, he was the only one who had seen his ancestor Liferay act. He knew that although he was an expert among Houtian cultivators, before Xiantian realm cultivators, he didn’t amount to anything.

To lead the way for such a powerful character, he didn’t feel disgraced in any way.

He Yiming stopped and looked at the Fire Crow Royal Palace.

This was the residence of the Fire Crow country’s king. Naturally, it was the country’s most luxurious and beautiful place, but at the same time, also the most heavily guarded place.

However, the first thing He Yiming saw was actually a high tower.

This tower stood the tallest among all the buildings inside the Royal Palace. Not merely the tallest, but also far surpassing the height of all the other constructions.

He immediately knew that this was certainly the Fire Crow Tower, and also the residence of the elderly Xiantian cultivator of the Fire Crow country.

The guards stationed outside the palace naturally recognized Ting Brightriver’s identity. When they saw the latter’s attitude towards He Yiming, they were horrified.

Ting Brightriver waved his hand. Not a single guard dared to stop him, though a few rushed inside the palace.

Under the lead of Ting Brightriver, the two soon arrived before the tower, where someone was already awaiting them.

Ting Brightriver stepped forward and performed a courteous greeting, “Your majesty, I’ve come,” Subsequently, he turned his head and said, “Master He, this is our Fire Crow country’s king, his majesty Ting Brightfire.”

Ting Brightfire faintly waved his hand and said, “Brother, no need to introduce me as a king before a Xiantian Master.”

He Yiming astoundedly looked at him. These words from Ting Brightfire certainly allowed him to gain He Yiming’s favorable impression. However, after experiencing the recent matter, He Yiming only gave him a nod.

Ting Brightriver retreated a step and personally opened the entrance of the tower, “Master He, the ancestor is looking forward to meeting with you.”

He Yiming’s heart suddenly stirred. He was not afraid, but excited.

This was the first Xiantian cultivator he was about to meet. Naturally, he was filled with expectations.

After He Yiming entered the tower, Ting Brightfire slowly closed the entrance. After he turned around, the mild smile on his face had thoroughly vanished, replaced by a shrewd yet grave appearance.

“Pass down my command. Within a hundred meters of this tower, nobody could pause nor enter the tower. If someone dared to interrupt these two Master’s conversation, I will kill every single one of you.”

“Yes, your majesty.”

A sound echoed before countless figures were mobilized.

Ting Brightfire and Ting Brightriver quickly moved outside the hundred meters of tower. Subsequently, the king of Fire Crow country coldly said, “This person is so young. Is he really Xiantian Master?”

“Absolutely,” Ting Brightriver unhesitatingly said, “His aura is like ancestor’s…. Terrifying.”

Ting Brightfire’s eyes brightened as he said, “I heard he is not from our country?”

“Yes, he has quite a friendly relationship with Xie family’s Xie Mingjin. That’s the reason he is a guest in Xie family. They hadn’t expected him to suddenly breakthrough into the Xiantian realm, though.”

“Xie Mingjin?” Ting Brightfire pondered, as if searching his brains for the details pertaining to this name. After a few moments, his face revealed an extremely queer expression before he said, “Brother, if I haven’t remembered wrongly, Xie family’s Mingjin is only seventeen years old, right?

“Your majesty, your memory is correct. That child is indeed seventeen years old.”

“So….” Ting Brightfire’s face turned even more queer, “This Master He is friends with Xie Mingjin? What actually is his age?”

Ting Brightriver bitterly smiled and shook his head, “He didn’t say, and I didn’t dare ask. However, from his appearance and conduct, it’s certainly not too big.” He first wished to say about twenty. However, these words simply refused to come out of his mouth. Without any better options, he was forced to give a vague answer.

Ting Brightfire turned around, looking at the towering Fire Crow country for quite a while, “Such a young Xiantian Master. I wonder whether Ancestor will be able to convince him. If he agrees to be my Fire Crow country’s National Guardian Master, Fire Crow country will remain peaceful for hundred more years.”