Book 2 - Fame Spreads

Chapter 25.2


Currently, Xie Mingjin’s small courtyard had been restored. Except for the huge hatchway opened above that secluded room and a few stone-grinding marks, it looked exactly the same as before.

Xie Mingjin was personally living in this courtyard. However, he used one building at most.

He was quite apprehensive inwardly as well. He simply couldn’t assure himself that He Yiming would return. Although he knew that words of a Xiantian realm cultivator should hold some certainty, he was still quite troubled about the potential losses and was unable to calm down.

Suddenly, a laughter echoed in the courtyard, “Brother Xie, why are you alone here? Where did you send off all the servants?” Xie Mingjin immediately jumped from his chair. After leaving the building at a lightning fast speed, as he saw He Yiming jubilantly smiling at him, all the worries in his heart dispersed.

“Brother He, you are finally back.” Xie Mingjin in a tone as if he’d been relieved from a burden.

He Yiming turned his head, glancing towards a certain courtyard, and asked, “Brother Xie, who is there?”

Xie Mingjin forced a bitter laugh and said, “They are powerful figures of the other three big families of our country,” He paused for a bit as his eyes revealed a trace of admiration before he continued, “Master He, they all have come to pay their respects to you.”

“Master He?” He Yiming didn’t know whether to laugh or cry as he said, “Why are you calling me Master?”

Xie Mingjin’s face turned grave as he said, “In our northwest countries, every powerful figure that enters the Xiantian realm is bestowed the title of Master as a token of respect. Eh? You didn’t know…..?”

He Yiming blankly shook his head. Previously, when he lived in Tai Cang county, he’d no chance to come in contact with a Xiantian realm cultivator. How could he have known these things?

Xie Mingjin observed him for a while and was eventually left speechless, “Master He….”

He Yiming waved his hand and said, “Brother Xie, you and I, although have been acquainted for a short time, see eye to eye in lot of matters. Just addressing each other as brothers would do.”

If He Yiming had lived for a few more years and have had an abundant amount of interactions with people, perhaps he would have indifferently accepted Xie Mingjin’s way of addressing him. However, in the end, he was still a fifteen year old youngster, and he truly viewed Xie Mingjin in a favorable light. Thus, when the latter addressed him as Master, his whole body felt uncomfortable.

Xie Mingjin’s eyes turned somewhat emotional momentarily. He naturally understood the underlying meaning of these words.

Deeply bowing his head once, he said, “All right, Brother He. Among these people, whether you meet the family leaders of Mu family and Luo family, it doesn’t matter. However, Ting Brightriver from the Ting family has personally come here. It would be best if you take out some time to meet him once.”

He Yiming faintly startled and asked, “Why? Because he is from the royal family?”

“No. Ting family is indeed royal family, but I am not asking you to meet him due to this reason,” Xie Mingjin calmly said, “Our Fire Crow country has a single Xiantian expert keeping watch over it.”

He Yiming’s eyes brightened as he asked in a lowered voice, “A person of the royal family?”

“Correct. Royal family’s Master Ting Liferay,” Xie Mingjin faintly nodded and said in a grave voice, “According to elder grandfather, Master Ting Liferay has already lived for hundred and fifty years. He is an elderly figure who belongs to the generation even preceding that of elder grandfather. Ever since he ascended to the Xiantian realm, he’d always been the national protector of our Fire Crow country.”

Xie Mingjin’s voice exuded blatant admiration for this senior of Xiantian realm.

He Yiming’s heart faintly trembled as he asked, “Brother Xie, amongst our northwest countries, does every country have a powerful Xiantian cultivator?”

Xie Mingjin hesitated for a bit before saying, “Basically every country has one. However, not all Xiantian cultivators make their appearances public. Therefore, many countries don’t have a Xiantian cultivator watching over them but they can’t be provoked regardless.”

He Yiming unhurriedly nodded. Although he had no clue whether Heaven Sieve country had a Master protector, he now knew that at the very least, there ought to be hidden Xiantian realm experts.

His thoughts turned to another direction before he said, “You want me to accept Ting Brightriver’s visit because Ting Liferay wants to meet me?”

“Precisely,” Xie Mingjin looked at He Yiming in surprise, wondering how quickly the latter had guessed the crux of the matter.

He Yiming thought for a bit before making his decision and said, “Fine, then I will trouble brother Xie to introduce them to me.”

“Them?” Xie Mingjin astoundedly asked.

“Yes. Since I am seeing one, I might as well see all three. There is no use in being impartial.” He Yiming casually said.

Xie Mingjin immediately understood his intention. He thankfully glanced at him before promptly leaving the courtyard, leading the way.

How can meeting one individual be same as meeting three? Furthermore, the meaning behind asking him to make the introductions was also almost evident. How could he not feel grateful?

Although there were no servants in this courtyard, outside, there were several tens of servants keeping an close eye on this courtyard.

The news of He Yiming’s return arrived in Xie Grace’s ears as if it had grown its own wings.

When Xie Mingjin arrived in the lobby, leading He Yiming, the two brothers were already a step ahead in arriving there. They ordered to invite the representatives of the three family for a get together.

After a few moments, three individuals entered the lobby side by side.

He Yiming immediately took the appearance of these three in his eyes.

In the middle of the three was an elegant middle-aged scholar. Beside him was a tall and sturdy man, but the last one was a bit out of his expectations. It was actually a middle-aged woman who still looked attractive.

As soon as these three individuals entered the lobby, their vision immediately found He Yiming, which instantly caused them to reveal appalled and astounded expressions.

Xie Grace had told them that He Yiming was a friend of their family but hadn’t mentioned anything about his age. Therefore, they considered that if He Yiming wasn’t a virtuous old man, he would certainly be a young, vigorous middle-aged man.

However, as they saw He Yiming’s appearance, he didn’t resemble a middle-aged man at all. Instead, he ought to be called a youngster.

All of them simultaneously thought, ‘Don’t tell me this is the person who has broken through into the Xiantian realm?”

However, in the lobby, apart from the Xie brothers, Xie Mingjin was also present.

They were not unfamiliar with Xie Mingjin. To convince them that Xie Mingjin had entered the Xiantian realm, you would be better off convincing them that tomorrow, the troops of Grand Extension country will be here and annihilate all the countries of Northwest.

When the three individuals entered, the Xie brothers had already stood up while Xie Mingjin had never sat down to begin with. As for He Yiming, he was casually sitting on the chair of the greatest authority. Except for glancing at them once, he’d not made any movements at all.

However, to these three people, this arrogant behaviour made them feel nervous, increasing their suspicion even more.

Xie Mingjin lightly coughed, stepped forward, and said, “Brother He, this is our Fire Crow country’s prince, his majesty Ting Brightriver. This is Senior Mu Yuan, the current family leader of the Mu family, and this is Lady Luo Xin, the current family leader of the Luo family.

After Xie Mingjin finished speaking, the three individuals immediately made the judgement inwardly. Even with their identities out in the open, this youngster had remained indifferent. This only had one explanation.

A powerful Xiantian cultivator. Only a powerful Xiantian cultivator could stand above the bounds of the courtesy of secular world and ignore the bounds of secular world’s powers.

However, what felt astonishing and inexplicable to them was that Xie Mingjin had addressed this person as brother He. What kind of relationship did they have?!

At this instant, the status of this big young master of Xie family, who was not seen as too bright, suddenly increased to new heights.

He Yiming nodded at them, giving a few glances to Luo Xin.

With a body of a female, overpowering all the males and becoming the family head- such women were rarely seen. At the very least, He Yiming’s memory didn’t have a second such woman.

Luo Xin’s face had a respectful smile. If any other kid, who still let his hair flow down, had dared to size her up with such an unbridled and astounded gaze, she would have immediately gouged his eyes out.

However, before He Yiming, she simply didn’t dare have such a line of thinking.

Xie Mingjin turned his head and said, “Three elders, this is your little nephew’s close friend, Master He Yiming.”

Bizarre expressions flickered in the eyes of Ting Brightriver and other two. This person is indeed a powerful Xiantian cultivator, but he is surprisingly a close friend of Xie Mingjin.

Thereupon, Xie Mingjin’s status in their eyes rose as high as Xie Nuanhang, even leaving behind Xie Grace.

“Paying our respects to Master He.” The three simultaneously said and bowed to the ground.

Before a Xiantian realm powerful person, one can never be too respectful.

He Yiming hesitated a bit before returning a greeting. A fine upbringing from childhood had caused him to feel a bit strange accepting respects from people senior to him in age.

However, his greeting undoubtedly revealed his inexperience, causing the three old foxes to feel inwardly apprehensive. Even though they had seen the strange occurrence in the Xie Mansion, they still had some reservations whether this youngster, who had yet to see the world, was truly a powerful cultivator of Xiantian realm.

He Yiming sharply held onto the traces of hesitation in their eyes. He couldn’t help but crease his brows as a powerful aura involuntarily spread out from his body.