Book 2 - Fame Spreads

Chapter 24.2

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Those two guards immediately knelt and said, “To prince, just now a man suddenly appeared. We failed to notice him. Please allow us to atone for our crime.”

That man raised his head and glanced in the direction He Yiming had left. Actually, although he’d been in the palanquin, he was fully aware of everything that was happening outside. However, to his horror, even he’d no clue when He Yiming appeared before his troops.

If not for such a situation, this small matter wasn’t enough to make him make an appearance.

Although He Yiming was not using any technique, the length of his footsteps far exceeded that of an ordinary person. This moment he’d already arrived at the street’s corner. His figure flickered, suddenly disappearing from the vision of that man.

He hesitated a bit, turning his head and looking at the entrance of Xie Residence, and eventually forced himself to not deal with that person. For some reason, when he thought about dealing with that person, he felt a slight chill in his spine. Faintly shaking his head, as he was laughing at himself, a candid hearty laugh sounded.

“Xie Nuanhang welcomes your highness.”

The source of the voice seemed to be increasingly approaching before the current family head of Xie family appeared outside the entrance.

Ting Brightriver shook his head and couldn’t help but laugh, “Brother Xie, don’t joke with me. When have I ever put on any airs of a prince when I come to your place?”

Xie Nuanhang wholeheartedly smiled and said, “Fine, since you say so, brother Ting. Please come inside, let’s have a chat.”

The two individuals entered side by side and entered the main hall of the Xie Mansion. As for the serving guards, some people automatically came to receive them. They didn’t have to go through any trouble at all.

After they arrived in the main hall and took their seats, the tea was served and Ting Brightriver said, talking straight to the point, “Brother Xie, you should have guessed the reason for my visit, right?”

Xie Nuanhang faintly nodded and said, “I’ve guessed somewhat, but I will still ask brother Ting to clarify.”

“Fine. My ancestor, Master Liferay has invited Master Xie Zhien for a visit in the Fire Crow tower.” Ting Brightriver stood up and said while faintly bowing in the direction of the Royal Palace.

Xie Nuanhang didn’t dare to be neglectful in the slightest and stood up as well. However, his expression seemed somewhat blanked as he said, “Seems like brother Ting has misunderstood. My ancestor has not ascended to the Xiantian realm yet. How can he be fit to be addressed as Master?”

Ting Brightriver blankly started. An astounded expression covered his face. He only managed to speak after a few moments, “Brother Xie, just now, the person who just advanced, clearly advanced through a fire type technique. Don’t tell me it really wasn’t Mr. Zhien?”

Xie Nuanhang bitterly smiled and shook his head, “Of course, it wasn’t.”

Ting Brightriver hesitated for bit before saying, “Since it’s not Mr. Zhien, then which expert of your noble residence is it?”

Xie Nuanhang lightly sighed and said, “That master is a friend my second brother met outside by chance and invited to our home. However, we didn’t expect that he would actually enter the Xiantian realm in our lowly mansion.”

Ting Brightiver’s face turned completely lifeless. If not for hearing from the mouth of Xie family leader himself, he absolutely wouldn’t have dared to believe these words.

A friend made outside by chance, after being invited to the family, actually broke through into Xiantian realm….. What the hell! What kind of luck is this?

His face twitched a few times, ‘Why doesn’t such a good thing happen to me?’

Suddenly feeling two intense gazes closely observing his face, Ting Brightriver suddenly jolted awake and awkwardly smiled, “Brother Xie, is that master your Xie family’s sponger?”

Xie Nuanhang’s complexion slightly changed as he promptly said, “Of course not. Mr. He is our Xie family’s most important guest. Even if he were to assume the position of elder in our clan, it would be a disgrace to his status.”

Ting Brightriver inwardly nodded to himself. Xie family was a big clan passed through millenniums and they had already seen the likes of a Xiantian cultivator in their clan, but not every one of its generation could produce such extraordinary genius.

Currently, the most troublesome figures of the Xie family were naturally the three tenth layer experts which made the family’s core. However, among all the numerous elders among the clan, the highest achievement was merely the ninth layer of Internal Energy.

Ninth layer Houtian experts were illustrious figures in Fire Crow country. To rope in such experts, the four big clans had to spend large amounts of wealth and effort every year, assigning them positions of elder in the clan.

However, if one were to compare such experts with a Xiantian realm expert, they simply amounted to nothing.

If Xie family had not lost their minds, they would certainly not mention the position of a clan elder before such a figure.

After a few moments, Ting Brightriver probingly asked, “Brother Xie, is it possible for me to pay my respects to master He?” As he saw Xie Nuanhang’s complexion instantly worsening, he immediately explained, “Brother Xie, don’t misunderstand, please. I merely wish to offer my grandfather’s token, inviting Mr. He to the royal palace to take a look. I have no other intentions whatsoever.”

Xie Nuanhang’s face eased a bit. However, he bitterly smiled after and said, “Brother Ting, unfortunately you are a step late in coming here.”

“What?” Ting Brightriver asked in puzzlement.

Xie Nuanhang heaved a sigh and said, “Mr. He has left a few moments ago.”

Ting Brighriver’s face immediately revealed a completely undisguised astonishment and irritation. Of course, he didn’t think that Xie Nuanhang was fooling him over this matter.

Xie Nuanhang lightly coughed and said, “Brother Ting, while leaving, Mr. He said that in three days at most, and a day at minimum, he would certainly return.”

Ting Brightriver’s complexion again changed. He deeply bowed and said, “In that case, I would request brother Xie to let me stay in your noble residence for the time being and introduce me later.”

Xie Nuanghang returned the courtesy and said, “This a trivial matter. However, Mr. He has already said that he’s just entered the Xiantian realm and wants to be in seclusion for some time. If he doesn’t meet for the time being, I’ll have to ask brother Ting for forgiveness.”

Ting Brightriver smiled and said, “Of course, that doesn’t need to be mentioned.”

As he said these words, a figure flashed in his mind. His back already had cold sweat.

Fortunately…fortunately….I completely ignored my urge….

Before long, He Yiming had left the Downwind city and arrived on a high mountain outside the city.

Currently, the weather had already started to cool down. Even on the mountains outside the Downwind city, a few travelers could be seen. He Yiming had deliberately selected a desolate road to travel on. Eventually he found himself in a small, secluded valley.

This valley was although not big, it had a small stream going through it. He Yiming arrived by the stream and splashed water on his face. The ice-cold water gradually cooled off his face which was somewhat heated.

After a while, he stood up.

Gradually closing his eyes, he began to feel everything around him.

He could feel that his body apparently had a profound connection with the external world, and this connection was maintained with the help of True Qi.

He sat down by the stream; his eyes closed. The True Qi inside his body began to slowly circulate.

The technique he used was precisely the one that allowed him to enter the Xiantian realm, Blaze technique.

Gradually, the energy present in outside world began to enter his body through indescribable means. He could clearly feel every acupoint in his body strengthening as the True Qi coming from outside circulated inside his body.

Gradually, when the Blaze technique was completely circulated through its course, when all the Internal Energy returned back to his Dantian, he felt a faint burning sensation. However, this feeling was extremely dim, and it disappeared almost immediately afterwards. It seemed that this fire type energy was undergoing some bizarre transformation.

However, what sort of energy it changed into? This was beyond his comprehension.

After thinking for a few moment, He Yiming had understood somewhat.

The blaze technique was not circulating through all the acupoints. However, each and every acupoint that it was passing through seemed to be capable of absorbing some external True Qi, being slowly strengthened thereby. On the other hand, the acupoints which were not included in this process had no changes.

However, all the acupoints were connected with the meridians in the body. Even the acupoints that didn’t have True Qi passing through them also received some influence and were strengthened. However, the rate of their strengthening compared to those that were absorbing True Qi can only be compared to drinking the water left behind in the process of cooking if the latter was akin to eating meat.

After a few moments, the Blaze technique in his body switched to [Power Secrets], then Primordial Energy, Ripple technique , and Withered Tree technique.

However, he soon discovered that even if he circulated all the five attributed techniques, a lot of the acupoints were still not covered.

Moreover, all the techniques except Blaze technique absorbed True Qi from external world at an extremely slow rate.

He had a vague idea. After receiving the aid of Withered Tree technique, Blaze technique seemed to have undergone a subtle transformation. The efficiency of this sort of technique already seemed to have far outstripped that of Withered Tree technique, which was similarly a top level technique.

Moreover, along with his cultivation, the four other techniques including Withered Tree technique were although also developing in the right direction, this development was too slow- far too behind the Blaze technique.

He Yiming took a deep breath, eventually realizing why techniques were further divided into Xiantian realm techniques and Houtian techniques.

Xiantian techniques not only represented strong capabilities, but were the techniques aimed specifically for the cultivation of Xiantian cultivators.

He was completely certain that Xiantian techniques not only consisted of battle skills, but also corresponding primary Internal Energy cultivation techniques.

Although he currently possessed [Splitting Mountain Thirty-Six Forms] and other strong Xiantian battle skills, if he wished to progress smoothly in their cultivation, he must learn further Xiantian realm primary Internal Energy techniques.

He inwardly sighed, deciding to cultivate the modified Blaze technique first. As for the techniques pertaining to the rest of the attributes, he could only leave it to fate.

Or perhaps, through the means of relentless cultivation of the Primordial Energy and other techniques, he could develop them into techniques of the same level as that of the current Blaze technique.

However, he probably wouldn’t be able to accomplish this feat in a short time.