Book 2 - Fame Spreads

Chapter 23.2

In a circle of hundred meter with him acting as the center, it seemed like nothing could escape his senses.

It was a mystical feeling. After absorbing the fire type energy from the heavens and earth, he seemed to have formed an exceedingly subtle connection with these energies. Through this fire energy, which was present throughout the heavens and earth, and through his interaction with this energy by absorbing and exuding it, he could miraculously make out an image of everything within a hundred meters around him.

Of course, this image was extremely indistinct. Even in comparison to the image He Yiming could form after concentrating his attention on his ears, it wasn’t any better. However, in sensing the stationary objects and the atmosphere around his body, it seemed much more precise than the former.

He could feel that people dressed in the attire of attendants were flocking within his eighty meter range. These people seemed to be indistinctly standing by a line. They were looking at each other with traces of alarm evident on their faces. However, regardless of how much their numbers increased, they didn’t dare take a step forward. Suddenly, one individual came running from afar. From this person’s footsteps and breath, He Yiming could tell that this individual was none other than Xie Mingjin.

He didn’t know where the latter had been until now, for him to come so late. However, he was unlike the attendants. He directly entered while shouting, “Brother He, are you here?”

He Yiming felt warm. If Xie Mingjin had shown the slightest hesitation in entering, He Yiming would have definitely started to slowly alienate him. As for the help Xie family had provided to him, he would have repaid it slowly in the future. However, Xie Mingjin was the same as he’d been in the forest and hadn’t shown the slightest hesitation in rushing in.

This kind of temperament wouldn’t be favoured in his clan, but it had managed to let He Yiming feel his true friendship. Once this guy had decided that you are his friend, he will absolutely not abandon you.

Stepping out, covering frightening distance in one sweep, He Yiming suddenly appeared before him.

Although He Yiming had not cultivated any agility technique, his current strength was so high that he could casually deal with several strong Houtian cultivators even if they were to use special techniques.

Although the gap between Xiantian and Houtian was only a single layer, it was impossible to be covered or even pulled closer.

“Brother Xie, I am here,” He Yiming chuckled and said, “Everything is fine except for your destroyed cultivation room.”

Xie Mingjin glanced at He Yiming, then took a deep breath, “It’s good that you are fine, just a training room that’s all….” He suddenly stopped before seriously observing He Yiming. He could tell that this He Yiming was different than the one a few hours ago. However, what actually was different, he had no idea.

After a while, his eyes shined as he said, “Brother He, the clothes on your body?”

He Yiming lightly coughed then chuckled, “I burned my clothes due to carelessness. So, I borrowed a pair. Pardon me.”

Xie Mingjin waved his hand and asked, “What happened just now? How is there such a big commotion? I just hope elder uncle hasn’t been disturbed.”

He Yiming faintly smiled. Although he hadn’t seen this acting family head of Xie family, from Xie Mingjin’s appearance, he could tell that that he ought to be a strict senior. However, even the seniors of Xiantian realm didn’t have any qualifications to put on any air before him.

His expression suddenly flickered as he raised his head and looked outside. He smiled and said, “Brother Xie, I’m afraid it’s too late.”

“Too late for what?” Xie Mingjin suspiciously asked.

“Your elder uncle is already here.”

Xie Mingjin’s complexion underwent a huge transformation. However, before he could continue his chain of questions, he heard an exceedingly familiar voice, “Is Mr. He here? This old man has come to pay his respect.”

Xie Mingjin’s eyes opened wide, looking at He Yiming as if he’d seen a ghost.

This was precisely the voice of his elder uncle- the voice of the acting leader of Xie family. However, from this voice, even an idiot could make out a faintly prudent, respectful, and appeasing intent.

Although he’d also seen the red-colored tornado in the air, seeing was one thing while understanding the underlying meaning was another. His experience was, after all, quite lacking compared to Xie Nuanhang and his other elders. He’d never seen the capabilities of a Xiantian cultivator, and thus, obviously didn’t find anything strange.

He Yiming smilingly nodded at Xie Mingjin, who was blankly staring him, and said, “This surnamed He is here. Please enter Xie family head.”

Three people entered in succession. As soon as Xie Mingjin saw them, the shock he was feeling further increased to the extreme.

The three individuals, which were the three big shots of the clan, were currently gathered together at this place. At this moment, he finally understood somewhat. He first looked at the roofless training room, then looked at He Yiming with an incredulous expression.

The three individuals also hadn’t expected to find Xie Mingjin beside He Yiming. Moreover, from the way two were standing side by side, the two seemed to be quite good friends as well. However, after exchanging glances, they seemed as if they hadn’t noticed it.

“Mr. He, Congratulations.” Xie Nuanhang stepped forward. Stopping not too far away from He Yiming, he deeply bowed.

Xie Mingjin’s eyelids jumped before he immediately jumped aside. He didn’t dare take family head’s bow.

He Yiming’s brows slightly creased. After hesitating a bit, he returned the courtesy and said, “Xie family head is too polite. This surnamed He was lucky and only succeeded because of the advice from Xie Mansion’s old lord, Xie Zhien.” After saying these words, he performed a bow to the ground towards Xie Zhien. His words were completely sincere. If not for the old man’s advice, He Yiming would probably have entered the forest again to search for spiritual beasts above five hundred years.

However, after entering the Xiantian realm, He Yiming knew that if the spiritual beasts above five hundred years could also start absorbing True Qi like him, in that case, if he encountered one, it would be him who would have to ultimately flee.

The difference between Houtian and Xiantian realms was too big. One could only understand after personally experiencing it.

Xie Zhien repeatedly waved his hands. This old man, who had lived past hundred years, deeply sighed and said, “So Mr. He is also a dual-attributed genius. This old man ended up flaunting before a real expert, shaming himself.”

Inwardly, he felt strange. Since He Yiming could comprehend two peak level, engendering primary cultivation techniques, he must be from some big sect or big influential family.

However, after he cultivated to the tenth layer, why didn’t anyone explain this method to him? If not for a few lines he’d accidently said, the latter would have actually still be stuck. However, he only pondered this matter for a bit.

He Yiming shook his head and smiled before saying, “Senior Xie, your advice was unimaginably beneficial for this young one. This young one could enter the Xiantian realm so soon only due to some guidance you randomly offered,” He paused for moment to think, then said, “Within three years, this young one will certainly return senior’s favour.”

Xie Zhien’s eyes suddenly brightened as he said in a faintly trembling voice, “He….Mr. He, what are you saying?”

He Yiming faintly nodded. His vision brimmed with sincerity as he said, “My father always taught me- when you receive a drop of favor, you must return torrents of spring.”

Xie Zhien’s lips trembled. Eventually, he stepped forward and performed a bow to the ground and said, “Many thanks for Mr. He’s help.”

The two brothers immediately felt elated. They exchanged a glance, then prostrated themselves as well. Xie Mingjin bitterly smiled and looked at He Yiming, finally understanding what kind of monster his father had ended up bringing in the clan.