Book 2 - Fame Spreads

Chapter 23.1


Sun shined brightly, the trees stood calm and stationary, and the beautiful lands lay serenely.

However, this secluded courtyard was pervaded by an aura which almost seemed substantive. Fortunately, all the servants and workers in the vicinity of this courtyard had already been moved to somewhere else. Otherwise, the transformation occurring at this moment would have brought a disastrous impact on them.

In the secluded room, He Yiming’s body had turned into a furnace. The fire type Internal Energy was being exhibited to the extreme, seeming as if He Yiming’s body itself was burning as fuel.

The clothes on his body had turned into ashes, even the mat under his buttocks had suffered a fatal disaster.

Fortunately, the four walls of this room were made of stone and bricks. If they had been made of wood, they probably wouldn’t have survived.

He Yiming, however, inwardly brimmed with hope and expectations at this moment. He could feel that Blaze technique’s power had already reached the limit but under the catalyzation and addition of Withered Tree technique’s power, Blaze technique’s power was still climbing up.

Eventually, all the energy accumulated by the tenth layer Withered Tree technique completely transformed into a nutrient and was absorbed by the Blaze technique.

An inconceivably large power suddenly erupted.

This was a variation- a variation in the quality of the energy. The blaze technique was no longer a Houtian realm’s technique. After absorbing the essence of Withered Tree technique, it had transformed into a technique that had completely different characteristics than the original.

Suddenly, He Yiming’s body severely trembled a few times from outside, as if countless pointed needles had been thrusted into his body.

After cultivating Withered Tree technique, his body was already quite resistant to pain. Not to mention needles, he wouldn’t have much trouble even if he were to catch a knife stab.

However, his current feeling of being pricked by needles had completely exceeded his imagination, as if there were countless hole-punchers, punching holes in his body both from inside-out, and outside-in.

Enduring this pain already seemed beyond the capabilities of a human body, enough to make one feel that death would be a better choice.

However, this feeling only emerged momentarily.

Immediately disappearing after.

After the pain subsided, He Yiming’s spirit suddenly shook. He felt a bizarre energy flooding into his body from outside.

This was not Internal Energy transformed by his body but an energy of the external world.

This energy had been aroused by the transformation in the Blaze technique and was continuously entering his body as a result. His body was like a vessel that had been elongated ten times, and the continuously entering energy was quickly filling it.

His skin, flesh, muscles, bones, internal organs, and all the cells were undergoing a subtle transformation due to this energy.

As if soaking in a hot spring, an extremely comfortable feeling overtook his body.

This was a cleansing that was transforming his entire body upside down. Not only his strength had been increased by an inconceivable degree, even his life expectancy, under the effect of this mystical transformation, had been increased through unknown and mysterious means.

The energy his body was absorbing from the external world seemed to be carrying an exceedingly indistinct burning feeling, which allowed him to know that this energy being absorbed by him was, in fact, that of fire type- an energy that would be classified as fire attributed in the natural world.

This was because he’d used a fire type technique to breakthrough. If he’d used a differently attributed technique, the transformation that would have occurred probably would have differed correspondingly.

He took in a deep breath, feeling this mystical transformation.

Eventually, the pouring of the energy from the external world slowed down. The holes that had appeared inside his body were also been filled by the cleansing of this energy. However, they were not completely closed off and instead formed a subtle resonance with He Yiming’s spirit.

Soon after, He Yiming quickly discovered that these so called holes were actually the acupuncture points on the body and were also the positions through which meridians must pass through.

However, the only thing that amazed him was that the total number of these holes were far more than the acupoints he knew about. This made him understand that the number of acupoints in human body were far more than one hundred and eight.

The energy, which was still continuously pouring inside his body, caused him to have an urge to vent out.

Inexplainably, He Yiming knew that this was the berserk effect contained within the fire type energy. Since it was entering in the body for the first time, it brought an enormous burden to the body. If he couldn’t vent out quickly, it could cause an enormous harm to his body.

His eyes suddenly opened. Lifting him palms up above, he swatted towards the hollow above his head.


The Internal Energy, or perhaps it should now be called True Qi energy, that had been repressed inside the body suddenly found a huge outlet. It immediately concentrated and madly rushed out.

A gigantic explosion rang out in the sky above the room. The roof, which was made of tiles and bricks, blew off with an explosion without offering any resistance at all. The entire roof exploded, its splinters flying off to huge distances.

Furthermore, small fragments of stones and dust didn’t dissipate right after. Instead, it fluttered about the True Qi, flying in the air.

Suddenly, a gigantic, red-colored tornado appeared in the sky, emitting frightening heat waves which could discourage anyone to approach it.

Such a huge commotion could easily wake people from their deep slumber in night, let alone now when the sun was shining brightly.

Almost the instant explosion sounded, the three peak level, tenth layer experts in the mansion simultaneously left their residences.

Xie Nuanhang, Xie Grace, and the only expert who had lived past a hundred years, old daoist Xie Zhien, all tongue-tied looked at the bizarre tornado unleashed from a certain building in the residence.

Although it was quite distant, the three people simultaneously felt an enormous suppression which seemed as heavy as Mount Tai, and inviolable. This was an ability which was beyond their comprehension or experience, in front of which, as many Houtian cultivators there might be, they would have no chance of putting up any resistance.

This moment, the disturbance created was no longer confined to the Xie Residence.

In the Downwind city, the experts of the other three influential families as well as the experts of the Fire Crow nation’s royal family witnessed with their own eyes the fiery red tornado that had suddenly rose but had remained confined in a small area.

In the imperial palace, there was a fifteen meter high tower.

Even the king of Fire Crow country didn’t dare be slightly presumptuous under this tower. In this tower resided the number one senior of Fire Crow country.

He was the divine protector of the Fire Crow country’s royal family, also that of Fire Crow country, and the sole Xiantian realm expert of the Fire Crow country.

This moment, after observing and hearing the strange tornado in the distant, he eventually issued a command that completely turned the imperial palace upside down.

After fifteen minutes, He Yiming finally felt his meridians had completely recovered, having completely drained out that berserk feeling.

He lowered his hands, restraining the True Qi while the red-colored tornado in the air disappeared without a trace.

Looking at the mess around him, he sighed unceasingly. If he’d known earlier that ascending into the Xiantian realm would trigger such a reaction, he would have long escaped somewhere outside. Why would he have taken shelter in the Xie Residence?

All of his surrounding was covered with dust, but not a speck could be found on his body.

Looking at his completely naked body, He Yiming faintly shook his head. Suddenly, his heart trembled before he inwardly cursed, ‘Not good.’

His figure faintly flickered before he arrived in the room’s corner.

As he peeked at the papers and jade bottle, which hadn’t suffered any harm except for a layer dust covering them, his anxious heart calmed down.

Those few recipes weren’t that important. With his strength, even if he were to copy them openly, Xie family wouldn’t stop him. However, the jade bottle contained five golden cores. If they were lost as a result of this ordeal, that would be too unfortunate.

He Yiming had stepped into Xiantian realm inside the Xie family, after all. Not only had they showed him hospitality, he’d also received guidance from Xie Zhien. Even if his skin thickened several times, he wouldn’t try taking Xie family’s golden cores.

Sorting out the room, patting himself a few times, he stepped out of the room. Although the interior was completely wrecked by him, the outside had not suffered too much damage.

His footsteps didn’t stop as he passed through the external hall and arrived in Xie Mingjin’s bedroom.

Their age was similar and statures were also quite similar. He casually chose a pair of clothes. Although they were somewhat oversized, in any case, it was much better than being completely naked.

Xie Mingjin naturally didn’t have to worry about clothes ever, being born in a big, aristocratic family. Not only there were several tens of pairs of clothes, even completely new shoes and socks were also plentiful. He Yiming of course accepted his kindness without a trace of hesitation.

As he’d finished dressing, he felt a big commotion outside. Some people were cautiously and prudently advancing towards this courtyard.