Book 2 - Fame Spreads

Chapter 20.2

He Yiming’s eyes immediately shined, “Brother Xie is correct. This Mist tea is although somewhat fragrant, in my mouth, it seems hardly any different than the tea we grow back home.”

Xie Mingjin’s jaw dropped open in astonishment. Slowly, smiles flickered in their eyes.

Although the identities, strengths, temperaments, and growing conditions of the two were different, indescribably, they found each other to their liking. They slowly started to chat, even feeling quite friendly.

After having a friendly chat with Xie Mingjin, He Yiming could clearly tell that this was due to their temperaments being quite suited to each other. Although he’d a similar warm and affable conversation with Lin Taoli previously, he also knew, if the latter didn’t have intentions to rope him in, he wouldn’t have been this affectionate.

Although currently Xie Mingjin also might have been trying to rope him in substituting his father, as their conversation deepened, He Yiming couldn’t help but admit that his impression of the former had vastly improved.

Of course, gaining such a quick approval from He Yiming was closely related to that time in the forest when he completely disregarded everything and tied his life and death with his father’s.

Although such a decision might seem impulsive and path to one’s own doom, not something the leaders of influential family would approve, as far as He Yiming was concerned, he would rather make friends with such a rude and impetuous fellow than those noblemen who claimed to act while taking the bigger picture into consideration.

Xie family’s principal courtyard. A man with delicate features and seemingly younger than Xie Grace by a few years suddenly turned around.

Along with his movements, a cold aura abruptly spread out. Even Xie Grace, who was standing before him, couldn’t help but palpitate.

However, this aura only remained momentarily. As he controlled his intensely stimulated emotions, he immediately restrained himself.

“Second brother, two-long armed raccoons have been killed?”

“Yes, elder brother,” Xie Grace said, “I’ve even brought back the corpses.”

This man was precisely the current clan leader of Xie family, the clan that possessed millenniums of medicinal legacy and counted as a part ofthe four big influential families of Fire Crow country, Xie Nuanhang.

Although he seemed quite young, his true age was full ten years above Xie Grace’s- already in his seventies.

“What is his name?”

“He Yiming, a person from Heaven Sieve.”

“He Yiming?” Xie Nuanhang muttered. However, he’d no impressions of this name whatsoever.

“Yes, He Yiming.” Xie Grace praisingly said, “Not only he’d already grasped the true essence of metal type, having already understood its dao, he is also a peak, tenth layer expert and even possesses a Xiantian blade technique.”

Xie Nuanhang waved his hand, cutting off his younger brother’s unceasing praises, “Although Heaven Sieve country is quite far away from here, I’ve heard about the reputed people there. If there truly was such an expert who has grasped the essence of metal type and learned a Xiantian battle skill, how could he not be famous?”

Xie Grace coarsely laughed and said, “Elder brother, I’ve seen He Yiming’s age. He is not even eighteen yet. Thus, he obviously couldn’t be too famous.”

The truth was that he was completely unaware that He Yiming was already extremely famous in Tai Cang county. However, under careful suppression of Lin family, the news had not spread out.

Xie Nuanhang was immediately alarmed. If one were to say that he was shocked just now, currently, he was appalled.

Such achievements were already quite praiseworthy for a fifty or sixty year cultivator. However, a youngster, who was not even eighteen, having such achievements was too horrifying.

If these words had not come out of his own brother’s mouth, and he hadn’t personally seen the corpses of long-armed raccoons, he wouldn’t have dared believe them.

After quite a while, he asked in a lowered voice, “Have you asked this person’s origins?”

“No, but I suppose he ought to be a disciple of some hidden sect.” Xie Grace said with a sigh.

Xie Nuanhang faintly nodded and said, “Since he has such achievements at such a small age, he is certainly some sect’s inner disciple, or even a core disciple raised in abundance of cultivation resources,” He also deeply sighed before continuing, “Unfortunately, such a genius who has been fostered with utmost care will certainly become a Xiantian cultivator in the future and is of no use to our Xie family. Furthermore, we can’t afford to offend his sect either.”

Xie Grace nodded to show his agreement but said, “Elder brother, although he can’t join our family, maintaining close relations with such a character will be quite of assistance to our family.”

Xie Nuanhang’s eyes brightened slightly as he asked, “Second brother, do you have some way to establish relationship with him?”

Xie Grace’s said in a heavy voice, “This person is quite curious about alchemy and wish to learn our family’s alchemic technique. However, his request is not high at all. He merely wishes to learn the technique to refine gold cores.”

Xie Nuanhang’s brows slightly creased as he estimated benefits and losses.

Slightly hesitating, Xie Grace stepped forward and said, “Elder brother, during this time’s trip in the forest, Mingjin was with me. When he encountered the long-armed racoons, although he returned in the end, making me extremely disappointed, it resulted in him earning He Yiming’s favourable opinion. His attitude was clearly different than what you would usually see. If you allow it, I wish to try recruiting him with the help of Mingjin.”

Xie Nuanhang lifted his head and deeply looked at his brother. After quite a while, he eventually nodded and said, “Refining technique of golden cores is merely a subsidiary of our medicinal legacy. If he wishes to learn it, he is free to do so. Moreover, I will have a word with seventh uncle. He Yiming can watch when he refines the gold cores.”

This time, it was Xie Grace’s turned to be astonished. He sucked in a deep breath and heavily bowed, “Many thanks, elder brother.”

Xie Nuanhang supported his brother up, then said in grave voice, “Second brother, I understand your intentions. If Mingjin’s luck is good and he can obtain a Xiantian realm expert’s support, there will be no question about passing the family to him. However, if he fails to obtain He Yiming’s assistance, or He Yiming fails to ascend into Xiantian realm before my death, the family’s future cannot be left in Mingjin’s hands.”

Xie Grace deeply lowered his head and said, “Yes, everything will be according to elder brother’s instructions.”

In the inner courtyard, He Yiming and Xie Mingjin were merrily chatting away.

Even in the He manor, He Yiming had never talked this freely and unrestrained with any of his brothers.

After all, He manor had been recently established. As such, all the members of the younger generation completely immersed themselves in cultivation. Although the affection of siblings ran quite deep, they never talked as such.

Only an individual who was close to him in age and had also met his approval could gain his true friendship.

Suddenly, a servant arrived beside Xie Mingjin in quick steps and handed over a letter and token to him.

Xie Mingjin opened the letter and was immediately overjoyed at the good news. He waved the letter and excitedly said, “Brother He, eldest uncle has already agreed and has sent the gold token. With this token, we can enter the pharmacy and alchemic chamber. Hehe, your reputation is not small. Not only you have access to entire core refining recipe, you can even watch the eldest grandfather’s core refining.”

He suddenly raised his head and said, “Brother He, when you go to watch the core refining, you have to bring me along at all costs.”

After conversing for half a day, their way of addressing each other had already unwittingly changed. To say the least, Xie Mingjin no longer addressed He Yiming as Mr.

He Yiming chuckled and said, “Of course, but right now, I wish to take a look at the recipie.”