Book 2 - Fame Spreads

Chapter 19.2


After a while, He Yiming thought for a bit before asking, “Mr. Xie, can your noble family refine golden cores of spiritual beasts above five hundred years?”

Xie Grace bitterly smiled, “Brother He sure can joke. If we truly had this ability, why wouldn’t there be a single Xiantian cultivator in the clan? Why would be unable to deal with two long-armed raccoons?”

He Yiming was not surprised. It was indeed as he’d expected. He was only casually asking as well.

“Mr. Grace, do you know where one can find a five hundred year or older spiritual beast?”

Xie Grace thought for quite while before saying, “Generally, spirit beasts flourish in desolate regions. Five hundred year or older spiritual beasts….I have also merely heard about them, not seen one with my own eyes. However, it is said that in the few restricted zones of Grand Extension country, several such spiritual beasts can be found.”

“Grand Extension country?” He Yiming could only bitterly smile. These words almost meant the same as nowhere.

To them, who lived in the small countries in the east side of the continent, Grand Extension country in the north, which occupied more than one-fifth of the entire continent’s land, seemed too far-fetched.

To say the least, He Yiming never even thought of going to Grand Extension during his journey.

Within the agreed time period of three years, he wouldn’t be able to even make a round trip.

Xie Grace could naturally discern his line of thinking. He smiled and said, “Brother He, actually encountering a five hundred years or older spiritual beast also depends on one’s luck. If your luck is not good, even if you were to travel ten thousand li and go to Grand Extension country, you wouldn’t succeed. However, if your luck is good, you might find your desired spiritual beast in this mountain forest.”

Feeling quite surprised, He Yiming asked, “This mountain forest also has five hundred year or older spiritual beasts?”

Xie Grace extended his hand and slashed a big circle in the air, “This mountain range is endless, running through the continent’s entire northwest region as an aisle. From our Fire Crow to your Heaven Sieve merely constitutes a minute section of it. Since ancient times, nobody has ever succeeded in exploring this entire mountain range. What the core of this mountain range looks like, nobody knows. That place is a truly desolate region. Even five hundred year spiritual beasts wouldn’t be considered rare there.”

He Yiming slowly nodded, a brilliant luster flickering in his eyes.

While scurrying, Xie Grace threw a quick glance at He Yiming before suddenly taking a deep breath, “Even if one manages to find a five hundred year spiritual beast, whether it’s a good thing or not, it’s hard to tell.”

“Mr. Xie, why would you say that?” He Yiming puzzledly asked.

“The more time a spiritual beast lives, the more its wisdom will be, and its strength would further simply be like a boat riding on a tide. Long-armed raccoons are ranked at the bottom among the spiritual beasts. Living for merely about two hundred years, they possess such strength. If you run into some other ferocious spiritual beast, or one that has lived for more than five hundred years, not to mention hunting it, you might not even be able to escape,” His tone was quite slow and even seemed somewhat that of advice, evidently persuading He Yiming to abandon this frightening notion.

Looking at the cordial and sincere expression in Xie Grace’s eyes, He Yiming faintly smiled. The recent battle had given him another method to break through.

During the life and death battle, only when he completely freed his heart and spirit and fought completely unrestrained, he’d been able to faintly establish a connection with the mysterious Worldly Qi.

Forging these circumstances in a closed-door cultivation was almost impossible.

Therefore, he’d already decided to continue seeking spiritual beasts in the forest. If he encountered a five hundred year or older spiritual beast, even if he couldn’t win, with the two grand Xiantian battle skills at his disposal, he held faith in his ability to escape.

After extensive fighting and killing, perhaps he could gain some sort of enlightenment and breakthrough without consuming a golden core.

However, this line of thinking needn’t be shared with others.

“Mr. Grace, if I somehow managed to obtain the inner core of a five hundred year beast, can your noble residence refine it for me?”

Seeing that his earnest advice had been turned down by the counterpart, Xie Grace bitterly smiled inwardly. However, after hearing He Yiming’s request, he thought for a while before eventually shaking his head, “Pardon me, the worth of a five hundred year spiritual beast’s inner core is too much. Even if you ask someone to refine it for you, you will have to ask a Xiantian realm Pill master. Only then can you have some chances of success.”

“Xiantian realm Pill master? There are such people?” He Yiming skeptically asked.

“There are,” Xie Grace assuredly said, “Be it Grand Extension country, or the three strongest nations of our northwest region, all have Xiantian realm Pill masters. However, inviting them to refine a gold core for you is extremely difficult. If you manage to get hold of two inner cores and wish to refine both of them into gold cores, you will only have the opportunity to get one.”

He Yiming lightly sighed. He was not surprised by such astronomical cost, rather the vastness of the world beyond Tai Cang county.

At this moment, he finally understood the true meaning behind his grandfather’s words that said he doesn’t belong in the Tai Cang county.

In the entire Tai Cang county, there were only a total of three tenth layer, peak Houtian realm experts including his eldest uncle who had advanced by consuming a gold core.

However, in Fire Crow country, even an influential clan that excelled in the medical field and not versed in the martial way had three tenth layer experts.

Then what about the entire Fire Crow country? And Heaven Sieve country? How many tenth layer, peak Houtian experts were there?

Above these experts, there were also Xiantian realm experts which had comprehended the Worldly Qi.

With his cultivation speed, sooner or later, he would step into the Xiantian realm.

At that time, he would discover how wonderful and mysterious this world is, and after that, how could he be willing to keep himself bound in a corner?

His grandfather had already anticipated. His eldest brother might be content with inheriting the clan. However, this was definitely not the direction he would be willing to steer his life in.

Indistinctly, an indescribable emotion welled up inside He Yiming. His blood boiled with the desire to witness with his own eyes, hear with his own ears, and feel for himself- to go and experience the entire world.

Currently, the two individuals were on their way back, walking side by side.

This moment, Xie Grace’s figure momentarily paused before resuming. However, in this moment, he felt an indescribable transformation.

This transformation stemmed from the young expert walking beside him.

This transformation couldn’t be described in words and seemed one pertaining to mentality.

However, its extent was so big, even he, who was walking beside the latter, was strongly affected.

Xie Grace recalled their conversations and actions. Apart from obtaining the five pulpless fruits, there didn’t seem to be anything worthy to move their hearts.

However, after all that, only at this moment had he felt the transformation in He Yiming’s disposition.

He could only bitterly smile inwardly. He truly couldn’t make out any sense from this youngster. However, perhaps only because this was the case, this youngster could possess this almost impossible, miraculously tyrannical strength.