Book 2 - Fame Spreads

Chapter 17.2

Since it’s like this, let’s settle it directly….

The battlefield suddenly changed. That flowing water like boundless blade technique suddenly ceased to operate. The light, which had seemingly shrouded everything, was suddenly reduced to one respondent thread, lingering over He Yiming’s head.

After enduring the suppression for so long, when the pressure on them suddenly disappeared, the two spiritual beasts were naturally overjoyed. Moreover, enduring for so long had also thoroughly ignited their fury. As soon as the pressure was lifted, they issued furious roars and immediately wanted to tear apart the human who was the cause of their suppression.

However, as soon as they straightened their body, they felt an intense sense of deadly crisis.

Spiritual beasts could innately communicate with heaven and earth through some mysterious force.

It was just like Xiantian cultivators among humans, who could comprehend Worldly Qi. However, unlike humans, spiritual beasts didn’t practise cultivation and only relied on time to slowly build their strength.

However, all spiritual beasts possessed extremely keen spiritual sense. This spiritual sense allowed them to pursue fortune and avoid dangers. Especially while confronting a life-threatening danger, it issued a clear, premature indication.

That gold-crowned python had hesitated over and over again before swallowing the wolves. This was certainly not a normal beastial instinct. If not for its insatiable greed for food and the fact that the wolves weren’t poisoned in true sense, it would never have swallowed those dead animals.

Therefore, as they sensed the current aura on He Yiming’s body, their fierceness immediately disappeared, leaving behind only one thought- to turn around and flee as soon as possible.

However, right as they heeded this thought and were about to act, their body suddenly turned cold, as if they had suddenly entered an ice cellar, no longer able to even budge.

A ferocious, baleful aura hid the sky and shrouded the ground, completely enveloping their ability to react.

Holding the broadsword, He Yiming’s both hands lifted up above his head.

At this moment, his body exuded a feeling of a deity looking over the world, and his aura like billowing waves.

Holding the huge blade high in the air, his slanted shadow seemed to be boundlessly extending into the forest. It seemed as if this blade could extend to the infinity, capable of splitting apart the heavens and earth, capable of cleaving this entire forest into two parts.

Under the sunlight, the one-meter long head of the blade shone with a dazzling resplendency.

[Splitting Mountain Thirty-Six Forms] twelfth form.

This form was the strongest form among the Houtian ones.

From the twelfth form, the subsequent forms couldn’t be employed by a Houtian cultivator. To learn and cultivate the subsequent forms, one would have to attain the Xiantian realm first.

The might of the twelfth form was the strongest a human could bring about while being in Houtian realm. Such a might was already infinitesimally close to Xiantian realm.

Of course, it was still somewhat inferior to that gold-crowned python slayer strike. However, the repercussions of using this form were also much better than that of the former.

As He Yiming lifted the broadsword high in the air, not only had the two spiritual beasts felt as if they had fell into the death stare of a viper, even Xie Grace, who was standing not too far away, felt himself shivering from head to toe.

With his discerning eye, he could naturally see the might that this form contained.

Xiantian battle skill; only a Xiantian battle skill, which had further been studied to the peak of Houtian realm, could release such a frightening aura.

At this moment, he’d eventually understood the reason He Yiming could tangle with two spiritual beasts relying on his own strength. He was not only a peak, tenth layer expert, but one who had also learned a Xiantian battle skill and was infinitesimally close to the Xiantian realm.

Compared to breaking through the tenth layer, learning a Xiantian battle skill prematurely in Houtian realm was much more difficult.

Xie family had altogether three tenth layer experts. However, among these three, only one had been able to learn a Xiantian battle skill, and that person was his elder brother Xie Nuanhang.

This was precisely the reason his elder brother had inherited the command of the family.

In the absence of an Xiantian battle skill, confronting a spiritual beast would require at least two tenth layer experts working together. On the other hand, if a tenth layer expert had learned a Xiantian battle skill, regardless of how petty it was, he could deal easily with a long-armed raccoon.

Of course, experts like He Yiming, who could suppress two long-armed raccoons relying merely on ordinary techniques, were extremely rare.

Such a genius who could grasp the true essence of a certain battle skill would definitely become an exceedingly illustrious character in the future. One could say that such an individual was an otherworldly person only seen once in centuries. How could ordinary people match him?

Xie Grace’s eyes slightly twitched. A less than eighteen-year-old, tenth layer cultivator; a genius who had grasped the essence of a metal-type battle skill and even a Xiantian battle skill.

If not for seeing it with his own eyes, he would never have believed the existence of such a genius.

He Yiming’s eyes blazed as he suddenly issued a roar before the broadsword in his hands swiftly struck.

High in the air, although the broadsword struck in an downward arc, the two spiritual beasts before He Yiming felt as if their surroundings had frozen, strictly holding them at their positions like a giant rope.

The moment the broadsword chopped down, they felt completely incapable of escaping regardless of the direction, and instead, they seemed to be perpetuating the blade’s aura.

The two long-armed raccoons simultaneously howled, rippling outwards and going far deep into the forest, bringing a dense hopelessness with it.

Subsequently, the four arms lifted high in the air. Even though they were under an immense pressure, they wouldn’t give up without a fight.

The gigantic broadsword transformed into a streak of white rainbow, overlapping and shrouding the four arms.

Momentarily, that meteor-like rainbow stopped.

However, at that very moment, the blade once again chopped down.

Subsequently, the radiant rainbow fiercely burst forth. Xie Grace involuntarily closed his eyes due the seemingly omnipresent white radiance.

This had already stepped beyond the capability of a Houtian expert. This represented a kind of resonance with the heavens and earth which only a Xiantian expert could attain.

Although this blade strike contained a blade technique pertaining to Houtian realm, at the same time, it was infinitesimally close to Xiantian realm. Thus, it triggered an extremely faint resonance with the heavens and earth, creating this bizarre and mystical scene.

As this seemingly illusory scene disappeared, Xie Grace eventually opened his eyes.

The scene in front of him was a spectacle that would remain forever in his memories.

The arms of the raccoons, which were even harder than steel, had been rigidly chopped off. In addition to this, the blade had not stopped at this point. Taking the two gibbons with it, it had entered halfway into the soil.

The two heads of the long-armed raccoons were powerlessly dangling. Xie Grace could tell at a glance that these two raccoons’ internal organs had suffered a severe impact; wordless and instantaneous deaths.

The might of this strike was far beyond their endurance, rendering them incapable to even issue the final cry before death.

The heaven shrouding white light had completely disappeared. A few meters away from the two corpses, He Yiming stood holding the broadsword; his eyes focused on the head of the blade, as if contemplating something, not even paying attention to the two dead long-armed raccoons at all.

Xie Grace felt himself tongue-tied and as if his feet had been filled with lead.

Apparently, he could still see a patch of white before him. That indescribable, peerless blade strike seemed to have frozen his blood and stopped its circulation, completely stiffening his body as if he’d already died.

Although that strike was not directed at him and he’d only been subjected to its influence, it was enough to make him, a tenth layer expert, to give up on all thoughts of resisting.

This was the strength of Xiantian realm. In front of the strength brought about with the help of Xiantian realm’s Qi, a Houtian cultivator was simply defenseless.

Of course, he could also indistinctly tell that He Yiming had not really broken through into Xiantian realm.

However, since he’d learned a Xiantian skill, to the point of almost touching the boundary of Xiantian realm, such a circumstantial, mystical transformation had been triggered.

If he was truly a Xiantian cultivator, why would he tangle with two long-armed raccoons, which didn’t even have a lifespan of five hundred years, for so long.

However, even though this was the case, he was thoroughly convinced by He Yiming’s might.

This moment, he had no thoughts except for establishing good relationship with He Yiming.

‘The talent which I had no use for, shall be extinguished by me…..’ All such unrealistic thoughts had gradually disappeared from his mind.

In front of absolute strength, all tricks and schemes are nothing more than delusions.

Looking at the youngster before him, who had entered a deep contemplation, Xie Grace was completely motionless. He simply didn’t dare make any movements, lest he disturb the former’s thoughts.

In his eyes, the figure of this youngster had started to gradually rise, going up to the extent that he even felt admiration for the latter.

Suddenly, he heard sounds of footsteps behind him. He turned his head and saw his son and the attendants, who had already left, rushing towards him in large strides.

He inwardly cursed ‘not good’. His vision returned just in time to see He Yiming lifting his head; an annoyed and dangerous glint flickering in his eyes.