Book 2 - Fame Spreads

Chapter 16.2

Fifth and final regular chapter of the week

In Tai Cang county, He Yiming had always repressed his true strength because he didn’t wish his grandfather, father, and other elders to discover his true strength.

The progress of his strength had been too quick- to the extent that even he himself sometimes felt skeptical. In all honesty, he actually might be treated as a devil for real. Even if he somehow made them empathize with his situation, the word ‘genius’ alone still wouldn’t be able to cover the explanation.

Consequently, if he had to reveal his fortuitous event at the bottom of the lake, the further development would spiral out of his control. Therefore, as long as he remained in the He manor, or even Tai Cang county, he couldn’t help but conceal his strength. In the passing two years, this had already transformed into an instinct for him. Although he did a good job of it, it had also changed into an inescapable giant shadow of his heart.

Like a massive chain, it had been weighing down on him, suffocating him.

However, in these months, braving the wind and dew every day, associating with wild animals as he walked in the forest, using heavens as his roof and ground as his bed, he’d been completely carefree and exempt from all worries.

In these three months, his mood had been quite pleasant. Be it physically or spiritually, he’d not felt any repression at all.

Spiritually in particular, which seemed to have undergone a natural cleansing, making it pure and bright.

The spiritual repression he’d suffered through the course of two years had been swept away in one swoop.

Precisely because he was a stranger in this strange place known as Fire Crow country, which was several thousand li away from Heaven Sieve country, he had discarded all his concerns and engaged Xie Grace with a completely free mind and confronted this spiritual beast without concealing his strength at all.

Here, he would not hide, and neither did he need to do so.

His eyes shined brightly while his face had an excited expression, even carrying a hint of going berserk.

From the beginning of the fight, he’d only used brute force without using any technique behind it at all. However, at this moment, his sword began to exhibit a hint of fist concept.

The broadsword surged like a gigantic rolling boulder as it danced in the air while maintaining the immense pressure on the spiritual beast, seeming endless and incessant.

He’d never thought of merging the moves of Rolling Boulder Fist into his blade technique. However, today, he’d indescribably, involuntarily, and unwittingly accomplished this feat.

While employing the blade with all his skill, the moves of Rolling Boulder Fist, the technique he’d trained throughout his life, completely integrated with his broadsword.

This was the fist concept. It was not some fist technique, but the spot where the profound essence of fist techniques lied.

If He Wude and his other acquaintances were to see this scene, they would be once again stunned at his display.

“Ha, haha, hahahaha…”

Hearty laughs of contentment and joy echoed. His broadsword was becoming increasingly swift- producing whistles like wails of ghosts and howls of wolves in the air.

Rolling Boulder Fist’s characteristic was precisely that more the time of use, more the might accumulated. As long as the opponent was evenly matched and the user could ensure that the momentum of Rolling Boulder Fist would continue to build up, the final victor would always be Rolling Boulder Fist.

Of course, if the opponent could forcibly break it halfway, or use some mysterious skill and disrupt its momentum gain, that would be a whole different matter.

However, this long-armed raccoon evidently didn’t possess such capability. It was already trembling at the sight of the broadsword before it. At this moment, it further discovered that all of the four directions around it had suddenly been shrouded by the images of the broadsword. Even its path of retreat had also been obstructed by that flowing water-like blade light.

Regardless of where he tried to breakthrough from, he only found a huge screen of light. As its impenetrable, iron-hard hands would make contact with this screen, he felt as if he’d been struck with countless hammers, hurting him to the bones. Not struggling was out of the question as well, since this blade would occasionally succeed in breaking the defense of its two arms, smashing its body.

At that moment, the accumulated might of Internal Energy would completely shake its spirit as if being struck by an iron hammer, making it see stars in the day. Even its movements would become somewhat sluggish.

In its memories, this was the first time it had felt so close to death, feeling as if spirits of death were looming around its body, waiting for it to die.

Suddenly, it raised his head high up before its mouth issued a series of unspeakably shrill cries. As these cries spread around, all the creatures in the vicinity immediately fled for their life.

At the same time, the long-armed raccoon that was engaging Xie Grace raised its head and issued a series of similar shrill cries before rushing in the direction where He Yiming was forcing its partner into retreat.

As its figure disappeared, Xie Grace also stopped. Currently, his clothes had two long holes. These represented his momentary wishfulness while battling the long-armed raccoon. Fortunately, he’d always been a cautious person and had not fully committed. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be his clothes sustaining the damage but his body.

While confronting such a spiritual beast, relying solely on the light sword didn’t seem too effective. A broadsword, like He Yiming’s inconceivably huge one, seemed much more potent. However, using a broadsword to an extent that even spiritual beasts couldn’t resist- accomplishing such a feat was not possible for everybody.

“Father,” Seeing that the spiritual beast had left, Xie Mingjin let out a sigh and advanced two steps while saying, “We should quickly leave.”

A trace of hesitation flickered in Xie Grace’s eyes. He’d seen the direction in which that spiritual beast had just rushed off and had also heard those cries which even a deaf person might hear. He naturally understood that spiritual beast’s objective.

“Father, why are you still thinking about him?” Xie Mingjin shouted, “This is the best opportunity to escape. Don’t tell me you still intend to help and recruit that He Yiming?”

Xie Grace glared at him while sighing inwardly, ‘How can you ever understand your father’s thoughts…’

As he hesitated, Xie Mingjin turned even more anxious, “Father, these two spiritual beasts had never killed our people in these past two years, why would they suddenly want to attack us?”

Xie Grace faintly started, “You think it’s related to He Yiming?”

“I also don’t know,” Xie Mingjin bitterly smiled, “However, regardless of how powerful he is, he won’t be winning over two spiritual beasts. Father, this is our best opportunity to leave.”

Xie Grace’s brows creased before he suddenly said, “You all leave first, I will go take a look.”

Xie Mingjin and the rest were about to oppose but Xie Grace waved his hand, “My expertise lies in sword and agility. Even if those two long-armed raccoons are together, I can make my escape. However, this wouldn’t be the case with you. With you troublesome bunch, I wouldn’t be able to escape even if I wanted to.”

Xie Mingjin and the attendants looked at each other’s faces. Xie Grace’s face stiffened as he sternly said, “You’re still not getting lost? Do you really want to take me down with you?”

Xie Mingjin left in heavy footsteps. The attendants behind him bowed at Xie Grace, and one of them said, “Lord, be at ease. Even if we lose our lives, we will ensure young master’s safe return.”

Xie Grace faintly nodded. The seven attendants immediately followed after Xie Mingjin.

With their familiarity with this forest, they would only require half a day at most to return back. In this forest, besides the two long-armed raccoons, nothing could pose a threat to their group. As such, Xie Grace felt quite assured.

Distantly, the roars of the long-armed raccoon had yet to stop. Instead, they seemed to have become even louder.

In Xie Grace’s perception, each roar sounded like a toll of death, making his heart anxious.

Holding the sword, Xie Grace headed in that direction.

Like Xie Mingjin, he also didn’t believe that He Yiming could take on two long-armed raccoons at once. As such, the reason he was going there was to buy as much time as possible.

He’d stayed behind not to help He Yiming, but for the sake of his own son.

The species of long-armed raccoons were known to hold a grudge to the extreme. Since their two sides had already battled once, with their memory, they would certainly commit all their appearances into their memories. Perhaps, He Yiming and he would be able to escape. However, if He Yiming fell, these beasts would again pursue the rest. At that time, Xie Mingjin and the rest would have nowhere left to go.

Only if they could stall these two beasts here would his son and attendants be able to return safely. As for himself, if he wished to escape, he certainly held some certainty.

Xie Mingjin had obviously failed to discern his thinking. However, one of the attendants had. That was the reason he’d said that line ensuring the safety of Xie Mingjin.

As he neared the battlefield, his body began to exude an intense aura. He’d already determined that regardless of the method, he would make sure that these two spiritual beasts would remain here.

For this objective, even if he had to sacrifice the life of the recently acquainted He Yiming, he would not hesitate in the slightest.