Book 2 - Fame Spreads

Chapter 16.1 - Fist Concept, Blade Techniques

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After jumping down, the two long-armed racoons didn’t immediately attack. Rather, they slowly circled about. Perhaps they were teasing or trying to figure out how this bunch of humans had seen through their plan.

They were unlike humans. In addition to a high wisdom, they also possessed exceedingly sharp perception. In their perception, the male holding the huge broadsword exuded a dangerous feeling. In comparison, although the rest were quite a lot in numbers, they didn’t amount to much.

The racoon in the back gradually opened its mouth. This huge spiritual beast, which looked hardly any different than a horse-monkey(macaque), stretched its upper limbs, which were longer than its whole body, and suddenly jumped. Grabbing an arm-thick branch, it observed the humans before it; its body half-suspended in the air.

Subsequently, like a ray of light streaking across the horizon, a snow-white color filled its eyes.

Its wisdom and beastial instinct screamed danger. Its two arms released the branch before its body curled up as it retreated backwards while its two arms recklessly struck at its front.

In one jump, He Yiming’s figure had already landed on this spiritual beast’s head. The broadsword in his hands flickered- appearing and disappearing- as it severely slashed at the raccoon’s arm.

This was not some secret art or peerless blade technique. It was merely an illusion created due to the swiftness of He Yiming’s broadsword.

“Bang, bang, bang…”

A burst of acute noises rang out in succession, bringing a painful sensation to the ears of listeners as if metal had been struck.

Suddenly, the raccoon issued a long screech. Subsequently, its body flew back. In this series of severe exchanges, the first who had failed to preserve was not He Yiming, but this long-armed raccoon who had seemed so majestic all along and had treated the humans before it as weeds.

He Yiming heartily laughed, the sound of which contained an unspeakable feeling of being rejuvenated. Even as his laughter echoed, his footsteps unceasingly followed after the retreating raccoon. At the same time, the broadsword in his hand danced, limiting the path of raccoon to a straight line.

Xie Grace and the rest all had their eyes opened wide. If this scene had not been playing right in front of their eyes, they wouldn’t have believed it even in their death.

He Yiming’s blade techniques exuded nothing extraordinary. Every individual present here could use a broadsword to this degree.

Of course, they didn’t know the true weight of this sword. If they had known that the weight of this sword exceeded three hundred jins, even Xie Grace wouldn’t dare think as such.

However, although they didn’t know the blade’s true weight, in any case, they could clearly see He Yiming forcing the beast into a retreat while it even issued howls of pain. As such, they could somewhat estimate how much strength this broadsword actually contained.

In addition to the possession of innate divine strength, this person’s Internal Energy had reached an exceedingly high realm. This was the only explanation.

Suddenly, a thought struck their mind like lightning.

Tenth layer. Only a tenth layer expert who had the support of innate divine strength could accomplish this feat.

Suddenly, Xie Grace’s front blurred before he sternly shouted, “Careful!”

Even as the sound of his voice spread, he scuttled out, arriving in front of the attendants. With a wave, a deft soft-looking sword appeared in his hand. Infused with his Internal Energy, this flexible sword immediately stretched perfectly straight while emitting a soft humming sound.

Like a viper, the flexible sword stabbed at the long-armed racoon pouncing at him. Xie Grace didn’t possess innate divine strength like He Yiming and nor he had that broadsword, which was so gigantic that even the entire Fire Crow country might not have its match. Thus, he didn’t dare to directly engage with the long-armed raccoon. Instead, he skillfully flicked his wrist, aiming straight for the beast’s eyes.

Although spiritual beasts were quite fierce, their eyes were one of the weakest pair among all creatures. The long-armed raccoon obviously wouldn’t allow the sword to pierce its eyes. It waved its long arm. Followed by a loud air-cleaving sound, its palm opened, aiming to grab the sword.

Xie Grace had squandered the major portion of his life on this sword, how could he fail this easily? His wrist remained as steady as Mt. Tai but the Internal Energy in the sword suddenly lessened. Suddenly, the perfectly straight and stable sword’s pointed edge softly bent down.

As the long-armed raccoon grabbed the air, the sword once again erected, again poking at the eyes of spiritual beast like a viper opening its fangs.

The furious spirit beast brought one hand before its eyes while waving the other like a long rod, aiming to kill this cunning human on the spot.

With his skill, how could Xie Grace let it happen. His feet performed a set of wondrous steps, circling around the raccoon’s body as he retreated. At the same time, the aim of his sword shifted to the ears and other vulnerable parts of the raccoon which were not far from its eyes.

As for the raccoon’s body, Xie Grace had no intentions of even touching it, and its two arms were even further out of his consideration.

In this manner, his figure hovered around the raccoon’s body at a lightning fast speed. Although it appeared quite dangerous, for a short period of time, he wouldn’t have too much problem protecting himself.

With a heavy countenance, Xie Mingjin softly said, “Defense formation.”

In the wake of his words, the attendants retreated a few steps and arranged themselves around the former, maintaining a subtle distance between each other. This formation technique was taught to the core attendants of Xie family from childhood for the time when they had to confront a high-level cultivator.

In this formation, these eight individuals could even confront a ninth layer expert for some time.

However, inwardly, they all knew a spiritual beast was not some ninth layer cultivator. If it acted on them, this formation would not stand a chance. It was merely a method to comfort themselves in this moment of crisis.

As for helping Xie Grace, although they did harbour such thoughts, they knew even more clearly that if they involved themselves in the fight, they would be instead creating more troubles for their second lord.

Such a high-levelled fight was not something they could interfere in.

Hearing the distant successive painful mourns of the long-armed raccoon on one side, and on the other hand, seeing Xie Grace exerting all his might and barely resisting the long-armed raccoon here, their faces had turned completely white, ‘In this forest, where the hell did this youngster come from?’

The attendants who had viewed him in contempt a few moments ago and had wished to capture him were even more pale. They rejoiced that they had not been reckless. Otherwise, not to mention the ambush of these two spiritual beast, just this youngster would have been able to leave their corpses behind.

The broadsword in He Yiming’s hand waved like swift winds and fierce torrents. Apart from a single straight path, it didn’t allow the spiritual beast to escape anywhere.

At this moment, he felt completely relaxed- free from all anxiety. The Internal Energy in his body was surging and rampaging, seeming as if it could burst out any moment.

Of course, this didn’t signify that he would explode. Rather, it signified an indistinct, mystical connection of Internal Energy with the external world. He even felt that if he could maintain this feeling, he might not even need the golden pellet refined from a five-hundred-year-old spiritual beast to attain the Xiantian realm.