Book 2 - Fame Spreads

Chapter 13 - Entering The Forest Again

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In the mountain forest, a gigantic air-cleaving sound suddenly rang out. As a swift, majestic white light flashed, a huge fox bear’s head rolled down before it could even make a sound.

Two fox bears had teamed up to mount a sneak attack on a certain individual in the mountain forest. However, they didn’t expect that just by a casual wave of that individual’s hand, one of them would lose its head as soon as they revealed themselves.

The other one trembled from head to toe. It could smell the odour of death. The human, who had seemed completely harmless a moment ago, this moment, exuded such a dangerous feeling that it couldn’t help but shiver uncontrollably.

The cunning fox bear had no intentions of taking revenge for its friend. It suddenly turned its head and fled for its life several times more nimbler than it had revealed itself a moment ago. Henceforth, this fox bear would never dare to even approach the humans who seemed much weaker than it.

He Yiming reached out with his hand and made a grasping gesture before the huge blade obediently returned back to its owner.

The broadsword, which vividly exhibited its might in the Tai Cang county during He Wude’s youth, was constituted of three parts.

Apart from the two sections made of pure steel that stretched one meter long and constituted the body, it consisted of a long blade. This blade further consisted of a handle, which could be used as a mid-sized weapon.

If all three parts were to be assembled together, the broadsword would weigh one hundred and eighty kilograms. Apart from those who possessed innate divine strength, even cultivators of the tenth layer wouldn’t risk showing it off.

He Wude had possessed innate divine strength in his youth, and ever since he attained the eighth layer, this blade became his signature weapon. Even his old opponent, Xu Yinjie, felt a headache while dealing with this blade.

Nobody dared to clash head-on with him.

Although He Yiming’s strength was not weak, compared to the innate divine strength of his grandfather, he lacked far behind. The only reason he could previously wield this blade was the support of his strong Internal Energy.

In reality, he’d not intended to carry this blade along with him at first. However, this time’s objective was a five- hundred-year-old spiritual beast. Thus, the might of this blade felt indispensable to him. However, after walking with the broadsword for several days, He Yiming suddenly discovered…

For the current him, this blade didn’t comprise any trouble at all.

This time, he’d cultivated the extremely difficult earth type technique [Power Secrets].

For ordinary people, the difficulty of cultivating this technique would be almost on par with that of cultivating a peak level technique. Therefore, apart from young immatures or those who had no other choice, nobody would likely make this technique as their primary cultivation technique.

However, after cultivating to the tenth layer, this technique had brought enormous benefits for He Yiming.

His strength had received an enormous gain. Even if he didn’t use his Internal Energy at all, this one hundred and eighty kilograms heavy broadsword didn’t effect him much. In particular, while holding the blade with only the foremost section in one of his hands and imbuing a little bit of Internal Energy, it felt completely weightless.

He naturally felt overjoyed at this discovery.

After leaving the He manor, he penetrated deep into the mountain forest, wielding this blade.

Tai Cang county contained immense mountain ranges, and nobody had ever succeeded in uncovering these boundless mountain ranges. He Yiming’s thought process was quite simple. Since a gold-crowned python could appear here, it ought to have other high level spiritual beasts.

Spiritual beasts had myriad of classes. However, they all shared one characteristic. They lived in areas far away from human grounds. The stronger a spiritual beast happened to be, the harder its traces would be to discover.

Although He Yiming knew that chances of finding a spiritual beast by relying on luck like this would be quite low, even if he couldn’t find one, he could always temper himself. This was his thinking when he’d begun his journey. As such, despite not finding a single spiritual beast, he did not feel discouraged.

However, living in the wild and facing the difficulties of the forest had instead rejuvenated his spirit. Moreover, while using battle skills, he could act as he pleased, which increased his thought process as well.

Poisonous snakes, mosquitoes, and assaults of all sorts of ferocious beasts presented an excellent training opportunity for him. After three months, his conduct didn’t lag behind that of those hunters that lived in the mountains. As such, with his strength, which hunters couldn’t even hope to attain, he obviously wouldn’t encounter any life-threatening situation.

Of course, some matters gave him endless headaches as well. Walking in the forest for three months, he’d no idea about his whereabouts.

Since half a month, he’d not found a single other human. If not for his plan, he wouldn’t have been able to endure such loneliness and returned back.

Turning around, he disembowelled the fox bear that had followed the path of its own death. Subsequently, he found a few thick trees, prepared a stand, and began to roast the bear meat.

He clearly remembered that he’d also faced a fox bear when he’d just attained the sixth layer. At that time, he’d barely managed to scare away the beast. However, this time, a mere wave of his hand had settled the outcome while also scaring the other fox bear witless and making it flee for its life.

As he recalled the past as if it happened yesterday, he felt somewhat emotional.

The meat slowly cooked over the branches. However, it was merely being cooked. Expecting He Yiming to bring out some sort of exotic delicacy from this meat would be a fool’s errand. Stringing the meat properly was already an extraordinary progress for him.

As he recalled his first time roasting the meat, he couldn’t help but feel a shiver run throughout his body. Fortunately, after leaving behind this time period filled with horrendous memories, his current product could barely be considered as consumable.

After eating a little bit, He Yiming’s movements suddenly stiffened before he slightly inclined his ears, quietly listening.

In the forest, apart from the rustling wind and sounds of animal’s movements, he actually heard a sound that he didn’t expect to hear.

This sound was that of leather shoes stepping on dry branches. He Yiming had not heard this sound for a long time. He Yiming’s eyes suddenly brightened. Meeting another group of people in this region was indeed quite fortunate.

You guessed correct. The sound wasn’t made by a single person, but a group of people- probably a hunter household that lived in these mountains.

From their sounds, they seemed to be coming right at him. Glancing at the flame which was about to die out, He Yiming immediately understood that they ought to be attracted by the meat’s aroma.

He Yiming threw a quick glance at the gigantic body of the fox bear before revealing a faint smile, “Even including the people that are coming, it wouldn’t be enough to finish off this big guy…”

He remained seated and had no intentions of welcoming his guests.

In the forest, the animals didn’t comprise all of the danger. Even humans also meant a certain sort of danger. However, with his current strength, this wouldn’t likely be the case. If these people came with evil intentions, they would be the ones to regret it afterwards.

The movements of these people were rather quick- evidently, quite experienced in moving through the forest.

In reality, apart from a guy like He Yiming who relied on his strength for guts, even a normal eighth layer expert wouldn’t dare create trouble in an unknown forest.

The more these people approached, the gentler their movements became. Evidently, they had already discovered that someone had roasted meat here and didn’t wish to be discovered.

Faintly shaking his head, He Yiming’s bluntly said, “Friends, since you are already here, why don’t you just show yourself. I have lots of unfinished meat here. Help yourself.”

The footsteps suddenly stopped. This action seemed to have been accomplished in an instant and in a synchronized manner.

He Yiming faintly started. He had clearly heard their movements. Ordinary hunters simply couldn’t posses such order and discipline. He vaguely felt that these people certainly weren’t ordinary hunters.

An effortless and candid voice sounded, “Since the gentleman here has shown such hospitality, we wouldn’t dare not comply.”

The next moment, eight individuals revealed themselves not too far away before moving towards the fire.

They seem to be careless, but He Yiming knew that six among them were walking rather scattered and placing their feet quite carefully. Clearly, they were protecting the two in the middle, and trying to feel if any ambushes lay in wait with their bodies.

The two in the middle walked alongside each other, enjoying this treatment as if it should be deemed as proper and expected.

He Yiming’s heart faintly shook. From the attire of these six, they seemed to be from the same region. Probably some influential family’s attendants. An influential family that could cultivate such faithful attendants couldn’t be looked down upon.

Moreover, all these attendants’ Internal Energy cultivation could be considered as quite high.

With his spiritual sense, from their footsteps, speed, force… on… He Yiming could tell that these people ought to be somewhere around the seventh layer.

Although He Yiming didn’t know whether Jadeting’s Lin family had such high-level attendants, he felt absolutely certain that Tai Cang county’s three influential families’ attendants simply couldn’t attain such a realm intrinsically.

In a few steps, the two individuals arrived before He Yiming. As they took a clear look at He Yiming’s face, they couldn’t help but reveal faint astonishment. Following the flame, their vision fell upon the fox bear and the meter long, one-section broadsword.

The head among the two individuals was a big, stout middle-aged man. His face had big, coarse pores and somewhat swollen eyes, but as soon as He Yiming met eyes with him, he didn’t dare to hold the slightest contempt for the former.

This man gave a faint feeling of danger. If he’d not misjudged, this man’s cultivation was not inferior to his grandfather.

Tenth layer Internal Energy. At such a wild, desolate region, a peak Houtian expert had appeared.

At the side of the big man, a white-faced young master stood. This young master’s age was around He Yiming’s. His whole body was covered in skin tight clothes, revealing his figure which had evidently been tempered through tough training.

He resembled the big man somewhat, making them look like a pair of father and son. The former’s cultivation lied around the seventh layer’s peak, comparable to that of He Yitian.

In a mountain forest, suddenly encountering an expert duo of father and son was completely out of He Yiming’s expectations.