Book 2 - Fame Spreads

Chapter 8 - Tenth Layer's Peak

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In the main hall, furious expressions appeared on the faces of all the three old men.

Before refining the pellet, the reason they didn’t inform He Yiming was that if they had informed him and had failed to succeed later, he would have been greatly disappointed, and it might even have affected his state of mind while cultivating.

However, the moment refining of this pellet succeeded, all the five members of He family who knew the situation tacitly knew one of the three bottles would go in He Yiming’s hands.

Because He Yiming was the youngest child in the clan who had the most potential to grow.

An important cultivation resource like a golden pellet would naturally be given to him. If not for the fact that such a low level golden pellet would only be potent once, they wouldn’t even have minded giving all the three to him.

As for whether if it would be of any use to He Yiming, this didn’t enter their consideration at all.

Therefore, the allocation of the remaining two bottles had not been confirmed yet, but the one in the hand of He Yiming had no chance of being revoked.

If He Yiiming were to say that he didn’t feel emotional when he saw the angry expressions of his three elders, he would be lying to himself. His insides felt warm- so much so that the words about his special constitution almost came to his throat before he forced them back.

This didn’t mean that he didn’t trust the three people that stood before him. However, every individual has secrets that one doesn’t wish to divulge to anyone. To He Yiming, the fortune he gained in the lake was his biggest secret which he wouldn’t be willing to divulge ever.

“Yiming, take the golden pellet,” He Wude calmly said, “And don’t say such childish words again.”

He Laibao and He Quanxin also nodded their heads. By their appearances, it seemed if he didn’t pick up the bottle, he would be immediately assaulted with countless verbal assaults.

After pondering for a bit, He Yiming slowly stood up.

As he stood up, a powerful aura, full of self-confidence, spread out from his body.

The expressions of the three slightly changed as they felt a grandeur like that of sunrise coming from He Yiming.

They had no doubts about the fact that He Yiming’s Internal Energy had already attained the ninth layer. However, in any case, they were also ninth layer and tenth layer experts. Even still, the aura that He Yiming released had stunned them.

The part of this aura which affected them the most was not its strength, rather a force of absolute confidence that nobody could overlook.

Facing this aura, the three old men somewhat understood He Yiming’s thoughts. Although they didn’t quite approve, they chose to preserve silence nevertheless.

With a resolute gaze and steady back, He Yiming said, “Grandfather, Grandpa Bao, eldest uncle, can you think of someone that can compete with me in talent?”

The three old men shook their heads. Comparing talent with this freak? What a joke!

He Yiming candidly laughed and said, “Since it’s like this, I give you my word. Three years…three years at most, I will attain the tenth layer,” His vision swept, carrying a hint of disdain that could make one blindly believe his words, “Do you trust me?”

He Wude and the rest gaped. They previously wished to say that advancing to the tenth layer was no easy feat. Otherwise, He Quanxin and He Laibao wouldn’t have spent so much time being stuck on this junction.

However, for some reason, they found themselves unable to say a single word of rebuttal.

The three old men shared a glance and bitterly smiled. For the first time, they felt that the future accomplishments of this child would be far beyond what they had anticipated.

Knowing his limits and also when to stop, He Yiming completely withdrew his aura.

If he’d continued to maintain this suppressive aura, the old men would have flipped out sooner or later.

“Grandfather, I suppose you won’t ask me to take the golden pellet now,” He Yiming said with a chuckle. He seemed a completely different person compared to a moment ago.

He Wude deeply sighed and said, “Since you are so confident, this golden pellet will remain with me. However, after three years…”

He Yiming’s eyes shined as he resolutely said, “Grandfather, rest assured, I will definitely attain the tenth layer within the next three years.”

His words carried a force of unquestionable authority. He Wude had not even finished speaking before he was stopped in middle.

The latter bitterly laughed. If any of his other grandsons had dared to cut him off in middle, he would have felt extremely irritated. However, he simply felt incapable to take offense on being interrupted over this matter.

He Laibao suddenly patted his hands and said, “Sixth young master is so confident. This is obviously quite good. Old master let’s wipe our eyes and wait.”

He Wude pondered for a moment, then deeply nodded.

Since He Yiming was this confident, there was no need to force him. At worse, he would fail after three years, and this golden pellet would still be waiting. **

After leaving the grand courtyard, He Yiming returned to his room.

He didn’t care about the three year agreement at all since he was already a genuine tenth layer expert. Even if he didn’t budge from his position for these three years, he would still have completed the agreement.

Therefore, after he entered the underground training room, he immediately cleared his mind and engrossed himself in studying the secret arts.

The first position among the secret arts he’d learned obviously belonged to [Splitting Mountain Thirty Six Forms].

This was a true Xiantian battle skill. Even when compared to Lin family’s Imprint techniques, it didn’t pale at all. Furthermore, it even consisted of thirty-three forms, which would be sufficient to keep him occupied in the future.

In addition to this, the other secret arts were the two palm imprints.

Prostrate Imprint and Rain Cloud Imprint were both exceedingly powerful Xiantian battle skills. Although they seemed quite simple, the subtle seal formations and the corresponding Internal Energy circulation they required made it far more complex and intricate than [Splitting Mountain Thirty Six Forms].

Apart from a freak like He Yiming, one wouldn’t find a single individual who could stealthily learn these two techniques through direct combat.

Of course, He Yiming had merely learned a substantial part of the two techniques. Although he’d patched up Prostrate technique with his own understanding, the resultant had changed beyond any resemblance to the original. As for the Rain Cloud Imprint, although he’d learned quite a lot after probing Lin Taoli for three days, he still had to cover a long distance before he could complete the patching of this technique.

In comparison, Rolling Boulder Fist and Silk Palm seemed a lot inferior.

Although he’d cultivated these two techniques to their peaks, in terms of might they could offer, these two techniques still couldn’t even be compared to Xiantian techniques.

After his discussion with Lin Taoli, He Yiming had come to understand a few matters.

Xiantian techniques were meant for the use of Xiantian cultivators. Generally, when Houtian cultivators tried to cultivate Xiantian techniques, they would fail to take the correct path and would only gain basic, superficial knowledge.

In the Lin family, the young generation had countless members. However, among these, those who had the qualifications to cultivate Xiantian techniques while being in Houtian realm didn’t amount to more than ten in numbers. Among these, only two had managed to obtain some success, one of whom was Lin Taoli.

Similarly, from his elders’ conversation, He Yiming came to know that in the three influential families, nobody- regardless of whether they were members of the old generation like He Wude and Xu Yinjie or were members of the young generation like He Yitian- had cultivated in Xiantian battle skills.

In other words, he was the sole individual in Tai Cang county who had cultivated in Xiantian battle skills.

With a might corresponding to the tenth layer of Internal Energy and Xiantian battle skills, He Yiming was, in fact, the number one expert of the county.

Precisely because Xiantian battle skills were so powerful he had concentrated all his mind on these techniques and completely ignored the ordinary battle skills.

In this manner, He Yiming continued to polish the two Xiantian techniques at hand while also bitterly cultivating his Internal Energy- slowly increasing its amount.

More than half a year passed. He Yiming’s life remained fairly stable and ordered.

Apart from eating, drinking, and other necessities, most of his time passed in the underground training room.

He constantly trained in Blaze technique, Withered Tree technique, and even Ripple technique. Primordial Energy- the technique he used to be obsessed with- was instead cultivated the least by him.

Comparatively, the Primordial Energy had the least potent effect on the Internal Energy. Therefore, after numerous attempts, it was involuntarily eliminated by him.

As for Ripple technique, although its effect on the Internal Energy was the same as that of Primordial Energy, in addition it had a soothing effect on meridians. Therefore, after cultivating Blaze technique, he cultivated the Ripple technique.

After many trials, he’d established an order.

First Withered Tree technique, followed by Blaze technique, and finally Ripple technique.

Going by this order, not only the increase in Internal Energy was to his satisfaction, his meridians didn’t have to suffer any harm at all. Thus, this could be considered as the optimal order.

One day, he sat cross-legged in the underground training room. The Internal Energy inside his body surged like billowing waves.

His four limbs and bones seemed to be brimming with strength. His Internal Energy’s strength had seemed to have covered every inch of his body, causing him to feel his blood and qi overflowing and seeming as if it would burst out of his body.

His heart trembled before he stopped his cultivation and stood up while feeling this strange transformation inside his body.

After a long time, a pleasantly surprised expression emerged on his face. He’d finally ensured that this strange feeling had not originated due to his cultivation going astray, rather because his Internal Energy had actually reached the tenth layer’s peak- only separated by a thin but clear line from the Xiantian realm of the legends.