Book 1 - What Is A Genius

Chapter 73 - Lin Family's Challenge


After He Yihai entered the arena, the two individuals cupped their fists, then gently and cautiously raised their hands.

Although everybody knew that this was only a custom that had been followed through generations and it wouldn’t be a life-and-death battle in any case whatsoever, witnessing a duel between direct members of two influential families was quite rare even for the majority of members sitting in the main hall- much less to speak of those who were circling around the arena.

As such, relentless echoes of cheers and applauds had started since the beginning. Therefore, when the two cultivators actually started the duel, the commotion only increased by a slight amount.

Cheng Lannuo cultivated a bizarre water-type technique. His both fists seemed to be rippling like a wave- boundless and endless.

He Yihai was a cultivator of fire type techniques, and thus, was innately repressed by his opponent. However, what astonished people was that as soon as he started to circulate his fire type technique inside his body, his entire being, as if a blazing furnace, emitted a heatwave which gave off an unapproachable feeling. This heatwave surged, and as it approached his opponent, it didn’t seem to be afraid of the water type technique’s force at all. On the contrary, one could indistinctly feel that it actually threatened to break off the restrictive effect of the water type technique at any moment.

The experts recognize the skill while the common man merely enjoys the show.

The numerous people watching the duel loudly cheered and shouted. However, those who could truly decipher the inner workings here were inwardly astonished.

Both the individuals inside the arena were sixth layer cultivators. Moreover, evidently, both cultivated in ordinary techniques and ordinary battle skills.

According to the reason, water-type cultivator Cheng Lannuo should have already gained the upper hand. However, in reality, he’d lost his advantage and was actually pushed back slowly.

This was not because he was acting out due to the occasion, but because his strength was not enough.

Although he possessed the cultivation of the sixth layer, compared to He Yihai, his Internal Energy was a notch below, and he also lagged behind in terms of the understanding of battle skills.

He Yihai had already cultivated his fire type battle skill to a profound degree and had also understood its essence.

The result of his painstaking devotion was this comprehension which he’d developed by researching, exploring, and testing in battles against He Yixuan and He Yitian repeatedly. Only after suffering countless defeats had he finally learned the true essence of this battle skill.

Therefore, when he employed this technique, his entire being seemed to have transformed into a blazing furnace, and his opponent’s water type technique immediately boiled away like scattered drops of water as soon as it came in contact with the furnace- only leaving behind a faint mist.

He Yihai was innately restricted. However, as they say- before a condensed force, a scattered one stands no chance.

As soon as the fight started, He Yiming and others with sharp eyes could immediately see the conclusion. After a few moments, even He Yitian and others let out a sigh.

Suddenly, Cheng Lannuo’s both palms waved intensely. He seemed to have produced countless palm strikes instantaneously. Countless cheers exploded immediately. However, as the people expected him to bring out a heaven-shattering move, he suddenly retreated while shouting, “Brother Yihai, I concede. My Cheng brothers, use tag-team strategy on them!”

Everybody was thrown into an uproar, not understanding why the former had insisted on conceding despite having a clear upper hand. Even if he needed to deliberately lose, it needn’t be this obvious.

Only those in the main hall had faint smiles on their faces. Cheng Lannuo lost, but not in terms of face. Moreover, the words he shouted while leaving the arena caused everybody to laugh despite themselves.

Using a tag-team battle in a duel indicated that these two families were not truly engaged in a martial struggle, and all this was only a means to create trouble for He Yitian so that the latter couldn’t take his bride away easily. These words had already eased up a lot of tension, and those at the principal seats revealed a knowing smile.

This Cheng Lannuo is indeed a genius. Otherwise, Cheng family wouldn’t have sent him first.

Amidst bursts of laughs from the crowd, one after another, members of Cheng family’s young generation made their appearances.

The maximum cultivation among these also didn’t exceed the sixth layer, and in terms of battle skills, none of them were even above Cheng Lannuo. As such, they naturally didn’t cause too much trouble for He Yihai and He Yixuan.

Of course, the latter also knew that this was not Cheng familiy’s true strength. They had themselves visited Cheng family’s base where they trained their young generation. Only a few of these true experts of young generation were present at this moment.

Although the remaining who were not present at the moment had not broken through the barrier of the sixth layer and thus wouldn’t be an opponent to their eldest brother, as far as the two of them were concerned, the outcome wouldn’t have been so predetermined.

The laughter and commotion continued for a long time. The sun was inclined towards the west. He Yihai and He Yixuan although acted in turns, they both were left gasping at this point. At this moment, everybody understood that this trial was not all fun and easy either.

Lord Master Cheng faintly nodded, and Cheng Shine stood up and was about to conclude the duel, when a gentle and light voice sounded, “Senior father-in-law, wait a moment.”

Cheng Shine faintly started before turning his head and smilingly asking, “Does young master Lin has some wish?”

Their respective form of address was not equivalent. However, none of them felt it strange.

‘A ‘young master’ shouting ‘father-in-law’ was only due to him being considerate about your face. He wouldn’t be so tactful if he wished to trample on your face.’

Lin Taoli slowly stood up and said, “After watching everybody in the arena, this Lin couldn’t help but feel aroused. If father-in-law allows it, your son-in-law would like to go for a round.”

Cheng Shine and his father exchanged a glance. From their expressions, it was evident that this was not a part of the plan and was definitely an impulsive request from this young master of Lin family.

He Quanming and He Quanyi’s brows creased. Although they had not seen the former’s martial prowess. However, capable of possessing the title of the number one expert of the Lin family’s young generation, He Yihai and He Yixuan would definitely not be able to deal with him.

Simultaneously, their vision fell on He Yiming. When they had begun their journey, He Yiming was not to act according to the plan. However, currently, He Yiming seemed the only possible option.

He Yiming saw his father and uncle’s gaze on him and was aware of the inevitable. Cursing inwardly, he was about to stand up when Lin Taoli calm voice sounded, “I’ve heard about the reputation of Xu family’s Blaze technique- being the number one unique technique of Tai Cang county. May I be lucky enough to broaden my horizons.”

As soon as these words were spoken, a pin-drop silence sank into the main hall.

Everybody recalled a rumor- a rumor that had spread like a wildfire half a year ago. Moreover, it was believed that the source of this rumor was precisely one of the three influential families, the Cheng family itself.

Half a year ago, Cheng family suffered a defeat at the hands of horse bandits, resulting in hundreds of casualties on their side.

Although all of these bandits were executed in the end, the thousand-year-blood-ginseng gifted by the Lin family, which was supposedly robbed by a masked man, had not been recovered.

This masked man didn’t follow after the rest of horse bandits and exchanged blows with Cheng Shine. The technique former used was one of the Xu family’s two unique techniques- the Blaze technique. An even more terrifying fact was that this man’s cultivation had already attained the ninth layer.

Although Cheng Shine had never mentioned this matter publically, he never stepped out of his way to deny it either. Thus, tacitly approving.

Xu family and Cheng family’s relations tensed day by day. Further, the marriage between Cheng and He family explained many more things.

Currently, the proclaimed husband of the Cheng family’s daughter had raised such a request for Xu family. What else could be the reason?

Lord Master Xu, Xu Xinjie, slowly raised his head. On his withered tree alike face, not a shred of expression could be seen.

After a few moments, he unhurriedly said, “Young master Lin, in my Xu family, there is only one person who cultivates in Blaze technique and has attained the ninth layer.”

Lin Taoli’s vision immediately shifted onto Xu Right. This forty-year-old cultivator who seemed to be in his thirties lightly sighed and slowly stood up, “Since young master Lin wishes as such, Xu Right shall risk his life to accompany young master for a round.”

The two men left their seats and went to the arena side-by-side.

This time, everybody in the main hall felt a chill in their hearts.

These two individual’s identities were far beyond what a bunch of third generations could compare. Even more important was the fact that their entrance in the arena didn’t feel simple at all.

Everybody could feel the oppressive atmosphere. Even the cheering voices gradually faded away.

The moment these two stood to face each other, Xu Yinjie’s eyes suddenly flickered and he suddenly spoke while looking straight at Cheng Zhusheng, “In our Xu family, Right is the only one who has succeeded in cultivating the Blaze technique. Apart from him, among those who cultivates in blaze technique, not a single one has reached the sixth layer.”

His words were loud and clear. The sound of his voice severely dropped- crashing against people’s mind.

Subsequently, Xu Yinjie closed his eyes without giving anybody a single glance.

Cheng Zhusheng and Cheng Shine- the father and son immediately understood his implications. The two exchanged a glance and simultaneously nodded at each other. Xu Yinjie had emphasized these words two times. With his identity, performing such an action on such an occasion meant that these words couldn’t possibly be lies.

This moment, the father and son felt that perhaps, they had targeted the wrong enemy over these past six months.

However, regardless of all their conjectures, they could never have imagined that the thousand-year-blood-ginseng was not in the hands of Xu family but with the youngster who was sitting alongside them.

Not only Cheng father and son were scratching their hands, even the He brothers were amazed and puzzled.

Since thousand-year-blood-ginseng is not in the hands of Xu family, then who is it? Could it be….a new power has appeared in the Tai Cang county?