Book 1 - What Is A Genius

Chapter 71 - Receiving Bride



Deafening sounds of exploding firecrackers resounded in the manor, originating from the manor’s head and spreading to its tail. Everybody had smiles plastered across their faces. This year was more tiresome compared to the previous ones, but the amount of money they had earned was equivalently larger as well. If every year could be like this where they could earn more money even if they had to strain themselves a little, everybody would be pleased to do so.

The reason for so many good events this year was obviously the marriage of manor’s first young master He Yitian.

The eldest young master’s bride was not a girl from some trifling, small family, but from a family that equivalently constituted one of the three influential families of Tai Cang county alongside He family- the Cheng family.

Cheng family took a massive hit to their reputation previous year, but as they say, a camel in dire straits is still bigger than a horse. Even He and Xu- the other two influential families didn’t dare to look down upon them.

Manor’s entrance opened with a rumble, and a group of people walked out amidst pounding of drums and beating of gongs.

He Yitian was dressed in a red gown. Although his Internal Energy had already attained the realm of the seventh layer, at this moment, it didn’t seem to make a difference as fine beads of sweat emerged on his forehead.

This was not due to being tired or dressed too heavily, but due to anxiousness and feeling himself at the edge.

Following closely behind He Yitian were He Yihai, He Yixuan, and He Yiming- his siblings who had attained the sixth layer. Looking at their eldest brother’s appearance, each and every one of them was laughing inwardly and gladly extracting joy from his misfortune.

Looking at their undisguised wry smiles, He Quanyi couldn’t help but recall his own younger times. His face stiffened as he furiously shouted, “You brats, we should marry you off next year as well!”

He Yihai and the rest immediately restrained their smiles and even assumed an honorable appearance. Only He Yiming’s face was still incessantly twitching.

Passing year, he’d turned fifteen. If he was a junior of an ordinary peasant household, he indeed might have to get married. However, in He family, furthermore as a prominent member of the family’s young generation, nobody would allow his marriage- be it his father or grandfather.

A slight cough sounded from behind, and everybody immediately straightened up, even including He Yitian, who respectfully said, “Grandfather.”

He Wude walked out to the front; his face carrying a gentle smile which was becoming increasingly gentler as his vision fell upon He Yitian.

As an old man, watching his grandson taking a wife and continuing the clan’s bloodline was naturally a joyful occasion for him.

“Quanyi, when you arrive at the Cheng family, keep them in check. Don’t let our clan lose face.”

“Yes, father,” He Quanyi respectfully said, “ You can be rest assured, we will definitely ensure Yitian’s bride returns here.”

According to the local traditions, the groom’s side should bring a huge group. However, He Yitian’s father and grandfather were unable to go in person. As such, only his third uncle could assume the charge. Though with He Quanyi’s popularity and strength, he was more than qualified to assume this responsibility.

He Wude nodded his head in satisfaction before suddenly waving his hand, “Yihai, Yixuan. According to the county customs, if the bride is from a martial family, duels would be held and only groom’s brothers can participate. Only after the defeating the bride’s side- the hosts- would you be able to bring back the bride. You two, how confident you are?”

He Yihai and He Yixuan simultaneously straightened their chests and heroically said, “Grandfather, you can be rest assured. We will certainly not let the eldest brother lose face.”

Yihai and Yixuan’s strength had already attained the realm of Internal Energy’s sixth layer. In Tai Cang county, such members of young generation could be counted on fingers. Cheng family’s young generation although had a few members at the sixth layer, these two had frequently dueled with them and had rarely suffered defeat. This was the reason these two were so confident.

The Lord Master’s vision shifted to He Yiming who was wordlessly smiling. From the beginning to end, the former had not mentioned his most formidable grandson at all.

He Yiming’s strength was already at the eighth layer half a year ago. Adding [Splitting Mountain Thirty Six Forms] on top of that, not to mention the fact that he was essentially a paragon in the young generation, even members of the second generation who possessed such strength could be counted on fingers. Moreover, if he could deliver that day’s frightening strike again, nobody in the entire Tai Cang county could sustain that strike.

Therefore, he was only going to enjoy the hustle and bustle. He wouldn’t have any chance to act all.

After all, this time, the occasion was the marriage between Cheng family and He family- not a true martial competition. The arranged guards for bride would obviously not be too strong. If He Yixuan and He Yihai truly couldn’t beat the guards, that would not be a loss of face for just He family, but also for Cheng family.

After bidding farewell to the Lord Master, He Quanyi took the lead. The younger generation followed behind him as they hastened towards the county town.

He manor was quite a distance away from the county town. According to the customs, the groom side would spend the night in a random courtyard of the county town, then return back the next day.

As for palanquins and other things, He Quanming had already made suitable arrangements in the county town. Once the two sides met, they could then immediately proceed to the Cheng Residence.

The group steered their horses. Apart from the five directly-related males, the group consisted of ten carefully chosen servants. Although their strength was only somewhere around the third layer, their reputation and usefulness in other matters was more than enough to make for it.

After ruthlessly steering their horses for an hour, they arrived at the county town.

He Quanming and his wife had already completed all the preparations. The occasion was but the wedding of the eldest grandson of the eldest son- the first person to be married in the third generation. Nobody dared to be neglectful in the slightest.

For today’s preparations, He Quanming and his wife had gone through a lot of troubles. They had all the courtyards in the town swept, and further, red ribbons and other decorations could be seen everywhere in the county town.

As soon as He Yitian and the rest dismounted their horses, He Quanming’s side came out to welcome them in. As they were entering, they discovered that two big neighboring courtyards lit up with cheering, and their decorations were also not one bit inferior to their own family.

Stealthily pulling his elder brother away, He Quanyi asked in dissatisfaction, “Second brother, these two families also have marriage today?”

In the Tai Cang county, the three influential families were not just for name. Especially in this desolate region, their martial power spoke much higher than either the power of authorities or the wealth.

A marriage between the Cheng family and He family was an important affair of the county town. There were actually other families daring to step on the stage with them. Moreover, their preparations didn’t seem one bit inferior to them. This naturally provoked He family’s third lord. Since today was a festive occasion, he couldn’t go and make a ruckus for the fear of being laughed at, but he’d already decided that he would pay these families a visit in the future and claim today’s lost face back.

He Yiming could hear his third uncle’s question. He immediately understood the latter’s intention. Although he didn’t completely agree, he wouldn’t stop it at all. After all, he was certain that if the positions were reversed, the other side would absolutely act as such.

The one who has the bigger fist, is the one who is just. This was the absolute truth of Tai Cang county.

An awkward expression covered He Quanyi’s face. He lowered his voice and said, “Third, don’t charge in recklessly.”

He Quanyi’s eyes shone as he asked in a lowered voice, “Second brother, who are these two families?”

He Quanming light coughed and said, “They are Yitian’s uncle in laws.”

He Quanyi started before astoundedly asking, “What did you just say?”

“These two courtyards have already been purchased by Yitian’s father-in-law, Cheng Shine, and would act as a part of Yanli’s dowry. If you ruin it in your hot-headedness, you might have to settle accounts with the eldest brother later.”

He Quanyi eventually realized and forced out a laugh. So these two families had put so much energy in reaching their voices to them so that they could welcome their new nephew.

Lightly coughing, He Quanyi sincerely said, “Cheng family really showed their hand this time.”

He Quanming faintly nodded. He was also in awe of Cheng family’s financial prowess. Although Cheng family’s martial power was not too high, with regards to their depth and networks that had been running through centuries, they were indeed a notch above the rest.

After entering inside, everybody hurriedly cleaned up.

After the journey, their new clothes had been painted with dust. Fortunately, He Quanming had already made all the preparations. He quickly and efficiently managed everybody’s cleaning process. Subsequently, they left for the Cheng Residence.

This time, however, the group received an addition of palanquin. Of course, this was a palanquin prepared specifically to carry the bride.

Moreover, this time, except for the groom, He Yitian, even He Quanming and He Quanyi didn’t ride on horses.

Hundreds of people pounded drums alongside the group as they advanced towards the Cheng family. This naturally attracted attention everywhere they went.

He Yitian was the sole person riding on the horse- the He family’s eldest grandson of the eldest son, sitting tall and head head. Although he felt quite nervous in his heart, on the exterior, a smile hung at the corner of his lips, which made him look dazzling and caused passersby to exclaim in admiration.

He family had made quite a few preparations. The entire way, sweets and fruits were being sprinkled around, arousing countless yells of children. Even some adults cast their face away and snatched a few delicacies before covering their faces and escaping, inviting jeering sounds from others.

The group unhurriedly advanced as they received incessant congratulatory greetings along the way.

Eventually, when the group arrived at the Cheng Residence, a burst of ear-deafening crackers exploded from every side.

At the entrance, Cheng Shine heartily laughed. Looking at his elegant and handsome son-in-law on the horseback, he pleasantly smiled.

However, he subsequently recalled his elder daughter who had been wed into the Lin family as a concubine. Although her husband loved her dearly, in future, when her appearance would have waned with age, who could say with certainty that the relations would remain as harmonious?

However, he only entertained this thought momentarily before he immediately broadened his smile and went to welcome the opposite party.