Book 1 - What Is A Genius

Chapter 63 - The Journey

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The old man in the room who slightly nodded towards He Yiming was precisely the Lord Master of He family, He Wude.

“Yiming, Quanxin said that yesterday, you obtained some fortune in the Book Pavilion?” The Lord Master talked straight to the point. In front of his own descendant, he need not conceal his intentions.

He Yiming made a sound of agreement before saying, “Grandfather, yesterday, while copying scripture, I suddenly entered a sort of bizarre realm,” He thought for a bit before continuing, “I don’t know how to describe it, but it felt extremely strange.”

He Wude’s eyes shined as he pondered for a bit before saying, “Yiming, tell me all the details.” «!–more–>

He Yiming would naturally not hide it from his grandfather. He, who himself was ignorant, wished to know what happened yesterday more than anybody.

As He Wude heard He Yiming’s extremely detailed explanation, his brows began to crease increasingly. However, what surprised He Yiming was the fact that he could discern a pleasantly surprised expression from his grandfather’s eyes. Suddenly, he felt that the Lord Master truly might know something about it.

After a few moments, the Lord Master said in a lowered tone, “Yiming, when you came back from that bizarre state, did you feel any transformation?”

He Yiming thought for a bit and said, “It seems there was indeed something strange. At that time, it seemed as if I had already memorized all the content within while I was copying, and it further aided my understanding of the scripture.”

He Wude’s eyes immediately shined with a peculiar radiance as he said, “Your copied scripture, huh? Let me take a look.”

He Yiming promptly went to the underground training room and brought back not only the scripture of Bone Transformation technique, but also the eighth layer contents of Rolling Boulder Fist and Silk Palm.

Apart from the Bone Transformation technique, all the rest of scriptures had some minor errors. Especially the diagrams. It was simply impossible to copy them to perfection. Of course, this was due to the different drawing skills of the two individuals. On the whole, it couldn’t be considered as wrong.

“Grandfather, this is my yesterday’s copied scripture. It is indeed a bit different than the scriptures I copied before.”

As He Wude looked at the three words, Bone Transformation Technique, written at the top of the scripture, he couldn’t help but be a little shocked. He raised his head and threw a glance at He Yiming while thinking why would latter choose such a supplementary technique.

However, the Lord Master didn’t ask this question out loud since he had already determined that he would allow He Yiming to mature on his own. Since the latter had made this selection, he must have had his own reasons.

He opened the scripture and looked at it carefully. After a few moments, his expression slightly changed as he said, “Come with me.”

Following the Lord Master, He Yiming arrived at the Book Pavilion. He Quanxin and He Laibo naturally came out to greet them. However, the Lord Master immediately discarded them with a wave of his hand.

After the entering the Pavilion, the Lord Master picked out the scripture of the Bone Transformation technique from the shelf and placed in next to the copied one.

If these two scriptures were observed separately, one wouldn’t have paid much attention to it. However, when these two scriptures were placed next to each other, one could easily see the mysteries within.

The content of these two scriptures was exactly the same.

If not for the difference of the paper and the time passed, these two scriptures could easily be treated as parts of a single book.

He Wude let out a sigh and faintly nodded his head, “Sure enough, it is indeed as I thought.”

He Yiming promptly asked, “Grandfather, you know what happened?”

He Wude turned his head towards He Yiming; his eyes unable to conceal the joy within, “Yiming, actually, I have only heard about this sort of matter. If not for seeing with my own eyes, I wouldn’t have dared to be certain. You actually managed to enter this state.”

He Yiming blinked his eyes; his heart brimming with curiosity.

He Wude pondered for a bit, seeming as if he was thinking how to phrase his explanation. He Yiming also didn’t urge him. The room suddenly turned silent.

After a while, He Wude said, “Yiming, as far as the majority of cultivators are concerned, what we cultivate is Internal Energy, which is precisely the so-called Jin-dao(dao of energy). However, there are some absolute geniuses or perhaps cultivators who somehow manage to eat some heavenly treasure and manage to break through the shackles of Internal Energy and attain the Xiantian realm, and henceforth, they cultivate the ‘Qi-dao’.”

He Yiming felt quite amazed. This was, after all, the first time his grandfather was talking to him about the Xiantian realm. For him who had already attained the tenth layer, these things held unaccountable charm.

“Grandfather, you are saying that Xiantian realm and that bizarre state has some connection?”

He Wude bitterly laughed and said, “I am also not too clear. Since I will not be able to break through into the Xiantian realm throughout my entire life, I will not able to offer you much help,” His voice was full of regret, “However, my teacher once said that above Xiantian realm’s ‘Qi dao’, is ‘Shen dao’. This shen dao is extremely mysterious. Cultivators who don’t possess high willpower and blessings of heavens simply don’t stand a chance of touching this realm. And once a cultivator enters in this ‘Shen Dao’, he will achieve the ability of ‘Memory Engraving’. Yesterday, your copying of the Bone Transformation Technique word to word while being in that mysterious state is precisely one of the Shen Dao’s ability.”

He Yiming’s eyes were wide opened. He never expected to hear such a secret today.

So it turns out that Xiantian realm comprises of Qi dao, and Qi dao really isn’t the peak of cultivation. Since above Qi dao there is further Shen dao, then…

He Yiming was unable to suppress his surging emotions. He could even feel that his heartbeat was a lot quicker than normal.

“Grandfather, how can one attain the Xiantian realm and cultivate QI dao.” He Yiming asked in a lowered voice.

He Wude faintly started before involuntarily chuckling and saying, “Yiming, you need not concern yourself with this question. Wait until you attain the tenth layer. I will tell you then,” Seeing that He Yiming’s brows were slightly creased and he seemed unsatisfied, He Wude faintly shook his head and bitterly smiled, “Yiming, you have the biggest potential of our He family in this age. You must remember at all times, never bite off more than you can chew.”

Feeling extremely gloomy inwards, He Yiming said, “Yes, grandfather.”

At this moment, he even felt like exposing his entire strength.

However, this thought was merely his imagination running wild, and it was immediately suppressed the next moment. His display was already terrifying enough. He should wait for two more years, and take it slowly.

As his thoughts turned in another direction, He Yiming suddenly asked, “Grandfather, who is your teacher?”

He Wude’s face sank. Although he didn’t seem down to the point of being furious, to say the least, he was not happy.

He Yiming’s heart jumped before he smiled and said, “Grandfather, there is something for which your grandson requires your consent.”

He Wude’s expression slowly relaxed as he said, “What is it?”

“During recent cultivation, I feel that my advancement is not good, and I also feel my mental state is not completely calm. As such, I wish to end my seclusion and roam outside.”

He Wude’s complexion slightly changed as he immediately said, “Yiming, Internal Energy cultivation is exceedingly dry and dull. Don’t try to exert yourself too much. Proceed slowly but steadily.”

He Yiming docilely said, “Yes grandfather, your grandson understands.”

He Wude thought for a few moments before saying, “Every person’s talent is different, and so is the temperament. Even the amount of time one could endure while cultivating behind closed doors vary from person to person. Considering your young age, your time can already be considered quite good. You should indeed go out and roam for a while.”

He Yiming faintly started and astoundedly looked at his grandfather.

He’d already formed this plan when he was training in the mountain forest. However, he was worried that he’d not even turned fifteen yet, and thus, his family would not allow him to go out on his own. However, currently, from his grandfather’s manner of speaking, it seemed as if the latter was quite in favor of this.

He Wude extended his shoulder and patted He Yiming’s shoulders as he said, “A man should aspire to travel far and leave his mark everywhere he goes. Since you can think in this direction, your grandfather will naturally support you. However, I have one request.”

He Yiming promptly said, “Grandfather, please tell.”

“Alone on the road, you would feel lonely. How about I let Laibao accompany you?”

He Yiming rolled his eyes while incessantly complaining inwardly.

He’d a specific objective while traveling outside. If he allowed his grandpa to come with him, he would have no chance to obtain the Withered Tree technique from Xu family.

He Yiming unhesitatingly shook his head and said, “Grandfather, I wish to travel alone. If there is some else by my side, there would be no meaning to it.”

He Wude thought for a bit and decided to oppose. However, he suddenly felt that He Yiming words carried a sort of determination. He faintly trembled inwardly as he thought that if he forcefully opposed, it might produce some negative influence of He Yiming’s mental state.

Looking that his grandfather was somewhat moved, He Yiming immediately struck when the iron was hot, “Grandfather, in any case, I am an eighth layer expert. Adding [Splitting Mountain Thirty Six Forms] on top of it, do you believe that in Tai Cang county, there is still a region where your grandson cannot go?”

He Wude faintly started and looked at He Yiming with a peculiar gaze.

He let out a sigh and said, “Very well. However, after one month is the day of Yitian’s marriage. I wish you will return and participate in the wedding.”

He Yiming rapidly calculated in his mind and ascertained that one month would be enough.

However, he understood why his grandfather had spoken such words. Traveling and returning within one month- he would only be able to travel within the Tai Cang county or perhaps some neighboring county. If he had wished to travel further away, that would be impossible now.

Heavily nodding his head, He Yiming vowed, “All right. Grandfather, I will definitely return within one month.”

As soon as he finished speaking, his vision momentarily turned towards a certain direction as his heart brimmed with confidence. Within one month, he would definitely be able to get his hands on the Withering Tree technique.