Book 1 - What Is A Genius

Chapter 62 - Metal Births Water


Under the sunshine, layer upon layer of different shades made the color of mountain forest hard to recognize- verdant, bluish green, yellow, and also, fiery-red.

At a certain place in this forest, He Yiming exhaled in a loud voice, evenly stretched out both his hands, and started to move about on the ground- resembling a rolling boulder. Following his movements, intense ‘whoosh’ sounds were continuously being emitted into the air surrounding his body.

All the living things in the vicinity had already run far away from these frightening sounds.

Rolling Boulder Fist was merely an ordinary technique. Tenth layer movement sequence was already this technique’s peak. In the hands of He Yiming, this technique had truly turned the surrounding air into a giant rolling boulder, which could be controlled at his wish.

The cultivators who trained in this technique were many, but those who could attain such a level of expertise were extremely rare. One may not find a single such cultivator even in a thousand.

After a few moments, the Rolling Boulder Fist suddenly transformed. Although the movements still conformed to Rolling Boulder Fist, the feeling it gave was starkly different.

The intense, impenetrable aura on his body suddenly transformed. A metal type technique actually began to emit a gentle, soft aura.

After another few moments, his two striking fists transformed, and Silk Palm appeared. A pair of palms filled the sky and seemed as if it would shroud the world.

Perhaps due to being recently promoted to the tenth layer, He Yiming’s spirits were high, and his eyes faintly shined. The Internal Energy inside his body again shifted before a fiery red color emerged on his palms, and the air in his surroundings also became slightly hotter. In his hands, water-type Silk Palm actually began to emit a fiery feeling.

Conforming fire-type Internal Energy to a water-type technique- this would probably be counted as an unrivaled masterpiece in the entire He family.

After another few moments, He Yiming’s fist technique once again changed. This time, he didn’t bind himself by using movements of a specific battle skill and completely unleashed his will. His hands were continuously changing into fists and palms. He himself didn’t know which style would come up next.

This moment, He Yiming had actually begun to blend the Silk Palm into the Rolling Boulder Fist.

If He Wude and others were allowed to see this scene, they would certainly start to doubt their own eyes.

It wasn’t as if there had never been any case of switching between techniques. However, the difficulty of switching Internal Energy and battle skills was exceedingly high. Even a person who had researched in this field for several decades wouldn’t dare try casually changing his technique during a fight.

However, this moment, He Yiming didn’t seem to be paying attention to this at all. In his hands, these two distinctly attributed techniques were interchanging as if it was a natural process. It seemed perfectly smooth.

At the same time, the Internal Energy inside his body was no longer that of sole Primordial Energy, or Ripple technique, or Blaze technique. Instead, it was alternating between the three of them.

Internal Energy circulation and battle skill employment were two entirely different concepts.

Through sheer hard word, two distinct type battle skills could be mixed together. Although the resultant power might not necessarily be above that of either of the original techniques, at the very least, anybody could try it.

However, to alternate between two different attributed Internal Energy- this was not something an ordinary cultivator could even imagine.

Legends said that such a feat could be accomplished, but Still, it shouldn’t be happening inside the body of a young cultivator like He Yiming.

However, this moment, three different attributed Internal Energy techniques were alternating inside his body, without hindering each other in the slightest. It seemed as if his channels could support any manifestation of nature. Be it water, fire, oil, gas- it simply didn’t matter.

He Yiming was also clear about the fact that only because of his extraordinary body could he accomplish such an unimaginable feat.

Suddenly, He Yiming withdrew his fists as his body turned motionless- as if a monk entering meditation.

This moment, as the three techniques began to circulate at their peaks, He Yiming had a feeling. If he continued to advance in this direction, one day, he would be able to recreate the scene when the three distinctly attributed techniques were simultaneously aroused in his body.

Since then, he’d tried it numerous times. However, that state seemed to be covered in mist- simply unfathomable to him.

However, this moment, after experiencing this feeling, he actually stopped.

It was not that he didn’t wish to grasp that heaven-shattering strike, but his current situation was not ideal. In this section of mountain forest, he was the lone individual. If he truly erupted with that might, all of the Internal Energy inside his body would be emptied, and he would lost consciousness.

If due to this, he were to be eaten by a ferocious beast, that would be an extreme injustice to him.

As such, regardless of how unwilling he felt, he pulled his fists back and stood still, moderating his stimulated state of mind.

Slowly, his mind calmed down. He let out a long sigh; his mind operating at a lightning fast speed.

At the sixth layer of Internal Energy, regardless of however he cultivated, he never felt as such. However, when his Internal Energy attained the tenth layer and three different kinds of Internal Energy techniques started to alternately operate inside his body, he felt as if would be able to attain the state required for that frightening strike.

For him, this was a huge deal. He had absolute confidence that as long as he continued to research in this direction, he would be able to grasp the mysteries within and completely master that strike.

After gravely contemplating the situation he’d just experienced, He Yiming suddenly felt he’d caught onto something. He recalled that the sequence of techniques just now was Primordial Energy, followed by RIpple technique, then Blaze technique.

When his Ripple technique switched to Blaze technique and subsequently, Blaze technique switched to Primordial Energy, he didn’t have that feeling of simultaneous arousal. However, when his Primordial Energy switched to Ripple technique, that feeling automatically emerged and even intensified.

Primordial Energy was metal type technique, Ripple technique was water type technique. In the Five Phases, metal birthed water….

His eyes immediately shined. Although this deduction may not necessarily be correct, he wouldn’t mind trying once at all.

Trying this theory was quite straightforward. As long as he selected a wood type and an earth type primary cultivation technique and cultivated both to the tenth layer, he would be able to verify his hypothesis.

His body suddenly leaped up in the air, as if an eagle beginning its flight, and began to step across trees, swiftly moving towards the mountain’s foot.

However, as he arrived at the manor’s entrance, his mind cooled down.

With his special body, since he could attain the tenth layer in a certain technique, he could easily attain the tenth layer in other types of techniques too.

Therefore, cultivating one earth type technique and one wood type technique, for others might be a feat as difficult as ascending the heavens, but for him, it was nothing more than flipping his palm.

However, after attaining such a realm, his horizons were far broader than what they used to be.

In his eyes, an ordinary technique held no attractiveness. Only a top level technique like Xu family’s Blaze technique could attract his attention.

Once he recalled Xu family, he recalled the night of Cheng family’s celebration and further recalled the agreement between the drunkard and the black-clothed man.

Capable of being discussed in the same breath with the Blaze technique, there was only one other technique- Xu family’s wood type Withered Tree technique.

However, this was not surprising to He Yiming anymore. After experiencing the cultivating speed and might of the Blaze technique, He Yiming understood quite well that this top level fire type technique was far above Primordial Energy and Ripple technique.

It was the same principle that says one would never be satisfied with tofu after eating meat.

HIs eyeballs were spinning as he had already begun to think about how to snatch that technique from the hands of Xu family.

If his Internal Energy had not attained the tenth layer, perhaps he wouldn’t have dared thinking as such. After all, Withered Tree technique was one of the two special techniques of Xu family. To go to the Xu castle and steal this technique under their nose was the same as going to a tiger’s den to steal its prey. Each and every detail about this whole ordeal pointed towards a disaster.

However, currently, his Internal Energy had already attained the tenth layer. Furthermore, with the alternate circulation of three different techniques inside his body and [Splitting Mountain Thirty Six Forms] as his trump card, he couldn’t help but feel tempted.

This is precisely the so-called ‘Boldness of execution stems out of skill.’ Once a person’s power crosses a certain realm, his boldness also starts to increase correspondingly. The things he wouldn’t have dared to imagine previously had started to appear in his mind.

With his thoughts going rampant, he finally entered his courtyard. However, subsequently, his complexion changed as he saw another existence in the room.

He raised his head to look at the other person while astoundedly saying, “Grandfather, how come you are here?”