Book 1 - What Is A Genius

Chapter 58 - Revenge.


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A loud shout, full of hatred, came out of Cheng Zhusheng’s mouth as he raised the staff in his hand, and his beard and hair completely unfolded, making him look like a majestic deity.

Even Guan Wei, who had fought countless battles, felt fear at this time. He knew that this old man’s strike, filled with all the anger and hatred inside of him, would be no small matter.

Retreating a step, he erected his blade in front of his chest and stood with rapt attention.

However, his attention was not on the raised staff which might chop down on him anytime. Suddenly, his front suddenly shined with more than ten dots of light. He immediately knew that this strike from Cheng Zhusheng was fake. What was truly meant to deal with him were more than ten crossbow arrows.

Fortunately, his experience was too ample. Especially, in dealing with bows and arrows.

He curled up his body like a hedgehog and rolled on the ground without the slightest care about his appearance. Although his figure seemed in somewhat a sorry shape, he’d successfully dodged all the arrows.

This was his true skill, developed above the pile of dead bodies and under the torrents of arrows.

However, before he could even stand up, whooshing sound of gales approached him.

He inwardly cursed and staggeringly defended himself, eventually avoiding more than ten staff strikes Cheng Zhusheng had issued while taking the advantage of his peril. However, he still didn’t have the time to breath. From behind the body of Cheng Zhusheng, two old men and four middle-aged men emerged, running towards him. They were actually all eighth-layer Internal Energy cultivators.

Fuming with rage, these people desperately chopped at him with their raised weapons as if one life of him wouldn’t be enough to settle their hatred.

Although he was a ninth-layer cultivator, in front of such an assault, he was scared. Six eighth-layer cultivators were not easy to deal with, even for him.

With great difficulty, he managed to fend off all the strikes. However, the next moment, a staff was once again right before him.

Guan Wei’s temper was suddenly ignited. He loudly roared. He ignored the incoming staff and instead slashed his blade directly at Cheng Zhusheng, wishing to harm both him and his opponent.

However, as his swing was halfway through, a pike suddenly blocked it.

Guan Wei cursed ‘not good’ inwardly and tried to desperately dodge but was struck on his left arm. He immediately felt a burst of burning pain, and even half of his body also seemed to have paralyzed.

A figure emerged from his side and stood alongside Cheng Zhusheng, coldly looking at him.

As Guan Wei firmly clenched his teeth, he suddenly heard countless screams.

Originally, the arrows were not just for him but also to deal with the rest of his men as well. Almost all of his subordinates, seniors, brothers, who had followed him for several decades had suffered injuries from the arrows.

He shifted his vision towards He Quanxin and nastily smiled, “Who are you, sir? Cheng family didn’t seem to have two ninth-layer cultivators.”

He Quanxin withdrew the spear in his hand and said, “He Family’s Quanxin greets captain Guan.”

“He family…” Guan Wei repeatedly nodded. Gnashing his teeth, he said, “Very well, He family and also Cheng family, since you dared to harm the men of Red Cloth bandits, leader and second leader won’t let you off. For you, the only thing remaining is complete and thorough extermination. Not even a chicken will be left alive.”

Cheng Zhusheng unhurriedly withdrew his staff. The hatred in his eyes was no less than that of the counterpart.

“All right…Then we are waiting right here. Red Cloth bandits, hehe….we will see who will be exterminated.”

This time, the figure of Cheng family’s casualties had surpassed the mark of hundred. Even the thousand year blood ginseng had been lost. The Red Cloth bandits had already been decided as their sworn enemies. It was simply I live, and you die or vice versa.

He Quanxin slightly hesitated. He sighed inwardly, knowing that He family can’t exempt themselves from all this.

However, Red Cloth bandits were bandits of Tai Chong county while He family was an influential family of Tai Cang county. If due to all this, they could make friends with Cheng family, it wouldn’t be considered as too big of a loss.

After speaking, Cheng Zhusheng raised the staff in his hand, “Nephew Quanxin, you and me join hands and kill this man, what do you say?”

“All right. As the Lord Master commands,” He Quanxin said in a clear voice.

The two figures moved. One staff and one spear struck at Guan Wei like torrents of rain sprinkling everywhere.

Guan Wei was furious and frightened at the same time. However, in such dire circumstances, he didn’t reveal the slightest bit of weakness. His big blade danced, not leaving the slightest of the opening. Although, he was facing two against one, taking him down in a short time wouldn’t be possible.

Others were naturally not idle. He Quanming and He Yitian, mixed with Cheng family members, surrounded those injured and unscathed bandits.

Neither side said anything and tried to fight with all their might. However, in this time’s life and death battle, the strength of bandits was far inferior to the combination of He family and Cheng family. Although they were still exceedingly ruthless, all of them were swept away like dead leaves by an autumn wind; either captured or killed.

He Yiming hadn’t acted. From package on his back, he took out three pieces of steel, each about one meter long, and began to assemble them.

After assembling all the three parts, it immediately turned into a three meter gigantic, long-shafted broadsword.

As the Cheng family’s old men and the middle-aged men looked at this blade, complexions of each of them changed.

This blade, for their generations, was not unfamiliar at all. All of them had personally experienced the awe of this blade.

However, in the recent twenty years, this blade had already returned back to its sheath. The young generation had not even heard about it. However, as they saw this blade today, their past memories suddenly cleared up once again.

Looking at He Yiming, who seemed lacking in age, all sorts of emotions welled up in Cheng Lord Master’s heart.

As for the young generation of Cheng family, they were equally appalled by this gigantic and frightening broadsword. They perhaps never heard its legend and didn’t know that the entire foundation of He family had been laid out with the help of this blade, but as they looked at the appearance of this blade, not a single one among them was idiot enough to think that this blade was just for show.

He Yiming, holding the broadsword, watched the battle between Guan Wei and the other two.

He didn’t join the fight. Although there was no need to think about fairness while dealing with such a person, the aim was to kill the latter and not to keep him trapped. Under such conditions, the more people attacking the better it would be, need not necessarily be true.

After a while, He Yiming’s brows slightly creased. They had underestimated this guy’s tenacity somewhat. Although under the assault of two same level experts, he seemed to be in a sorry shape and looked as if he would fall any moment, from the beginning of the fight, he’d yet to suffer a single major injury.

Ninth-layer Internal Energy experts. At this stage, defeating one’s opponent might not be hard, but to kill, that was no easy feat.

As all of his men around him were executed, Guan Wei suddenly roared and waved his left hand, which was followed by several air-piercing sounds in quick succession. Several knives suddenly appeared out of nowhere and flew towards Cheng Zhusheng, twinkling and emitting white radiance under the sunlight.

Although Cheng Lord Master hated the former to his bones, under such a complete advantage, he wouldn’t go as far as to trade injuries. He stopped and swept his staff, blocking all the knives.

However, at this moment, Guan Wei, becoming one with the blade, charged towards He Quanxin like lightning.

He Quanxin’s complexion slightly changed. He had already perceived that this strike contained all of the former’s Internal Energy. Furthermore, from that intense aura, he could perceive a feeling of desperation. If he tried to receive it head-on, probably both of them would suffer injuries.

He’d no choice but to retreat back two steps as he gently raised the spear in his hand while dodging from the counterpart’s strike.

Guan Wei loudly laughed as his figure, like lightning, escaped from the encirclement of the likewise two ninth-layer experts.

Although he’d lost all of his brothers this time, as long as he lived, he could come back again and take revenge.

He only remembered that He and Cheng, these two families joined hands and exterminated all his men. He never thought about the fact that they were the ones who provoked the counterpart first.

As far as these bandits were concerned, they could kill people. It was justified and given. However, families killing them, that was simply intolerable. They would never forget about revenge until their last breath.

However, before his laughter could even be finished, his front suddenly blurred. Subsequently, he felt an intense- almost inconceivable -gale directly hitting across his face. At the same time, his eyes squinted due to the dazzling radiance in front of his eyes.

Fortunately, years of life and death experiences allowed him to react in time. He raised the blade in front of him as if his life depended on it.

With a loud sound, He Yiming’s gigantic broadsword, without performing any fancy maneuvers, directly struck at former’s blade.

Although Guan Wei’s longsword was not small, it was no match to He Yiming’s broadsword.

The impact was as if the pressure of mount Tai had descended on him. This time, Guan Wei was unable to stand anymore and retreated in staggering steps, wishing to discharge the impact.

However, he’d barely retreated a few steps when he felt a powerful force coming from behind. He screamed ‘not good’ inwardly, but was unable to do anything.

As he issued an appalling scream, his body was rigidly smashed into two pieces. From top to bottom, his flesh was badly mutilated, and his miserable shrieks could make anybody’s heart shudder. A large portion of ground sprinkled with blood as his internal organs began to drop down.

However, even in such circumstances, he didn’t die immediately. His screams echoed for a few moments before his voice completely cracked, and he finally died.

Cheng Zhusheng coldly watched him with an elated and vengeful expression, causing the others to shudder and tremble inside.