Book 1 - What Is A Genius

Chapter 54 - Passing The Blade.


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Since He family went all out this time, they were fully prepared in advance.

Especially the aftermath. However, they never expected that killing a spirit beast would turn out to be this troublesome.

Fortunately, He Yiming emerged as a new force and indescribably killed the spirit beast in one strike. Otherwise, after preparing so meticulously, they would still have suffered a huge loss.

However, since the gold-crowned python had been killed, He Yiming need not concern himself with the subsequent matters.

By the time everybody took care of the python, He Yiming’s Internal Energy was also almost replenished. However, what made him depressed was despite his desperate urging, the Lord Master didn’t allow him to travel by himself. Instead, the latter asked his eldest uncle and father to put together a simple stretcher and made him travel on it.

After his countless urges were disregarded, without any better option, he was forced to return back on the stretcher.

When they set out, none amongst them imagined that they would be returning in such a state.

Although it was already quite late in the morning, before leaving, they had made suitable arrangements through their trusted servants. With these arrangements, there would obviously be no commotion upon their return.

Of course, they didn’t enter the manor together, but in groups. Furthermore, the gigantic corpse of the python was carried into the basement below the family’s great courtyard.

So as not to alarm the outsiders, the family took the work of labor upon themselves. After sorting out everything, they once again assembled in the Lord Master’s main hall.

Eventually, this moment, He Yiming couldn’t endure anymore and suddenly jumped from the stretcher. Amidst the focus of several concerned gazes, he silently waved his fist in the air.

He didn’t use ninth-layer Internal Energy, but the eighth layer. That swift and somewhat air-piercing sound immediately made everybody understand that this feat was absolutely impossible for an injured person.

He Wude inhaled a deep breath and said, “Yiming, you are truly fine?”

“More or less,” He Yiming said as if vowing, “At most a day of cultivation, and I would definitely make a complete recovery.

In truth, this time, after emptying out his Internal Energy to the last bit, his meridians suffered serious injuries. If someone else had been in his situation, although he might not have died, he would have at least been seriously injured.

However, He Yiming’s body was special. Furthermore, water-type Ripple technique had been silently operating inside his body all along, nourishing his meridians. In his estimation, at most by tomorrow, he would be as good as ever.

“Yiming, back then, you aroused all of your Internal Energy together?” He Quanyi had been pondering over this question all along. Seeing that the situation was proper, he couldn’t help but ask.

“Yes.” He Yiming recalled that time’s situation. This indeed was the case.

“How did you do it?” He Quanyi asked with a twinkle in his eyes.

Hearing this question, everybody’s gazes once were once again focussed on He Yiming. They all wished to hear his answer. Because setting off all the Internal Energy in one’s body was almost an inconceivable feat.

He Yiming’s brows suddenly creased and fingers found the scalp. At that time, under such circumstances, he acted without thinking. Moreover, his Internal Energy was divided into three parts, which simultaneously circulated, fused, and erupted. As for why such a matter happened, or how he managed to accomplish it, he himself was in dark.

Shaking his head, He Yiming eventually waved his hands and said, “Third uncle, at that time, when I saw grandfather was in danger, I jumped out without thinking. Then….” He bitterly laughed and continued, “I also don’t how on earth I managed to do it.”

He Quanyi pondered for a moment then said, “Then, can you do it again now?”

He Yiming was about to try it when he heard He Wude’s enraged shout, “Quanyi, what nonsense are you spouting. By arousing all the Internal Energy of his body, although Yiming was able to obtain tremendous strength, the burden on his body was also equally huge. Whatever the case, such a thing couldn’t be casually experimented with.”

He Quanyi’s face revealed an extremely awkward expression, and his gaze on He Yiming had a trace of sincere apology.

All of his thoughts were occupied with that earth-shattering strike. He even forgot such a thing. He was quite ashamed.

He Yiming smiled towards his third uncle in a carefree manner, then said, “Grandfather, your grandson is aware.”

He Wude faintly nodded and said, “Yiming, your potential is still far beyond what I had imagined. Since your potential is so brilliant, keep in mind, only if your own life is in danger will you do such a thing. Otherwise, never do such a thing again,” He paused and lowered his voice, “Fortunately, you came out unscathed this time. Otherwise, if for these old bones, something happened to you…”

He Yiming promptly said, “Grandfather, what are you saying. Nothing happened to your grandson.”

He Wude faintly smile and said, “Fine, fine, I will not speak anymore.” He then lightly sighed and swept his vision through everybody before saying, “Everybody, bear in mind, today’s affair are not to be leaked outside. If others knew that our He family has managed to kill a spirit beast, it will initiate a chain of endless conflict.”

All made sounds of agreement. They all knew this reasoning. Thus, they will naturally not leak this matter.

Turning his body, He Wude pointed to the center of the main hall.

A big broadsword with a long handle could be seen there. This was precisely the Lord Master’s weapon when he was young. However, after Lord Master himself, it was never used by another person.

After all, nobody liked such a gigantic weapon and neither did anybody possess the innate divine strength to wave it.

“This broadsword is my partner. Ever since I attained the eighth layer, it has accompanied me through several decades of summer and winter. He family’s establishment wouldn’t have been possible without its contribution.” The Lord Master stepped forward, picked up the blade and softly stroked it. His movements were quite gentle as if this wasn’t an object but a living companion of his.

Indeed. For cultivators, a weapon that had followed them for several decades was no less than their kin.

Because at the moment of life-and-death, one could only trust one thing, the blade in one’s hand.

After a while, the old man lifted his head. His gaze had suddenly turned sharp as he said, “Yiming, today I saw that the might you displayed while wielding this weapon was even above mine.”

After saying these words, he swung the blade in his hand, producing a whoosh sound.

“Yiming, from hereon, this blade belongs to you.”

He Yimig was astonished. Although he was quite pleased with this broadsword, he never thought about depriving the counterpart.

He was a cultivator as well. Thus, he was clear on what a weapon that followed a cultivator for several decades meant to its master. This represented the spirit, qi, and essence of a cultivator. Even describing this as a cultivator’s bones and flesh would not be wrong.

Taking away a cultivator’s weapon was akin to taking his wife. This would lead to a hatred under which the two couldn’t live under the same sky.

Many cultivators would even have their bodies buried alongside their weapons, not to mention a living one.

“Grandfather, it’s your weapon. Your grandson doesn’t dare accept it,” He Yiming unhesitatingly said.

He Wude faintly shook his head; his voice although somewhat solitary but filled with gratification.

“Yiming, forty years ago, your grandfather came to Tai Cang county alone with this blade,” He Wude patted the blade and continued as his grandeur ascended to the clouds, “Relying on this blade, I established this big foundation for He family. Back then, I had already decided that this blade would be passed onto the most promising young ones of the family and allow this blade to witness the rise of our He family,” Raising his head, he faintly smiled and continued, “I can use this blade to lay the foundation of He family, can you use this blade to prosper and protect the family?”

He Yiming opened his mouth, but seeing the hopeful gaze of his grandfather, he respectfully extended both his hands and received this exceedingly heavy blade from his grandfather’s hand.

Looking at the shining edge of the blade, He Yiming felt that he’d not merely accepted a blade but also a responsibility, a duty that he’d to tend throughout his entire lifetime as a member of He family.

A bizarre thought emerged in his mind. Perhaps this would be his burden and cause of anxiousness during his entire life, but also the driving force throughout his lifetime.

Facing his grandfather’s gaze, He Yiming heavily nodded and said in powerful, resounding voice, “Grandfather, I will not let this blade down.”

There were no heroic words nor any solemn oaths. Only a pair of eyes was all it took for He Wude to be absolutely sure that his grandson would keep today’s words throughout his life.

He Wude heartily laughed and said, “Yiming, I know that your future accomplishments would not just be limited to Tai Cang county. Therefore, I don’t wish you to stay in the clan forever. However, if clan comes across some calamity, you must lend a hand.”

He Yiming astoundedly looked at his grandfather, not sure of the intent behind latter’s words.

He Wude let out a long sigh and said, “I am a bit tired. You all can leave.”

He Quanxin and the rest looked at each other before sounding their agreements in chorus.

In the main hall, only two individuals remained; He Wude and He Laibao.

“Lord Master, you don’t intend to pass on He family to sixth young master?” He Laibao suspiciously asked.

He Wude faintly shook his head and said, “He family’s foundation is here in Tai Cang county. However, Tai Cang county is truly too small. If Yiming wishes to have some achievements, he couldn’t be trapped in this small pond.”

He Laibao thought for a bit. He also remembered today’s that stunning strike. Moreover, he also knew the meaning behind former’s words. Therefore, he didn’t find the Lord Master’s decision strange in the slightest.