Book 1 - What Is A Genius

Chapter 53 - Xiantian Strength Exhibition.


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The dense, green forest seemed as a jade pond.

Ink-black mountains and swaying trees emanated a natural scent containing the odor of all sorts of matter.

However, at a certain place in this beautiful forest, a human and a beast were fighting a deathmatch.

This battle was simply ‘you die, I live’. There was no other possible option. This scene was undoubtedly the embodiment of a human’s greed. Humans, who stood at the top of the food chain, could step on anything they desired. Even the powerful spirit beasts were no exceptions.

However, killing a spirit beast was undoubtedly the most dangerous feat. Even a cultivator with tenth-layer Internal Energy couldn’t be completely sure of accomplishing this feat.

When He Wude suffered the counterattack of the spirit beast, the blade in his hand was discharged in the air, and it coincidentally flew towards He Yiming.

He Yiming, who had been paying keen attention to the fight between the man and the beast, even more clearly saw the gold-crowned python’s huge, opened mouth quickly closing in on his grandfather.

At this moment, He Yiming held an unprecedented concentration. At this moment, the blood in his body started to flow upwards. At this moment, he attained a realm which would have been eternally inconceivable for him.

Indescribably, he was different from the other members of He family who were issuing miserable but futile shrieks. Exerting his feet, he dashed like a nimble steed.

His body flipped in mid-air as he approached the blade in the sky. He extended his hand, and that three sixty jins heavy chopper dropped into his hand, seeming completely weightless.

His body didn’t drop because of the blade’s weight. Instead, with a flick of his wrist, he neutralized the momentum and further used it to accelerate before dropping in front of his grandfather.

His front suddenly blurred as a giant snakehead was right on him. He could already smell the nauseous odor coming out of its mouth. He felt being firmly locked by those two small, emotionless eyes.

However, his movements still didn’t stop in the slightest. At this critical moment, his both hands grabbed the center of the sword’s handle.

Holding the blade with his both hands, he erected it before him. One hand holding it on the level his forehead and the other past his head, he raised the weapon that had a notorious reputation back in He Wude’s time.

The dazzling blade did not seem dazzling just due to the sunlight.

His Internal Energy had already climbed up to the ninth layer. At this moment, he had no thoughts of concealing his strength.

Ninth layer Primordial Energy, ninth layer Ripple technique, ninth layer Blaze technique.

At this moment, three utterly different techniques that had no interrelations whatsoever were simultaneously operating inside his body.


The clothes on his body started to melt. Apparently, a hurricane had been unleashed with his body as its center.

That short figure seemed to be issuing an aura capable of engulfing mountains and rivers.

Like that lofty mountain which eternally stood after Pangu split heaven and earth apart.

Like the ancient battle god who swept the world, fought heavens, fought earth, fought men, and never bowed his head before anyone.

Like the peerless Sage emperor of the legends who was the sole monarch of the universe.

At this moment, as the three distinct ninth-layer primary techniques completely erupted, He Yiming was no longer He Yiming.

Splitting Mountain Thirty Six Forms, tenth form…

The glistening edge of the blade- bright and beautiful, a little fiery red and a little azure -chopped at the python’s wide opened mouth.

A loud explosion occurred as if a head-on collision between two meteors and spread around, encompassing huge distances.

Within a radius of several li’s, all the living creatures were affected by it.

The small creatures passed out, and the big or medium-sized creatures immediately fled in the direction opposite to the explosion.

As the blade and the snake’s mouth touched each other, the time seemed to have stopped for a moment.

Subsequently, for the first time, the enormous head of the snake was blown away.

Flying upwards, it went increasingly higher….

Even its body started to leave the ground, and its bucket-thick frame, looking like a long wing, flew upwards. Ultimately, its ten meters long body completely left the surface.

Gigantic tree branches all around were thoroughly crushed. It seemed as if here, a part of the forest had been swept clean in a straight line, causing the sunlight to suddenly fall on the ground unrestrained.

Everybody raised their head and blankly stared at the gold-crowned python which had been blown away by the huge blade.

This gigantic monster broke countless branches while flying away for several tens of meters before eventually falling down.

With another loud explosion, the python fell onto a big patch of dead leaves. That sharp tail twitched for a few moments, then never moved again.

At this moment, the entire forest seemed to have become completely silent. Even the birds that created the most clamor in the forest were nowhere to be seen or heard at this moment.

As if premeditated, everybody simultaneously turned their heads back towards He Yiming.

This moment, holding the blade, He Yiming’s body still emanated that world-shattering aura.

However, both of his legs had penetrated deep into the ground. Just now, the might of the [Splitting Mountian Thirty Six Forms]’s tenth form had been exhibited to the extreme. In fact, it was beyond extreme.

Even the senior who created this Xiantian battle skill might not have imagined that somebody could exhibit such a frightening strength by using this technique while being at the ninth layer of Internal Energy.

This might had already transcended beyond what could be achieved through normal Internal Energy cultivation.

He Yiming’s body faintly shuddered. He was also unable to preserve anymore. The meridians inside his body had suffered a tremendous impact. He spurted a mouthful of blood, and his hands powerlessly dropped the blade on the ground.

That one heaven-shattering strike actually drained every single bit of Internal Energy inside his body.


After this strike, even He Yiming was unable to endure the enormous impact his channels suffered and lost consciousness.

Two wrinkled hands suddenly came forward and supported He Yiming’s falling body.

“Quanming.” The Lord Master’s voice was clear but anxious, “Hurry up with the healing.”

He Quanming was immediately jolted awake. His body flickered and arrived beside the Lord Master. He extended one of his hands and placed it flat on the Lord Master’s back.

Within the second generation, he was the sole individual who cultivated in wood-type techniques, which were extraordinarily effective in treating Internal Energy.

He Wude moved his hand backward and slapped away former’s hand while furiously saying, “Fool, heal Yiming.”

He Quanming faintly blushed and immediately accepted his son’s tiny body before eighth-layer wood type Internal Energy unrestrainedly entered He Yiming’s body.

This moment, all the other people including the third generation had already surrounded them. No one even cared to glance at that already dead gold-crowned python.

Seeing He Quanming’s complexion, everybody’s heart sank. He Wude asked in a strict voice, “How is Yiming?”

He Quanming promptly said, “Father, Yiming is fine. He is healing by himself.”

“Healing by himself?”

All looked at each other’s faces as if they hadn’t heard his words. Metal-type techniques could also exhibit self-healing effect?

He Quanming nodded and said, “That’s right. The Internal Energy inside his body should be that of water-type Ripple technique. Although the Internal Energy inside his body is exceedingly sparse, it’s self-healing indeed,” After pondering for a few moments, he said, “His Internal Energy ought to be completely consumed. That’s the reason he couldn’t maintain his consciousness and passed out. He will wake up soon.”

He Wude and the rest then relaxed a bit. He Quanyi suddenly asked, “Just now, how did Yiming do that?”

Everybody suddenly turned silent. As they thought about the might behind that strike, everybody felt their blood boiling and heart shuddering at the same time. If that strike had been aimed at them, they wouldn’t have the opportunity to even run for their life.

“That strike,” He Wude coarsely said, “That one strike instantaneously concentrated all of Yiming’s Internal Energy together, then conformed it to the Xiantian battle skill. Thus, he was able to exhibit such a frightening might. However, how he managed to do it…? I do not know either.”

He Yiming’s body shuddered, and he eventually sobered up.

Everybody’s vision returned to his body. This instance, even He Yitian’s eyes didn’t contain the slightest bit of envy.

“Yiming, how are you feeling?” He Quanming carefully asked.

He Yiming shook his head as he inspected his body. His completely dried up Internal Energy was slowly restoring. Although the speed was not quick and was actually quite slow, it was restoring nonetheless.

He wished to lift his hand but then felt that his legs and hands were completely powerless. Even his channels were in burning pain. Fortunately, the Internal Energy inside his body was slowly circulating, tenderly nourishing his channels.

“Father, I am all right. Only, feeling powerless.”

Hearing He Yiming’s words, He Wude and others eventually relaxed.

“Gold-Crowned python? Dead?” As He Yiming recalled that frightening strike, he involuntarily thought of his opponent.

He Wude threw a glance towards the motionlessly lying python and said, “Be at ease, it’s already dead.” He straightened up and said, “Make preparations, we will return back as soon as possible. Quanxin, Quanming, you will take care of Yiming. Make a stretcher. Don’t let him be injured again.”

Everybody made sounds of agreement and dispersed. He Yiming could clearly perceive that everybody’s attitude towards him had once again undergone a subtle transformation.