Book 1 - What Is A Genius

Chapter 50 - Unexpected Discovery.


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After seeing off Cheng Shine, He Yiming asked at once:

“Father, eldest brother is truly going to marry Cheng family’s girl?”

He Quanming turned his head and looked at He Yiming with a smile that didn’t seem one, “Why, are you excited? Should I talk with Cheng family to let you take the place of Yitian. I reckon they will not object.”

Indeed. Although He Yitian was the eldest son’s grandson, currently, the most illustrious figure in He family was He Yiming who knocked out Xu Yucai with a single palm.

Currently, the outsiders had an extremely high opinion of this fourteen years old seventh-layer cultivator. Many people had even concluded that within a hundred years, he would certainly be the number one expert of the Tai Cang county.

Therefore if He family issued such a proposition, Cheng family would simply feel as if their dearest wish had come true.

He Yiming’s body shivered before he bitterly smiled and said:

“Father, don’t play jokes on me. My target is nothing but the peak of martial dao. Before that, I will not think of such things.”

He Quanxin faintly nodded and said, “That’s my boy. With your talent, your future prospects are simply boundless. Therefore, not burdening yourself with family is good,” He softly sighed before continuing, “Back in the day, your eldest uncle was also the same, wishing to pursue the martial dao wholeheartedly. However, his identity is different. As the family’s eldest son, he needed to shoulder corresponding responsibilities. Otherwise, he would have attained the peak of the ninth layer long ago, and currently, he would have been a tenth-layer expert alongside father.”

The two brothers exchanged a glance, and silently thought about their eldest uncle for a few moments.

He Quanming waved his big hand and said:

“Originally, I was planning to let you all stay for a few more days. However, since this has happened now, we need to notify father as soon as possible. You two make your arrangements. Tomorrow, we will return first. As for Yilong, let mother-daughter stay together for a few more days.”

Slight disappointment flickered on the faces of the two brothers. Being united after so many difficulties, they had to split again.

If they had slight curiosity towards Cheng Shine’s proposal just a moment ago, at this moment, they were full of resentment. However, neither of the two dared to voice their resentment and could only agree.

The three had just barely entered the inner hall and didn’t even have the time to notify Lin Wenyu when two servants rushed in like the wind.

He Quanming’s brows slightly creased as he rebuked, “What’s the matter? Is this a place you can enter…..” He abruptly stopped. He could see that one of these two seemed exhausted and the clothing on his body was also somewhat different.

Of course, the most important point was that he could tell that this man was the main clan’s steward.

The steward wiped the sweat off his forehead before hurriedly saying,

“Lord Second, this servant has come at the command of Lord Master. Please urgently return back to the clan with third young master and sixth master.”

The expressions of the father and sons changed at the same time. ‘Urgently’ indicated that something major must have occurred in the clan.

The three exchanged glances. Either of the three could discern the chilling eyes of the remaining two. Even He Yiming also emanated a cold feeling.

Cheng family’s tragedy had not been resolved yet. The culprits had not even been identified. And now, an urgent message had arrived from the clan. Even a sluggish person could connect the two dots.

Although He Yiming knew that the culprits belonged to outside the county. However, they immediately acted after being informed that Cheng family was in possession of a thousand-year blood ginseng. No one could say for sure that they had already left. Since they had already made an example out of the Cheng family, offending He family would not amount to much in their eyes.

He Quanming sucked in a deep breath and asked, “What happened in the clan? Did someone attack?”

That steward astoundedly looked at He Quanming and said, “Second lord, everything is fine in the clan. No one from outside provoked us. As for what happened, Lord Master didn’t explain and only commanded to bring you, third young master, and sixth young master back as soon as possible.”

The three then relaxed somewhat. He Quanming waved his hand and said, “All right, we got it. You have some rest, and this matter should not be disclosed, understood?”

The two servants bowed and sounded their agreements simultaneously. They both were trusted servants of the clan. They understood the concept of tree falls and monkeys disperse. Even if Quanming hadn’t warned, they would have remained tight-lipped.

He Yiming and He Yixuan also didn’t dare be neglectful. Although they didn’t know what happened in the clan, since they were asked to come urgently, they also felt quite anxious.

After quickly sorting out their things, they arrived at the entrance. Servants had already prepared horses for them. Mounting on their horses, they left for the clan.

Currently, the county town was full of Cheng family’s eyes and ears. He family’s three members leaving so hurriedly naturally didn’t slip through their eyes. They thought that the latter had returned to discuss He Yitian’s marriage.

Cheng Shine further felt grateful to He Quanming. As an uncle, the latter was so meticulous about his nephew’s marriage; not delaying in the slightest, he must be quite passionate about this matter. Cheng Shine thought as such.

Exerting their horses to the maximum, He Yiming and the returned back within half a day.

From afar, the clan seemed as peaceful as ever. The atmosphere didn’t feel tense at all. They then eventually relaxed. However, at the same time, they also began to feel puzzled. Since nothing seemed to be amiss, what on earth happened due to which Lord Master had asked them to return urgently?

As soon as they dismounted their horses and entered the manor, He Quanyi immediately approached them while heartily laughing, “Second brother, I guessed that you will be coming somewhere around this time.”

He Quanming jumped off the horse and hurriedly asked, “Third, what happened?”

He Quanyi laughed and said, “It’s not bad, but good.” After saying these words, he looked around, then back at He Quanming while shaking his head.

He Quanming immediately assumed silence. However, in his heart, the curiosity increased with every passing moment. In the end, what happened? Avoiding even manor’s servants, it must be extremely important.

Under the lead of He Quanyi, the group arrived into the He family’s great courtyard. They saw Lord Master, He Quanxin, He Yitian, He Yixuan, and what He Yiming didn’t expect was that beside Lord Master, an old man was sitting in a servant’s outfit.

As soon as they saw this old man, both father and sons felt their heart palpitate.

This old man was precisely Lord Master’s close friend who grew up beside him and had always lived inside the Book Pavilion, He Laibao. Although his Internal Energy had already attained the ninth layer, he still considered himself as He family’s servant.

Of course, no one dared to treat this old guy as a servant. The Lord Master himself had arranged a place for him in the Book Pavilion’s courtyard. He would also be a servant only in front of the core members of the family.

Seeing He Quanming and the two enter, he immediately stood up and said, “Second lord, third young master, sixth young master.”

He Quanming quickly advanced and respectfully said, “Uncle Bao, you have come out as well? What on earth happened in the family?”

He Yiming and He Yixuan also simultaneously spoke in a loud voice: “Grandpa Bao.” Subsequently, they tensely looked around.

This moment, all the males in the clan who had attained the sixth layer were gathered here. This could be considered as He family’s entire strength. A matter that could incite He family’s entire strength, saying that it concerned the life-and-death of the entire clan would not be going overboard.

The Lord Master faintly waved his hand and said, “Sit.”

He Quanming and the two, not daring to oppose, could only sit irritatedly.

He Wude stroked his long beard and said, “Quanming, I heard something big happened in the Cheng family?”

“Yes,” Quanming respectfully said, “The night before yesterday, a group of people came out of nowhere and attacked Cheng Residence. Their total deaths have exceeded a hundred people. This moment, the entire town is on high alert and residents feel anxious.”

“You know who did it?”

“I don’t know. According to the information given by the Cheng Residence, not a single corpse which the thieves left behind could be identified. So, it’s probably the work of some external group,” He Quanming thought for a bit before continuing, “I heard their thousand-year blood ginseng is lost. Perhaps, the culprits attacked them for this treasure.”

He Yiming astoundedly looked at his father. His father’s network was this widespread. He had more or less guessed about what occurred during that night.

He Wude faintly nodded his head. Cheng family’s loss of the thousand-year blood ginseng was an extremely good thing for the He family.

He Quanming hesitated a bit before saying, “Father, today Cheng Shine came to me, and he proposed….” He paused and glanced towards He Yitian before continuing, “marriage for He Yitain.”

He Wude faintly started and said, “He proposed marriage for He Yitian?”

“Yes, Cheng Shine’s second daughter Cheng Yanli, currently seventeen years old. As far as age is concerned, she is indeed suitable for Yitian. However, I don’t understand, they have just suffered such a disaster, how could they think of something such as marriage. There’s something fishy about this whole ordeal.”

He Wude pondered for a few moments and said, “Let’s talk about this later. Quanming, you know why I called you back?”

“Your son doesn’t know.” He Quanming and the two immediately sharpened their hearing.

He Wude glanced at He Quanyi. The latter immediately stood up and said, “Second brother, previously when He Yiming encountered a fox bear, we took it seriously and assigned patrols in the region surrounding the mountain forest. Yesterday, I accidently discovered an adult gold-crowned snake up there.”